Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bad vibe (different things) & the purple

In the last couple of days, I have noticed a sad or bad vibe in the morning and then at night but not throughout the day. I think it has to do with someone I know and it's not moodiness for me either.

Also, I was in a good mood and then got a bad feeling and the next thing I knew, someone started up the technology stuff. So I think I was sensing someone bad getting close. I am at the library and everything was fine until I was at one spot and other people moved in and then I moved and no problems again.

Basically, no problems on the first floor with anything and then I went to computer #9 and I was sitting there and then got a bad feeling, about someone who was not a good person being close and this feeling came up before anything to do with technology started.

So it was intuitive. I sensed evil.

In general, there ...

I think someone is trying to have me intuit info on P. William or something. I figured out someone already figured out the tie I saw was Williams. I wasn't going to say but then I realized I had accidentally written I hadn't wanted to look up "the article" and that narrows things down to someone who is featured in articles.

So I kicked myself over it last night when I realized and when all these people came into my workplace wearing purple and grinning. Or some of them smirking. (will describe in a minute)

I made another unconscious mistake of wearing this black shirt that looks like one he wore in the chair photo where the homeless guy took it. I kid you not, I did not even register this similiarity at all when I grabbed the shirt.

I got it when I took a bag of clothing and shoes from this closet and I wear black under my workshirt and there were 2 there that were close to my size, a turtleneck and a different shirt with the loops and buttons like his shirt had.

I am only writing about it bc cat's already out of the bag on it, nothing big, just my faux pas. So anyway, I did NOT even think about how it was like his shirt.

What is weird is that I never thought about it at all until I was out of clean black shirts and then wore it under my workshirt and all of a sudden I was at work and looked at the sleeves and realized and thought, "Oh NO." So then I realized why maybe others were staring at me and the sleeves, and somehow I picked up on this but it didn't click until all of a sudden, I made the connection.

So then I was joking around..."Heh heh (cough), yeah, I feel like I'm representing that woman who killed all these people who were scientists...Amy whatever..." (who also had a shirt with the flaps in her mug). I played it off onto her.

I wore this black shirt again yesterday bc I just didn't have anything else to wear. So I was wearing it yesterday and then the day before yesterday.

It was the day before yesterday...Monday I think, that I asked to know what he was wearing, since I have "seen" things in connection with him (I think but not sure) in the past. I think it's mixed up though. So I saw purple. It was such a vivid purple I thought I can't imagine him wearing a whole shirt in that color purple. So I doubted it was right.

Then, at the end of the day, this man who I think was former military or something came in and was wearing a jacket that was cream or light beige and had those flaps on the top (shoulder) and then a purple shirt. I hadn't seen the photo yet, of kate and william, but I only commented on his purple shirt. He wasn't wearing the same shade of purple I saw though. The military man wasn't wearing the exact shade. But I thought, "someone guessed". And then later I randomly came across this photo that was next to a headline which said, "kate and william visit northern ireland" and I didn't see a date but I saw his tie and it was the exact same purple I had seen. So then I was shocked. That I had seen this purple and then too I saw just the top of Kate's jacket (from a small photo bc I didn't want to read the article or know dates or anything...too freaked out) and she had the flaps on her shoulders.

The man who came in with the same color jacket as kate's and with flaps came in on the same day I was wearing the black shirt with flaps on the sleeves. I don't know what else they are called. Loops? I think of them as flaps.

The color purple was the exact same thing I saw though, which is so weird. Because I asked God if he would show me, out of my simple curiosity and I got that color instantly. There was no waiting or anything. Usually I wait and focus or something, but it came the moment I asked and then I doubted it and wondered, "is this the whole shirt? or something in his environment that is this color?"

So very weird.

But maybe there was someone else out there that I have thought about it, in passing or have known, who was also wearing this on that day. How do I know?

I also saw the green glass next to Fergie and the tie color on the same day.

"Boggles the mind" is a phrase someone must use a lot (woman).

So the reason I thought about writing this is that "Australia" came to my mind this morning. I was on Pandora to check it out as my mother mentioned (I've been vetoing auto-selection stations for a long time but decided to try it again today) and was trying to think of passwords and Australia came up and I thought, "Why would I think about Australia?"

And then I got up the nerve to look up "english royalty news" and what came up was prince william and kate to tour australia. Maybe I got it for some other reason but australia wasn't on my mind for any reason.

I also realized yesterday, again, how Philip is from Denmark. I forget this sometimes and I had only made that connection about a year ago, after I had already had Denmark in my mind for some reason, years earlier, when my son was still with me and a baby. I then chose for one of my passwords something about danish tulips (I still have it but don't want to disclose the whole thing specifically but it mentions a number, and something denmark and something tulips). I chose this before my son was born.

Anyway, I really like the worship mix that Pandora is playing. It has a lot of my favorites this morning. Makes me think of my family.

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