Monday, December 17, 2012

Scrubbed With "Sand" Today & Thought of Victims

Today as I was using my coriander seed facial scrub I made, I decided to use it all up at once (I had only made enough to fill a small container, about a tablespoon full or more), and scrubbed my entire body. When I looked at it in my hand, it looked like sand, and I thought about all of the victims and survivors of this horrible tragedy. Strange to have this shooting come to mind with something that looks like sand in my hand, but it did, as it's on the news all the time.

I read this boy was clinging to the walls, putting his back to the wall when people got near, and holding tightly to his backpack or suitcase. The article I read said he was repeatedly bullied. That is starting to sound like the understatement of the year. It doesn't take Aspergers for a child to be so traumatized by adults and kids, kicking at his things and taking things away from him, to feel he has to hold onto it, or put it in front of his body for body armor to protect himself from being sucker punched.

I wonder if he had the shy smile when he entered the building and began firing, or if he held his head up high. I don't know if the school has running video surveillance, but I seriously wonder if his psoture and demeanor changed at all, when he felt he was in control of his own life, just once, for one moment, as he targeted kids and adults that beat him up for years, made fun of him, kicked him, punched him, and stole his things from him.

I'll bet he wasn't standing against the wall when he was firing the guns. What do you think?

It has nothing to do with "Aspergers" or "detecting mental illness" and has everything to do with physical assault and the refusal of adults to intervene as required by law.

How about a movement torwards that?

Instead of excuses to nail people over "gun use" and "mental illness", as a way to stigmatize those who use guns or who have mental illness, why not approach the problem that is behind the motive, which is repeated physical abuse and the criminal collusion and participation of large groups of people, to protect those that assaulted that boy.

It wasn't "name calling". He was being physically beaten, and nothing was done about it. So one day, that shy boy decided if the police and teachers weren't going to do their job, he'd do it for them. Why shoot his mother? Maybe they were also tortured on top of being physically beaten up at school. Maybe she said, "Shoot me, so it doesn't look like I'm involved, and then get the others." How do we know? I can't imagine a mother would hide the constant beating-up of her son.

People in concentration camps, or facing concentration camp and torture, have been known to either choose to want to survive together or they make suicide pacts. My feeling is that this is a potential suicide pact, and not a murder. I may be wrong and maybe this teen hated his Mom, or went ballistic, but I would guess his mother made an attempt to make things better and he knew it.

I might be wrong. I believe most "calls" that something is a "suicide"...there's something wrong with it. I do NOT believe the nurse that attended Kate Middleton, who ended up hanged (Um, yeah. Hanged with a noose around her neck)immediately after, committed "suicide". I also think some other suicides don't sound right. But in this instance, I think it was a possible suicide pact.

Did she have anything in her hand when she was found?

So, let's get it straight. What a tragedy like this calls for, is not "gun control" and "mental illness awareness." That's a cop-out for criminal collusion against the rights of an individual to live in peace. It's not an excuse to target the right to free speech either. It is a reason to investigate those responsible for not prosecuting the people that beat up that boy, who was then probably beat up as a teen.

Who went to jail?

Is anyone left to testify about the beating up of the boy? It seems there was reason for the mention of his being beaten up all the time, but this was overtaken by mass media about "Aspergers", "mental illness", and "gun control".

Katie came out of hiding to help support kids who will be running to the sound of a gun shot. The future Olympic champions. Go Katie. Hypocrite.

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