Sunday, March 13, 2011

Laser burns on my hand, kidnapping of my son, & Cuba's prisoner

Yesterday I had no problems my first shift. Second shift, something was going on, off and on, while I was at work. It didn't have anything to do with my mental state, because I carried on with work. But off and on someone was using technology to basically burn me and then it was off and on the whole shift until about a half hour to an hour before I was leaving, and I became extremely cold after it was quit.

I got back to the place and looked at my legs and feet. My hands, lower legs, and feet were blue and had spots like bruising. I asked for soap because I wanted to see if some of it was from the dye from my jeans. So some of it was from denim dye but a lot of it was not.

It was the worst I've seen and enough to warrant going to the hospital but I didn't go. Who would? after what I was put through last time with Vanderbilt hospital?

Then this morning I got up and everything was fine until I was at the Quaker church. Of all things. I went down to the basement where they had a small class and almost a few minutes after I sat, the same burning thing started up and then it quit. It lasted for at least a half hour and I felt more and more tired and exhausted. I don't know who or where exactly it was coming from.

At work, at my shift, I did notice at one point that it was occuring when I stood at the end of the bar waiting for drinks. So instead of standing there, I stood to the side and then I had this odd moment where one of the workers came over and was trying to get me to stand at the bar. I don't know if it was done through transfer between a couple of parties or what, but standing to the side, I wasn't being burned. What I found strange was that this person monitored where I was standing at all. He wasn't a manager. He's a host. And he had just said something to me about how I should learn to say "Excuse me" because "It might save your life." I like him personally, and don't dislike anyone and wouldn't assume anything. But I am trying to figure out why this continues to happen and who is behind it. I cannot and do not assume he had anything to do with it, but I take notice of all things, and it is true that this is happening.

But at the Quaker church it was shocking because Quakers are for peace and anyone doing this to me is not a real Quaker.

I somehow, inbetween all of this, left my phone somewhere or had it stolen, just this morning. And people knew that I didn't have it and so I question why they didn't bother to tell me where it was.

I walked back to the gym this morning and got on the phone and it happened again while I was on the telephone. And this time, a perfectly round red dot appeared on my hand. It's not a skin problem either. It appeared within a minute and followed another round burn mark that was circular and about the same size which had appeared on the same hand earlier.

It looks like the same kind of burn mark I found on my son when we lived in East Wenatchee and I took him to the doctor and the doctor said he couldn't explain it. It was perfectly round and under his diaper where nothing could possibly touch him and I had my eyes on him all times as all neighbors and all witnesses knew. I didn't smoke and had never tried smoking then and there was nothing around that could have possibly touched him and done this. But it was like a perfectly round spot of a sunburn and then it actually peeled off, the top layer of skin, in one piece, like a sunburn would. I thought then, "It looks like something from a laser of some kind".

This was before my son was taken from me, while people were trying to say I was crazy when I wasn't and when horrible things were happening to me and my son. And people were covering up for what was going on (they still are).

The spots are only on exposed parts of my hand (parts not covered up).
I read different news today. I read news about Japan and other matters, and then about a 15 year sentence given to a man who is from the U.S. in Cuba. I will write about this in the next post.

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