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Chris Dabney Is FBI (UPDATE) & Michelle Erickson

(12/31/12Nothing I tried to check on Chris Dabney was coming up through Google until after Kate Middleton was married and pregnant.  I checked several times, through extensive searches, and not one search engine gave anything for his name.  So now, all of a sudden, all kinds of things come up.)

He's FBI.

Mark knew him when he approached me after I called New Mexico FBI and talked to them a moment.  Dabney knew Mark.  Mark is U.S. Army (MKUltra fodder) and went out upon FBI notice of my being at a truck stop.  Dabney is FBI.

Miami, FL got a new director on April 30, 2012, putting him in charge of Jacksonville.  How cute.

Really, Mueller, you shock me to no end.

Chris Dabney worked on undercover drug work for the FBI so the DEA in Florida is also involved. This is partly why both the DEA and FBI colluded to frame me and lie about me in Tennessee.  The Department of State is involved as well.   He supported Kate Middleton.

"Mike".  I can figure most of it out intuitively even if I can't prove it right away.  I said the name "Mike" in my sleep one night and woke myself up and Chris freaked out.  What was he worried about?  Mike Middleton?  I wondered myself what "Mike" I was saying in my sleep, because I wasn't thinking or dreaming of one and I woke up hearing myself say loudly, "MIKE".  Then I was startled I had woken to this and I looked over and Chris was on the couch with HUGE eyes, staring at me at shock and I really think he was in a mood of hating me then.  I remember he was acting weird.  When he stared me, after I said this, I don't remember saying anything about it.  I think I went back to sleep.  But maybe I said something.  I wasn't around anyone named Mike and I hadn't known anyone by that name for years.

I used to listen to Johnny Cash, and one of my favorite songs, that I played and Dabney happened to be near, was the one with June Carter-Cash singing, "Jackson".  Which also throws back to Kate Middleton because Jack Nicholson was the guy in the music video that Katy Perry did, "Hot & Cold", that Dabney liked so much.

So after Chris came back from Miami, Florida, when Mueller thought it was "safe but oh-so-clever", he assigned Mike Steinbach (can't you see the big arm coming down on the piano and then the classical music?) to Jacksonville, and the FBI put out their press release on April 29, 2012, oh...oops.  Not the 29th, the day Kate Middleton got married, the 30th.  You need a Union Jack? 

Now, Mike Steinbach is listed as Acting agent in charge of Miami, Florida. 

Of course.

Have you seen my son's eyes?  or teeth?

The FBI has concealed gang-rapists that work for them and they've tortured my son.  After Chris was in Miami, he was back in D.C., and working at The Post Pub.

I was never sure if Dabney was working for the CIA or FBI--I knew he was working for someone, but I didn't know who.  However, I don't think he's military, aside from one time I saw a crease in his hair from a baseball hat, and I know he knew Mark, who found me through the FBI.

He is FBI scum.  Which means he is part of an entire group of men and federal workers employed by the FBI who assaulted me and got close to me for political reasons and to figure me out by psychic govt. work.  They used me and these people are partly responsible for the murder of my unborn children.

I saw Chris Dabney one day, who supposedly doesn't have a car, driving a black BMW and wearing a baseball hat.  He looked at me like he hated my guts.  I was in a car with both Alvaro and his cousin and Chris passed us coming from the other direction and I noted that eye contact was made between him and Alvaro's cousin.  They looked like they were out to kill.  Both of them with bitter, hard, pissed expressions on their faces and I knew it was anger at me.  It was in the Georgetown area of D.C. that we passed.

I know Chris knows U.S. Army Mark because of how they interacted with eachother when I passed the Pub with Mark and Chris was standing outside.

All of them are Middleton goons.  Mueller is a Middleton goon.

Here is the link on Steinbach:

It fits.  He was in D.C. at the FBI Headquarters when Chris Dabney was also in D.C., having returned from Miami.  Steinbach also worked with Israeli attaches and Dabney had a thing for them and a Jewish girlfriend (later).  Steinbach worked intensely in the Middle East for the FBI and Kate's family was in Jordan when the U.S. Army was going in.   He was in Chicago before, which is also a place Dabney has lived.  Steinbach has his degree from the Navy in aerospace defense industry (which is connected to Killian).  The Navy has really done a wonderful thing for Katie Middleton, as far as the eye can see.

"Jackson".  "We got married in a fever/hotter than a pepper sprout"...
And the FBI puts out this press release on April 29th, oops, 30th, 2012.

You're murderers.  All of you are murderers.

What else did Michael do?  Counterterrorism with a focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Don't forget when Osama's eye was blown out.

And now look at my son Oliver's eye.

They blow up unborn children, and torture U.S. citizens, but not Katie Middleton.  No, not her, because she is CIA-Special.
Carol Middleton is CIA and I believe the entire thing with Alvaro Pardo was part of her set-up.  Dabney and her goons are connected to Miami and the FBI, which is also connected to Raul Bujanda, one FBI agent that broke into my house and assaulted me.  Bujanda told me he'd worked for the FBI in Miami and that this was his favorite location. 

The FBI was assaulting me for Middleton.

Also, Michelle Erickson worked for the U.S. Navy and she was the social worker for Oliver's case.  She was pulling on her ear all the time, just for some kind of game and then my son was having his ear brutally pulled on so it stuck out, was red, and hurt.  He was going to visits this way.  Michelle had Theo Keyes working for her, at her house, and he was U.S. Army and I was being forced to stay with him, which was a nightmare.  Michelle knew this.  She also had a black guy hurting my son for her.  If I offended her, he was going after my son.  Also, a guy named Jacob who lived with Steve Mays went after my son, and his wife.

Apparently, Michelle is getting married, or got married, if this is the same woman and I think it is.  She decided to get her marriage license on the same day that a couple from the United Kingdom got their marriage license, in Wenatchee, WA.  Michelle Erickson is a criminal.  I have no doubt at all, that her husband is a criminal as well.

Marriage licenses

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jose Alberto Godina, 45, and Adelaida Medina, 42, both of East Wenatchee
Giovanni Emilio Martinez, 22, Wenatchee, and Laura Medina, 19, East Wenatchee
Antonio Mendoza, 63, and Nelida Serrano, 40, both of Wenatchee
Tim Scott Hedges, 34, and Michelle Kathleen Erickson, 33, both of Wenatchee
Clemente Ramirez Martinez, 34, and Elvira Mendoza Palacios, 32, both of Manson
Michael David Lerma, 28, and Jessica Kristen Randall, 25, both of Wenatchee
Taylor William Wiyrick, 22, and Erica Lynn Shostad, 19, both of Malaga
Christopher Jody Henderson, 26, East Wenatchee, and Laura Elizabeth Marks, 25, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Michelle Erickson is related to David Erickson, who manages Wenatchee's Park and Recreation.  I have found there is a business in Parsipanny, New Jersey that is moving to a new location on Park Blvd.  I believe it is the Parks and Recreation people that were attempting to force my Grandfather to sell his orchard in East Wenatchee, which is where my son and I lived when we were being tortured.  They are still in litigation in Seattle, WA over it.  The Parks and Rec people attempted to force out the orchardists so the doctors and medical professionals who ride bikes could have a bike trail through the property.

Michelle Erickson is also supposedly related to Eugene Erickson, who celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary at Inna's Cuisine, which is the same place where the Russian employees told me the Russian/British guy who died of poisoning in England should have kept his mouth shut.  The Ericksons apparently chose to celebrate here, in December of 2007 which was when my son and I were living in East Wenatchee, being brutally tortured.  I had noticed Inna at the post office in E. Wenatchee, smirking at me and looking over at my son that Fall, before it was Winter.  I had tried to apply for a room to rent from them and this is when the man said this, and it was Summer.  No one would rent to us so we moved to East Wenatchee and we were tortured.  A telephone guy came out to check our lines because I had all this odd interference with them, and look...Michelle Erickson's relatives were involved.  No wonder she had a personal criminal motive.  She's a criminal and her family is worthless.  They were people to be bribed and who worked for the U.S. Navy.

Take a look at something else, because this is really cute.  Someone thought it would be hilarious to have this guy David Benton pose for a photo and come to town after we were tortured by people who know the Ericksons.  Look at Eugene Erickson's photo when he was younger and then look at the photo featured by Wenatchee World for Benton.
Here is the Eugene photo again:
And here is the "funny inside joke copy" of David Benten, who hated me and is involved:
Here's another law bio, with information about how he moved from Salem, Oregon to be in Wenatchee, Washington after my son and I tried to leave the state for political asylum upon being tortured:

His boss, Speidel, is part of the Boston crew.  Speidel got his education at Stanford (Amy Roe's alma mater), Willamette University (Salem, Or, which is where David Benten went), and Boston University (ANYONE GOT LAURA LAUGHLIN's NUMBER?)

In the same firm we have Michael Bradford, who can't decide if he's Mormon or Roman Catholic.  He went to Brigham Young and studied psychology, had a 2 year mission in Argentina (where U.S. Army Russ Strong's wife is from), and then went to Roman Catholic jesuit school Gonzaga (I guess he did such a good job converting Catholics in Argentina they asked him to be a Jesuit).

Since Boston is coming up all the time, let's not forget where Judge Paul Lipscomb (who lives in Salem, Oregon) went to college:
Educational Background: Boston University School of Law, JD Degree 1975; Dartmouth College, BA Degree 1970.

And that other guy, that works in Tax law, jus like Speidel, and who went to Boston University too, is Eric J. Sachtjen, from Spokane, WA.  This is the guy that Ruthie Ames works for.
B.A.,Boston College, 1997,  J.D., Gonzaga University School of Law, 2000, Cum Laude,  LL.M., Taxation, University of Florida, 2001

Speidel's wife, Jean, went to Harvard in Boston, MA, which is apparently where he met her, and possibly her family is in Boston.
This article mentions his wife.  Note the motto for this law firm.  Sort of reminds you of Brian Mulroney, doesn't it?  Patting that little packet of "Equal" in his breast pocket?  So I was then wondering, how does this tie-in to Canada?  The people that run this one are elected by the Washington Bar Association, Supreme Court, and Governor.  The Governor is connected to Canada.  I wonder how long they've had the motto they have.  The "equal" one.  Let me guess.  As long as Christine has been in office?  Oh lookie everyone.  Another little matchy-match.
Look at the top motto and design of logo for The Legal Foundation of Washington and then look at the one for Merisant, which is the maker of Equal sweetner.

So clever kids.  I feel like we're all playing the Memory game.  Oh, dears, and it's NOT "Legal Foundation of Washington", it's "L'Egal Foundation of Washington".  Don't forget!

This is so nice to discover, because when I called this group to ask for legal assistance, they were really "there" for me and my son Oliver.  Also note who the CEO is, "Paul Block", which is a fun twist to things when we think about the road that leads from Michelle Erickson and Tony Block to "L'Egal".

Even more fun! Mr. Block's name is listed on Merisant's site with Eugene's name.  Kind of like Tony Block and Eugene Erickson are a pair.  Which leads me to Hillshire.  Fascinating front photo.  Paul Block was working for Sara lee before Merisant so I had to look and clicked on Hillshire.  It's a woman wearing a dress with the sleeves like a dress I wore when I was pregnant with my son.  It was a turquoise dress.  I remember now because Chris Dabney asked me in D.C. if I'd ever worn anything turquoise and I couldn't think of anything.  I had a sort of turquoise sweaterdress in high school with a black trim, but I forgot about the turquoise dress I wore.  It had been Granny's and was polyester and it had sleeves like this, with toggles on it, like this.  When I was pregnant, it was up over my belly so it looked like it had an empire waitline like this as well, and it had a v-neck, like this.  That was my turquoise dress.  I wore it with orange high heels once.  I wore it before I was pregnant, with the waist at my waist, and when I was pregnant as one of my main maternity dresses, with the waist up and under my ribcage.  So we go from the woman wearing the toggle tie dress, to paper plates in the air, to a pan of sausage and what looks like eggs, oh no, it's bow ties and corn.  Oh, and after that, it's "Fritz".  Fritz is, of course, one of the local doctors I saw in ER when I got to Coquille, Oregon, after I was being tortured to my neck and teeth.  Oh hahahaha.  So clever Never.
Where are they from?  Of course.  Chicago, Illinois.  Which is where the Paul Block that I met, in 1994, was from.  Chicago, Illinois.  If he still has big thighs, that's him.  He did bodybuilding at the gym I worked at and flew in for business in Wilsonville, Oregon.  He asked me on a date and gave me his number and I never called.  He was white.  Tony Block, in Wenatchee, is Italian.  So he left Sara lee and went to Merisant.  All of the people at Hillshire are in the defense industry.  Nice to know when you want a piece of meat.  At least it explains why they put out the advertisement they did, for their site, with little reminders of my past and inside jokes.  The Board of Directors is mainly from Boeing, pharmaceutical companies, and the U.S. Pentagon.  Oh, and a guy from England and one who did deals with Canada.  Oh, and it's nice to know their "meat" is connected to sodium thiopental.  Chris Begley, a member of their team, is from Hospira, a global pharmaceutical company that makes drugs for the CIA.  Nice.  Real nice.  Happy New Year.  It's gonna be a good one for you guys!  Out of their 10 board members, 1 is Koelnerk (Boeing), 1 is Jonathan Ward(Kohlberg & Co), and one is Colbert (Miller).  That's what I want for Christmas.  Coals. 

 F. Michael Ball, who is now running Hospira, is on the board of STEC, Inc. STEC makes memory for IBM and is in the microchip industry. 

So these people are who the Speidel law firm is connected to, and a lot of the contacts go to Boston.  The Legal Foundation for Washington takes money through a bank in Boston, MA, among other banks.   Oh yes, and this is all part of Washington state and their part in supporting big money that is connected to torture of my son Oliver.  So while Speidel has the boss getting a gold medal from LFW, and while their members are connected to Salem, Oregon (where Judge Lipscomb is from and also from Boston), other firms, like the ones I was appointed for "public defense" had employees working directly for the Department of Defense, Boston (again), and Michelle Erickson and her family's corrupt interests.  It means a lot, to a girl like Michelle, to feel she can get a sufficient pay-off from big dogs.  Torture of a child is no problem for her, nor has it ever been a problem for Anne Crane/Crain.  Or Tony Block, or any of these people.  They're getting nods of appreciation from the thiopental people, and Pentagon.  Torture of my son is part of anticompetition and those who hate my family and have used us to promote themselves and keep us down so (they hope) no one notices, use MKUltra and research excuses to get away with aggregious crimes.

Nicholas Erickson is supposedly related to Michelle Erickson as well. I don't know if this is Nicholas, but whether it is or not, he's not a christian.  I like his photo standing next to what looks like the jail HE could be in, and the guy knocked over.  Um, go back to the Hillshire farms online ads and look at Jimmy Deans logo.  The black boot with the red block next to it.  Real catchy Nicholas.  See you in jail, as you're crying through the plastic window asking to speak to your lawyer.  Maybe your lawyer will get a good photo of you and post it up on twitter.  He's got links from people about hungry kids, and a little stunt with the football.   What we are looking at here, is false confidence.

I do not know that this is Michelle's relative though.  I saw something about Oregon refered but I don't know. 

Okay, and then we go from LTF to Hillshire to Moses Lake Clinic.  Does someone travel in the graphic arts department?  Because all of these logos and arrangments are talking about the same thing.

And this one, Donna Dabney, I found after looking up connections to who Michelle Erickson supposedly got a marriage license with, Tim Hedges.  The Donna Dabney here is 20 years Air Force and then half of the other people are Canadian.  This is for the Quincy branch of Moses Lake clinics.  There is a Marilyn Hedges that works in Leavenworth, near where my son lives and when I was looking her name up I found Donna Dabney.  One of the guys at this clinic is U.S. Navy career, and a psychiatristic.  I wonder if Michelle Erickson has had her appointment yet.  I'll help her set it up. 

Michelle Erickson is responsible for forcing me to see a psychiatrist I didn't need to see, and without transportation, to be tortured and then have a huge...what? U.S. Air Force commissioned "jet" fly over my head in Seattle?  while my son has been tortured.  I do not believe this.  Even Hillshire farms can't resist being part of MKUltra.  I can't even go to their site without finding U.S. Pentagon written all over it, and mocking me.

Look, they have a circle design for their meat with hills and a sun and sky, just like Moses Lake does, except with a heart.  And Merisant has their logo with the same thing too...the "Equal" people.  Pat-pat...where's my packet of Equal? says the Prime Minister of Canada who thinks Middleton owns the world.  Let's steal food from Oliver Garrett to make him "equal" to kids starving in Africa.  Let's blow up his family's brains so their eyes pop out of their heads and laugh and then design nifty ads that those who are NOT tortured can smile at and admire.

I want my son back and this country had better find a way to do it, or IT is over.

These are the sodium thiopental people.  Was that a joke too.  Forcing me to live with U.S. Army Theo, while...what? my parents got shot up with the truth serum because this country is never satisfied with oppressing people for another group that wants to be rich?

How about I crap on a paper plate and you can put that on your site.  You can add a cat that's deformed because of being tortured, and my son with his blown up eye, and my list of what forms of torture this country has done to him.  And add the photo of my hair falling out which I put online already, to more hair that's fallen out since, and hair that fell out before I took that photo.  I have 1/16th the amount of hair still, that I had.

I also have a knob that is hard and raised, under my hair, on the side of my head, from torture.  I do not have cancer and I do not have a tumor.  It's from the same torture that BBC scientists were laughing over in one of their articles about atom splitters.

None of the movies coming out about torture have anything to do with reality.  I saw a preview for some Retribution movie where she's strapped into a chair.  Maybe for a few, like .0004 percent.  What is actual doesn't involve imprisonment and noticeable restraints.  It's torture by being stalked and hunted by your own government, with remote technology and distance technology.  And then all these people steal from me and make ads that are jokes about it, and rake in their money.

Michelle Erickson is a criminal.

They tortured my son to look like Michelle Erickson's relative.
This is "Pam Murray Erickson" and she is married to Doug Erickson who is related to Michelle Erickson.  She has a space between her front teeth, an ear lobe that sticks out, and hair that's parted this my son's was parted in his kindergarden photo.  And they had my son wear the McQueen shirt after they did this to him.  Then for first grade they did his hair like Eric J. Sachtjens.  My son does not naturally have that space.  It was forced, just like pulling his ear all the time was done to torture him and cause a problem, like forcing him to wear shoes too tight for his feet.

Douglas Erickson is mentioned here:

Oh look.  It's the "Apple Blossom Queen Vendetta".  Pam Erickson was a Queen, and so was her mother.  So it's a "tradition" to honor Wenatchee Queens by torturing kids for Fatso Michelle Who Couldn't Cut It So Cut Kids:

The Wenatchee World published this article in April of 2009 and then published another, about Pam, May 1, 2012, after they had tortured my son.  Note the timing.  Same time that Kate Middleton was being hooked up.

And now we have a problem, but you notice how Wenatchee didn't dare publish any of this earlier.  Erickson is a Thornton.  Like "Julia Thornton" and "Tina Thornton".  Julia Thornton (so she said) took my FBI report and then Tina Thornton was my social worker.  She was best friends with the woman I got counseling from, Brett McDonald, which means when they assigned Michelle Erickson, Michelle was related to Tina and connected to McDonald.  None of them wanted to say anything about the FBI.  Why?  Because THEY are scum.

100% conflict of interest.  I hope they all go to jail.  And who is Pam Murray related to?  Patty Murray?  Is that why Patty does nothing when children are abused and tortured?

"Portia's" husband, Erickson, joined the Navy.  So he was U.S. Navy and later Michelle Erickson got her start at her job, working for the U.S. Navy first.  Erickson also has all of these relatives with connections to Korea, which explains why a Korean was sent to live with the Avilas and have proximity to my son Oliver.  She stole from them and stole from me and it was going to Michelle Erickson and eventually to Kate Middleton.  The "Princess" who was with Portia, Ruth Ann Jones, is probably related to Chief Jones.

These people are all so intermarried it's gross.  This was one reason why it was impossible to have a fair process there, and why I asked for Change of Venue.  What good does that do though, when the U.S. Federal Government should be eating my crap from off of a plate.  The U.S. Federal government is responsible for allowing torture of my son and for kidnapping him from me.  They are responsible for defamation and torture of my parents and entire family.

By the way, aside from Patty Murray's possible conflict of interest with Michelle Erickson, there is the matter of U.S. military.  Her husband is in active service.  Like Dabney, if she is related to Chris.

It says Michelle is related to a Mary or Maryann Erickson from Spokane Valley and if it's the one I found, she graduated from Flagstaff, AZ in 1972, making her another person living near Lynda Carter.

I think this man is related to Michelle Erickson.  I haven't found a link to prove it, but he has the same smile as Michelle and is U.S. Navy and I have a feeling he is related:
Someone else went to the Levin College of law in Florida....oh yeah!  Eric J. Sachtjen.

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