Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Kate Middleton Is From Hell

1. If God had wanted Kate Middleton to be where she is, He wouldn't have needed the help of assassins, military, FBI, CIA, MI-5 (most of them), MI-6, and what appears to be a very large segment of a few other groups, including Canada.

2. Children wouldn't be tortured for her, with her knowledge.

3. The Middleton family wouldn't have neededed welfare from the U.S. for decades, nor would they then need to access the FBI to launder it to them.

4. Women would not have been raped. If Kate Middleton was destined, or part of "God's plan" at ALL, I would not have been raped. Other women wouldn't have been raped either.

5. Most government operations are "secular" in nature, so it's not always a question about "God" or "God's purpose", and when I mention this, I say it not as one who believes in "Divine Right" by birth, but as one who generally believes God must have some kind of plan for just about everyone, all of us, and then sometimes the best plans that would have occured naturally, are thwarted by others. So normal obstacles and imperfect life and people, that, I accept. I do not accept Mobsters who are Government, putting hits on others, and torturing my family and kids like my son, to protect a piece of ass. Pardon that last expression, because that does not sound "christian" at all. That is what she is, to me, but to the CIA, her family means much more, and Canadians have become more and more friendly with some in the U.S., and supported her as well. My son and I never would have been tortured in Canada, if not for Middletons. I had no idea who they were at the time, or of the danger that existed because of her and her family.

6. The "point" of Kate. There is no point of the U.S. government patsying to her aside from wanting to do her parents a favor, and if they thought she had at least one skill they could utilize. So either she is a government psychic, and she's had people slaughtered over her because she is able to predict things, so she's "the special one", which is something the U.S. would torture little kids over, OR they felt secure that she would pass along information she received in England to the U.S.

7. Obsession. She has been obsessed with me and with my family. Her family has been obsessed with mine for decades. I found out how obsessed she was, after I moved back to Oregon and found out for myself (no one telling me) about all of the Kate Middleton spies that have tortured my family. I found out not only did her family have spies on my family, for decades, with people in the U.S. telling others how to keep me down even as a pre-teen and teenager, she then acquired her own set of spies as an adult, and used them on me and my family. They have done horrible, horrible things. I never thought, or had any kind of evidence that Kate Middleton was stalking me, until about 1 1/2 years ago when I moved to Oregon. I had a weird feeling once when I was in Wenatchee, in 2010. I had a very strong sense or intuitive feeling. But I never jumped to conclusions or had any kind of idea that she herself, in her own right, was stalking me, until 2011 when I moved back to Oregon.

It is one thing for me to occasionally go on a tangent and write about her family, because MY family is TORTURED (literally), and yet I don't literally stalk her or do anything odd, and it's another thing to find out a woman named Kate Middleton is literally STALKING me through friends and employees she apparently hires.

The kind of things done to us, for HER, and to spite US, are, for example, torturing my son Oliver for her, and with her participation. I was tortured today. Just now, at 8:51 p.m. as I was writing the last line, with a jab from military technology to the back of the left side of my head, and earlier today at Safeway, before noon, as I was looking at cleaning supplies, specifically "Bright Green" paper towels (a 50% recycled paper towel made by Safeway). I had several jabs to the back of my head to the right and I felt my eye then start to bulge as I've described occuring, and which has been done to my son (photo evidence proves it). Right there while I was in the store.

I was being tortured in Canada, as was my son, and we have been tortured in the U.S. Other bizarre and smaller things have been done, acts of degradation to satisfy Kate, such as taking my bras, and stretching them out so badly that the straps curled like the white curly ribbons when she pranced on the runway for William at a fashion show. Everything I owned had been stolen from me, and I had 2 bras, and both of them were deliberately ruined, all to make a joke for Katie. I had never had anyone do this to my bras before, in my life. In TN, they were cutting "L" shapes or little < or > into the bottoms of ALL of my shoes, and this was done when I had a private locker. I then get to Oregon, and bought a couple of new things, just a shirt here and there and 1 pair of jeans and 1 bra because I had only 1 after my things were stolen. Both of these bras were stretched out so the band and straps curled up. I have a 32 ribcage and these bras were already not fitted enough and were 34s, and then someone stretched them out to ribcage size 40 or so, so badly, it was obvious. And this was done so the band would curl up into a whie ringlet like the ribbons Katie wore in her hair. This is ONE example of HUNDREDS of smaller things, aside from torture, that have been done to me, to degrade me and vandalize my property, in the name of Middleton, who gets away with it by being a double and working for the CIA.

I have very good cause to hate her and to know her "people" are criminals.

It IS because of Kate Middleton. There are things that contributed to this, and other groups that got upset for certain reasons, but it has always been the Middletons and in my life, I never knew it, but it was always Kate Middleton who was being protected as others were being pushed down and tortured.

I do think about Charles, Prince Charles, when I notice the Facebook post from the recent shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts.

8. I am more "British" than Kate Middleton is. Kate is a spy. My parents got upset when I was saying a few things and then they said, "So everything is about the Middletons?" sort of sarcastically or are you kidding me, and I said not everything, but yes, I found out it was. And actually, no one argued back with me. That was when I added, "I've been tortured in this country because of Kate Middleton. I am more "British" than SHE is; Kate is a SPY."

A couple of days ago, even last night, I did not even feel comfortable out in my own place and wanted to stay the night at my parent's because I sensed something was wrong and there was danger. It was the first time I actually asked to sleep at their place, because I didn't have a good feeling. It made me think about the time I used to say, as a kid, "Can I sleep with you? I had a bad dream." I had the same feeling, but it wasn't over a dream. I felt like that last night, but not quite as much and the night before and before that, definitely. Something felt like the calm before a storm and then I also sensed danger to the point that I didn't want to sleep out in my own place by myself. Even seeing my parents with torture marks, or myself having marks on my body from it...I never felt that way, but a few days ago, I was scared and I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was like something that went back to my childhood. It was "that" feeling.

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