Monday, March 21, 2011

Tanesha Canzeter's Wish For Stardom

This woman is unbelievable.

She was trying to screw me over from the first day and then she thanks me, at the end, for letting her do it.

Twice I caught her trying to work against me and attempting to entrap me to work for her own best interests.

I was onto her from the first day and yet with all the crappy attorneys I've had, who is really going to be better?

What I regret, is allowing her to have any part in the play, because that's all it was to her--play.

I am positive she had her own son in mind when she took this case. Screwing me over benefiting her own family and that is all she thought about.

When I say I "caught" her trying to set me up, I had my psychic 6th sense working for me on at least one occasion, when she attempting to blame me for not communicating.

This woman attempted to get me to put something in writing, hoping I would hastily argue against something and set myself up to her own benefit when she was to blame.

As soon as I got this, the hairs went up on my neck.

First she refused to obtain evidence and records she should have requested. Then she refused to fill me in on the case and stalled and didn't communicate with me. Then, I caught her trying to set me up to put myself at blame, in writing, for not communicating. That was recent and I realized exactly what she was doing and thought, "Oh my gosh. She is deliberately trying to get me to take heat for something she is to blame for and hoped I would put it in writing on my own. She is working against me."

And that's exactly what she was doing. Her next move was to try to get out of doing my case at all or, if she took it, to screw me over bad enough to lose all over again.

Without talking to me at all, she was trying to "appeal" my case in a way that reinforced the idea I was nuts. She wasn't trying to appeal by showing they had seriously screwed up. She was still wanting to do them a favor.

She also did small things, like try to call me at work to give me bad news, knowing it would disrupt my work, and when I had already told her by email not to contact me at work.

If she told anyone she was on my side, she was lying to them.

I can prove the entire case is a fraud, and I already have enough facts to prove that U.S. and Canadian parties colluded to premeditate kidnapping my son.

And then they tried to cover it up.

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