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Meaning of Names in Numbers & Oliver's 4th Tooth (UPDATED)

I posted some of this on my recent "Vegan Ideas" post (as an update).

Some things I discovered this morning which I'll share...

I got to Numbers 1:9, and after looking up "Eliab" it reminded me of my great-grandfather's name on my Dad's side (Garrett family). His name was Lebbeus and I found out it means "man of heart; praiseful".

Then I noticed with "Elishama", it means "God has heard". "Eli" if for "God" and "Shama" is "heard", but if you go to Shammah (different spelling) it means "astonished" or something different. I wondered if someone decided to give Indian psychics/healers/spirituals the name "Shaman" out of their understanding of "Shama" as "heard", so as to "hear from God". A "seer" is said to see from God, but they can also hear (Samuel is an example, and it says he looked at Saul and told him he was going to tell him "all that was in his heart". (1 Samuel 9:19).

Imagine what that would be like. I wonder if anyone has ever looked into my eyes and "seen" "all that is in my heart". So not only this, when Saul wanted to get at David one time, God did a strange thing and 4 times in a row, had people fall into prophesy to distract them. Probably he wanted to do this anyway, but Saul sent one man out to find out about David, and he was hit with the spirit of prophesy and began to prophesy and was under such a power he couldn't do as he was directed. So Saul sent a second man and the same thing happened. Then a third, same thing. So Saul said, "Fine then! I will do it MYSELF!" and BAM, he himself was hit with the spirit of prophesy. He began to prophesy, and then got to Samuel and stripped off his outer clothing and laid face down for 24 hours, all day and all night, prophesying. After this, all the priests and prophets looked at eachother, confused and bewildered and said, "Is Saul also among the prophets??" and they numbered him among them because of this moment. Back then, to be a prophet was sort of an "appointment".

So maybe "Shama" is the root for how the word "Shaman" came about.

Also, I found another "Zur" name ("Zur" meaning stone or rock). Pedahzur. Pedah means "redeemed" or "ransomed" so it's "Rock of redemption" or of ransom, basically. In the line-up, Pedahzur is from one of the sons of Joseph, Manasseh. Manasseh means "causing to forget" or "He has made me forget". So later, when Jesus tells the disciple Simon Peter, that he will disown him 3 times, it's almost a possible reference back to Pedahzur, who is from the one that "forgets".

"Did you receive medical documentation about Oliver Garrett's enamel dysplasia Michelle Erickson?"

"I don't recall."

"Do you know Jesus?"

"No, I don't."

Denial of Christ is linked to the "I forgot" of Manesseh, who Pedahzur is from.

So actually, looking up name meanings is turning out to be interesting.

My son has lost his 4th baby tooth, at the age of 6 1/2 years. He lost his first tooth before kindergarden. According to pediatric dentists, children lose teeth close to when they first got them, so if they had baby teeth buds showing early, they lose the baby teeth early.

This is what is happening to my son, which helps prove what I've said and what my parents know. Dental records of our first visit to the East Wenatchee dentist were removed from records, to criminally conceal evidence I could have used in court. They still had the record when I asked Michelle Erickson and CPS to obtain it. They disposed of the record later.

Michelle Erickson is a criminal who colluded with even Judges that are criminals (Judge Alicia Nakata). The State used her as a witness and gave her a job promotion for a reward. She never had a right to have information and my testimony or free speech about her, concealed. This was the doing of a criminal Judge who did her a favor to help keep facts out of the public record, of how I was forced to go to Seattle and Vancouver without transportation by the State. It was also to prevent me from publicly disclosing important information about Nakata, because to speak about Nakata, I had to talk about Michelle. Michelle's claim of "distress" is invalid. If she were not a criminal, she would have "distress". Her distress is brought upon herself, and she chose to put lies and claims of "distress" above the distress of a child, my son.

My son clearly, to the naked eye, has tooth enamel dysplasia and he is receiving zero compensation for his pain and suffering and potential need for additional work, because of United States salaried employees who are criminals--who concealed everything from torture, to disposal of medical records of a child.

Judge Alicia Nakata, and several other Judges, should be behind bars.
Update: 12/14/12

I am still going to study Farsi but I got waylaid because I was being tortured, severely, when I was trying to do this. It wasn't "torture-lite", it was severe torture, every single time I went to the Persian-Farsi site to study. I had copied the alphabet on notecards and everything, and was motivated to learn, and I was learning, but I was tortured. U.S. salaried employees tortured me--no one else was responsible. The extreme levels of torture were continued until I quit studying Persian-Farsi. I was still tortured every day, but not in extreme levels. I was being tortured by this country for attempting to learn the Persian language.

I am looking up name meanings in Numbers, but as I learn the roots of words to understand the Bible more, I am reminded of how I still wish to study Persian. I didn't quit because I lost interest. I quit because I was tortured to quit. The United States government paid these employees, and still pays them, to torture me. So honestly, it has nothing to do with my own personal motive or drive, or wishes.

Nothing about my college grades and scholastic abilities, or probably those of my son, is accurate either. Being tortured every single day affects my studies, just as my son is clearly affected in school, and is literally in pain and suffers from U.S. salaried employees who assault him. Taxpayer money is going to the salaries of those who torture my son, who is only 6 years old. They are not "free-lancing". Perhaps they have private payments too, from private donors who appreciate their work in torturing us, I'm sure. But these individuals are living off of taxpayer money. It is state-sponsored torture and state-funded torture, and the money they are being paid, comes from taxes of U.S. citizens.

I have been thinking that eventually it is possible for someone to start a Resistance to the U.S. salaried employees, by bringing awareness to the public that this is not the work of gangs, or of a small private group, but that their own taxes are being used to pay the salaries of people who torture 6 year olds and then take pictures of it. Probably next time, there won't be a photo document but the torture continues. These paychecks are being drawn off of the U.S. Treasury, from taxpayer money. So while the U.S. puts certain restrictions on some groups labled "terrorist" and blocks U.S. citizens from giving money to them, the U.S. government is taking U.S. citizen money from taxes, to fund their own torture regimes--against their own kids. This is what you're working for, and giving your money to the U.S. government for--your money is being laundered by your own country to support torture by U.S. employees against U.S. kids, not to mention adults.

This morning I looked up names "Benjamin", Abidan, Gideoni, Dan, Ahiezer, Ammishaddai. Shaddai is always "God", and "Abi" is looking like a root for "father" and "dan" is looking like a root for "judge". "Ami" or "ammi" is turning up usually with a connection to "people" or "my people". So "abidan" for example, with roots of "father" and "judge" has a meaning close to "my father is my judge".

Something I read recently that I thought was interesting, from Ezekiel I think, was the statement that God spoke through a prophet one time, describing "Egypt" as "my people", Assyria "my handiwork", and Israel, "my inheritance". Of course we always hear about Israel as God's people and I'm sure all people are "God's people" but I thought this line was interesting. Since I had studied what "ami" means, I was able to think of Egypt then, as "my people" as "ami". I tried looking up what the words for handiwork and inheritance were as well. It is just one line, but it's all historical.

With Pagiel, the "el" is sometimes a name for God too. So when I read this name means prayer to God, or God allots, or something like that (one site says pag is for "allows"), I can see the reference to "God" is with the root part of "el" and that the prayer or allotment part must have something to do with pagi. Ocran means "troubled", approximately, or "disturber".

Eliasaph is something like "God increases" or "God has added". El is for "God" and then if I look up "asaph" it's for "collects" "collector" or gathering. Deuel is "known of God" according to Strongs Concordance. Another site says "knowledge of God". Again, the "el" in Deuel will signify for "God". I guess then this helps explain what the Bible book name "Deuteronomy" is about. Deu-for knowledge or known. Deuteronomy is where Moses gives the "law" or Ten Commandments. Maybe it's mentioned in books before Deu, but haven't checked. Anyway.

Naphtali means "my wrestling" and he is the 2nd son of Jacob, who wrestled with the angel. It might also mean "my struggle" (I also saw "twist"?) and possibly the older variant suggests "conniving, cunning one". Naphtali is supposedly the lost tribe of Israel that lost it's identity. I was thinking Naphtali is in the Song of Solomon, something about the deer or hinds of a deer, but there is no direct mention of the name and it would be an allusion to Naphtali's description in Genesis, to a doe bearing fawn.

Ahira is also spelled "Achira". "Ach" means brother in hebrew. Supposedly the name Ahira/Achira is "brother of iniquity" or of wrong. I'm not sure about the conjunction because "ira" by itself is "watchful", "baring all" or "pouring out". Maybe it's that the brother of "baring all" is therefore the brother of iniquity but maybe there's another connotation for the root or combination. It says different meanings for ira are watchful, making bare, and pouring out. So probably it is refering to the "making bare" meaning and the brother of "making bare" or "making bare" brother (?) is therefore "brother of iniquity". Ahira was the son of Enan, a name which means "having eyes" according to Strongs.

So for ch. 3, Levitical names (of Aaron).
4 sons of Aaron were: Nadab, means "generous"; Abihu, "he is my father"; Eleazar, "God has helped" or "God is a help"; Ithamar, "coast of palms". Nadab I have no idea about roots, abihu is maybe ab for father, i, for my, hu for he; eleazar has God represented by "El" and ithamar, is possibly mar for coast, and ith for palms. Strongs says "coast of palms". I guess it maybe stands on its own. Mar means "bitter". Ith? oh, Thamar. Tamar means "palm" or "palm tree". You could contrast that with the word "Ithaca". Ithaca also refers to a coast, in Greece (the capital is "Vathy") and in Ithaca, NY. The entymology could go different ways.

(Oh, by the way, I don't believe I've mentioned, my father confirmed for me that the Middleton family is involved with the same FBI agents who showed up at my place who I had to make a complaint about (Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza). This is in addition with being connected to many others.)

Sons of Levi (Levi means "attached", or pledged for a vow, but a possible older meaning for the name, prior to their designation for temple work, is "wild cow". My guess is that it's possible the original meaning was "Wild Cow" and then upon early separation and designation of all Levites to work in the temple, it then took on the meaning of "attached" or pledged for a vow. Holy Cow.): Gershon,

That's as far as I got on the "Levi" day. It was big day for the Levis as they turned up everywhere that day. I ended up writing something to my son about the "Leviathan" (hmm, there could be a leviathon and a triathalon) and then that night I read the Bible and creased this one section, folding the paper over a few times and after I did, the word from the opposite side of the page that stared at me was "Levites". So it was Levi, Levites, Leviathan...I read the part about Nehemiah helping the poor and creased the page.

Then yesterday or night before last I read about the horrors of being so hungry people are eating their own children, from Deuteronomy. It says the most sensitive and gentle man will be forced, by his extreme hunger, to the point he will withhold the flesh of sons and others, and eat it himself and the most sensitive of women, whose feet they keep from touching the bare ground, will eat their uncles and mothers and the flesh of relatives, and will keep it from their own children. So it was about cannabalism and makes that "satire" about the irish potato famine start to sound like it really wasn't a satire. Maybe some people really were eating eachother's flesh because there was nothing else.

Anyway. I've sang a few psalms but this is all I'm writing for now because my hand is hurting and it hurts to type. I had my middle finger targeted, specifically, by military technology, and after that one, they targeted my ring finger on my right hand. It was done about 1 week after I posted a video clip for a class at OSU about the "honeymoon nail" where a woman's middle finger is extended. My mother's nail was smashed after this as well. She had her finger smashed or burned to produce a blue half-moon on her thumb, and then about 1 week later, I was on my computer and could feel some kind of odd technology buzzing on my middle finger of my right hand and then it was done to the ring finger. Just those fingers and I don't use those fingers more than any other fingers while typing. I was tortured, as was my mother, for "insulting" someone I guess, over that video clip, which had a woman from Mexico doing the intro.
My hand was hurting earlier today but is a little better tonight.  I guess I'll share a few things, even if not everything I have to "share" is great. 

Last night I read some different sections from the Bible and came across a place where it mentioned the "Book of Jashar" and I wondered where that book was. I read from 2 Samuel.
1/5/2013. I bought some arm & hammer baking soda today and got home and opened up my Bible to sing a psalm and I started singing the first one I came to and it says,


It was Psalm 93 and I didn't glance at the words first and just started singing and then I thought, "He is armed with strength?!" and looked across from me at the box of arm & hammer baking soda that I had just bought. Then I thought, I want to sing from Jeremiah at the part where it says, "For I know the plans I have for you,says the Lord, plans for good and not evil, to give you hope and a future."

And as I was looking for it, I came across this, "For what has straw to do with grain? declares the Lord. Is not my word like fire," declares the Lord, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?" Jeremiah 23:28-29.

So it was arm and hammer of God, and it's not about any person. I think the fact that I ended up reading this, right after buying arm & hammer, highlights reading scripture. I don't believe it has to have any particular menaing or be about any person, and is just a way that the Holy Spirit sometimes gets our attention to notice Him, something represented or highlighted by other things.

I think my Dad knew I was going to read this before I did, because he was carrying in huge armloads of wood into the house. I think he did twice, like I read from scripture twice.

In my opinion, this is connected to spirituality and religious practice and I feel the government has violated our religious freedom by attempting to harness it for secular purposes, and torturing us if we don't do what they want. It's not just human rights violations, it's violation of religious liberty. If the U.S. government told Native Americans to have peyote rituals for the Pentagon, and tortured them if they didn't, it's no different from the abuse my family is constantly dealing with. They even use people who are into demonic things, to try to predict our actions, and other religious who hate us. If I have spiritual insights or things happen, that is not the business of the government to try to control. That is what an Anti-Christ and Anti-God person would do.

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