Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why The Americans "Care" About Middletons Baby: Colombia

I'll tell you why they care.

William of Wales was setting me up to be his mistress, that is why.

This is why I was defamed again, and thrown into a "psych" ward, when I turned that offer down.

When he decided later that he didn't want publicity over it, he copped out and basically has participated in torture of my son Oliver. And the Middletons and their group sought revenge.

The FBI knows.

Alvaro Pardo knew William from the FBI-participation in the Colombian cocaine "haul". Then, it turns out, Pardo was going to do favors for the Middletons all along.

My son and I went from being tortured, to NOT being tortured, to being tortured full-blown again.

Just as I said nothing about meeting James Cartwright in person and going to his hotel, up to this day, I have never come straight out and said exactly what William's participation was.

The Middletons went after my parents, and entire family, and sought revenge, and William turned into a loser as well, doing the exact same thing.

I hope any child by them dies.

The U.S. FBI was so over-awed by the idea of "royals" that they betrayed their own citizen's and lied and then had me assaulted repeatedly with drugs like Haldol, and had my hand broken, and chased me all over the place. They stole phones from me, and they have stolen every single photo, diary, and document that I owned.

William of Wales can go to HELL.

When did William speak up for me and my son as my son's eye was being popped out? His own girlfriend, this slut Kate Middleton, tortured my family directly, and knowingly.

Later, people attempted to shift the focus and make it look like maybe it was Harry. Harry got involved, but it wasn't Harry. It was William.

So just as I kept my mouth shut for TWO years while I was tortured and literally dragged through the mud, and knew I could mention James Cartwright and his Pentagon job at any time, I have always known I could definitively talk about William of Wales.

I never did, but now, their deal of secrecy, which involved the FBI, is OVER.

The U.S. FBI betrayed this country. This betrayed me and my son. They sold out and even gave Kate Middleton my personal records, and knew she was involved in participation of torture of my son, and then they stole everything from me. William was too embarrassed to publicly talk about it--as if he would talk about any woman he was setting up to be his mistress.

They are criminals and they are responsible for torture of Oliver Garrett. This country tortured my unborn baby and assassinaesd him, and they kidnapped my son Oliver, and then they dance around Middleton and feed her with whatever she wants.

This country has lied to everyone, and they knowingly had me and my family violently assaulted once again when I wouldn't go back to Alvaro Pardo. It wasn't enough to leave me alone and let me try to have a normal life. Their deal was that I either marry Alvaro, or all of us have our lives ruined. They just didn't tell me that they would force us into house arrest and torture again if I refused to marry Alvaro.

Since Middleton ended up being involved, I think what it came down to, was that they wanted to smear me with a divorce or try to set me up for a marriage fraud. William wanted a mistress.

He was not thrilled with Kate. He was stuck with her. He married her while he was on anti-depressants--she's a real winner.

The FBI was "suddenly!" willing to retract what harm they'd done to me and to my name, if I married Alvaro. CPS backed off and talked about returning my son to me, and they said just have a 14 day psych eval and it will clear you. They backed out of ALL of this, and literally SOLD me and my son to the U.S. military when I refused to marry Alvaro Pardo. They tortured me, called me "psychotic" all of a sudden, out of the blue, and decided to punish me by keeping my son. Then Kate went after my son and tortured him and my family for revenge.

I was chased around Wenatchee, and then Spokane, Walla-Walla, and Tennessee. It didn't matter where I went, I was being stalked and the U.S. government was 100% involved. They had housing, through federal monies, even taken from me, to punish me.

It was revenge and retaliation.

They tortured my son, and had him go to visits with clear proof of being tortured. This was what I "got" for being connected to English royals and disengaging from Pardo.

Go ahead and check to see what Alvaro Pardo was doing in Colombia when William of Wales was in Colombia.

I pray to God that all of Kate Middletons children die and are assaulted with technology the way my unborn were. I will be praying for their death, and hers, until the FBI and Kate are thrown into jail for conspiracy and High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The reason my parents dog Scooter is terrifed of English/British accents is because this is what he heard when violence was inflicted to my parents, and they went to the front door of my parents house. There are Australians & Canadians involved as well.

Kate Middleton is a mole and she is also personally guilty of crimes of torture. My mother could put her in jail in a heartbeat. They know this and my family is tortured over them.

What was done to me and my son in Canada was a result of Canadians already setting it up, knowing I would go that direction, and wanting to get me out of the way for Middleton.

I heard from someone unconnected (in general) that children from her (surrogate or not) were going to be cruel and vicious criminals, there was some kind of talk from a woman who is a very good psychic, that this person will be like the one who shoves jagged sworeds down throats and pulls them out slowly. If so, they will be taking after Kate. It is supposedly a girl and I heard of this over half a year ago. I also know there are some who deeply regret supporting Kate and who did not know everything. It isn't something my family said, it's something else they figured out, and by the time they realized it, they realized a major mistake was made. I don't know actually, if they got some intelligence that tipped them off about her crimes, or "heart", or if it was the consensus of other prophets or psychics that actually DO care about God, and humanity in general (overall) and who realized, there has been a mistake. Mistake would be putting it lightly.

I lost my singing voice because of her, and not for any other reason. I hope she dies, and I pray to God all children by her die. Of natural means fine, because we already know that if this country, the U.S.A., is assassinating MY unborn, while protecting Kate--we know someone in this country is guilty of treason.

Don't believe me?

I can give you a list of facts. Start with this one: Colombia. Check out the intel for yourself, because the countries of the world already have. Alvaro Pardo and William of Wales worked with the U.S. FBI over cocaine.

Yesterday, my Dad came home with blackened imprints around his eyes and I saw where he was driving out of when I had a bad feeling and thought something was happening to him. I went for a walk and saw him pulling out of the church parking lot, where this 20+years military man from Seattle, WA works.

When I was first with Alvaro, I thought he was connected to Charles, not William. But I realized, he was indicating to me it was William. Harry had nothing to do with any of it, although maybe he knew of it somehow. He was used as a deflection for who it was over.

The deal was that after I was married, then I was to be a mistress. If I married Alvaro and wanted my son back, I would be keeping my mouth shut about affairs. This is the format the U.S. and royals have used for decades.

They tortured me. They also put me on birth control without my consent and then kept trying to push me to voluntarily go on it, so I would be "safe" when introduced to the royal. The U.S. is 100% involved and the FBI knew. They are corrupt criminals who tortured me, my parents, and my son. They punished me by keeping my son from me and then they dared adopt him away from me.

I am going to say it agin:


You either do your "investigation" into crime as your oath requires you to do, or a whole lot of you are going to padded rooms and prisons.

Kate has tortured family members/known about torture out of revenge for herself and her family, and William went in on it, to protect himself and his own reputation. I would not doubt other family involvement. He aligns himself with people like Mike Huckabee.

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