Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time To Hit The Road and My Parent's Prophetic Abilities & Catholic Hate Crimes

When my Dad told me, this night, it was time to hit the road (a regular phrase of his), he opened the door for me and his eyes are totally black from torture.  Also, I believe it occured on Christmas Day.

Laura Ingraham's comment on the show was that today was "The Second Day of Christmas", and for my Dad, it's been Day 2 of severe torture by her pals.  My Dad left on Christmas Day to get something at the shop, and when he came back, he was sick and went to bed.  When he got up and came downstairs, his eyes were completely puffy and changed, and it was clear that this was a symptom of whatever was done to him at the shop that day.  By today, his eyes are creased and black and dented in from the pressure.

Laura's friends kept talking about "He's feeling the pressure" or it's too much pressure.  My Dad was tortured.

I was tortured to the head all day today, as was my Dad and my Mom.

I have a permanent raised knob on the side of my head that was being repeatedly targeted with military technology.  First it was just swellings that were enormous and they went away when they quit torturing me.  However, because the U.S. Pentagon has done this so many times I now have a permanent raised knob on my head.  I don't have cancer or a tumor. It is directly related to my being tortured.

My hair has fallen out in clumps because of torture run by Leon Panetta.

My Dad cleaned cobwebs off the porch light yesterday and said it should be brighter now.  Then tonight, before I stepped outside, into the dark, he said, "It's a little brighter now."  I walked out and then all of a sudden, in the dark, it became light and the sky was bright all around me.  I turned around and looked and it was the moon.  It was a full moon that came out from behind the clouds.

It was a little brighter.

My parents and my family are being tortured for this reason.  Their gift, which is something Catholics like Laura torture us over.  It is hate crime and it's been religious-majority hate crime.

My parents did a lot of things over Christmas which I didn't blog about--predictions they made, and things.  I wrote it down in a diary but I didn't blog about it, because some of it just feeds the wrong people. 

We are going to expose this to the world and we are going on Youtube so yeah, Laura and her Catholic pals would love to "bring em in".

They've done this to me, multiple times already and they've been too busy using my parents to their own advantage to do this to them.  They have been too valuable.  It's like milking a cow that has milk--why get rid of the cow as long as they get their milk for free?

They have mooched off of my Mom and Dad and tortured us.  

Leon Panetta is responsible.

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