Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proof of Abuse By U.S. (Govt. Andrew Jackson Building)

I am gaining further proof and evidence of use of me and my son by U.S. government, as human research subjects. My entire life here is being obstructed with the purpose of trying to direct me one way or the other, to match predictions these people make. Which is why they don't want me to have a normal job and why I was forced out of work for so long. In Wenatchee, I was subjected to the most horrific torture. I witnessed my son going through the same thing. Here is an example, just from this morning: 1. I went to a bus station place where I have gone before, to request the discounted pass for "disability", which I'm on for migraine. There was a larger white woman who was there before who said she could try to help but she needed more than a doctor's note and had to have something from a department showing I was on this. So I got this today and went to the counter. Someone already knew I would do this, because I called DSHS offices yesterday and they told me the information had been sent to me and I said I was getting a bus pass (today). So I went to the window and this black woman wearing a turquoise shirt, who said her name was "Tina" deliberately caused problems for me in order to provoke me. I gave her the documentation she needed. She had copy machine right there. Last time I was told they would make a copy of my documentation and then give me the discount. First, she told me I had to call her supervisor, "Peggy". Then, she told me they refused to make copies of my records and she refused to give me back my records. I asked for them several times and she stood back from the window with my papers and then put them under the window and right as I was starting to take them, she grabbed them back from me and held onto them. I said, "I don't want to call police" and she said, "I'm calling security." So she gave me the records back and I left, upset, as they wanted me to be and I just had to go to the nearest building to have copies made. Which was the government run building called "The Andrew Jackson Building" which is a federal building for the U.S. federal government. I walked in and they told me I had to have my photo taken for a sticker badge, in order to enter the building. So the federal employee took my photo but only took half of my face in the photo (after I was trying to get a bus pass for half off, for the discount). He deliberately took half of my face and the badge had the number "9" on it. It says: "Cameo Garrett/Andrew Jackson/Visitor/Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 9:09 AM/"9" They asked where I was going and I said The Treasury, just looking at the first thing on a sign. They said this was the 3rd fl. I decided, once in the elevator with some other federal employee for the IRS, that I was going to the 8th floor instead, even though I didn't know what floor that was for. The woman in the elevator smirked at me and said, "Are you going to SIX?" and then she said, "SIX?" and I wondered why. She got off on the 5th floor, for the IRS and I went to 8th. I went to the Tennessee Corrections Department because I thought they might let me use their phone to call the police since my minutes had just run out. I got there, and someone had set up 6 black bags/briefcases right there at the reception desk. A woman was standing at the copy machine and they looked stunned. I was in "Wanda's" office. I looked at the name badge after I went in and it was "Wanda" something. I could tell from their shock that they were pawns too, and someone else was setting things up. They made copies for me and told me to make a phone call from "This office" and they had me sit down. I sat down and someone had put up all of these notices for "Peggy". Everything was for Peggy, right after I had been told I had to call some other "Peggy". This is important, because it helps show how I am set up and experimented with and lends credibility to the other facts I am going to divulge, about how my son and I have also endured real and literal torture so that others can practice their own crap on us. If we are not "of interest" to the U.S. and if the U.S. government is not allowing abuse and degrading and inhumane treatment of their own citizens, then why are they using federal employees in federal buildings to facilitate this kind of thing? And why are men that I have been forced to live with, who tortured me, allowed to continue to practice their predictions for the U.S. government, gangs, and military? and if I am so "crazy", why is it FBI that is blocking me from reporting literal torture of me and my son? My son and I are being used as human subjects for psychic and military and CIA experimentation and gang members have been allowed in, who hate us for other reasons (corporate gang or other), to facilitate what those in the government have allowed to their own U.S. citizens. After these women told me to sit at Peggy's desk, after I saw the set-up, I knew that was it. I have not been allowed to live a normal life because instead of just giving me a bus pass, it has been more fun and more interesting for the U.S. to allow people to provoke and harass me and keep me out of work so they can follow me around and try out their medical and psychic experiments on me and my son. And then they want to defame me, put me in mental wards, call me crazy, and falsely arrest me on top of it all, to cover for what they are really doing. I burst into tears at "Peggy's" desk and I told the police officer that I had called that that was it, and that I was not putting up with it any longer. When I was leaving the security guard asked me to give the sticker badge back. I told him I had thrown it away but I had stuck it on the manilla envelope in my hand. I then went to the store to get more minutes because I wasn't going to the bus station again without the ability to make a call if emergent and then went to the bus station window where "Tina" had set out a check in front of the window for $8 to expire 3/31/12. She told me I had to stand in front of the camera to have a photo taken for the disabilty pass card and then she took a photo of me while I held the camera to my ear bc I was not getting off the phone at any time while I was there. It basically matches the photo that the federal employee took of me. This is just ONE of several things I go through on a constant and daily basis, and much of the time, I am being assaulted at the same time. I guess the use of technology is to alternately threaten and intimidate me, make me sound crazy, experiment with me, and facilitate research. I have not had a period after being assaulted in the abdomen recently with technology. I had something very bad done to me at work. I just looked up Andrew Jackson building and I guess it's a State building, but it still houses federal departments and when I have a problem from State to State, that is an overarching federal problem. A U.S. federal problem that involves the CIA which the FBI refuses to do anything about. It is not just citizens who have been involved in harming me and my son, it has been U.S. government officials and persons. The FBI is supposed to investigate this kind of thing but someone finds it "too interesting" and has been blocking my valid report of my son being kidnapped, and my repeated false arrests and hostage situation promoted in the U.S. in order to further abuse and experimentation and torture of me and my son. What happened at the bus station this morning, was the smallest fraction of an idea of what is happening to me and my son. When I was leaving the 8th floor, I got into the elevator and someone had some kind of technology with him that made my nose twitch when I wasn't stressed, or it was voodoo aura and there were only 2 men there. I first went down to the Ground floor, where 3 white men in suits stood looking at me in shock and then an Eastern Indian man and a black man in a purple shirt got on at about 9:18 or earlier. When the black man got off on the 12th floor it quit and then the Indian man got off on the 14th floor and then I went back down to the Ground floor and this was when the security man told me to give my badge back. But no, I still have it with me and will use it to prove what I've written is true. Also, some of the technology has been proximity related and than some of it has been laser technology. My son and I have not only been assaulted with ultrasound and handheld equipment, or devices small enough for someone to carry, we have both been assaulted frequently with medications and biological things as well as with high technology laser. When I have been medicated without my consent, I had my blood being sent to Virginia, or results shared with Virginia. I have seen horrible things happen to my own son, but for my own testimony I am able to report use of interrogation (under influence and not), surveillance, ultrasound, laser, smaller devices that harm, hypnosis, and other instruments conducive to mind control and psychic and medical research. I have also been observed, along with my son, and had notes taken for documentation of our interactions and behavior for clinical reasons of interest to U.S. government and military personnel. And, it does not exclude some participation of others who are outside of the U.S.

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