Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Counselor Backs Out Of Counseling & Need Non-U.S. Lawyer

This counselor, Alice Christian, backed out.

I believe this is to prevent me from starting counseling and any documentation of damages associated with U.S. action/inaction.

I have requested counseling through member services of the YMCA for over 4 months. The director stalled on my request, ignored answering one of my questions for over 1 full month, and then stalled on setting me up with anyone. It has been unbelievable. Finally she said I was going to see Alice. So I said okay and this is the one who wanted to videotape and I decided this would be fine.

What was odd was that some other person wanted to watch it and remain unnamed, who worked with her.

I told her at the last meeting that I would be going over legal and government things and then I guess she relayed this information to someone else and today she told me she was only going to counsel me if I wanted to talk about "feelings."

I said I already understood she wasn't going to court for me and I didn't expect that, but she kept trying to say she didn't want to hear about legal issues or what is happening with government persons.

I told her, "I am not here to talk about my 'feelings' about a boyfriend or marriage, because that is not what I'm going through and I could care less. I am here to discuss and talk about what is helpful for ME to talk about, and I don't think you should be trying to dictate to your clients what they say."

But that's what she was trying to say today. I said, "A counselor does not tell the client what to talk about--they are supposed to be there to listen to whatever the client wants to talk about."

But no, she was telling me, all of a sudden, "I'm uncomfortable with that."

If she is uncomfortable with that, she is not going to be a counselor.

She said, in trying to explain, "If you want to talk about how you FEEL, and what emotions you're having and if you need help accepting your feelings, I can help you with that. If you want to talk about your work or personal relationships with that, I can talk about that with you."


But for some reason she, all of a sudden, cannot allow a person to express what the REAL problem is, which is WHY they would even have a need or wish to go to counseling in the first time.

Not only that, this is the second time she tried to get ME to quit and not go to counseling. The first time she tried to make payment an issue, and thought I wouldn't accept being videotaped but I said, no that's fine, let's just videotape and if you give me a copy I'll pay for it and I won't audiotape. I don't think she expected this. It was like she wanted me to show up, to make a show of offering counseling and then put out something to have me not go.

The only reason anyone wouldn't want me to have counseling is if they are worried it will work against people they are connected to. So I told her in the last meeting that I had no problem and where was the financial form. She looked sort of upset that I remembered to ask for it and then I filled it out and left it at the desk with the Y. Then she claimed today she didn't get it and so I couldn't get any discount but pay her money now and she would refund me later. I didn't protest but then she tried to say she was not going to allow me to talk about what I wanted to talk about. She wanted me to talk about normal things when my life is not normal.

After she kept going on and on and backed out of everything she AGREED to do, both in writing (email) with me and then in person, I cut her off. I wasn't going to argue with her. I said, "You have been a waste of time," got up, and left.

In my first meeting with her, I asked her a series of questions. A whole list and she asked me questions too. I felt fine with it and she asked why I wanted to do it at the end and I said, "Jury selection." She stared at me and I said, "What I mean by that, is that I need to know where you are coming from if I am divulging information to you. Some people think they are open-minded but often it is limited by their personal experiences. I will feel more comfortable if I think we are a good fit and that there is some understanding or commonality and it helps to know what your perspective is or how you might frame what I talk about."

I didn't have any issue with any of her answers really except for one. Actually, 2, but one was my fault because I should have had a second part to my question. One I should have followed up on was:

"If you had a choice to save your child or save 100 strangers instead, which would you choose?" She said it was hard because she would want to help others but she felt she might have to help her own child.

I had about 25-35 questions for her.

The one that I thought about was this: I asked her, "Do you believe in human experimentation and research on human subjects without their consent?" She said no, she didn't believe in experimenting on humans without their knowledge or consent but she supported research or experimentation with consent. She then told me she had a child who was in medical trials. I asked what for and she said he had Down's Syndrome. She said, "But anything we've done has been with consent and on the up-and-up."

So this sounded fine to me until I left and was thinking while I was walking, "How can someone with Down's Syndrome give consent to being experimented on?"

Which made me think that in a way, her frame of reference or values or belief system was that it might be okay for some people to make decisions for others. Her child who was in the medical trials and being experimented on, could he really "consent" to what was done? or was she making decisions for him?

Which made me think she might be the type of person to think it is okay for some who feel or believe they are "superior" or better educated or have higher position or interest, to use others who may be more vulnerable.

Which might mean she would be the type of person to think it's okay for others to experiment with me and my son.

Maybe this is why counselors don't want to counsel me.

I have, so far, had more brains and more integrity than any of them and I guess this is intimidating. That may sound conceited, but what else am I supposed to think?

All she really had to do was sit there. Sit there and listen, but she was "uncomfortable" doing this.

So I asked to talk to the main supervisor and went to an office where he or someone else was using some kind of technology while I was there.

It was a real joy.

I tried contacting Iran and Iranian people several times through 411 before going to the counseling. The 411 operators were all problematic and transfered me all over the place instead--to trucking companies and all kinds of crap. Even after they told me where they were sending me, they sent me other places. My purpose of contacting Iran, and I finally got a newspaper, was to find out who the lawyer was for the man who was held hostage by the CIA, basically, in AZ, and forced to work for the CIA while it appeared he was free.

I have tried to find different lawyers from the U.S. and they've either ignored me or not wanted to go against the U.S. government. My point was not to go "against" the U.S.., but to get someone to work with the good people who can get discovery and point out that my son was kidnapped and what laws have been broken. No U.S. attorney has been willing to do this.

So it seems to me that the only kind of lawyer that might be willing to obtain the discovery I need and prove things which may make some in the U.S. look bad, would be lawyers who have either defended Saddam Hussein or the man who was forced to work in Iran--that kind of thing. Who else is going to do it?

I have one man who I talked to, about some things but I haven't called him because as I was talking to him at the restaurant, someone did something with technology while I was there. So I wondered if it was him because no one else was around. I might call him up and talk to him, but I am not going to waste anymore time on "Justin Titus', Paul Cassel's, or Tanesha Canzaters'." They are not fighting for the truth, they are working for the State and are paid by the State.

There is no compromise.

Crime was committed and I am not compromising my integrity to appease U.S. and other criminals of the State. That includes anyone who works for the FBI or even people like Brad with the DEA, who just tried to defame me on the outset.

Brad knows Chris. Brad has a motive to lie, to protect others he knows. He didn't care if I was right or wrong, he lied like others have, to protect their own interests. I call that "corruption".

I told the Iranian guy, "I have met nice Iranians and not-very-nice ones. But I thought I would call to see if the one guy who helped the man in AZ could help me and my son."

It may be that I need to hire someone from a country that is adverse to the U.S. in order to get anywhere. I need someone who would ENJOY digging into the dirt and exposing these people who have done this to me and my son.

I have not found anyone like this, so far, who is a U.S. citizen. They all want to do favors for U.S. government so they get better jobs, favor, advantage, money, pats on the back, and they don't care what the truth is. I need someone who says:

Privilege, immunity, and Secrets of the State are not being given special consideration by me. I am pulling out your people, no matter who they work for, and I have no special allegiance to keep your secrets safe so you can continue torturing a mother and child.

I have been trying, for 3 years, to give someone in the U.S. a chance.

But they don't want to play straight.

They want me to concede and give them MY territory, and lie and nod and say I'm mentally ill and go along with what's been done. When I found out how many laws were broken and that the CPS case is a fraud, I think, no. Why would I give up my right to my good name, just to make a lot of other people happy when I have a right to my good name and my son has a right to not be tortured, just like I do?

I didn't offer myself up to be a sacrificial lamb for the U.S. and I certaintly never put my son on the altar to be slain.

If I am miserable being followed and tracked everywhere I go, mocked, falsely imprisoned, defamed, degraded, medicated, experimented on...Do I want the same thing for my own son? No. God does not want this for my son. God wants my son to be free.

And anything I can do, in my power, to set him free, I will do.

If someone gets satisfaction out of making the U.S. "look bad" then maybe it is time for some people in the U.S. to "look bad". I have given the U.S. chance after chance after chance.

The U.S. is greedy enough over me and my son, they would even try to bribe our lawyer not to take my case or to screw it up. I need someone who is above this...Who doesn't want money from the U.S.

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