Tuesday, December 4, 2012

McAfee & Political Asylum Seekers (from the U.S.)

I don't understand why he's on the run, but it seems several high-end executives have had to ask for political asylum from the U.S. lately.

I like the pencil-style drawings in the cafe in Guatamala, from a photo I found on Fox News, by-the-way,they're not bad at all, and I wonder who the artist is. I think it must be just modern-day drawings by someone, but I think they're actually very good!


And look at how the lasso loops on the pole in the drawing at the back wall and then how they added the loop-lamp on the wall opposite. I like the lasso, and how lightly the loop is drawn, as if the artist is so talented they just "do" this and don't have to think hard about it first, and then I like the horse and foal.

Anyway. I was wondering why this man is over there, and some other exec. fled and has disappeared from the U.S., which was in the news, and then of course the wiki guy who isn't U.S. but was pursued by U.S...A lot of people getting political asylum from the U.S. these days.

I hope that some of the parents who are being targeted, and their kids, are escaping. I think someone did escape. I don't know who, but I had a feeling about it over Thanksgiving, that some family managed to escape CPS in time. I don't know if it was a single parent or a whole family, but I would be happy to find anyone escaping what has happened to my family and my son.

I wouldn't trade this for Middleton-land though. There is no way I'd leave the U.S. to be under the thumb of Kate when she's responsible for torture of my family. I got another confirmation about it today.

My mother is suddenly coached to say otherwise, but in a different way, I got a confirmation from someone about it. So I asked my parents when we are making a video to put on youtube. I got the same thing, that always "has" to be said--the same lies to cover for military that I've been living next to and forced to work for, without normal pay, my entire life.

The last time I saw this school friend, Sheri Sainsbury, who was from a military family, I have vague recollections of either sitting on a man's lap there, or, possibly not, possibly it was just that he was around and was vulgar and had dirty magazines or something. I sat on the lap of a male babysitter once (he babysat one time) and I remember it. He sat in the rocking chair and he was younger. I don't remember for sure about Sainsbury--probably not bc Sheri was with me always, but I remember something being "off".

Today I was pickling pumpkins. And as I put them into Mason jars for cold canning, and thought about how this military Army man, "Matt", decided to come up with these, through Logan's, and how they tortured me there, I think about all of the horrific crimes the U.S. has allowed against my family.

United States military and CIA.

They hooked up Middletons. But their own people? We are as pointless to them as Osama bin ladin, who they used for decades and then assassinated after torturing and chasing into a hole. I'm not saying I agree with everything Osama did. What I think is that he had decent political ideas about sovereignty of his own country, and protection of his people, and he defended women against rapists.

Osama bin ladin did more for women and women's rights than the U.S. FBI and any of the local cops.

No one thinks about it. They just accept what labels they're fed, and what they're told. But in actuality, Osama bin ladin proved himself to be more of a defender of women, women's rights, and acted to protect them, more than any of the cops and FBI I went to for protection.

The U.S. set me up for rape. Then they concealed it, and tried to swap me around. The U.S. rapes children through state-sponsored rape. But they assassinated a man who defended women against rapists.

It's exactly the opposite of what people think it is. In God's eyes, I would say God would value Osama more highly than someone like Kate Middleton, on any given day. If I found out Osama was plotting to kill ME and my son, sure, I would want him out of the way. But if I look at him objectively, against some others, I think he actually had a heart that was in the right place and was unusually good. The CIA saw this "goodness" and they used it. They used it, and exploited it, and then they tormented him and his family to turn the tables on him. It's like they deliberately wanted to create a problem and then use this for the excuse to kill him.

His own words, Osama's own words, to others, to his own people and radicals, were that "The Americans are our friends". We don't hear this soundbite.

Today, as these pumpkins went into jars, and I saw how it matched the new "ideas" that someone at Logan's came up with, to sell drinks in Mason jars with things in them, and remembering how they literally tortured me there, in the workplace, I think about how this country has done nothing but use and exploit my family, torture us, and then sat back to laugh at us. They stole my son from me to continue this pattern. My son has nothing to look forward to, with his future and they have already taken things from him.

This is a violation of religious freedom, of free will, freedom of speech, competition--what the U.S. has done to my family violates and discredits every single value that this country claims makes it "different" and "better".

They trapped me to stay here while they tortured me, then they threw me into a psych ward and after this, they still weren't done with me. Under auspices of "work", they used me at Logan's and tortured me while trying to control me and having others make predictions about me, and then they disposed of me when I tried to report something, but they were fine with it. It was the day before Middleton was getting married and apparently, that's all the U.S. military and CIA were aiming for.

My entire life has been a life of oppression. From oppression, I was then tortured, not to mention some kind of abuse when I was a baby. It wasn't my parents oppressing me, it was U.S. military and CIA. FBI has always been involved, at least since I was a toddler or in kindergarten. The most cruel aspect of what this country has done to me and my family (including Granny and some of my other relatives too), is that they had people making false prophesies, and then they used technology and torture to control my life by violence, to make their prophesies appear "correct". Some of the religious went for the prophesy jugular, and used technology to rework everything to go the way they wanted it to; and then there were others who were non-religious and who only had a political agenda from the start and were happy to go along.

People have been tortured and killed for this.

They decided to burn off the mark on my mother's hand right before I ended up pickling pumpkins, which I did today, and I had them all sliced up and spread on my porch and then I got up and looked down on it from my house, onto the porch and realized they were in the same shape as the brown mark that had been lasered into my mother's hand after 1997. You know, the one where my mother's dermatologist just told her she'd "get rid of it" for her.

Those bruise marks that I videotaped and put on youtube, under "Loree Garrett", were caused from a power surge that electrocuted (obviously I'm not dead but it was a strong surge) my foot and somehow went out through my knee. The cord was smoking and then I felt this explosion and burning heat on the inside of my knee of the foot that I had resting on the space heater. This bruising is exactly what my son's bruises looked like. However, instead of always having 3 spots next to eachother, as I did, from a 3 prong cord, most of his bruises were 2 spots next to eachother, as with a 2 prong cord. I thought it looked like someone had been pushing hard onto his skin with their fingers, or pinching him.

It wasn't from being pinched. My son was being repeatedly electrocuted. He had bruising with circles that were 2 dots next to eachother (oh, by the way, noticed Carol Middletons "dot" necklace pendant? she has one and Pippa has one and maybe Katie has the other one). He had bruises from electrocution with 3 dots next to eachother, with 2 dots so I thought it was from pinching, and he had very large round spots, isolated from the other ones. They were not irregular bruises, like you get from falling or bumping into something. They were all perfectly circular and with round borders.

My son, a toddler, was being repeatedly electrocuted. If it was bruising because the energy made an "out" through his skin or body, as happened to me, which I prove with my video clip, this means he was being forced to touch or stand on things that were electric and then he was being shocked.

Every visit, he had bruises like this and it wasn't normal. One day his genitals were completely blue and purple.

The only place this was possible was at his daycare and at CPS or psychologist offices. Unless you want to count the Korean exchange student Minji as someone who was doing things to him. My son mentioned a woman who babysat him, I think, named "April". He was tortured. He is still tortured, but this country and CPS and cops knew my son was being tortured and they saw the same bruising I saw, and chose to lie and call ME crazy. THEY are probably going to commit suicide, some of them, because you don't witness things done to a child like that, as a professional, and ignore it and still sleep at night. They are the types that will add cocaine to their diet to take their minds off of their own depravity.

I find, very disturbing, some of the Jewish movie previews that preceded Steven Speilberg's "Lincoln" movie. We went to this show and first it was a preview to "Cougartown" using a song stolen from one of my recording on a cassette tape, which I made in Fairfax, Virginia in 1995. Then it was one creepy film review clip after the other, and one with Bette Midler (Jewish) exclaiming that her son's penis was "purple" as if it was normal and just a natural thing to have happen to a child. To me, it looked like Jewish justificaiton of torture and an attempt to conceal evidence of torture and try to keep public perception such that they think purple penises are normal and natural. Why are the Jews covering up evidence of torture.

It's not a question. Of course, I'm not blaming all of them. I'm just asking, why the weird juxposition of materials to suggest nothing is happening at all. It's like the Jewish community has become aligned with the Nazis. I mean, what are they doing? some of their women are selling sex to the Nazi guards and trading favors to stay alive? Who cares about others that are tortured, as long as it's not me?

I wasn't tortured until the Roman Catholics hated me enough, some of them, but there was other animosity.

My son was being tortured from the womb, from 7 months in the womb. His half-brother died, because of U.S. Pentagon torture and then assassination. It was not just my other son, it was my son Oliver's half-brother, who would have been his brother. So Oliver has seen torture himself, torture of his mother, and had his brother murdered. I have had one of MY brothers murdered. So since when did this country decide to throw everything out of the window and torture and assassinate whomever they wanted to, citizen or not.

Now they're supposedly bringing detainees to the U.S. It's not going to be any different than it is now, because currently, my family is part of that detainee system.

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