Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More U.S. Torture of My Mother, Me, and New Evidence

UPDATE: I just realized, the torture to my middle finger of my right hand and then to the ring finger of my right hand, was done about 1-2 weeks after I uploaded a video clip with a woman from Mexico demonstrating a "half-moon" "honeymoon nail" with the middle finger extended. First my mother's finger was smashed or burned right before Thanksgiving, so this kind of 1/2 moon was on her thumb beneath her nail and then the U.S. military/NASA aerospace targeted my middle finger and then the ring finger next to it, while I was typing on the computer, every single time I had to type, for 2 weeks, during finals when I had no choice but to use the computer for online courses and type. The United States is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and of supporting these groups that torture us with technology. They are getting paid with checks drawn off of taxpayer money, and it's money-laundering for torture, and it's a RICO offense.

Kevin Bolls is in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

He is the U.S. military person who has relatiated against my family while pretending to be a pastor.

I was recently tortured to my right hand, to my middle finger specifically, by U.S. miltary technology.

Now I know my Dad's hand problems don't have anything to do with normal arthritis or any kind of normal problem.

My entire family is tortured in this country, and I am getting continued evidence.

It was 2 weeks ago that I was typing and I had zero problems, for years, the last several years, with any kind of problem to my fingers or hand. All of a sudden, my middle finger specifically, was being vibrated or something while I was typing on the keyboard. I could feel it, and it was U.S. technology. It wasn't an "ache" or a normal feeling. I kept typing bc I had to, because it was finals. There is ZERO reason why my middle finger would be affected and no other fingers, and that is what was done to me.

I flipped off Kevin Bolls in church one day, and after this, I was blocked from going to church and he tortured my parents and did so with assistance from the FBI. He is not who he claims to be, and he is not here to do what he claims he is here for.

I was tortured so constantly, that I was being forced to use my left hand for some things, on the computer. This is what this God-forsaken group of people who are taking U.S. taxpayer monies are doing. They are using taxpayer money to fund torture of U.S. citizens. Then, they knew I'd try to get a smaller laptop which is what I wanted anyway, and I gravitate to the Acer and wanted my own old one fixed.

So while people were sharing all kinds of personal photos and information from that little Acer I had, to people in Washington D.C. and the Middletons, I have been stuck with a computer I was promised I could return, and then I get tortured to my middle finger.

Someone edited out my music video clip that I did for a class at OSU while it was still in the RIO videocam software. I wrote about this, and they edited out "apples" at one part to make it sound like "apps" or "a--". Then this same group tortured me, specifically targeting my middle finger, and causing ache to then go through my whole hand from this, so that I was being forced to use my left hand. I went to the store to get a smaller computer so my fingers didn't have to move as much, while the one is hurting, and of course, they don't have any Acers. They have Asus, and I got home and the cord is for left-hand. It is like the U.S. military deliberately tortured me, just to force me to get a new laptop and laugh about all the things they've done, and forced me to, because of torture.

I told my mother the other day, that I am tired of this group that is getting their salaries off of citizen's money. They are living off of the system, to support torture of citizens. This is what is being allowed in the United States. These groups are being PAID off of the taxes from decent people, to violate the constitution and commit crimes against children and citizens. I told her, "I just wanted to live a normal life, but they don't even allow me to do that. And why wouldn't they? unless they do think if they didn't torture me something extraordinary would have happened." I told her this country is allowing groups to use government psychics and military/NASA to torture us and circumvent anything good. I said, "They hear someone tell them first she will buy this, and if she buys this, then she will do this, or such and such will happen...So they decide to obstruct me from buying whatever it is they are worried will lead to something else for me that is good." I used this as a small example. My mother said, "Right. So someone calls the store, and says 'don't carry this product' and contacts the seller and buyer and JUST so you can't buy that product." She said it, with the "rolled eyes" kind of tone in her voice. Instead of agreeing with her, and feeling I sound like I'm blowing things out of proportion, I said, "YES." And the minute I said "yes" I felt the Holy Spirit. It wasn't technology either. My mother said this was'nt true, and I said, "Mom, I know it's right, because as soon as I said 'yes' I felt the Holy Spirit confirm it." She said, "Well you're listening to the wrong voice." So she said several times, there are deceptive or deceitful spirits and I said, "Oh! I know!" and added, "Like there can be an entire group of lying prophets/psychics". She kept saying I was listening to the wrong voice or it was a wrong affirmation, but I knew it was true.

Because they did this to my hand, now I know they have done this to my Dad. Between having my Dad's hand smashed by law enforcement, literally, crushed, to where they blow up and you can't even see his knuckles, to just an odd problem he started having that "no doctor can explain", his hands have been ruined and weakened because of what this group has done to him. Basically, he had to endure the humiliation of "choosing" Heidi to sing back-up with him on a recording over me, and then after this, someone tried to put his guitar and piano playing hands out of work. It was one hand for him. Just as this group targeted one of my fingers. He's never even received any treatment for it, from any doctor he's ever been to.

So in the same trip when I talked to my mother to when we were parked, she kept denying things and I said, "Mom, what is wrong with your hand?" Her left hand was shriveled, the skin on her fingers was all shriveled on her left hand, and I noticed this wasn't the case on her right hand. Her right hand was normal, but her left hand shriveled. She said, "What? You're always LOOKING for something that isn't there Cameo." I said, "Mom, your left hand is all shriveled, like you had your hand in water for 5 hours and then took it out, and your right hand isn't like that at all."

Then I looked at her face. I have noticed in the last month or so, new lines that are not normal for her. So then I saw, she has been tortured. This group of people that are state-sponsored and who are being paid with taxpayer money, are illegally torturing my mother. Her left hand was shriveled, her right hand was normal. Her right cheek, under her eye, was shriveled, her left side of her face was normal. And I said, "And what happened to your right hand?" because she had 2 tiny cuts from a razor on her fingers.

This country is doing grotesque and horrendous assaults against my entire family, and making a joke out of it. Something was done to my mother's face to create 4 new lines running vertically from under her eye. Basically, crow's feet lines, but they were deliberately manipulated and my Mom was tortured for them to show up this way. The other cheek and under her eye is normal. So she has one side of her face totally shriveled looking, like it's been cooked from some kind of technology, and one hand shriveled and wrinkled deeply in the skin. They made the same lines under my mother's right eye, that are made for the movie preview of "Oz".

This group is not just torturing us, they are making a joke of it, by having it show up in 'designs' and 'symmetrical' or mirror-opposites.

My right eye is popped out right now, because of torture to my right side of my head, while I was in the community center hall looking at magazines. It happened this morning and after it was done, some people were later driving by, leaning over to look out the window at my eyes, and widening their eyes so I knew why. Not everyone did this, but the few that did, made it obvious.

1. Oliver. They tortured Oliver to have one eye popped open and bulging but not the other one, in his kindergarden photo. In his first grade photo, they have the same eye popped open to make the eyes opposite and then they forced him to smile more on one side of his mouth than the other. I can tell by the look in my son's eyes, he is suffering from U.S. Pentagon/CIA/FBI torture. They use NASA and aerospace industry, but the CIA consents to it and the FBI is 100% in on it. They use the people who are tortured, for themselves. It's like the CIA and Pentagon put together the project and then the FBI and local police protect their black operation site work and then use the victims. The excuse for "black operation" has turned into an excuse for anti-competition and torture of fellow citizens.

They are taking U.S. taxpayer money, and their salaries are based, 100% on the tax monies of citizens.

So the joke and malicious harassment and mockery of my family with Oliver, is to create this design of parallels or cutting in half, to have one side different from the other side. Not only that, they have sometimes had one or the other family members "match" eachother by scarring us in some way to "match". And this has become a United States funded joke. Torture has become a joke to them. This is why the U.S. does not have God's blessing anymore. I don't believe any country that formally allows this kind of abuse of their own citizens, has God's blessing.

2. My Dad. I thought my Dad's hand problem was arthritis before I realized he's a torture victim. Then, when I realized he was getting beat up, sometimes by dirty cops, I thought it was only due to physical crushing of his hands and outright assault. Now, since I've had my middle finger targeted by military technology, to create pain eventually in my entire hand, I know it is possible my Dad's hand problems are because of both outright physical assault and military/NASA aerospace industry torture (which is hard to prove). I know this about him and I saw a horrific pattern/design made onto his back with little perfectly round red dots all over his back. I also witnessed his being forced to kneel in toxic material that coated his knees and could not come off, over 6 months later. Blisters developed where this occured. Not to mention seeing one of his eyes popped out and also dark marks and indentations in his eyes.

The dark marks to the insides of my parents eyes was replaced last week or 2 weeks ago, with the occasional bulging eyeball instead. For both of them. They each got to have one bulging eyeball, like me and like my son Oliver, instead of the blackened eyes, courtesy of the U.S. CIA/Pentagon. In order to pull off these kinds of crimes, it requires assistance from lawyers, Judges, doctors, scientists, CPS workers...anyone who takes a check from the government, basically, who is willing to torture us, is involved. And that is not to mention the private "donors" who give money to push for this, out of anti-competitive motives.

I tried to alert the UN over a year ago. My parents were temporarily...they looked like we might all be possibly saved. This look of hope and relief. Maybe relief from pain and suffering, at last. And then all of a sudden, there was a huge backlash against my parents and I saw them tortured worse, and we were all tortured. This is the truth.

3. My Mom. She has chromium sores on her feet and ankles, which remain untreated, and which occured to her when she was still in Sherwood, Oregon or just moved to Coquille. There is a class-action lawsuit pending in Portland, OR, but military persons, who claim they were injected, in that area, with chromium for "research". My mother denies any injections, but she isn't at liberty to tell the truth. She has chrome sores on her feet and this matches the location and area where this toxin was being applied to others besides her. She has more than chrome sores though. She's had her face slashed, for one thing. She's also been sujected to having one side of her face "treated" with a form of torture to create dramatic lines on the right side, and leaving the left side free of lines,and then this group has made a joke out of it by mirroring this with her hands, and treating her left hand to be shriveled up but not her right hand. This is not only torture, it is cruel and degrading treatment. Any agreement that makes it look "voluntary" is a lie.

No one in my family has legally consented, without coercion, to be tortured.

So basically, while my mother is telling me I'm listening to the wrong voice, or it's in my mind, and nothing is happening, I'm looking at her face which is split with one side fried and wrinkled and the other side normal, and then the opposite side hand friend and wrinkled and her other side normal.

She is not able to tell the truth and my parents are clearly hostages, as is my son.
I am a realist, and I feel like I try to ascertain what is meant to "appear" spiritual but is not, and is from the inventions or technology of humans. I believe in what is actual but I also believe in the supernatural and spiritual.

My mother told me yesterday that I also had the power to "rebuke the Devil" and I have wondered if her story of being strangled is actual or spiritual, but I know I've woken up with cuts on my body before, or scratches. Basically, where it's not possible I did it to myself. I've also had the sensation of someone literally touching me, when I've been praying, which seemed to be from a good higher source. Twice I've had this happen. Once on my thigh, and once to the middle of my back, and it was fingers. No one was there, but I even sensed some kind of a human or bodily presence. Twice this happened when I was praying to God, and then other times I've woken up with scratches on my body that aren't possible they came from me.

I have one now, which I just discovered, and it's across the back of my neck. I know it wasn't there yesterday during the day and it somehow happened at night. I noticed it today because it felt like I had a light raised scab of a thin scratch across the back of my neck, and I looked with a compact mirror, and I can see it. It looks like a very thin razor cut or what a cat scratch would look like, but it's straight across. I didn't put my hands to the back of my neck last night and my nails were all cut short a few days ago.

So I guess I not only have actual people who hate me, and who work against me, I have a demon attacking me periodically at night. It's never a deep cut or a knife type of always shows up looking like a cat scratch but too clean of a slice to be a cat scratch, not ragged at the edges. Sharp as a razor but not deep. About as deep as a cat scratch, or a little lighter or sometimes slightly deeper. Usually just enough so I know. But the slice is as clean as a razor.

I think there are real people who have literally attacked people in my family, by cutting them and doing other things (obviously) and there is probably a supernatural force sometimes too. That is my opinion.

The scratch is straight across, pretty level straight as you can see when you see it next to the rest of my neck. But this is close up to show more, even though the cam is tilted. Also, I was wearing a turtleneck to bed last night. I have worn it for 2 days straight and was cold so I just wore it to bed. Nothing has touched my, oh wait, unless it's the tag in the back of the sweater. Aha. But it's drooping and I can't see how it would cut my neck. It's possible I suppose, but it's a cloth tag and isn't taught on the edge, as it's been starting to come off. In the past though, I've had multiple scratches like this all over my arms and legs, where there were no tags at all, and it usually happened at night. I don't think it makes sense though, that it's the tag because it's lower down and scrunched up on one end, and it's not the end where the larger dot on my neck by the scratch is from.

I bought this planner the same day I took photos of my "hat and scarf for the day"--I happened to find it in the store that afternoon.

This is what has been done to my eye (technology, not spiritual...there is a difference)

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