Monday, March 21, 2011

This Morning (crash & "equerry" & egg on axis): AG Withheld Evidence

I got all turned around this morning. Wanted to go to the library but forgot the library is closed on Monday. And then there was a fender bender 1/2 a block down (or less) right when I turned to look back. I looked, and BOOM! I thought I heard a crunch and then I didn't believe it because the cars kept moving. Then this homeless newspaper vendor told me it really was a wreck, involving 3 cars and they moved to pull over and get info. So then I am thinking, "Great. Someone is going to think I have the "evil eye" or something." I don't, obviously.

Something I forgot to write about yesterday was that I had this word come to my mind right in the middle of work. I was taking orders and moving back and forth in the kitchen, not thinking of anything at all except food and service. My mind wasn't wandering. This word "equerry" came to my mind out of nowhere. And I didn't know what an "equerry" was. So I asked a coworker and he said, "you mean INquiry?" and I said, "No. Equerry." I said, "What is an equerry?" He said "I don't know." I spelled it out for him. "I think it's e,q,u,e,r,r,y" So this other coworker said, "What is it? I'll look it up on my phone" and she did and I only read as far as "the senior attendant of horses." So then I walked by and said to him, "It's a horse attendant." Then the female coworker came up to me and said, "It's a senior attendant for horses and it's also a representative of the Royal Family." I said, "What do you mean, like it's the main servant or there are a lot of servants called equerries?" And she said, "I think it's like Queen Elizabeth's father, George, was an equerry." I said, "So it's the top person? and they're called an equerry?"

I still don't know yet bc I haven't looked up all the meanings. But I wrote down the time that the thought came to my mind. It was something like 12:45 or so. I wrote it down so I can look up exactly when. When I first had it come to mind I thought "lawyer" but then I said to myself, "No, that's an esquire, not equerry." Then I thought when I only got the horse part, "I wonder if someone is with horses right now" and then finally, "I have no idea why I had equerry to mind unless someone I am connected to was speaking about, with, or in reference to something to do with an equerry."

Last night I dreamed about my son again. I dreamed I went to pick him up. It was a really good dream.
I remembered, while seeing some ad with an egg on it, how I had an image awhile ago, of an egg on an axis of some kind. It looked like a museum store thing and it was sideways.

Like a ceramic or jeweled egg tipped to the side, suspended mid-air but with some kind of stand holding it this way--tipped to the side, on an axis of some kind of metal. The egg shape had some kind of mosaic and beveled style design near the bottom and that's all I could see for some reason, was the bottom part of the egg. It looked like a geometric design and had sort of like bands of this.

I can't remember right now if it was an image or a dream fragment. It may have been a dream fragment.
I sent an email to the AG in Wenatchee demanding they send me the evidence they have withheld from me for this case.

The whole "case" is a fraud as it is. It is a fraudulent case, begun to cover for crime. Period. However, even in their cover, they withheld evidence and have never turned it over to any public defender.

I'm sure the FBI knows all about it.


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