Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tanesha Canzeter News

This is the lawyer the State appointed to me for appeal and right from the start I knew something was wrong with her. I didn't feel I had any options though, so against my hunches and gut instinct, I didn't request someone else. I figured it really doesn't matter who they appoint, all of them are bad.

My experience with public defenders in Washington state is that they are paid BY the State and they work for the best interests of keeping their jobs WITH the State.

I have been accused of being the problem, by even these lawyers, and instead of putting out my own defense, I allowed them to say terrible things about me and accuse me of being picky or "not liking any of us".

I don't like any of them when the ones I've had have all done favors for others and for special interests. So no, I don't like you for not doing your job.

The entire thing is a joke, when I am fighting a case that is fraudulent on its face.

So I got Tanesha and in 1 year, she has ignored almost all of my email, and didn't communicate with me as she should have, about the case.

She wanted to withdraw after stalling out the deadline and my son's statute of limitations for any lawsuit he might have against others.

I thought, "Even though I know she wrote some of her email to me with the clear idea that I might file some of it, and even though she worded it to make me look bad, it is in my best interests to put all of it into the record in my defense to show her lack of communication with her client so I am not accused of being "picky"."

My problem has been in not being able to file anything in my own defense, not even having money to do so, and in my lawyer's blocking me from filing anything.

This time, I am filing everything I have from Tanesha Canzater.

I feel this is the most protective thing that I could do and I am going to go back and do this on all of the lawyers I've had for this CPS case.

I will just include it with a motion about insufficient and negligent representation. With ALL of them, start to finish and how I was also blocked from having representation for 1 year and that the State should be willing to pay for a lawyer of my choice at this point.

I'm just going to file everything I have and make my case, in my "response" to Canzater's request to withdraw.

At least, to put something in the file showing what I have been up against and how this entire thing has been a sham.

Justin Titus wanted to sleep with me and when I showed no interest, I guess he settled for keeping his job with the Catholic firm he was with and defaming me for the interests of the Middleton fans. Again, nothing against her, but I have everything against those who have done some very bizarre things to me and my son, out of some kind of irrational fear that I was interfering or a problem in some way.

I think Wenatchee had this idea from someone that if I wasn't with my fiance, I was going to come in and hook up with a man there. I'm sure things might have gone my way if I had. But no, I went to Wenatchee to get my son. Not even knowing that all I had to say was:

He was kidnapped.


And I have been grossly defamed and set up more than once. And both my son and I have been tortured and I'm going to start laying out some gross details and suspects if something isn't done and I can finger people who work in U.S. positions too.

Stop blackmailing my family.

And if you think someone has said something to me, no one has. Everyone denies any suggestion I make about it. But somebody, I guess, forgot that I am a little bit intuitive.

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