Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Mother Could Put Kate Middleton In Jail

I talked to my mother this morning, and my mother could put Kate Middleton in jail.

Not only that, I saw a flicker of hope in her eyes when I said it. I said, "Mom. You could put Kate Middleton in JAIL."

I saw, in my mother's eyes, it's true.

She has the power to put Kate Middleton in jail.

Not only that, I think she was the one with the British accent who possibly cut my mother's face.

I already knew, a year ago, bassed on what they told me, they've been face-to-face with some of the Middletons.

I asked my mother about her assault and she couldn't deny it, it was obvious. But that didn't make her smile or put hope in her eyes.

What put the light in her eyes, was when I encouraged her to turn Kate Middleton in. I stood there, looked at her, and she was turning away and looking upset about my mention of the assault. And then I said, "Wait. Mom." And she said, "What?!" And I said, "Mom." Then I said, "You could put Kate Middleton in jail." I think the shock of realizing what my mother could do to someone like Kate Middleton, was the power in saying it out loud. I realized, my parents are not tortured, and we're not tortured, because we don't know anything. My parents could put Kate Middleton in jail.

So when I said this, my mother got this slow smile on her face, and a light in her eyes, like, "Oh, you noticed."

I said, "Mom, you have the power to put Kate Middleton in JAIL." And she was smiling and then was walking to get things done and I said, "Why don't you DO it?!" Then she shut the door and was getting some things and I said through the door, "Mom, why don't you DO it! You can prove it, and I am getting close to proving some things of my own."

The woman's British accent that our dog Scooter is afraid, matches Kate Middletons voice and accent.

They were brutally tortured after I said something about their going to visit Victoria Beckham's "baby" over a year ago, 9 months after their wedding. My parents were severely beat up. The only thing I had said that was different, or blogged about, at that time, was about this.

It was over Kate Middleton. I mentioned the cut across my mother's cheek and also about the Beckhams and that was it. My parents were being beat up. And then this movie came on the t.v., which was with Clive Owens and the dog got so upset, he was shaking, hiding, and kept looking at the front door, worried someone was there.

They came to THIS house.

And my parents confirmed they had met some of the Middletons before I moved back here.

When I saw our dog FREAKing out, and acting scared, that was when the knife cut and the British accents went together. Scooter freaked out and began shaking when he saw a knife, and looked nervously around and was shaking, and then he was scared and kept looking at my parents front door when he heard the British accents.

Kate Middleton is going to jail. I am not sure when exactly, but I am not exaggerating. She is going to jail and my mother could put her there.

So anyway, when I saw how afraid Scooter was over a British accent, and then saw his reaction to seeing a knife being used for cooking and nothing more, not in a threatening way, I knew. My mother's friends are concealing crimes, yes. So are police. They are doing it for Kate Middleton and she is going to the slammer, whether her personal cop and FBI friends like it or not.

I think Pippa knew. She didn't come to the U.S. because they know any of them could be held for interrogation. I thought at first, that it was just some timing thing, but no, any member of that family is subject to being detained and they know it. One foot in this country, with my parents talking about the crimes against them, and it's over for them.

At first I thought it was maybe Harry. Like maybe he got his 'sword' from West Point, and then while in the U.S., someone let him go after my parents. But there was a woman with a British accent, who sounds like Kiera, who sounds like Kate, and I believe it was Kate.

I know because when I saw how our dog was acting with the one British accent (whose tone is lower, actually, closer to Harry's voice but it was mainly the accent) so I took the dog to my place, and tested out what I saw. I wondered about a woman's voice with an English accent, and put on Kiera Knightly, and the dog freaked out. He lowered his head, was shaking and kept looking nervously at MY front door.

I could put on anything else, with people speaking, and not one reaction from Scooter. The only time Scooter freaked out, was when someone who sounded like Kate Middleton was speaking, or Clive Owens.

Then I was going over to him and trying to calm him down while these British accents were playing in the background, and each time I tried to pet him, he ducked his head, as if I was going to hit him.

He was associating the British accents to not only the knife, but to being hit himself. I have never mistreated the dog, or hit him, ever. So for him to worry that I was going to assault him, while hearing English voices, told me this dog was traumatized because he was brutalized and also witnessed the cutting of my mother by English.

Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is going to jail and my mother could put here there.

Like I said, I am getting close to proving some things on my own.

One day, my mother even told me it was Kate Middleton.

But I didn't believe her.

How could I believe her? Nah, she's joking I thought. But my mother told me it was Kate one day, indicated it without using a lot of words and said, "Kate". It was several months ago. I didn't believe her, because it was too hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea. How was it even possible that Kate could come over here or some English could attack my parents here at their own house? And with Kate's surveillance, and by looking at her photos...how does someone cut another person with a knife and then dare to have her photo taken all the time, like it's no big deal? So I didn't believe her. Maybe corrupt police blocked both exits to my parents driveway...maybe an FBI person or cop was also present. They had to have their bases covered. They came to the front door, not the side door. My parents have 2 doors, a front door and side door, and the dog was freaking out over the front door, and kept looking at the front door, expecting some people with British accents to be there. He goes to the side door with my parents all the time, and I knock on that door sometimes. The door they came to, was the front door. They didn't sneak around to the side.

I believe her now. I'm not sure still, if she held the knife exactly herself, or if someone she is directly connected to did it, with her watching or let my mother know it was for her...all I heard her say, one time, was "Kate".

I saw my mother hurt, limping, and in pain after I left her alone in a locked building without windows, and when I looked up the women involved last night, I found out she has relatives connected to Middletons in England. The other one appears to have family in Japan but I'm not sure about that source. So it was Middleton-connected women who beat my mother up at the SWOCC bookstore (when they had it closed to the public). This is not the only visible example of torture and being beat up I've seen on my mother and my Dad.

One day too, my parents had a grim look on their faces and when I said I thought Kate Middleton had been involved in torture herself, not just knowing about it, or hearing about it from someone else, I saw looks of relief from both my mother and father. I don't remember if I had been refering to the perm solution that was forced down my son Oliver's throat, or if I had been talking about the slashing of my mother's face, but they agreed. They said nothing and nodded. But they nodded, which was a lot for them when they weren't telling me anything.

Both my Mom and Dad nodded.

I can personally connect people who answered ads in the paper and lived with me, to Kate Middleton, from 2002 or 2003, when the Hungarian woman moved in.

There were things prior to this in my life, since I was a kid, but I can directly trace one of my roommates to Kate Middleton, which means someone spying for Middletons, was living in my house and I traced it to people she uses as spies for herself over here. That Hungarian roommate was the one who said to me, in my face with a lot of hatred one day, "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

There is no possible way this community did not see the slash to my mother's face, and yet they are all silent. They would be quiet only for someone like Kate Middleton. It would have to be a big enough deal, done by someone they thought was powerful enough, that they didn't want to talk about.

She is going to jail and I am going to help put her there.

She had a black gang working for her from the UK too, who enlisted some of their friends over here, to torture and ruin administrative things. One of them was talking to Michelle Erickson all the time. Michelle Erickson is also on the potential jail list but I only need more evidence.

My parents have named Erickson. Michelle Erickson. I said to them one day, "She was always saying she wasn't the worst one and that her supervisors were much worse. If that's so, why didn't she go to the FBI and report them?" and my parents nodded. This was in context of telling them how she deliberately set me up to be assaulted in Seattle, WA by refusing to provide transportation to an appointment I was forced to go to.

Kate has been named, by name. And Michelle Erickson is not getting a cover from my Mom and Dad.

The part about knowing Kate is heading to jail, came up last night.

I may have to make sure nothing is going to SWOCC from OSU at all, with my records, because that's how Kate was getting into my personal business too.

I had to register for classes and I'd done this but hadn't paid for books yet so I went downtown and did this. I didn't look up the women from the bookstore until I registered and paid for books for my next term (not at SWOCC). So last night was the first time I could do this, after not letting anyone know what my plans were for Winter 2012 until that point. When I looked them up, it confirmed things I already knew, but that was when it hit me, that she is going to jail and my mother could put her there. In a snap.

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