Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peace Machine Dream

I had a small fragment of a dream this morning.

It was like I was at the bread machine, at this dial with an arrow but instead of the machine being bread it was nuclear energy.

It started to build up, and build up, and something was just festering under the surface and then I went over and turned the dial and I didn't know what I was turning it to until I stopped and it said: Peace.

Then I woke up.

When I turned it to peace, it was set and the pressure building up in the machine stopped.

It was a super short dream, just a fragment.

And that's the only thing I remember dreaming at all. I woke up then and thought about it right away so I was able to remember it.

I didn't see any other words in the dream. It wasn't like there were words all around the dial. It was just turned one way and then I ran over and turned the dial and the place where it was stopped or not ticking or whatever, was Peace.

It was like my bread machine at work, which has a timer, but in the dream it was a nuclear machine and had a peace dial.

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