Thursday, March 31, 2011

No dreams and this morning

I haven't had any dreams for the last couple of days, which is nice. Just to have a break. I dream a lot, and remember most of my dreams and sometimes it feels exhausting. Last night I felt like someone who I have never met was very close to me but it was really weird. I suddenly had this idea come to mind as I was at the end of work leaning against the back of a chair and then I think someone (some of these psychics) picked up on it but I just laughed because it was more amusing than anything. I don't care to share what I thought of though--it was sort of flirtaceous and amusing thought or imagination. It wasn't an "image", it was just an idea that I found sort of fun to entertain for a split second and then wonder if anyone could pick up on it. Yesterday was such a pleasant lull before the storm. Today has been so crazy--technology stuff and crazy stuff. All my sentences are still being run together. I'm going to have to find out from a computer geek what the problem is. I finally got my pig book. I think it sounds so "out there" but I have also seen some sort of "out there" things and I think it's a good idea to read and be open. I have to be open to things I may not have previously put stock in, because of the things I've witnessed with my own eyes and in my own life, with realms that are clearly outside of the average experience and ability. Things in the psychic realm (christian or non-christian sources). I woke up this morning thinking about my son. That was about it. Thinking about putting his check out to him for batteries for his toys and a little extra for a small allowance and mulling the idea over of starting up a trust fund for him, even though my contribution will be a "pittance" at this point. I believe he should be compensated for his damages and really feel a lawyer could get an amazing settlement for themself and for him too, and I would be happy if every penny went to him alone. But in the meantime, I was thinking about bonds, even though they are so incredibly conservative, and other ideas. I bought some canned food the other day, which is a little odd but it helped me to think about the people in Japan and I thought I would eat some things out of a can publicly, because why should I be ashamed if this is how they are living right now? I may not have money to support people with but I thought I could remind myself. And now I get no "reward" for my efforts, because it's not in "secret" but it's not intended to be a secret but just, I guess, to help preserve my son's dignity. Instead of someone saying, "...And Oliver's mother eats lunch out of cans, and lives in a women's shelter..." it can be known that "Oliver's mother is trying to remember Japan at this time by eating out of cans publicly, and yes, Oliver's mother knows how it "looks" to eat cold food out of cans in public, with a plastic fork, at a time when she is not in good financial standing." I had beets and peas and carrots. I went to a food training today for a food handlers/alcohol training card. I wasn't applying my very best attention but there was some technology interference when I was there. I don't know who was doing it and it wasn't the whole time. But it was off and on. I passed, and that's all I care about. I didn't get a perfect score, and I don't even care. If I had not been distracted by the technology, I may have been able to get 100% even without studying, but it's not possible when someone thinks it's fun to torture you. I looked at the news later and saw the photo of this "James" guy, who shot MLK, and thought, "He has a droopy eye!" (sort of, on one of his eyes). Why are all these "killers" getting their mugs taken with one droopy eye? I mean...and most of them are Harvard associated or somehow connected to research schools for creating assassins or mind control. One has to wonder. And no, I have never had any thoughts of doing something to anyone. I am the total opposite. I completely avoid situations like that and while I can discuss matters with someone, I leave the situation if someone loses their temper or becomes violent or gets to the verge of being this way. I just leave the area or try to get away even to go about my business. I haven't seen the rest of the news yet. I see the most popular news right now is something about 1. a missing cobra found safe, and 2. prince william won't wear band. I think it is a good idea to just find other things to read right now (will probably read about these items later but it was enough to sit at a restaurant today facing a giant koala, with a row of snake art to my right, and a kate middleton look-a-like across the table from me. oh yeah, and i walked to the bus to this appointment, along a sidewalk with imitation snakes all over the sidewalk and had a pastry at the bakery of strawberry cream cheese strudel, to discover a big "S" scrawled onto the paper underneath at the bottom. S for strawberry I think, but I was also walking by snake stuff on the way to work and then had snake art lined up to the side of where I sat. It was at "The Outback" restaurant. just guess what the "kate" double was drinking: strawberry kiwi of course). I walked by the line up of homeless news vendors today, on the other side of the street, trying to be supportive without doing anything really. I tried to volunteer there and no one got back to me about it. Then, I was going to do the grant writing for the gallery and no one got back to me about that either. It is like someone is just blocking everything. Which is fine, if that's the way it is right now. What is disappointing is when someone tells you something is really serious and sincere (the grant writing) and then they seem to just back out on it, without even calling. So what was the purpose? to just get my hopes up for no other reason than to upset me?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proof of Abuse By U.S. (Govt. Andrew Jackson Building)

I am gaining further proof and evidence of use of me and my son by U.S. government, as human research subjects. My entire life here is being obstructed with the purpose of trying to direct me one way or the other, to match predictions these people make. Which is why they don't want me to have a normal job and why I was forced out of work for so long. In Wenatchee, I was subjected to the most horrific torture. I witnessed my son going through the same thing. Here is an example, just from this morning: 1. I went to a bus station place where I have gone before, to request the discounted pass for "disability", which I'm on for migraine. There was a larger white woman who was there before who said she could try to help but she needed more than a doctor's note and had to have something from a department showing I was on this. So I got this today and went to the counter. Someone already knew I would do this, because I called DSHS offices yesterday and they told me the information had been sent to me and I said I was getting a bus pass (today). So I went to the window and this black woman wearing a turquoise shirt, who said her name was "Tina" deliberately caused problems for me in order to provoke me. I gave her the documentation she needed. She had copy machine right there. Last time I was told they would make a copy of my documentation and then give me the discount. First, she told me I had to call her supervisor, "Peggy". Then, she told me they refused to make copies of my records and she refused to give me back my records. I asked for them several times and she stood back from the window with my papers and then put them under the window and right as I was starting to take them, she grabbed them back from me and held onto them. I said, "I don't want to call police" and she said, "I'm calling security." So she gave me the records back and I left, upset, as they wanted me to be and I just had to go to the nearest building to have copies made. Which was the government run building called "The Andrew Jackson Building" which is a federal building for the U.S. federal government. I walked in and they told me I had to have my photo taken for a sticker badge, in order to enter the building. So the federal employee took my photo but only took half of my face in the photo (after I was trying to get a bus pass for half off, for the discount). He deliberately took half of my face and the badge had the number "9" on it. It says: "Cameo Garrett/Andrew Jackson/Visitor/Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 9:09 AM/"9" They asked where I was going and I said The Treasury, just looking at the first thing on a sign. They said this was the 3rd fl. I decided, once in the elevator with some other federal employee for the IRS, that I was going to the 8th floor instead, even though I didn't know what floor that was for. The woman in the elevator smirked at me and said, "Are you going to SIX?" and then she said, "SIX?" and I wondered why. She got off on the 5th floor, for the IRS and I went to 8th. I went to the Tennessee Corrections Department because I thought they might let me use their phone to call the police since my minutes had just run out. I got there, and someone had set up 6 black bags/briefcases right there at the reception desk. A woman was standing at the copy machine and they looked stunned. I was in "Wanda's" office. I looked at the name badge after I went in and it was "Wanda" something. I could tell from their shock that they were pawns too, and someone else was setting things up. They made copies for me and told me to make a phone call from "This office" and they had me sit down. I sat down and someone had put up all of these notices for "Peggy". Everything was for Peggy, right after I had been told I had to call some other "Peggy". This is important, because it helps show how I am set up and experimented with and lends credibility to the other facts I am going to divulge, about how my son and I have also endured real and literal torture so that others can practice their own crap on us. If we are not "of interest" to the U.S. and if the U.S. government is not allowing abuse and degrading and inhumane treatment of their own citizens, then why are they using federal employees in federal buildings to facilitate this kind of thing? And why are men that I have been forced to live with, who tortured me, allowed to continue to practice their predictions for the U.S. government, gangs, and military? and if I am so "crazy", why is it FBI that is blocking me from reporting literal torture of me and my son? My son and I are being used as human subjects for psychic and military and CIA experimentation and gang members have been allowed in, who hate us for other reasons (corporate gang or other), to facilitate what those in the government have allowed to their own U.S. citizens. After these women told me to sit at Peggy's desk, after I saw the set-up, I knew that was it. I have not been allowed to live a normal life because instead of just giving me a bus pass, it has been more fun and more interesting for the U.S. to allow people to provoke and harass me and keep me out of work so they can follow me around and try out their medical and psychic experiments on me and my son. And then they want to defame me, put me in mental wards, call me crazy, and falsely arrest me on top of it all, to cover for what they are really doing. I burst into tears at "Peggy's" desk and I told the police officer that I had called that that was it, and that I was not putting up with it any longer. When I was leaving the security guard asked me to give the sticker badge back. I told him I had thrown it away but I had stuck it on the manilla envelope in my hand. I then went to the store to get more minutes because I wasn't going to the bus station again without the ability to make a call if emergent and then went to the bus station window where "Tina" had set out a check in front of the window for $8 to expire 3/31/12. She told me I had to stand in front of the camera to have a photo taken for the disabilty pass card and then she took a photo of me while I held the camera to my ear bc I was not getting off the phone at any time while I was there. It basically matches the photo that the federal employee took of me. This is just ONE of several things I go through on a constant and daily basis, and much of the time, I am being assaulted at the same time. I guess the use of technology is to alternately threaten and intimidate me, make me sound crazy, experiment with me, and facilitate research. I have not had a period after being assaulted in the abdomen recently with technology. I had something very bad done to me at work. I just looked up Andrew Jackson building and I guess it's a State building, but it still houses federal departments and when I have a problem from State to State, that is an overarching federal problem. A U.S. federal problem that involves the CIA which the FBI refuses to do anything about. It is not just citizens who have been involved in harming me and my son, it has been U.S. government officials and persons. The FBI is supposed to investigate this kind of thing but someone finds it "too interesting" and has been blocking my valid report of my son being kidnapped, and my repeated false arrests and hostage situation promoted in the U.S. in order to further abuse and experimentation and torture of me and my son. What happened at the bus station this morning, was the smallest fraction of an idea of what is happening to me and my son. When I was leaving the 8th floor, I got into the elevator and someone had some kind of technology with him that made my nose twitch when I wasn't stressed, or it was voodoo aura and there were only 2 men there. I first went down to the Ground floor, where 3 white men in suits stood looking at me in shock and then an Eastern Indian man and a black man in a purple shirt got on at about 9:18 or earlier. When the black man got off on the 12th floor it quit and then the Indian man got off on the 14th floor and then I went back down to the Ground floor and this was when the security man told me to give my badge back. But no, I still have it with me and will use it to prove what I've written is true. Also, some of the technology has been proximity related and than some of it has been laser technology. My son and I have not only been assaulted with ultrasound and handheld equipment, or devices small enough for someone to carry, we have both been assaulted frequently with medications and biological things as well as with high technology laser. When I have been medicated without my consent, I had my blood being sent to Virginia, or results shared with Virginia. I have seen horrible things happen to my own son, but for my own testimony I am able to report use of interrogation (under influence and not), surveillance, ultrasound, laser, smaller devices that harm, hypnosis, and other instruments conducive to mind control and psychic and medical research. I have also been observed, along with my son, and had notes taken for documentation of our interactions and behavior for clinical reasons of interest to U.S. government and military personnel. And, it does not exclude some participation of others who are outside of the U.S.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Son Coached and Abused

My son answered the phone this evening saying, "This is Oliv-Uh." He knows his name is not Oliv-UH. He always says Oliver. But someone coached him to say Oliv-UH to mock his mother. My son is not mocking his mother. Some other assholes are coaching my son. I am now on the 3rd or 4th computer that is at a totally different hotel or location and the sentences are still being run together which most likely makes it the fault of Google. Someone who works at Google. Even if someone had access to my Blogger account they could not do this. Then he said to the side, "What is it? Oliv-Uh" like he was confused about how to say his own name. Why? Because he has assholes confusing him. And right before this, I will have to remember who it was, but they were making cracks about "identity". I didn't know why until now. Someone wasn't talking about my identity, and I had wondered how this even entered the conversation at all. Someone was referring to my son, knowing what he was going to say to me. Not only that, after my son was taken away from the phone, when he wanted to talk to his mother I heard someone ask him who it was on the phone and he said, "It's Lisa!" and he said it more than once. I think I did hear someone say something about me but there was this other stuff on top of it. I also heard that this morning while I was being harassed by the Department of Defense employees, my son, I am told, started sucking his thumb again for the first time in a long time. He doesn't do this unless something is wrong, like he's in pain from something and trying to comfort himself or going through something else. And I have FBI personnel who are responsible for not getting involved to prevent harm to my son. The FBI could very easily remedy a major disaster and I believe there are some within the FBI who would try. However, it seems like so far, they want my son to suffer, even though I am an American citizen who has made a valid claim and report and asked someone to get involved. I have people using horrific technology against me and then I am expected to believe it's not happening to my son when I know whoever did this before had no qualms of harming an innocent baby and toddler. I am writing about some of this tomorrow. I just read popular news and serious news. I read the articles about Japan's situation. I read 2 of the articles. I also read the article about Libya. I read about the raped woman and looked up the raped 11 year old girl and several other articles. I understand that if there is a humanitarian situation, it's good to help with Libya. I understand that the Japan situation is cheering in triumph of spirit but also dire. What I don't understand, is why some U.S. persons spend more time following me around and harassing me and keeping me from reunification with my son, than they do on more important things. I have a clear, indisputable right to my son. My son and I both have a clear right to be together. Instead, I have some U.S. officials pushing me to such distress and mocking me, that I cannot imagine what good outcome they imagine will result. They are going to save all the Japanese and those living in the Pacific NW from radioactive exposure and contamination? They are going to save people from being killed, massacred, and raped in war? By driving around in their vehicles to sport with where I go, what I do, what I say? for what? And am I expected to be so disgusted and pushed that someone thinks I'm going to jump over to the Middle East to live or try to find the U.S.A.'s biggest enemy to partner with? I might ask someone to help me get my son back, and if they help, it doesn't matter who they are, when I already know my son has a right to be with his mom. Why is keeping my son apart from me, terrorizing and torturing me, and harassing me and my son...why is THIS how anyone chooses to devote their time? Is trying to predict what I do and say...this is important research because these other humans, who have been deemed to be "more special" and above me or my son, these people who use me to test their skills on, what? they are testing their skills on me so they can then use them on Ghadafi (or not him, but I mean, anyone at all that the U.S. might be interested in) and other targets to benefit the U.S.? I am accused of thinking I am "special" and yet those who really believe THEY are "special" are those who have flagrantly put themselves, and others, above the basic human rights of my son and I. We didn't sign up to be the Fuji 50 or heroes. Even heroes must have a say in what they are willing to endure, otherwise, they are not heroes--they are martyrs. I didn't ask to be a living martyr and neither did Oliv-UH Garrett. And then, when I point out how we are martyrs and didn't ask to be, I still have people who really don't get it, who want to say, "No one likes a martyr". You know what? I chose to file lawsuits or advocate for certain things and I chose to be a mother. I did not choose to be tortured, terrorized, and harassed and defamed. Others have made me a martyr. And I didn't ask for it. I didn't ask to be a hero and I didn't ask to be a martyr. I asked God to have a normal life with something a little interesting too. I asked to be a mother, teacher, wife, singer...normal things. And instead, I get treated like something of a cross between Princess Diana and Fidel Castro and Osama bin Ladin, and with none of the benefits. I'm sorry, but I don't get PAID enough to be tortured and defamed and neither does my son and even if we were offered money for this, I would turn it down. WHY would The Pentagon people, the CIA, the FBI, or anyone in these groups, want to spend the time and money to invest in torture of me and my son? We have experienced torture, plain torture, and medical torture. And some of the same psychics and others who are applauded for what they do are SICK. They think they are special enough that they can ignore any kind of natural or moral law in order to elevate themselves and whoever pays for this crap. My mother says, "Why don't you pray about this?" Pray? I feel that's all I ever do, is pray. I have demented and gross psychics who even know that I pray and none of it has rubbed off onto them. They're not changing for the better. I pray mainly to God. Not about others or myself as much as just to God. And if anyone knew how much I prayed, and have prayed over the years, even if now it's just short prayers in the morning and at night, they might wonder why I even believe in God at all. Because how are my prayers being answered? How are the prayers of my son being answered? It is one thing, to pray for something that is just incredibly out-of-reach. To pray for something that is beyond anyone's imagination and wildest dreams--or extreme--to pray to win the lottery, to pray to grow a crop of wheat in sand by the shore, to pray to have vast amounts of power or good fame, to pray to have a child when one is 90 years old and no eggs were frozen...these are prayers that might "take time" or not answered. For some, right now, to pray even for a job when jobs are scarce is maybe not impossible but might take some time and maybe not everyone will have a job for some period of time. However, the right to ones CHILD. ? How fucking difficult is this to get through your thick skull? You who spend all this time and investment on how to deprive a mother and child of their very basic and natural right, after the child was KIDNAPPED and the mother SET UP for FALSE ARREST? I'm sorry, but this doesn't take 2-3 years to figure out. It is an undeniable, impermeable right that IS NOT breached or violated unless there are some incredible extenuating circumstances. And this is NOT the case here. How long do I have to PRAY to not be tortured and that my son is not tortured in the U.S.? De facto. Look up "de facto" on wiki and think about it. I understand there are major wars and disasters. This is important and everyone should try to think of how to help when they can. Righting something that should and can be righted quickly, with regard to a mother and child, should not be delayed. There is no excuse. No grand scheme, war, or matter, is going to be harmed by correcting a simple wrong with a very simple and natural solution. Spending all your time and money to FIGHT me, is availing nothing but a drain on resources that are better spent on other things. For all the money spent on fighting me and this right, it could have gone to so many other important causes. To continue fighting me, is a further WASTE of your time and energy. Do not fight me.

Harrassment from Department of Defense Employees

I called the Department of Defense General Counsel today and was harassed and provoked by employees who, I believe, harassed and provoked me while I was being polite, in order to then audio record me after I became understandably upset and flustered. I wrote down exactly what they said. I got some woman named "Sarah" at first, who answered the phone when I was transfered by someone who said they were "Operator 6". First it was Operator "6", then "15", then "12" more than once. I called and was polite until "Sarah" said, "With all due respect ma'am, you should be polite to ME" and she said this in the worst tone. It was a cold and threatening tone and then when I was trying to say "How have I not been polite?" she hung up on me halfway through, on purpose, wanting to only catch the first part and then mock me over this. Then these people transfered me to others and on one case, I called the exact same number that I had called when I had someone answer and then hang up. It was already the number I had but instead of the normal Dept. of Defense operator coming on, or the General Counsel, a prerecorded message was played to say, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Did you say ____?" and it sounded like "food" but then again it was incomprehensible. And it was not any kind of prompting for any department or person. Someone deliberately chose to play this to me when I was trying to reach General Counsel for the Department of Defense because it is in their interests, I suppose they've decided, to screw with me and my son further and try to harass me and make me sound crazy. Or just provoke me and record me and make me look like the bad person. No one from the Department of Defense would even play this kind of precorded message to me unless they were making fun of me, and trying to play off making me fun of me in the workplace, where, if I don't understand what someone is ordering because it's loud at another table, I typically say, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you...did you say _____?" This is something some IDIOT with the Department of Defense or CIA decided to mock me over. They are IDIOTS for doing this. Then I talked to someone from CBS who was serious and wanted my story for 60 minutes but by the time I called, someone else was interferring, and answering the phone and putting me off. I said if they didn't want to take my story then I would find another media outlet. And after being harrassed all day and treated this way, I finally called for Al-Jazeera. I'm not going to beg some media group to take my story when there are plenty of other people that would be interested in it. I know the worth of my story and the only reason the U.S. media wouldn't want it is if someone in the government or self-interested party wanted to block it. The Department of Defense personnel who answered the phone not only screwed with me and were rude, they mocked me and told me I should get a lawyer if there was a kidnapping of my son. My son WAS kidnapped and I thought, instead of being mocked about how I need a lawyer, maybe the Department of Defense should be compensating me for my damages with regared to their employees and then I COULD afford a lawyer. Not only that, I shouldn't have to get a lawyer myself to have crime investigated by the FBI. I was looking for more of a settlement idea or negotiation such as "You figure out how to get someone involved to get my son back and I'll keep some details of your employees private and out of the public sphere." This is totally about my son. What's too late? The U.S. thinks they've already "invested" too much into my son to leave him alone and return him to the mother that would protect him. I have so many things I could write about but I don't have time right now. If someone calls me from the Department of Defense to head off my story going to some media or journalist, that would be great. It's not like I haven't been able to keep my mouth shut about some things. But if they choose not to, and think it's in the grand strategic interest to screw me and my son over, I hope your "ends justifies the means" theory doesn't backfire on them.

U.S. Waterboarding for Human Experimentation

The U.S. isn't/wasn't waterboarding for interrogation. They were doing it for medical research. Someone is still running all of my sentences together, regardless of what computer I'm writing from so, FYI, I am trying to make spaces and paragraphs but someone has basically decided to take over control of my blog. I tried to enter twice and made a space right after writing "...for medical research." (enter, enter). The space was there and then as soon as I publish, someone runs all of it together. After what I know about what my son and I are going through, by the worst representatives of the U.S. and "church" of any kind, and after reading more about the definition of "medical research" and after having very specific ideas that people in Cuba and other prisons are being used as medical research experiments, it clicked with the waterboarding. The U.S. isn't doing it to extract legitimate and honest answers. They were doing it to find out what the panic response was to drowning in order to figure out how to help their own military in the case of a downed ship, or, for all we know, to study and research the response in general, to.. It's like the experiment with submersing people, human research subjects, in freezing cold water to see how long they can withstand the temperatures. And then prepare their own military for freezing temperatures in other locations. My guess would be that it is the Navy that's particularly interested. The Navy, Navy Seals, military in general maybe, and CIA. How many of the men over there are subjected to other stressors or experiments? Are the "doctors" there to be helpful or to help with the research on human subjects? Furthermore, holding these detainees without charging them prevents them from sharing what is happening with an American attorney. That's my idea.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Race to Space & Patent Idea

Someone just deleted everything I just wrote. It said there was a conflict in editing. Anyway, I was writing that I'm ru, oh never mind. deleting post until further notice to maybe write about it later. I am wondering though, I have this big spot on my jeans and I was thinking that while I'm being targeted with technology, what is needed is something that will turn color when a person is targeted. I had a mustard stain on my pants and something else came into contact and it turned purplish and looks terrible. I tried to wash it out and it won't wash out. I thought, "What a great idea...for proving crime... Some kind of substance that may be applied to the clothing of a person and if some kind of technology reaches that person, the substance changes color. It would be a way to capture criminals who are using the latest techniques to faciliatate their crimes of assault and violence. All you would need is a witness to say, "____ said he was going to do this and he did and this is what he used." How does the prosecutor prove it was carried out, other than with the testimony of the victim? if there is something on the clothing that changes color it is a clear indication that something has occured. Maybe someone has already developed something like this. It's around the corner now if it wasn't before and no longer will any kind of criminal get away with the "invisible crime". Comin' to Getcha.

Fish and Chips Dream

I had two small parts of dreams that I can recall.

In one part, I was asked what I wanted to order and it was this extremely expensive menu, not just sort of expensive, but highest costing restaurant, and I was looking through it and I said, "Where are the fish and chips?"

This man next to me said, "They don't have fish and chips here." I said, "What?! They don't have fish and chips???" and he said no and I said, "Do they have any kind of fish?" and I was feeling guilty in my dream, mulling over whether, as a vegetarian, I should eat fish anyway. And then I said, "I don't care if it's McDONALDS fish and chips or high fish and chips, I WANT FISH AND CHIPS!"

Yes. That was my one fragment of a dream.

Then, right before I woke up, in a waking moment, it was Kate Middleton. It was totally separate and at the end right before I was waking up, all it was was Kate Middleton with a buzz cut. She had shaved her head and she did NOT look good. Actually, it was a little longer than a buzz cut, but I looked at her and thought, "What happened to her?!" and then someone, in my dream was showing me photos of her with her family and in yearbook. I looked at them and she didn't look very happy and was smug looking in all of them but most of them were private photos. It was like a collection of maybe 6-10 different photos I was being shown and I was comparing them to the new "look" and her face had thinned out a lot and she looked older and I was looking at her photo with a very full face in high school and then later. What I mainly noticed was that except for maybe a yearbook photo, she was sort of smug in the photos and withdrawn looking. Which was, in my dream, shocking to me because that's not how she appears in public at all. Then, in my dream, I started wondering why she had cut all of her hair off and if it was because she was grieving something or had just tried a new haircut, or was in some kind of transition or what.

And then I woke up.

I deliberated this morning on what to write about. I prayed a short prayer, to leave everything in God's control or trust today. But I don't know what that means or what I'll be led to write about. I want to do whatever I can to protect my son and draw attention to him and find assistance for what we're going through. My son has been used by the U.S. for medical torture and experiments. I can prove some of it and have some documentation and testimony but I think some of the evidence has been destroyed or whisked away to prevent those who started to figure it out, from getting their hands on the evidence. It may very well be that it was not someone from the U.S., but someone from another country that started to pick up on a trail. I am keeping a list of things to give to the right person but I am not blogging about it.

I also find it odd that all of a sudden, I have the YMCA people trying to block me from counseling again or ignoring my request for a counselor. After the last one cancelled on me and backed out, I asked for a replacement and an appointment and I have heard nothing. I believe someone is attempting to obstruct my ability to document what is going on or even record the fact that I am in counseling and went to it voluntarily, which is easily used for damages down the road.
I just looked up something else where it says if someone wants to live or work in another country, they request an FBI ID record to show one is in good standing in their own country. This may be another reason why some specifically tried to defame me using false crimes that would register on the NCIC--in order to not only defame me to others abroad, but to make it hard for me to make a new start anywhere else, or even be denied entry. What I just read states some countries ask for this and it is also required for international adoption, not that this is something I had in mind to do, but all of this is relevant.

I made an expedited FOIA request today, to the FBI. I haven't made one for the NCIC specifically, but I'm doing it today. The one for the FOIA is already made and they have 10 days to respond under request for expedited reasons.

I stated the risk of harm to me and my son greatly outweighed any excuse of "privilege" that someone might try to claim to keep me from getting discovery. The only reason someone would attempt to use one of the 9 reasons to not disclose information would be to protect someone else that is aware that they may be exposed by disclosure or discovery. It would be outright obstruction of justice to deny my request on any grounds.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ludwig Muller and Robert Mueller--Any Connection?

I had a few people doing crazy things at work again. I am not kidding. And then I leave, and it's all these people driving by thinking everything is hilarious. I think my hair was part of it. I teased it and wore it very large and messy, I said, "I felt like flouting convention today." So this was why I did it. Just to do something symbolically that says it's okay to be different or do something different. All these cell cameras were out. However, my hair doesn't matter in the scheme of things. There are very serious things happening and it makes me sick to see people laughing (though even I need comic relief at odd times) when my son and I, and some others, are literally tortured. Someone is still running all my sentences together and most likely it's someone who works for Google or Blogger. So I looked up information about Nazis. Not to just flippantly mention them, but under "religion and Nazi's." The article is sort of skewed and I think a Roman Catholic was the main contributor because while numbers are given of how many Catholic priests were detained, they don't mention how many Protestant were detained. I read somewhere that 6,000 or so Jews died and another 7-10,000 from other backgrounds (or more) were killed. It helps give framework for what kind of person is willing to employ torture upon another human being and what kind of value systems they are coming from. I first read about Nazi's and associated religions and then I went to "using children for psychic experimentation" and it pulled up Nazis again. It pulled up an article about Nazi use of human subjects to conduct experiments and research that the government felt was valuable to the military, to national defense, and it really wasn't "torture" for the sake of sadistic harm. The Nazi's had a few brutes, but almost all of the experimentation and research was not sadistic in nature. It was scientific in nature, just as it has become in the U.S. The excuse is that "this is important. this is interesting. this is going to save massive amounts of people at the expense of a few. this is a medical necessity. we have to keep up with other countries." There is gang use of technology. This is a fact. And then there is experimentation that is underground, but sanctioned by the CIA and some military and other scientific, medical, and psychic research groups. "Nazi" is such a distinguished term, we think of only people wearing swastikas and abusing or gassing others. What has been completely lost, is that this was not about "the Jews". I am sure "the Jews" would like to have everyone believe it was all about their group, when such a large percentage of those harmed were Jewish. However, this was about experimentation of PEOPLE and use of HUMAN SUBJECTs and the specific "holocaust of jews" during this time has overshadowed the magnitude of the problem, which was not just "jewish" in nature. These Nazi's were scientists and military. The human subjects they selected for their research were predominantly Protestant christian Bible believers who didn't agree with the party, or who had some kind of human feature or trait of interest for research. The gypsies were of interest because of some of their abilities in the psychic field, not just regarded as "disposable" because of some myth that they were vagabonds or stole from others. The mentally ill or physically handicapped were targeted because not only were they regarded as not being an asset, they were useful for research. No one is able to figure out how to "eradicate" a disease, or deformity, or problem, unless the person with the problem is experimented on or research is done. You see this with medical communities and universities that hold "trials" and ask consenting individuals to participate. Why do they need the sick? and disabled? because they're useless? No! because they are important. When it comes to sheer "torture", Germans have testified historically of being tortured themselves in such ways no one can imagine, by other countries. I wrote a blog post about this once. How their babies were smashed right in front of their eyes, and they were tortured for sadistic and punitive purposes, not scientific research. What happened with the Nazis was slow, controlled, methodical, and of high caliber. Some of the most preeminent doctors were requested or obligated to participate. This was TOP NOTCH research. This was being done, at the expense of "important disposables" to benefit "the future of the majority". I am sure there were "Jew haters" and sick displays of brutal force and sadism, but no differently than occurs to ANY other group that is hated. What is "different" about the Nazi's, is and was, their focus on medical and scientific research. That research was deemed valuable enough for the United States to buy many of the records or confiscate the records. The idea was that, "It's already been done, we may as well make something positive out of something bad and use this research to benefit all, including Jewish, disabled, everyone." This is NO different from what the U.S. is engaging in now. Not just the U.S. but other countries too. What is also interesting, is the corrollary between the Nazi party and this research on medical grounds, and for military and defense, and the use of the occult. Their research was also in the psychic realms. And the Nazi's did not discourage occultism or paganism for a reason--they found it useful to their research in psychic phenomenon. Which is no different from the U.S. is allowing into the gates now. I mentioned Ludwig Muller because there was a Protestant man by this name in Germany, who encouraged the Nazi party and experimentation, who did not stand up for the right thing, and his last name was Muller. It is pronounced the same way Robert Mueller's name is pronounced. It is "Muller" with the double o over the U. Yes, there was a piece of paper on the sidewalk as I walked to this computer to write. For all we know, those who are making profit and entertainment on predicting the actions of others, are supported by a man with the same last name as a Nazi. If you are blocking justice, Mr. Mueller, you have no right to be remembered as anything other than another "Muller." You are the head of the FBI and it is the FBI that is obligated, by federal law, to investigate crimes of kidnapping and public corruption. If you continue to allow others in your department to block my access to justice, how are you any better than Ludwig Muller? You have allowed a group of individuals to mock me and mock my son, and ridicule our dignity, and you refuse to step in and investigate what must be investigated. As the head of the FBI, you have the right to take responsibility for this and look into my report. You should question those who attempt to block me, who point out materials which defame me, and ask WHY they are so interested as to do this. When I made a report of misconduct about FBI employees, prior to this time, I was never tortured. It began after George Bush was sworn into office a second time, because I remember it happened after I made my report. In that case, 2 officers came out and wrote down facts though I believe it should have been tape recorded and a copy provided to me as well. My life, which was already been defamed and harassed, turned into a living hell at that point. I had a small respite and then I was tortured and it is possible I was tortured while pregnant with my son Oliver Garrett and didn't know it or recognize the symptoms as such. If so, it would mean me, my son Oliver (in utero and after birth) and then my twins (in utero) have all been victims of violent crime. Which someone may have attempted to twist into a rational grounds for research or experimentation. I have enemies who hate me and revel in what has happened to me and my son, and yet some other group just allows this to happen and I'm told, off to the side, that it might be for good in the long run, while I am alternately called Joseph (coat of many colors one) and on the other side of the coin, "Crazy". It is possible that if my son's teeth enamel deformity was not because of his severe birth trauma, the only other thing I read it could be from, is exposure to technology. This can also cause enamel dysplasia. There is no genetic component to it and nothing in my family. And then it was taken out of a dental report in Wenatchee after it was diagnosed. It may be that someone is more concerned about getting rid of evidence of crime, than evidence of a difficult and traumatic delivery. When I had the severe lower back pain, there was no explanation for it. I wasn't having this pain all the time. When I look back on it, it was the same back pain that I had AFTER my son was born. If my son was already born and I had lost weight, how is it I started experiencing this same odd pain in East Wenatchee? Ultrasound, for one thing, causes enamel dysplasia of a fetus in utero. This is why I say it is not always possible to know what is happening physically and then once discerned and more is figured out, it's very difficult to describe. How long is my family going to be tortured in the United States? Any normal Red Cross person or someone who is INDEPENDENT can look at my son's teeth and see his enamel dysplasia. If it's "not a big deal" then WHY did a dentist's office TAKE it OUT of his report and remove evidence of how many times I'd been to their dental offices? Guess who paid for those visits? The Department of Social and Health Services. If visits were erased from the dental offices, of my visits there with my son, someone with the DSHS also had to eliminate and remove this proof from State records. I had noticed, when I went back to Wenatchee with my fiance and checked into records again, that not only was my son's diagnosis of enamel dysplasia removed, some of our visits were not recorded either, and were just missing. My son's first visit was very early because he cut teeth super early, ahead of most children. CPS has put a case of fraud against me, and slapped it over criminal activity. Whether it was to cover for medical malpractice and against damages for someone they knew and do local favors, or was to conceal evidence of crimes against me and my son, there has been crime committed, there IS corruption, and I should not have to "demand" an investigation by competent persons in the FBI who do not have a conflict of interest. Oliver Garrett. My son. Anyone's child. My son has suffered so much and it could have been prevented. It is possible to prevent FURTHER harm and if the FBI does nothing, they are directly responsible for failing to take appropriate action when I have gone to them again and again, begging for help. Go to: Nazi Human Experimentation and just read the first few paragraphs. It is about research and experimentation of humans--adults and children. This is not some kind of "Satan" that has horns. This is your nicely educated doctor and other professionals and non-professionals, who look like you and me and seem to come from normal backgrounds. It is called "medical torture" (some of it and some of it is just plain old fashioned work of gangs or other country conspirators). Here's one example of what kind of research was done and on whom...twins. Twins are listed. Twins are not considered to be deformed persons or disabled or "unclean" and they cover a variety of races. They were used because they were "interesting". The belief that I or my son may be "interesting" does not justify the means. If you keep reading, U.S. military, and military for other countries, you will see how some of the materials and research was sent over to the Armed Forces of Germany. It was "interesting" and "important" information for the military. Look at the photos of the children, on the page for Nazi experimentation, of the "Children of the Bullenhuser Damm." That is my son. My son's photo should be on that collection. When Allied Forces approached, they attempted to get rid of the evidence. They killed anyone who might talk about it and attempted to destroy records they thought might come into the possession of a "Friend to the Victims". This is my son. I can point out who some of the criminals are. I want this opportunity, to be able to point out those who enjoy ganging up against me or my son and who would do anything for their own benefit and money. In the 1900s Germany infected prostitutes with syphylis. The U.S. caught up to them in the 50s I believe, and performed their own experiments. The experimentation on children was denounced by Hillary Clinton recently, and this entire apology is a joke in light of what is happening to me and my son. It is a joke. What is the point of apologizing for one group's crimes when you enable the crimes of another group? If you read at the end, there was a proposed code of Ethics that would make it a crime for a doctor to conduct experiments on people without their consent. The Nuremberg Code. I don't know why, but it says on this site that this law never made it into the U.S. system. It never made it to German or American law, which means that even if an apology is made after-the-fact, American doctors believe they have immunity from being prosecuted if they harm humans through non-consensual research. And in times of "war" which began around the time George Bush came into the second term, horrific things may be done without the permission of government or courts. This may mean other countries are also given a "pass" at times. If the U.S. is not enabling medical torture by blocking my reports and having me called crazy, they are allowing gangs and persons of other countries to target us and why would they not be interested in this. If any group was targeting U.S. citizens for some reason, this would be of highest importance to the U.S. Or should be. So if the officials or authorities are not getting involved, it appears they are a part of the cover up, or some of them are using their positions for a cover. And really, I think some groups don't care because it feeds their own self-interests to have me incapacitated in some way, or to discredit me by calling me crazy. I know with all of my heart, that for some reason, I was supposed to write about this and maybe even about William too, even though that is irrelevant to my life. I felt very good energy writing it, and then I had someone come in and start using technology while I was at the end of my post. But, I walked away knowing it had to have made someone upset but for a good cause because I knew that I didn't feel "wrong" for writing what I did. And I felt okay writing this post too, except for wondering if I should consult my family more but no, I think it's meant to be. I am the adult mother who is responsible for her child. I am right to write this post and God must agree. I looked at the photos of the experiment using children, on the Nazi page, and then I went back to the photos of my son and there are five of them, all in a row, left to right. I had thought there were only 4 total but after I looked at the human experimentation page with the kids and it reminded me of my son...I counted across and there were 5 photos of children from left to right. Something told me it was my son and it was significant. It's not a coincidence and it's not just a weird synchronicity. I saw the photos of kids, 5 photos across at the top, and thought, "Go back to the photos of your own son" and there are 5, in the same kind of row. The first one is of his turquoise and grey Thomas The Train birthday cake for his 4th birthday and the rest are of him. But in the same row and I know it was this way for a reason. Even the train isn't smiling very much, even though it's supposed to be Thomas with a big smiley face. The smile isn't there. This was taken after CPS illegally blocked me from having any access to my son through visits. They terminated my ability to visit my son March 17th and my son is skinny, has lost weight, and looks unhappy on his 4th Birthday which was 2 months later. FUCK CPS FUCK CPS and FUCK Robert Muller for refusing to take responsibility for the suffering of a child. I do not believe in Obama Barak anymore either. God gave me a very clear impression of Obama's femur for a reason. Barak has the power to make a difference and he has been part of the problem and the minute I wrote this down, I sensed the Holy Spirit. It is 6:32 p.m. and a rush of good energy the minute I named Obama. Obama has allowed Catholic hierarchy and others to torture my son, and in the face of God. The same God that tried to reach out to him, like reaching out to Pharoah, with a very personal message and he has chosen to deliberately ignore the message. When I am at a better computer, or without someone tampering with the way the paragraph is constructed, I will write this out better with the spacing I have intended. This attachment sent by my parents also shows me Wenatchee deliberately hid the time and date of my hearing by the way they sent the attachment because on this one, each page is listed (5) and then comes out in a row. Not so with Wenatchee attachments. There are so many people who should go to jail it's not even funny. I am not going to put the photos of my son up. But take my word for it. And I am sure that some human rights group in another country will take a hard look at what is going on.

Prince William Marries With PTSD

Sorry, but I don't agree with weddings that are on the heels of PTSD.

You didn't want my honest opinion?

William doesn't look happy either. Kate looks genuinely happy and William does not look happy. Maybe he is, but even some of his bodyguards are standing by, knowing this and feeling a sadness for him. I saw it in the clip with him flipping pancakes.

He is doing his duty.

Is it wise for any soldier that has just been to war, and had friends die, and has had other life events happen, to pop the question because everyone expects it of him?

I don't agree with this marriage.

And I have the right to not agree with it and the right to my opinion.

I probably have some of my own reservations also in part because of strange things I have experienced myself which have referenced them and for some reason, some have wanted to involve me and/or my son and mock and it hasn't been pleasant.

But even from an objective stance, that is what I think. Do you want the kiss of an enemy or the wound of a friend?

(heres a break from serious discussion to a lighthearted reality check--Check out wiki for "James Blake Miller". He divorces his wife and joins a motorcycle group called "The Highwaymen".)

William goes from a memorial for his dead friend to a proposal. Who in their right mind told him this was a good idea? or good time? I am not exposing anything that's not already out there in the open.

He had to take anti-depressants at some point during his service, I think only a year ago it was reported. There is nothing wrong with that. However, then, he has more friends die, and is in the thick of war, and then has other life situations going on as well, and one day out of the blue he just pops the question? or he was being pressured for some time to pop the question while under all this duress. I think anyone pushing him to marriage was taking advantage of his emotional state and I don't believe they really cared about whether he was making a good decision at a good time or not. A lot of soldiers come back from war and propose right away. They even propose while they're still at war. Being at war combined with a ticking clock makes for recipe for disaster, in my opinion. I probably wouldn't have written this if I had not seen a few things that make me think, intuitively, that he is not happy., and then right after seeing photos of my own son where he is smiling but the smile doesn't reach his eyes.

I guess I wrote about my son and then felt free to write about what I think about this marriage and what I saw from the clip.

I think William's mother saw him flipping pancakes when he was younger though I may be wrong. I guess he could have acquired the skill at a later date.

This is a REAL good example for all soldiers of war.

Get married!

I think some people are pressuring out of their own interests and probably don't care as it's money for England. I was thinking about this the other day--without the monarchy, how does England make money on tourism? So is this just a money-maker for this country at a depressed time.

Maybe it is not just William's depression that we should be concerned about, but England's depression.

If you start looking at numbers, how much does it profit England to have this royal wedding now? Imagine all of the business owners and people who promote tourism. All of the dolls and figures, and napkins and plates and things.

What I find bizarre, is that my mother sends me photos of my son next to his birthday, with his birthday cake of Thomas the Train, looking totally miserable all the way through but with this fake shy smile on his face, and then the next thing that suddenly pops up on the msnbc news is that William has chosen a "cookie cake".

These people are trapped. It's hard for me to imagine when I hear about $1,000 bottles of wine but when it comes to true freedom, I don't think it's any better on that side of the fence. It doesn't look greener to me anyway--it looks pretty much the same.

I have had all this new torture besides, I guess someone wants to be creative now that I don't have my laptop with me, and it occured to me, and I may be completely wrong, but what if Diana was literally tortured? I mean, this was over a decade ago, but is it possible that when she referenced "torture" it was a discreet way of putting something out there that was actual? She said, "Oh, it's sheer torture" or something like that, but looking at the circles under her eyes and her appearance, what if she was a "loose cannon" because she was literally being tortured, not just metaphorically, and someone was worried she had been tipped off as to who it was? Could this be why her mother, Francis Kidd, was tearing out portions of her diary? and the real reason why she was reportedly tearing up the carpets looking for "bugs" or listening devices? maybe she wasn't just looking for listening devices but something else and then others pressured her saying if she ever talked about, with her history of mental "problems" she would be tossed into the looney bin forever. How does anyone really know? If it's bad enough or hard enough for me to describe and write about, imagine the image she was trying to preserve. I know that my own mother would probably tear out pages in my diary if I sounded nuts, to preserve me, and maybe this is partly why Francis did what she did...because she was worried that Diana's suspicions (true or not) and her descriptions of what was happening, made her sound nuts. I find it hard to imagine anyone with that kind of money is literally tortured, but I don't rule it out as an impossibility either. How do we know this isn't partly why she dismissed some police or bodyguard? She said, "They're corrupt." In what way? they spied on her? if it was only this, people did this all the time. If, on the other hand,she was worried for her physical safety literally, maybe one would dismiss the bodyguards.

The Pain In My Son's Eyes Because of U.S.

I finally got photos of my own son after being refused any contact with him for all this time.

He is extremely thin, and he is smiling but there is no light or joy in his eyes anymore. It's a hesitant and forced smile and I can read him from looking at these photos.

My son has been miserable and is traumatized and it is the fault of the U.S.

There are good people in the U.S. and they have allowed the bad ones to take control.

If there is no one in the FBI that is going to investigate my report of my son's illegal kidnapping, if the good people that may be there cannot somehow get through, then this country is being controlled and run by assholes who are corrupt.

Mr. Mueller should take the primary responsibility for allowing others to obstruct justice.

In the U.S. I supposedly have a guaranteed right to access to the system, and the FBI is REQUIRED, by LAW, to take reports of crime.

They have, so far, BLOCKED me or attempted to block me from even making a report.

They have ruined my son and my son's future.

I will only be in the U.S. a few more months at most.

I'm leaving and I'm asking another country to help me file a complaint against the U.S.

I am also not going to hold back on reporting some things which have been happening lately, most recently, and on things I haven't reported yet, with regard to who was keeping me out of work and housing and then forced to live with people where I was tortured. I also have information on people who have tortured my son.

I am not going to wait around for all of the paperwork that I need, so people can stall further. I am leaving with whatever documentation I have currently, under grounds for political asylum and in order to find help for intervention for the protection of my son's rights.

My son, Oliver Garrett, has repeatedly told the U.S. he wants to live with his mother. The U.S. has beligerantly ignored his request and has refused to do what they are required to do, by law.

My son looks like a hostage. You can see it in his eyes.

His smile does not reach his eyes any longer.

My son is not happy.

Why should he be?

Prince William's Pancake Flips

I guess I'll note, not that it matters, I saw another clip without trying or really wanting to. The only part I thought was strange was that I think he was flipping pancakes or something, or latkes, and I had been thinking, right about the same time, it crossed my mind to work at a pancake house in the mornings. I woke up one morning with pancakes on my mind. Pancakes, pancakes, and then I was thinking about waffles and thought, no, pancakes. This was a few days ago to a week ago. I would have to look at what date. I was thinking about what second job could I have that didn't conflict with the one I have and thought maybe a breakfast place or pancake house. I just had this weird impression of an older woman pressing both of her hands to her face, palms flat against her face. Anyway, it reminded me of Diana and why that would come to mind is beyond me. I haven't seen her do this in clips I don't think. I saw it from the angle of seeing her facing the right sort of and seeing her from the side. Or this woman. Anyway, it was yesterday and I was getting ready for work. The t.v. in the women's area wasn't working so I ate yogurt and watched t.v. at another area. It was on Fox news and I asked if someone would turn it to cnn because I wanted to see if there was any major world news. Then cnn had these preview clips of what their next story was about and all the clips were of W and K and I thought, "I should just pass" but then I sat there and it came to my mind, "There is a reason you are sitting here now and there may be something important you need to see." Pancake flips? I actually sort of prayed a brief prayer and felt I was supposed to watch it so I sat there and it turned out to be more about the Queen than W and K. It was all about ettiquette for being in the presence of the Queen. Then there were a couple of other small clips but the only one I noticed was the pancake flipping one. I thought, "what day was that?" because I wanted to know if he had been flipping pancakes on the same morning I woke up thinking about pancakes. How does that song go? Running down a dream/working on a mystery...something about trying to figure something out. Why I think what I think sometimes. Then there was some kind of ad on the station, about how you could enter a drawing to be a reporter and go to the wedding. Oh sure. That's JUST what I'll do! I don't know how I would figure out when the pancake flipping was done. I can't remember what day I woke up thinking about pancakes and a pancake house unless I maybe find out when certain coworkers were talking to me about getting a second job because I remember this one woman brought it up and it was the same day I'd thought about it. I think it was the same day or she mentioned it one day after I was thinking about it. But yeah, I distinctly recall waking up and lying in bed resting sometime between 5:30-6:30 a.m. my time, and thinking about this and about a pancake house. Someone must be praying for me because I sense good energy right now and for the last 15 minutes or so, and right now it's about 7:55 a.m. And then almost right after writing this, a sadness instead. (My son had better be okay! Actually, he's not okay since he was stolen from his mother.) I don't know why I sense this sad vibe right after writing about a good vibe. I clicked on a search for bbc and got a clip lined up about Harry going on his trek to the north pole. I read about it and it made me think of a couple of different things. It's from and is titled, "'bbc' to film Prince Harry with Afhan vets in North Pole." I think it's written by Marilyn Sparks and is from March 26th, 2011. I noticed, in a photo featured of Harry, the same expression on his face, the open "O" look of surprise is the same one I saw in this flash of an impression of someone who sort of reminded me of Diana. It was the same expression but two hands to her face. There are all these guys surrounding him in orange safety vests and he has this expression on his face that looked like the one on the woman. She didn't have her mouth closed or lips together, I don't think. Anyway, weird. Probably a good idea to have media up there on the hike. Better for safety and also will sometimes probably help you keep going, like when you run better when you know someone is watching. This morning I saw a cookbook as I was walking out and thought about men who cook, including my Dad. I had been talking to some of the guys at the restaurant about how I know a lot of men who seem to enjoy cooking even more than their woman partner, or know how to cook, or don't mind cooking and mentioned my Dad. He got into cooking later (for the family) and seems to like it. Anyway, I have to go for now.

Problems With Legal Mail Service

I was just notified today that I had mail again. So I went to pick it up and there is usually a sheet to sign to indicate what day you picked it up. My name wasn't found on the list so I was told don't worry about signing. However, I then looked at the mail and opened it, and it's from WA court, and I absolutely have to sign when I received this mail because I'm getting it ONE day before court is due. It's pretty much unacceptable, because I just picked up mail a couple of days ago and this mail was not there. It is a notice stating Tanesha Canzater is withdrawing and any objections must be FILED no later than the 28th, TOMORROW. I just got this today. On a Sunday. Right. So my notice is 1 day. I am absolutely objecting, on grounds that she should not be allowed to withdraw this late in the process when she is prejudicing my right to a speedy appeal. Not only that, I am going to submit all of the email from her and all former defense, showing their shoddy attempts to portray me as a problem when they have not done their job and not even the bare minimum. Someone is running all of my sentences together today, but I am leaving paragraph breaks and it's not publishing correctly. FYI. But yeah, I got 1 day notice. The thing is, there is no possible way it was waiting for me earlier because I just picked up my mail a couple of days ago and this was when I discovered a book had been returned. I sent email to my mother talking about how I had only got 2 pieces of mail, both from the State but her book had been sent back. This mail from WA courts is postmarked March 21, 2011. I just got it today, March 27th. If I just allowed Tanesha to withdraw without any objection, and allowed this deadline to elapse without entering any information or response of my own, I would have no opportunity to put in her communications and my argument about how, NO, a lawyer should not be allowed to withdraw from a client because THEY are not doing their job. I have a right to prove she is not doing her job and that my other lawyers didn't do their job either and then wanted to blame ME for their failures. My argument would be that she should not be allowed to withdraw until she requests and obtains the information and records that she is obligated to request. Which she has not done. I have grounds for appeal solely on the fact that I was physically medically incapacitated because of miscarriage problems for over 1 year. She has not obtained these medical records to prove this is true and this is a substantial grounds for appeal. Furthermore, she has not even "talked" or "listened" to her client as she claims because if she HAD, she would already know that I would be bringing up points for appeal. I don't need an "appeal." This appeals process is a FRAUD. It is an appeal for a case that was fraudulent to start with. However, while I request someone investigates crime of kidnapping my son, I have a right to expose what kind of corrupt representation I continue to be given. Tanesha Canzater took my case and for ONE year she made excuses about how the transcripts were not ready. Transcripts for a court hearing that should have taken no longer than 2 months at most. She stalled to run the statutes out for my ability to sue on behalf of my son's medical damages from childbirth. This is CORRUPTION. Since WHEN do insurance companies and medical professionals buy OFF the legal system so THEY can avoid my suing them for my son's medical injuries? They are STALLING and not only that, trying to stall and prevent my son from bonding with me so they can make "bonding" an issue at a later date. There is no "bonding" argument that holds when a child is kidnapped. It doesn't fucking matter if the child has "bonded" to those the captors placed the child with. I want my son back and I am getting him back. Period. And the longer anyone stalls on this, the further I will add this to damages for filing a billion dollar, if necessary, lawsuit, against the State of Washingtonand the U.S. for multiple counts.

Friday, March 25, 2011

NCIC and International Defamation

I am finally going to discover some of who is involved in defaming me and why I have been set up with false charges.

I looked up NCIC and there are only specific categories where information would be entered into this system and it then makes this information available to not just local and national "authorities" and justice sysstem persons, but to international agencies, just as I thought--as I was thinking today.

I believe it has been the intent of some to defame me not only to persons in the U.S., but outside of the U.S.

For example, I had wondered why in the world anyone would be so horrible as to falsely accuse me with "stealing a car". As it so happens, when I looked up what is covered by NCIC, auto theft is one "crime" that will pop up right away.

This charge was dismissed and thrown out, but it still would come up as a charge. The man who accused me lied to local police saying it wasn't his car I had borrowed and then in court it was discovered HE had lied to police and it was HIS car afterall, and my story was true, not his. So they dropped it. But police deliberately set me up for this. This was when I was followed around by 3 police cars before being set up for a false arrest by this other man.

That is just one example.

And I think to myself, "If someone is going to set me up for something, why not just a plain theft, if they were going to use stealing? why not something simple or something that wasn't hard to cover up?" Instead, someone falsely accuses me of GRAND AUTO THEFT?!

And the police knew ahead of time and this was when they took my minicamcorder and deleted legal footage I had with my son that proved our visits were normal and the visitation monitor was lying about my interactions. The police took me in under a premeditated false arrest and destroyed legal evidence in my property.

This put me into an INTERNATIONAL database, not just a local one. They used auto theft to defame me throughout the world, not just the U.S. The NCIC information is about national crimes or information, in the U.S. but it is AVAILABLE to international justice system agencies and anyone trying to ruin me knew this ahead of time.

How many times have Wenatchee and Washington justice system persons premeditated setting me up for a false arrest?

1. grand auto theft. false arrest, made knowing it would be entered into the NCIC even if charges were dismissed. it was premeditated false arrest.

2. kidnapping of Oliver Garrett, my son. any information would go to the FBI and the NCIC which is why the WA FBI didn't want to help and blocked my attempt to get help. They were involved in the kidnapping of Oliver Garrett. It is also likely that they premeditated this kidnapping and my false arrest in Canada. If it's in the NCIC which is maintained by the FBI, I am reading that this would cover "missing persons" or any kind of false allegation we were "missing" or that I did something wrong.

3. false charge of "suspended license" by Wenatchee Judge Warren. I do not know if this would make it into the NCIC but it is another proof of the easy-handed approach WA has had in premeditating harm and false arrest and false charges against me. I reported Judge Warren to the Washington Judicial Committee and I have not heard back from them. I've had no response so far. I made my report over 1 year ago and not one word from them. Instead, in retaliation, the U.S. Eastern Federal Court Judge refused to honor my request for injunction to block anything from proceeding until a New Trial was made for Termination Trial (which is done prior to any appeal). At least, such undue stalling, I never heard back and was told it was "taken into consideration" for over 6 months and no decision made. I never heard back from the Eastern U.S. Federal Court about my request for injunction. I filed a legal motion for injunction and for over 1 year, I have had NO WORD from the court.

4. false charge of violation of no-contact order by Department of State worker Erickson. This probably made it into the NCIC. Even though it was false and I wanted to fight it, I just said I would allow it to expire but it is still present and makes me appear to be a criminal. This false charge was made in retaliation for my reports or attempt to report DSHS. They kidnapped my son, tried to cover it up with fraud and Tanesha's, and then attempted to say I was harassing them when I wasn't. Tanesha only took my appeal case to get the transcript and obtain discovery on what was said that might incriminate others. She wanted the transcript and to stall, and then she wanted to bail. I am doubtful the transcript will even be accurate.

Now that I know the scope of the NCIC and how it is the only database that goes international, and how only certain "crimes" go into this database, now I know why some colluded to falsely charge me with "Auto Theft." It was an effort to smear me on an international scope. It wasn't just about U.S. defamation. Someone wanted me to be smeared internationally. This occured just a few months after my Ex and I separated and I was still in Wenatchee. There was something, maybe not even my Ex, something else that was important enough for some group (international possibly, or with U.S. help) to want someone to ruin my reputation abroad. Otherwise, someone would have set me up with any other kind of crime. No, someone wanted a crime charge that was going to the NCIC. And who knows what was already there, in that database, screwing me over without my knowledge.

5. Canada contributed. Not all of Canada, but certain Canadians also knew very well that the NCIC would be international and they are allowed to add information of their own to this database. They are the only other country, I think, from what I just read about NCIC, with this privilege.

Which would be why they falsely charged me with immigration violation, not only would it enable a kidnapping of my son, it also went into the NCIC against me. Then, they added to this, when I was told to go to their border patrol to ask about getting my car back. They made me sign a form stating I was trying to cross the border after being sent back.

It was a lie.

I had not tried to get into Canada again. I was told by U.S. border to walk across the lawn, under the so-called "Peace Arch" and ask the Canadian border patrol how to get my car back. When I did this, Canadian border patrol told me I had violated the order to stay out of Canada. I said I had been told this was "neutral" and they said it wasn't. They forced me to sign a form that said, "I was trying to enter Canada illegally" and then they said if I committed ONE more violation, I would be forever "banned" from Canada for the rest of my life.

Canada entered this information, the accusation and false allegation that I was yet again attempting to commit a crime or violate an order, into the NCIC.

So they made it easier for others to come in, in the future, and start making more false accusation. It didn't matter if they were all false. They wanted to make it appear as though I had a pattern of violating orders and committing misdemeanors and they were trying to defame me.

Then I was being pursued with death threats and poisoning, blacklisting, and horrific things so THESE criminals, who work in government positions, could keep THEIR cover.

I mean, I am starting to put things together.

It took me too long to figure out my son had literally been kidnapped. I didn't know enough of the laws to know what violations had been made. I was too traumatized and desperate to get my son back, fighting torture and harassment and unthinkable things at the same time.

Then, just today I have made a new discovery that the defamation of my character has been premeditated and intended to go international for some reason.

There is going to be more discovery, I'm sure. But with even just a little bit, I am starting to unravel this.

I want the GOOD people in the FBI to start kicking butt and tell those who are an impediment to justice, to get a new job. Someone has to take the bull by the horns and do something. There is a very serious problem. This kind of corruption is not only wide, it is deep. There is no possible way that all of these terrible things could happen to me and my son without a massive corruption problem.

I read about protesters in Jordan and how they are complaining of justice system corruption. It didn't sound very different from what I have witnessed in my own life recently, with my son. It was sort of weird to walk into the Subway and hear about Jordan because I had this country cross my mind yesterday when I put on my peach tank top underneath the fushia shirt. It said "Made in Jordan" and I thought about the country and wondered what was going on over there.

At any rate, there are people in the U.S. who have tried to ruin my life and my son's life, in a country that really does have some good laws and freedom. The problem has been that bad people have been standing in the way.

Shoes Cut and Assaulted Yesterday (update 2:16 p.m.)

I finally noticed my shoes for work, one of them, had been cut with an exacto knife. This is the second pair of shoes someone has cut up. I looked at the sole and it wasn't just cut up, someone had pulled out stuff or prodded around inside of it. It left me with shoes that are pretty much useless in a week and in the meantime, one of them (the one cut) now doesn't have as much inner-sole so one shoes is higher than the other and they are uneven. My shoes are ruined and I will have to buy a whole new pair when I don't have money to be buying shoes because someone keeps cutting them up.

At work someone was assaulting me by using technology and there were men and women there who knew what was happening and did not go to authorities. Then I was walking back to where I live and at least one time (maybe twice) someone who was driving by somehow pointed something at my abdomen that caused a sudden and severe pain and it wasn't a normal kind of pain--it was more electric. I believe this happened after I blogged about those who committed crime against me and my unborn child and someone was trying to make a point by targeting my stomach.

I am not going to explain the effects or how it felt because it's irrelevant. It is looking like I will have to go to another country to be protected. I don't need to explain it to have someone then try to say that I am mentally ill when I'm not.

I had this same thing happen, to my stomach, in Wenatchee, by people driving by when I said I was pregnant and in the summer. It was in the summer right before school was starting up again. A large group of people who had a lot of money came into town and were following me around and did this same thing to my stomach, specifically. I believe the same individuals have been trying to get people in Nashville involved with their criminal activities and harassment and they probably pay people and offer other incentives.

Not even the U.S. military, in my opinion, is going to randomly start targeting someone's stomach after they blog about how someone tortured their unborn child. It's mafia. And if any of these people also happen to have military connections, they are not just military but involved in mafia and are connected to the corrupt government people I've had to deal with.

It doesn't matter if they have jobs in military, government, church, restaurants, or drugs alone. If they are working together to torture me, they comprise a mafia group.

This is how my son has been tortured and then my family and others intimidated from reporting. The mafia gets protection from law enforcement that is deeply involved and mafia. They have their own ways of protecting their interests.

It doesn't matter if some of the people are from other countries either. If they cooperate with crime in harming me or my son, they collectively belong to mafia.

And just because someone sits with a gavel, or has a badge, or works for government, doesn't mean they are not mafia and it doesn't mean they are good people or must work for the good of others.

I have had people who work for the FBI, DEA, and even CIA try to dismiss my claims and reports, because the people who have so far tried to be there to take my complaints have ensured they are there to block justice. Others are just plain gangsters doing favors for their group.

When I get phone call or someone contacts me to let me know they are going to investigate my claim that my son was kidnapping and that this CPS case was a set up and is a fraud, I don't have faith in the investigative agencies here or who is running them.

I have my faxed documents in my safety deposit box. It has been about 1 month since I filed my reports.

I was supposed to get my passport on the 17th of March. It has not arrived and I've not been notified about the status.

I have also not even been contacted about opportunities I was supposedly being given to write a grant.

I called Vanderbilt today to ask where my medical records are. I tried requesting my medical records awhile ago and they did nothing. I tried to get records from the psych place and they were telling me I had to go there in person to get them and then today they said no, they could be faxed or request faxed.

I called the DEA and asked for "Brad's" supervisor. "Brad" is the man who told me he had a degree in psychology and that I was mentally ill, after he talked to me for about 2 minutes. He didn't have any time for making that kind of judgment. He knew who I was before he met me and just came prepared to insult me and try to invalidate me and then put his own "stamp" on it. He's from Florida. I asked for his supervisor because I do not believe it was just Nashville FBI that defamed me and wanted me to be assaulted and kicked around in a mental institute. I believe it was also Brad's doing. They communicated and they set me up to have this happen.

I hold the FBI and DEA directly responsible for what happened to me at Vanderbilt and then the mental hospital.

They have continued to put defamatory claims about me in their notes and then shared them with other agencies, to keep me defamed among law enforcement and intelligence and also with the hope that other agencies in other countries who have access to the information read the same thing. They are not only defaming me and creating conditions for me and my son to be constantly harassed, tortured, and assaulted, in the U.S., but with other countries as well.

I am making my FOIA requests again.

This time, if my request for my right to documents written about me that have slandered me is ignored, I am taking it directly to court myself, pro se. On one simple thing: FOIA.

People in the government who are mafia, have attempted to prevent me from getting this discovery because they don't want me to even know how badly they have defamed me or who is responsible.
I also had my mail stolen right from my bag and someone has been stealing from me from a locker. I had a manilla envelope of documents tucked into the side pocket of my bag and someone had to have stolen it at some point when I came out of the bank, thinking it was something from the post office. But it was important legal documentation from WA state.

Someone just stole it, in the same way someone took an entire notebook out of my bag when I was on the bus near Everett, WA over a year ago.

Someone is right now messing around with technology while I am at the library. I typed into my blog and Pandora music and someone caused the music to go into the background like what was happening yesterday. Someone also, who has to be nearby, is using something to cause stomach pain just random here and there. A little different from what happened last night but not by much. And I don't ever have stomach problems and this is very different and I can tell what it is.

I just took the headphones off because the music is worthless. There is one white man who is leaving who ws sitting next to me at computer 12. Then there is a computer in front of me, a man to my left and someone behind me.
I went to the police station and got my prints made out. The guy doing the fingerprinting did something I thought was sort of weird, he wasn't just fingerprint my fingertips. He was pressing down on the length of my fingers to get all the way from my knuckles to my fingertips. I thought this was sort of strange.

And then he said one wasn't good and that okay, now it was "captured".

I have nothing to worry about with my fingerprints but I find it very strange that I have been falsely arrested so many times, thrown into a psych ward on false accusations of mental problems, and then blocked from making reports. I mean, this is the kind of thing you hear about happening to someone in another country, or maybe the kind of thing that happened to civil rights activists in the 60s.

Why I am so interesting is beyond me.

I have had someone repeatedly stealing from my locker too, at the Y. So far, my foundation (make up), an almost empty toothpaste tube, and a couple of other small items like this have been stolen. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to steal my toothpaste tube. I'm not kidding. It was this little travel size "kiss my face" organic aloe toothpaste and there was almost nothing in it and someone stole it from my locker--I didn't misplace it.
I also have had government persons and other try to block me from being a surrogate mother but then I've been pressured to donate eggs so others can have their own kids from my genetic material.
I read something today, on another note, that made me laugh out loud. I had time to kill before being on the computer and I grabbed the nearest magazines that were all in the same section where I was standing and ended up with W, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, and Time (it was the end of the alphabet section). It was in Vanity Fair, a short article about how to keep a diary. I read the part with the list of names, after he says, "don't be obscure" and he lists these people: Bobo (one of them) and how they had brown cows then this gibberish and just laughed out loud unexpectedly. The other part I laughed at was the list next to it, of what not to reveal in your diary: your collection of cuckoo clocks. I thought it was very funny. If I can, I'll grab the magazine and write out the part I'm talking about...from April 2011, "Don't be too obscure. British upper-class diaries are prime examples of this fault, as in Sir Arthur Fforbes-Ffinch's account of London life in the 1920s: "January 4th: Bo-Bo, Tiggy, Spaff, Flatto, Gin-Gin, Mobbles, and Goofy came round and we all drank Brown Monkeys and played Sham-Sham until we'd crocked Bonzie's and had to rumble." The whole piece (article) cracked me up. It's on page 136.
Thankfully, I'll add, even though my music sound is still weird, I'm not noticing any technology stuff anymore. A bunch of people moved around so maybe they left or something.

Then I had a small prob again but then it quit.
I decided to look up this "Wisdom" book. I haven't read it before and didn't notice it until I ended up on it yesterday. So I looked it up on wiki.

At the same time I am listening to 50s and 60s rock and roll. Decided to switch it up. When this song "Just One Look" by Doris Troy came on, I had this weird impression of the Queen dancing to it. Or maybe just dancing. Then I thought, it's probably just some grandma that really likes this song or liked it or has a memory associated with it. Maybe my grandma Dolores. Who knows.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open My Eyes That I May See (psalm 119:18)

Weird coincidence.

I wasn't going to write what verse I got today, just going to keep it to myself.

Then, I felt like looking up Oswald Chambers' reading for the day and then I decided to look up the Church of England book of common prayer and find the reading for the day.

I don't know if this is a regular psalm for everyday or just for today, but it is the same as the paper I got.

The site I went to was "

You could choose "contemporary" or "traditional" readings for the evening prayer and I chose traditional because I sort of like (being an English Lit major type) the classical form of language now and then.

And it lists a prayer for forgiveness and asking to do good and give thanks to God above all, and then...

I don't know what I landed on but it's a book called "Wisdom" about please give me the right heart to rule from a throne. ???

Tanesha Canzater Request 1 Yr. To Transcribe

Here is how good this lawyer is:

She didn't tell me, even 1 time, that she was filing motion after motion for continuance. I found out what it was for, finally, when I called the courthouse myself after she did


For 1 Year

Except favors for the State and some federal government persons and insurance companies.

She had to get the 3-4 day hearing I had transcribed. It took her 1 year to do this. She basically filed motions asking for more time for the transcriptionist to type. I mean, HOW slow was this woman? I said to my mother, "5 WPMs?" (five words per minute).

Then, she never communicated with me about the case except 1 day before she was supposed to file her big statement of why we were appealing. She didn't even talk to me first and then sent an email claiming: "You have talked and talked and talked and I have listened."

Right. If we had talked at all, she would have found out, in the first 2 minutes, that I had grounds to appeal for medical reasons when I was hospitalized repeatedly from miscarriage complications and hemmorhage. I had an involuntary medical leave of absence from the whole process because of very severe physical medical problems and this woman didn't even bring it up.

The only things she wanted to bring up, were not big things like this, or other major errors the court made. She wanted to bring up some issue that would reinforce making ME sound like a nut.

Tanesha was as bad as all of them.

She also kept my son from bonding with me for over a year by stalling on the process, where he couldn't see or talk to me. This also ran my son's statute of limitations that could be filed on his behalf for medical malpractice.

She's dishonest and she should lose her license.


I looked up the Fukushima 50 today. Someone told me about it at work and I looked it up finally. I almost started to cry reading about it on wiki but thank goodness I didn't. I also was thinking about this female bodyguard yesterday, named Aisha, who was supposed to be one of Ghadaffi's favorites and it says she was part of the Amazonian Guard and when someone fired bullets, she threw her body across his and stopped the bullets with her own body so he lived. I thought, "Oh my gosh. That is quite the story." And then I thought about how his daughter, I think, is named Ayesha and I wondered if it was a coincidence or if she was named after the woman who died to protect her "charge".

As for Libya stuff, I really don't know enough about the politics. I think it's good if we're helping on humanitarian level to protect people but that also hopefully other people don't die either. I mean, that's not the point.

I also, randomly, looked up the Hecate Straight and an island that I randomly landed on last night while looking at someone's GPS. I scrolled around after they showed me the point of Vancouver, BC when we were talking about this and then I took the GPS, found an island next to that spot and said, "What is this?" and they didn't know and just sort of looked at me. So I looked it up today.

I was wondering yesterday, I wonder if there is anything special about the Hecate Straits, some interesting history or stockpile of weapons, or something. I guess they are called, the triangular island I had asked about, the "Queen Charlotte Islands" or Haida Gwaii (islands of the people).

Saw Obama's tie with the O's and thought about my son. I have been wondering if I need to copy him on my petitions and reports that I've tried to make.
Today I was going to wear a peach tank top and jeans and boots and then I walked out and it was colder than I had thought. So I ended up putting on the fushia shirt I had been wearing to the psych ward, with the black rose scarf, and then a sort of burgandy cashmere sweater over that. I guess it goes with my purple nails, which I need to repaint as they're chipping now.

Peace Machine Dream

I had a small fragment of a dream this morning.

It was like I was at the bread machine, at this dial with an arrow but instead of the machine being bread it was nuclear energy.

It started to build up, and build up, and something was just festering under the surface and then I went over and turned the dial and I didn't know what I was turning it to until I stopped and it said: Peace.

Then I woke up.

When I turned it to peace, it was set and the pressure building up in the machine stopped.

It was a super short dream, just a fragment.

And that's the only thing I remember dreaming at all. I woke up then and thought about it right away so I was able to remember it.

I didn't see any other words in the dream. It wasn't like there were words all around the dial. It was just turned one way and then I ran over and turned the dial and the place where it was stopped or not ticking or whatever, was Peace.

It was like my bread machine at work, which has a timer, but in the dream it was a nuclear machine and had a peace dial.

Computer Administrator Issue & Charles

I got to the library, public one, and I think it's an administrator to these computers that might be causing the problem.

I got on and the music was fine and playing equally in both earphones and normal volume and then after I had signed in with my ID, indicating who was on this particular computer, there was a click and then the volume went all to one ear and also became this tunnel, faraway sound.

This happened yesterday too, and the volume was always fine and nothing wrong until I used some kind of personal identifying information. Like, with Pandora, my password and code to sign in, which also has my real name attached.

It's not happening on all of the computers because I got up and switched to about 4 or more different computers yesterday to see, and every single one was fine until I typed in identifying information.

I am at computer 47 right now.

Which, incidentally, I realized was used by someone else named Charles, awhile ago. No connection to what I'm reporting right now. But I sat down and he came to mind and then I realized, it was his spirit. I think that's it because I wasn't thinking about him or paying attention to where I sat and then he came to mind and I wondered why and then I realized he'd been on this computer in particular, more than once. So somehow I think I picked up his old energy. When I had an impression of him it was as if I were him, in the sense of that it was like his form in a way, and I saw him as if I were him facing this computer, not from another angle. Like I had his perspective for a split second.

I would like to have someone quit messing around with my music.

I put on "the imperials" again and it's worship music.

The other thing is that it's doing this really weird techno-robotic sound. There was an ad break for wells fargo and it was tinny, faraway, and there were little squeaks and it was so muddled you couldn't even hear what they were saying. It's like the music and words are done by R2-D2.

Why is someone targeting me like this? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

I think someone just wants to disrupt me from being online, writing, and reading, and even wants to disrupt my worship music because worship is power. Something bad might happen to the person responsible for interfering--You never know.

I'm going to have someone else listen to this to have a witness.

It's one thing if it's random but this is not random. Someone is targeting me using my personal ID. The same way my telecommunications with 411 or trying to get any normal service has been targeted. And the same way that technology and violence has been used against me and then expected to slide.

I need to report the people who came in for a chapel the other day too, who had a video onscreen that was mocking what happened to me in D.C. and Wenatchee with my t.v. screen when I had problems with that too, because of technological interference. That was the same night I was so fried that I had the severe chills and then almost a seizure. In my opinion, all of these things are related and connected to the same instigator.

I got this hispanic man on the headphones but he couldn't understand what I was asking him, because he doesn't know English.

Also, today on Passport news t.v. I thought it was discouraging or ridiculous to see 2 female newscasters--one from the U.S. and one from UK, using mannerisms to make odd social points. I don't know how to explain. On national and international news. Then the weather guy I like talked about a "beam" of nuclear energy in Japan that is appearing and I was sitting by the window watching cnn. I had zero problems with anything until after he described this, and then someone did something to ME with technology, which is just sick at this point. And no, I don't think it's from nuclear energy. I'm not an idiot. There may be some correlation to the way something is invisible and is a beam or whatever, but I know it's not nuclear in my case. But it is true, that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

I'm getting a librarian to listen to what is going on with the headphones.

Okay, I got one librarian to listen and at first he said no problem but then said, "Okay, I hear what you're talking about." Then the computer person came over and listened and I said, "It's like it's coming from the shower in another country." And as I was describing what was wrong, I thought how ironic that I'm talking about "sound" in Nashville.

She asked when it happened and I told her it was when I played Pandora after I entered my ID. She said, "So it just happens with Pandora?" and I said, "No, it plays fine if I play Pandora without going to "sign up" but after I sign up and have my ID out, it quits playing normally. And then I told her, I tried 6 different computers yesterday and it's not just Pandora either bc I went to youtube and it played fine when I was just looking up news and youtube but as soon as I entered in hotmail with my ID info, it quit playing normally.

If I entered my blogger site (which identifies me), hotmail, or Pandora sign up, I then had a problem. She said they weren't doing anything just to track me or whatever and I said, "Okay, that's fine. I don't know how it's happening and let's just call it coincidence, but every single time, that's when this is happening."

So we were okay with this idea and she said she was going to look into it.

I went to another computer and finally, at least right now, I'm not having a problem. I'm also not having anyone use something to burn me which was happening while I was in the other room or identified on that particular computer.

Some group keeps doing this kind of thing and just ruins my ability to get anything normal done. It disrupts my ability to have a normal life, to go about my normal business, and try to get things done. It also, sometimes, without other verification, makes me sound crazy.

I'm finally not having a problem anymore now. What has been going on for the last several days with the computers has quit, at least for now.