Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dad's Back Out

A few days ago, my Dad twisted his back so he can hardly move. However, I'm pretty sure it's an injury due to abnormal military technology warming of his back and then the abrupt cooling of it.

The same thing was done to me only days before they did this to him. I didn't twist my back. I woke up and after leaving the house, a half hour later, whatever was "warming" my lower back cooled down and left me in too much pain to turn or bend.

My family is being tortured with burning laser kinds of technology, to our hearts, and also yesterday, the entire day, something was being done to my ears. Constant torture to my ears.

It's like someone thought the child shooting or whatever shooting would be a good excuse for commencing worse torture against us. It increased for me after I wrote about Middleton and Nathan and the local shooting in Clackamas. But it was worse yesterday, after the kids were shot in Connecticut.

Now my power to my house went out and I have to flip a breaker because the U.S. Pentagon has been turning off my electricity and shutting things down all the time for me. They have reduced the power outage at my place by half, making it impossible for me to heat my house and prevent mold from forming overnight practically. When I moved here, I could run 2 heaters at the same time in the winter, and cook something on the stove as well. Since this spring, the U.S. Pentagon decided to shut down 1/2 of my power to my place.

It has nothing to do with wiring. The wires are the same, and the equipment is exactly the same. It is the Pentagon, sucking and draining and affecting my power source, and no one else is to blame.

My back problem was whenever it was before the Middletons went to the hospital or something. I remember something about her nurse after it, I think.

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