Monday, March 21, 2011

"Odyssey Dawn" and Oliver Garrett

This is supposedly the name for the Operation in Libya.

How about an Odyssey Dawn for Oliver Garrett.

How about releasing him after he's been held hostage through a cover of fraud.

I want my son back and I want an investigation of the facts to be done NOW.

I just put up some facts on my last post, which make it clear that it was U.S. and Canadian officials that colluded to deliberately kidnap my son from me and then tried to make it look legal by covering it with a CPS case.

I find it ludicrous that I am still being used and it's no point in trying to hide it, but this fact of my son's kidnapping is being ignored.

It's simple.

It's straightforward. My son is a victim of crime by State officials.

What you can do to remedy this is to take a few notes, ask a few questions, open an investigation by requesting certain documents and that's it. The facts will square with my testimony and then it will be mandatory to return my son to me.

I also want to know what's going on with my passport processing.

I have every legal right to have crime investigated, because if it is TRUE that government officials colluded to set me for crimes, with the motive of taking my son from me, anyway they thought they could, then I also have the right to call the CPS a cover and fraud and it was. More lying was done on my CPS case than was ever done among the Russian 11 spies in America.

I have CPS workers Donna Titleman and Donita Weddle, jerking me around on the most simple things, after they were involved in kidnapping of my child or persons who were involved in this. They have stalled for an entire week on sending me a simple document that simply states I receive disability for migraine. They decided it would be fun for them to stall when I said I could use it for a discount on a bus pass.

Why in the world do they think they have room to jerk me around on ANYTHING after what has been done?

Donna Titleman is a liar. And no, she's not Catholic. She's Jewish. And she lied in the last Fair Hearing about me, more than anyone else did and she is the supervisor for social services. I had evidence to even prove she had lied and perjured herself but then most of my documentation was stolen.

I need people to come forward to give me information about people responsible. I mean, really responsible for directing most of what is going on. I still haven't looked at wikileaks and I know there is something there. But I need people to come forward for my son. If not for me, for my son and don't think someone lying and saying keeping this a secret is in a greater interest. That is a lie. It is in the greater good and interest to have people held accountable and clean up the system. It serves the greater interests of many to have someone who is actually willing to tell the truth (me) in a position of validation, and believed, so that I am able to do more good for others.

Yes, I am thinking about my son first, but what is allowed to happen to him and me affects my ability to get credibility for other issues I might vouch for or want to talk about or write about.

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