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I Knew About "Middletons" Pregnancy (& Stories about the Ghost)

I was right.

And I hope the pregnancy fails. I hope it fails, because the progress of all of this, is the work of criminal activity and torture. It deserves to fail, because a "union" that serves to protect and preserve criminals and torture of others, which was gained by criminal means and corruption, is not a union to begin with. It's a business deal, and every business has a romance period, and if they're corrupt, they deserve to fail.

I called it correctly too. How? I knew it was possibly true this time,as I said, due to the enormous levels of harassment against me, which was the very thing that was repeated against me prior to their wedding.

So when there are huge groups of people, getting in MY way, from having the most remotely normal life or even having my son with me--and telling me that I am "in the way" of something, they are willing to put huge amounts of money and effort into ruining lives to get what they want.

There is a group in this country and in England, that have planned to have Middletons in power for decades. I did not realize my family was actually being victimized because of it. I didn't know anything at all.

I don't think this group made their agenda known to very many until after Diana's accident for one thing, and the next thing was that they wanted to rework and rewrite history.

I was "in the way" to the Rose-Lewis family. They didn't want me to have a college education and tried to keep me working full-time for them instead. I was "in the way" to a lot of people. Even to this day, one week ago, I had my knee blown out while my electrical outlet was being fried. This was done after I said something about realizing I might be able to train for Olympics still, and my talk about a few musical artists plaigerizing my work, and so who was bugging my house to do it?

Then, I saw my mother on the treadmill a couple of days ago, looking miserable, and I got on the same one a couple of days later. I had not run since what happened to my knee, but a couple of strange things were occuring to both of my knees yesterday when I tried to run, that don't usually happen. It felt like a laser to the left knee and something creating my entire right leg to cramp up on the other leg, up to my hip socket. I realized my mother probably already knew this was going to be done to me. I was on one treadmill across from this Mexican restaurant when the odd laser feeling happened to my left knee and there was a guy with a truck unloading things. I moved away from that one and the feeling quit. Then he took off, leaving a vehicle with a huge peace sign facing me. Then, after my left knee was targeted (which wasn't resting on the heater when it exploded because of the electricity and made a 3 prong bruise on my knee), my entire right leg was suddenly cramping up, up to the hip socket, which also wasn't normal.

So then their middle treadmill quit working at all, and I got off and went to the one my mother had been running on, and straight across from me was the American flag. It was drooped over. I thought at first it was at half-mast (how Middleton). And then I looked and saw no, it's bent over, like it was broken and bent over, and you couldn't see anything but red and white stripes. So it was vertical red and white stripes on a half-mast appearance and I thought about Canada and the Middletons. I had a twinge of pain when I saw the flag like that, and thought they shouldn't even be flying it if they can't fly it right. And then I realized, it really, truly, is about the Middleton family. There are other groups behind it too, who later hated me, but since I was a kid, the people torturing my parents and trying to push my entire family down were Middletons and Middleton supporters. So William married a mole. Wouldn't anyone like to know whose mole it is exactly?

The crazy part, is that this has been a plan for decades.

I was remembering all kinds of things last night--things childhood friends said to me, which I now know were attempts by their parents to "get to" my parents, and things former roommates said to me, who I now know were not just roommates, but had me on their radar.

It's ludicrous to think it now, but I guess what they feared was that someone over there already knew about me and liked me. They wanted to keep me personally buried and hopefully married off and working in a low-key job so that no one ever knew about my parents, about their unique gifts; about my talents and how I was being stolen from; or about any of us.

I realized last night that even some of my roommates were working with people who knew the Middletons. This woman named Suzie Bozo (or Suzanne Bosso, but pronounced Bozo) was Hungarian and went to the Assembly of God (or had in the past). She ended up being my roommate after she answered an ad I placed. I remember after she moved out of my house, she was next to me and had these people driving up to see her and leaving all the time (women) and I had a weird feeling about them. She never had those guests until about 2003, or right after 2002. They were checking up on me all the time while they met her and one day, after they left, she ran over to me and laughed and said, "Cameo! I have to tell you about something!" I said, "What?" because I hadn't seen her so excited for awhile. So she told me this woman told her she had this figurine of Mary (the Madonna) with a crown on her head on her fireplace mantle. Suzanne told me they were Catholic but that she had told them she was a christian, and they just visited for other reasons. So, she said, This woman made a huge deal about telling her how she accidentally knocked it off and it fell and she thought it was broken but it landed on her crown (the figurine of the Madonna had a crown on it). So I think the crown broke off but the figurine didn't smash and this woman kept saying wasn't it a miracle and what did she think about that? because it didn't break, and Suzie said she told me, well, it knocked her crown off, so she could "glorify Jesus".. I think that's how she put it. The one woman thought it was a miracle she didn't break and that the crown saved her when she fell, and the other woman thought she fell over because she was never supposed to have the crown on her head in the first place. I remember this, because Suzie seemed to think that I'd be really happy to hear about how she had disregarded Mary as "Queen" and I remember I thought, why is she telling me this, and if she doesn't like those women, why are they at her house all the time and acting smug when they look at me? I didn't add to the comments with, "Yeah! that's great!" or anything, because I was wondering why she was telling me this and I never forgot it. Mary had the crown knocked off of her head, but it saved her fall. And..? the point? She ran over from her house just to tell me about this. Then last night, I was looking up a bear sculpture to possibly add to a short story (or tale) I've pieced for my son as I go along, and nothing would come up on the site I looked at, except I found instead, something that made me smile and laugh out loud, because I thought it was so beautiful and sweet. It is a wood carving of the Madonna with a child, from Hungary, c. 1420, by an unknown Master. So I sent this to my son last night, and wrote about the Renaissance (I disagree that it's "Gothic"), and then I wanted to look it up last night, to see if anyone had any idea about the unknown master, and I went to the Hungarian Gallery and found it there. (I really liked some of their collection, looking at the thumbnails, by the way). And after I sent it to my son, before going to the Gallery, I remembered this story that my Hungarian roommate told me, as told to her by a suddenly close and interested Catholic woman-friend, who was coming onto my property sometime in 2003, with new interest. There is another Hungarian woman over here, who goes to a church that is like the Assemblies of God, who is a psychic, and her name is Cathy, and she is friends with Patty Otterbach. They go to the same church and these are people who spy for Kate Middleton and who have brought my mother home looking wrecked. Cathy hangs out with the group that included a man by the name of Bill, who knows the Schneiders from the Department of Justice in Portland, Oregon, and who lived in Mt. Angel at the time I was publicly protesting. Another man who was there, asking me whether I liked "Jade" or not, who was blond, and whose personal items I was able to "view", I found connected to William and Kate Middleton through photos she wanted done after she got into the position people have murdered and tortured other over for decades. Not to mention outright OPRESSION. In those photos, they made (with Kate present) direct fun of my family and used children who looked like the man who asked me about "jade" in all of them. I haven't gone online to look at photos from that site ever since, so it's been 1 year, because I was so shocked. That was a direct link proving spies for Kate Middleton. And when I say I was able to "view" things this man had with him, I am not a psychicly gifted person, because I was tortured as a baby I guess, but I suppose now and then I have seen a couple of things and I saw his knife then, with my eyes still closed. I looked up and there it was, a knife by his belt. I am sure that the black revolver I saw around Thanksgiving, also has to do with him, and he is connected to Middletons. I psychicly saw a black revolver and then later that night I was asking God to show me something about the Middletons, and I ended up on a page about a Middleton-hired-associate and driver, pulling a gun on people in public, with a Middleton present. It was a totally separate gun thing...the first was an impression that I saw, like seeing that knife. The next, was later, and I didn't have a gun in mind--I prayed briefly and asked God to show me something, anything, that would confirm the Middletons are not good, and that is what I landed on. A gun, connected to the Middletons.

I'm sure I saw that gun because of the same man that I saw the knife with, but it was not connected to a hand. It was pointed up, or away from me, as if flat on a table, and it was solid black, and it was not a glock. It wasn't smooth all the way through either, I don't think, like there was a kind of pattern (or slightly bumpy grain) across it or just a normal black revolver with a few lines through it, but it was definitely not a glock. It was pointed up, in the same way it appears in my photos I took of myself for my son that I most recently put online on this blog. There is a pair of black handled scissors, next to the pumpkin on the table, in a direction from the photo, and that was the direction of the gun.

It makes me wonder, of course, how many "psychics" (the ones who are actually really good, not like me, because I have maybe one impression every other month at most)work overtime to try to ruin lives, or who have wanted to get close to me only to do harm and try to stop me from having a normal life at all. And for what. Because I have been "in the way"? How would I be in the way, unless someone who knew good psychics, knew there was something about me or my family that potentially challenged the schemes of some other criminal group? It's not like I ever knew, or worked to be "in the way", because I never even looked up the Middletons until the middle of 2009. I sometimes ask God why am I not the psychic one, when I would be the one to do good? When I would be the one to speak up? Then I think, actually, if you happen to be super good, you are maybe tortured worse or trapped by blackmail like my parents, or how do you ever keep it a secret? how can you share important things without revealing what you can do? and so many of these people liars too, who work with others to commit crimes of torture to fulfil their false prophesies. If I could only see and know who has done this or that, exactly, wouldn't I be the one who would tell the truth? and yet I'm not the one with that kind of gift. I'm just someone that others have tortured anyway--and they are torturing my SON.

I didn't "know" about Middletons pregnancy because I asked about it. I never asked or cared to know. I found out, because it was obvious, by the harassment I was suddenly receiving that began 1-1 1/2 months ago or so, in this town, against me. I knew something was "up" because of this clear sign.

And yet, all this time, there have been Middleton supporters, trying to keep me in line, the way they wanted, since Kate Middleton was 1-2 years old. I am starting to wonder what "demon" tried to strangle my mother. Supposedly my mother and brother both saw an angel once, as kids. I never have, and never heard my Dad say this either. Last night my mother said no, but I still remember. I said, "Then do you remember the demon you said you saw once?" and she said yes, she remembered the demon. I am not sure anymore whether it was an actual "demon" or whether it was someone working for the Middletons anymore. When I was little, my mother told me she had been in bed and she woke up in the middle of the night to find a demon strangling her. Its hands were around her throat and she couldn't breathe and then somehow she said something out loud about the "blood of Jesus" and it disappeared. She said she thought she was going to die. She was basically in bed, trying to fight off hands around her neck that were trying to choke the life out of her. I said, then, "How did you know it was a demon?" and she said, when she said when she said, "I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus" it was gone.

My mother really saw a demon, or it was a person. Because they are gifted, I wouldn't be surprised if she did see a demon, but this was one that she described as manifesting, to the point that it felt like real finger and was an actual presence in her bedroom. I asked her last night when this happened, when she was a teen? after she married my Dad? after she'd had kids? And it was after she had had all of her kids. I think. She had had at least 2 of her kids possibly, but last night she said mmm-hmmm to after all the kids.

So my mother now has a new sore that looks like a "chrome sore" which she didn't have before Thanksgiving, and my Dad was itching from poison oak and the doctor gave him "Taro" (like you say to a bull, I guess, to charge through a red blanket).

If the Hungarian woman Cathy, from here, is connected to the Suzie that lived with me in Portland, that goes back to 2002-2003, Katie Darling. Suzie moved in, in 2001-2002, and then she on the same property in a different small duplex, as was I, until about 2003.

Everything about Middleton can be traced to mafia and gangs, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Every single lead that I have on her, so far, without even having access to intelligence databases, proves this.

I had a swarm of harassment prior to her engagment, and then randomly had an impression of the engagment ring, before the news was given that she was engaged. It was an out-of-the-blue impression, and I had it one or two days before the announcement of engagment and I didn't know why because I never thought about that ring.

Then the next wave of harassment, was when I was being shoved into a psych ward for murderers and torturers, in Tennessee. They were publicly engaged so who cared about me? but some group cared. I wrote something about Kate and her Dad, and all of a sudden, I was being electrocuted at the YMCA, while I was working out. This is when I began to get into extremely good shape. Then, there was this rainstorm and a massive group of people came into town to mock me as I walked in the rain, and ran their cars and vehicles wildly into the puddles, closer to me, to deliberately get me wet. I remember that day, because over here in Coquille, a huge group came over to repeat the exact same thing. Oh, and guess what? Even the WEATHER was to imitate the weather of that day in TN. It was hail and rain, alternating. I had a feeling about things that day, here in Coquille. I could tell someone had tried to get my mother to keep me at the house until later in the day to walk, when they knew the rain and hail was planned. I don't know how I knew, but I did.

This was, by the way, after Patty Otterbach drove by mocking me, along with some other Jewish looking guys (but maybe they're not Jewish, but they appear so) who are Middleton supporters I think, and I knew by those guys, that she was pregnant, before the group harassment. I read it, by their smug stalking of me at that time,and then two of them moved into a different house.

So Otterbach knew. That was the day I blogged about it, about how I asked my mother how she could call Otterbach a friend when she publicly mocked me with a smug satisfaction. I knew something was "up" when Patty did this. She was emboldened by "public pregnancy" news she got before the public got the news. If she doesn't hate me, and if this has nothing to do with me, why the smug stalkers? So it was Patty, and right around the same time that these brothers were all around me all the time. They were constantly driving past me and if I looked when they didn't expect me to, I saw how they really felt about me--they hated me. And they're hatred turned into smug satisfaction one day and that was the day I knew Kate Middleton was pregnant, and they knew about it, and felt it was a notch against me, and something to really "do me in" over. They are haters. And they get intelligence from non-media sources.

After this initial tip-off, by the actions of Patty and these brothers (there are always haters around, but I read the Middleton pregnancy through those individuals), then, a few weeks later, I was being told I should join the gym. I guess, to imitate how I was at a gym in TN and then harassed, because this cracked-up group has been acting out a bizarre Groundhog Day stage of harassing me, and then repeating the same form of harassment with the same people and groups, for the next 'grand occasion'. It's a feather in the hat for corruption.

So all of a sudden, it was the gym again, which I'd been planning to do anyway, but then before this, a huge group of people came into town, and drove past wildly, mocking me and pretending to run into me, doing the exact same thing that they were doing to me in Nashville, TN.

So who knows how to coordinate this kind of harassment, with the rain and hail, but people who are also connected to the U.S. government? What are we? Canada now? Is this Middleton now, and not the U.S.A.?

Some of the people doing this harassment were even some of the same ones from Tennessee. And one person who knows about Tennessee and who was in the area when I was there, is a daughter Rosemary. I believe it's Rosemary and Gordans daughter who was in Nashville at that time, but maybe it was Pam Lewis' daughter. One of them was working in Nashville at the time, and sidled up to me at the first house gathering I went to, and my mother went over after her. Then she and her new husband went back to Nashville. She worked for Vanderbilt I think, Vanderbilt University Hospital.

This entire area is thick with Middleton bugs.

I haven't heard back about my laptop either, and then I noticed the owner and this Hungarian woman Cathy are friends. I know Middleton has been given anything and everything to do with me, through Canadian friends that stole from me, to U.S. FBI. She is a mole. She is a mole who is directly involved in the torture of my son Oliver.

The craziest part, is going back and finding out how many things connect to Middletons from my girlhood, that I never thought about or knew about. If my mother was attacked by a demon, it was a military man who works for the Middletons.

Let me go back and find the date that Patty Otterbach gleefully harassed the open, for me to notice...

Also, on the 10th of October, someone in the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C., put another harassing "alert" out about me to my college. I found out that something was changed on my school account too, so that if I'd not changed it, I'd have had no financial aid in place. So basically, this time the notice was called a "23 Review" and was sent to OSU by D.C., to review whether I was over my loan limits. I'm not, but it's another example of constant micromanagement by someone in the federal government, and constant excuses to throw things up in the air, or cause delay, or interfere with college. I asked OSU when it was sent by the federal government, and they said it was posted on October 10th. And then my brother is walking out of the bathroom over Thanksgiving holiday, with his stomach sticking out like HE is pregnant. He didn't think I'd see, but I had been lying down and before he walked out, I sat upright, and he was sticking out his stomach, looking at someone, and then seeing me, sucked it in all of a sudden. How many people knew?

Get out of the way. Of what.

What happened?

The U.S. had a little girl shadowing another little girl in a program for creating spies, and they decided Katie was going to be their better spy? So, now, all of the history and records about me, were going to be replaced with notes to make it sound like Katie is the one they were always talking about in their reports?

It's intelligence and mafia, and my life has been ruined by a bitch that can't count or think for herself or speak up about torture. Instead, she walks around naked and files lawsuits through lawyers to appear powerful, after she's been greenhoused for 3 decades and lived off of U.S. welfare that was laundered to her by U.S. intelligence. I hope all of her children shrivel up and that her support does as well, and I hope the truth about the criminal activities and her part in it, comes out.

So far, they've worked hard at killing off anyone who someone thought would talk. Look at all of the people who have been KILLED. Aside from my being oppressed for most of my life as a kid, after she was born, and aside from my and my son being tortured (and parents too), look at how many people have been KILLED.

Oh, here is one of the gems that I remembered last night from my childhood. I had a friend who told me "ghost stories" and scary stories, and of course at camps, people told stories like that. One of them, I think this girl got from her parents, to bother my parents. I believe it was Sherri Sainsbury. (pronounced Sherry Saynes-berry) She told me this "ghost story" about a "drip, drip, drip..." A woman who heard a constant drip, drip, drip sound and she went to follow the sound. So then she sees a few spots of blood on the floor, and she hears the drip drip drip sound. She thinks it's a leaky faucet or something first, and then she follows the sound and opens the door and it's a baby, hanging from a hanger, with blood drip, drip,drip, dripping.

Basically, it's about the sound of dripping, and then it's from a baby that is swinging from a hanger.

So hmmm. Let's think here, Mr. Middleton. Anyone checked out the Sainsbury connection yet? military? I would put all of my money on it, they're military and Middleton connected.

So as a little girl, in elementary school, I went around repeating this ghost story, telling it to friends to scare them, having no idea or thought about how my parents first baby died at Children's Hospital, hooked up to an IV and the sound of the drip, drip, drip, all the time.

Drip, drip, drip, drip...and the baby is hanging from a hanger. Like an airplane hanger? isn't that where Airport employees work a lot of times? in the hangers? My parents said nothing and instead, my mother was sometimes leaving the faucet running with just a drip sound in the kitchen and I'd turn it off.

Look up Sheri Sainsbury. Who will the lucky winner be?

Not only that, I remember she and I played with Joanna, as kids, and she stayed the night at my house once and was very vulgar for a little girl. She not only knew how to tell "ghost stories" about the dripping sound from dying babies (oh now there's a great way to hook a fish, isn't it?), and I'm pretty sure it was her, she was also talking dirty talk as a kid in elementary school. Who would teach her that but the U.S. military and the Middleton supporters. I quit being friends with her around that time. I think I was shocked or intrigued by it at first and then wondered how she learned to be that bad when she was a kid like me.

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