Friday, December 7, 2012

Princess Diana Working At Rock Island Dam, Washington

. See my last post.

Diana has a "double" working at the Dam that was next to my house in Wenatchee, WA. (read my last post for info). If this is why Laura Laughlin was nervous about my moving from Oregon to Washington, that would be hilarious. Why government employees tried to force me to leave Washington State after they found out I was moving to East Wenatchee next to that Dam with my son.

Corrupt cops were trying to force me to move. Chief Jones threatened me and tried to force us to leave the state. Then CPS and Judges tried harder, when I said I was moving with my son to East Wenatchee by the river. We were being forced out of any other housing in the town, so that we'd have been homeless. So then my Grandpa said we could stay next to the river, and that was when the FBI and CPS/Judges tried to bribe me to leave the state again. "We'll pay for a bus ticket for you to leave." Right in the middle of when I had to file a lawsuit for my son.

I had worked for Olga and Russ Strong, who worked at that Dam. His house is where my unborn son and I were first tortured.

Or why I was following a Wales car to Canada with my son in 2007. It wasn't Wales for this guy by that name, who was murdered or was the country Wales. And they had it set up against me in Canada.

Maybe it's just a Diana double joke.

What if it's not.

One of Diana's bodyguards, in the car with her at the time of the accident, was an American U.S. FBI agent.

In the meantime, after she "dies", Harry and William are taken "rock-climbing" around a cave that looks like the inside of the walls of that same Dam. The Rock Island Dam off of Rt. 2 in East Wenatchee, WA. When I saw those photos, of Harry and William being led to climb those walls, with Tiggy and others, it looked exactly like the Rock Island Dam. I am pretty sure this woman told me the Rock Island Dam, which is next to my house. There is a Dam called Rocky Reach Dam that is nearby, but I believe this woman said Rock Island Dam.

(That puts a whole new meaning to the Sade song "Lover's Rock" doesn't it Katie).

Rick Baken, FBI, moves in behind my Granny and Grandpa. He and Laura screw me over and then try to force me out of the state.

I could see the Rock Island Dam from where I built a little pool for my son to play in, out of rocks. Anyone working there, could have easily viewed us through binoculars. It was close, by water, if you took the river, it was less than 1 mile away.

I asked this woman if she liked her work and she said it wasn't what she thought she'd be doing, but yes she did, and it was a lot to learn, but interesting, and very private. It's basically federal clearance to even be on that Dam.

Then last year, I get a TOOTH blown out, I mean a hole blown into my tooth as Oregon "takes down a Dam".

Oh...forgot to ask, did Nanny Barbara really like Katie-kins? or was she bumped off to be "out of the way" like anyone else who had a feeling something was looking like a MOLE.

Oh, now I read the headlines. It was Nanny Olga Powell. The nanny for over 12 years, who suddenly keeled over on September 25, 2012.

This apparently got rid of another witness and paved the way for Katie to try to be publicly pregnant.

She murders people left and right.

This is what I read. And look at the smiling face at the bottom. It is enough to make one sick.

Olga Powell did not go to the evening party which was after the wedding. She was likely already too nauseous after the ceremony after the wedding. I'm sure she'd have loved to watch Carol Middleton dancing to "Your Sex Is On Fire" knowing my son's penis has been burned by NASA/aerospace industry and he's been repeatedly electrocuted for the Middletons out of revenge.

When I heard the news it was by radio and all I heard was "Barbara Barnes" has died, or the nanny, and I had a very bad feeling that day and earlier.

I had a horrible feeling and knew something was wrong, and then a day later, I heard this news, that she'd died.

The Middletons are Murderers.

William doesn't even look sad at all, and neither do the others. It's like getting the "old regime" out of the way to make way for Katie. I want to gag.

I bought Santa Barbara olives today, with the name Makela on the label, for the specific point of reminding myself to write about another murder committed for the Middletons.

I hear news about how "England" is "outraged" by the disclosure of information about Kate and I wonder who "England" is. Have the English lost it? Or are their reporters and the U.S. reporters (who work for the CIA) just trying to make it sound like she has support? I can't imagine what is happening to the people of England that they accept this woman at all. Not to mention some other things that have happened. I saw a riot on the Middleton's house the other day, but that is a long time coming I'm sure. Maybe this is why they were moved to a different property--because someone saw the same thing, that some group did want to riot against them and were going to begin scaling the walls and attacking Middle-East style. The Middletons should be prepared for it, afterall, this is where they got their start. Jordan. My impression was probably of some other place or event, but that's what I saw a flash of, a riot that looked like the Embassy of Libya or Egypt riot.

The Middletons torture children and are murderers and moles. Look at all of the people dying around them, over NOTHING. And those are just the dead people. This is not even touching on the kids being poisoned and tortured, or adults being tortured, falsely arrested, and falsely called crazy. If it looks too hard to call someone crazy or arrest them, they're killing them.

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