Monday, December 24, 2012

Government Has No Legal Right To Guardianship Of Children

It is against the law for the United States to take children from parents and replace this with government guardianship.

In the past, the government was able to step in only if all parents were dead and there were no relatives willing to take the child.  The child was sent to an orphanage and hopefully adopted.

However, there is no legal basis for the government replacing parental rights with government right to that child.

The government does not give children the right to vote.

The governments argument in the past, for depriving women of the right to vote, was that they were the "property of their husbands".  Therefore, the husband had right to vote and the woman was under "coverature" which means, her husbands guardianship.  The husband was the guardian of the wife.  Not just wife, but children.  Women argued that where the government has power to interfere with their lives and make demands of them or force them to comply with their decisions, they had the right to vote.

They eventually won the right to vote.  While the woman was under the guardianship of the husband, the government did not kidnap wives from their husbands and assert power over them.  They didn't go to the wife about anything.  They went to her husband.  As long as the government recognized the husband was the wife's guardian, they could not assume the position of being guardian. 

Men have the right to vote, women have the right to vote, even the incompetent have the right to vote.  No one takes the right to vote away from the mentally incompetent.  Children, however, do not have the right to vote and yet their government assumes they can bypass the natural guardian, the parent, and take guardianship and force the child to comply to its demands without giving these citizens the right to vote.

No vote, no nothing.  No taxation without representation.  No officials allowed to interfere with lives without a citizen having the right to vote.  So what makes a child inferior?  The same thing that made a woman inferior?  If a child is too young to vote, this does not allow the government to be guardian of the child and usurp their parent's power. 

The government is stealing children and using them for government projects.  This is illegal.  The government is torturing parents to get to these kids, for free labor for the government's market.  The government is not, however, paying these children.  It's slave labor. Not only is it slave labor, the government is assuming the right to give its actors power to make decisions for the child, instead of the parents, when the parents are alive.  As long as the parents are alive, the government cannot be guardian legally.  A government can declare, with the help of others, an adult to be incompetent, and these powers have also been abused by government persons who want activists called "mentally ill" and those resistant to torture and involuntary use by the govt, to be thrown into psych wards. 

Where the government feels they "cannot control" the powers of a citizen, they fear that citizen.  If they control a psychic spy, they feel that power is their own and they use it, and oppress the person.  If the government does not find an adequate way to control such a person, who could be powerful enough to "view" and "see" state secrets without being an employee of the state, the government wants to torture them or oppress them or call them mentally ill.  This is the loose cannon.  But it's not a loose cannon.  It's a loose nuclear weapon.

"Oh, look at the kitty.  Nice kitty, nice kitty...come over here and work for the FBI hmmm?"

The government doesn't want anyone with so much talent or ability to be a free person, working for themself.  They force that person into jail or service for them, because they are afraid of the "Loose Bombshell". 

Government:  "Ho ho HOH NO." 
Loose Bombshell:  "'Oh no', you fuckers, is right."

"Here kitty kitty kitty.  Nice kitty.  Nice kitty."

Loose Cannon is outdated.  It works as a saying, but to get the full measure of what we're talking about, and why the U.S. government hates me and hates my family, and tortures us, and why they hate my not because of the picture of a lone cannon, swinging slowly from right to left with a few cannon balls shooting out into unknown locations, hitting anyone, anything, who knows what that cannon will hit next!

No, the government sees a free psychic as a "loose A-bomb."  They don't care about "God".  All they care about, is harnessing and controlling the gift, as if it's wind energy or something they can exploit, contain, and control. 

"Nice kitty...why don't you marry Alvaro and we'll all be FBI friends now? hmmm?" 

If anything looks hot legally, like the FBI knows they are in major trouble and could be about to be exposed, they rush in detractors and try to  have you side with them.  If you're on their team, maybe you won't sue the shit out of them for crimes against you.  They tried to kill you.  How many times?
They tortured you, hoping you'd commit suicide.  Then they kept trying, with worse levels of torture.  They plotted assassination attempts too.  Well.  Let's see if she'll "marry in".  Like marrying out the spirit into a crock of lice. 

I'm not even gifted much in that way, but my parents are.  And if they thought they'd missed something down the road, or that I was actually keeping the same gift a secret, they were going to get rid of me because they hadn't figured out a way to control and contain me.  I.e.  Blackmail. This country tortured me hoping to kill me.  Their entire agenda was murder.  Of course they wanted it to look like it was me, and this is why the FBI lied about me in their reports first.

The FBI knew if they were going to keep their MKUltra and Middleton collusion a secret, prior to torturing my brains out, and working to drive me to suicide, they wrote up reports about me that were lies.  They brought my mental stability into question, and lied about what I was making a report about, knowing I was next going to be tortured full-steam-ahead.  If I then had a suicide attempt, the FBI had that covered.  In their documents, they had already lied about me and said I was mentally ill and suggested it.  So they'd point to that.

They wanted to drive me to suicide before I found the 1977 card.  The 1977 is not just 1977.  It covers every single year up to the present.  Their torture and programming of me wasn't for the first 3 years of my life, it's been every single year of my life, with more of the torture occuring after their crimes against me had gotten so out of control they thought it "best" to finish me off by trying to torture me to the point of committing suicide.

That didn't work as planned, so all of a sudden, I make a call for political asylum and refuse to go to Wenatchee into the lair, and move to another area where people see on their own there is nothing wrong with me.  I got out from their torture net as well, for awhile.  Oh, so all of a sudden, lets quit torture and try to get me to work with them; then the FBI can reveal themselves and pretend to be friends when they're not. 

They tortured me to get my son and to ruin and control him too.  While exploiting my parents and using them in decades-long slave labor, they allowed private interests to control government interests and began torturing my parents.  They tortured my parents and told them to put pressure on me, when I had massive lawsuits pending.

Then, after I reported FBI a few years later, while those lawsuits were still in effect, they thought it was best to exterminate me by torturing me to the point no one would want to live.  I asked for my FOIA and they held onto the 1977 card, and lied and said, "We have no records about you."  They gave criminals access to my records, and tortured my entire family, and lied to me.  They had everything set up against me in Canada ahead of time, with Canadian officials there.  The man who drove me to the airport was probably Mike Middleton's friend.

So stealing children from parents is convenient for the government, and illegal. 

Imagine a room where I am being tortured.  The U.S. is torturing me.  They take my son from me and lie to the world saying, "She's nuts.  She's not being 'tortured'."  Then the U.S. opens the door and says, "Here are some papers you asked for 7 years ago."  They close the door and continue torturing me.  They adopt my son away from me, using THEIR government "stamp" that has the same government name as the government that is torturing me.  They collude with other governments as it benefits them.  If they quit torturing me, they have already kidnapped my son from me and adopted him out from under me while THEY were torturing us. 

I never went to jail.  I wasn't taken to jail and had my child removed because I was in jail.  The U.S. colluded with Canada to falsely accuse me of immigration violations when I asked for political asylum.  They know the difference.

Some parents lose their kid to the other parent, or to a relative, because they are put in jail and are serving a sentence in jail.  Then, they get out, and their kid is adopted already.  Supposedly, even those who are innocent and are falsely jailed, even if they prove their innocence, they never get their kids back.

This country did not just falsely accuse me through false charges and bad public defense and Judges.  They tortured me and my son, both of us.  They tortured my parents, the psychic spies, to prevent them from assisting, even to get my car back from Canada.  This country CAUSED the problem by not just "getting the wrong person for a crime" but by being the PERPs.  It's not even as if a crime was committed against a person, and the state is looking for someone to blame and picks you, the innocent person, accidentally, or maybe vengefully.  They CREATED a problem, from nothing.  No crime against an individual, for which a trial had to be held, even existed. This country just used me for years, raped me, and then took out the big guns and tortured me and my son every single day.  It was as if we were standing in line at a bakery, innocent, and the government brought in a bunch of helicopters and started shooting.  Instead of just killing us, they tortured us every single day.  So while they tortured me and my son, they lied, claiming there was no FOIA about me.  The FBI lied and said they had "no records about Cameo Garrett".  Their own FBI agents had looked up my files, the same ones that abused me, and they read all there was to know about me and used it against me, to my danger.

The FBI knew I was being tortured and that my son Oliver was tortured.  They also knew that their participation in this crime would force my son from me.  They engaged in, and colluded against me,by RICO behavior, in crimes and then kidnapped my son from me under the auspice of "legality".  The entire time this country knew I would not get my son back if they adopted him away from me, even if they were exposed as the perpetrators of the crimes.

The FBI colluded to kidnap my son from me and adopt him away from me.

Every time I bring up the FBI and accuse them of something, my Dad acts very upset, maybe because he gets beat up by them and my son is tortured by them.  Maybe it's because at some point, the FBI made promises.  It seems they make a lot of promises and never keep them.  Since I was about 8 years old in fact.  There is no hope with the FBI because they are the criminals.

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