Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pain In My Son's Eyes Because of U.S.

I finally got photos of my own son after being refused any contact with him for all this time.

He is extremely thin, and he is smiling but there is no light or joy in his eyes anymore. It's a hesitant and forced smile and I can read him from looking at these photos.

My son has been miserable and is traumatized and it is the fault of the U.S.

There are good people in the U.S. and they have allowed the bad ones to take control.

If there is no one in the FBI that is going to investigate my report of my son's illegal kidnapping, if the good people that may be there cannot somehow get through, then this country is being controlled and run by assholes who are corrupt.

Mr. Mueller should take the primary responsibility for allowing others to obstruct justice.

In the U.S. I supposedly have a guaranteed right to access to the system, and the FBI is REQUIRED, by LAW, to take reports of crime.

They have, so far, BLOCKED me or attempted to block me from even making a report.

They have ruined my son and my son's future.

I will only be in the U.S. a few more months at most.

I'm leaving and I'm asking another country to help me file a complaint against the U.S.

I am also not going to hold back on reporting some things which have been happening lately, most recently, and on things I haven't reported yet, with regard to who was keeping me out of work and housing and then forced to live with people where I was tortured. I also have information on people who have tortured my son.

I am not going to wait around for all of the paperwork that I need, so people can stall further. I am leaving with whatever documentation I have currently, under grounds for political asylum and in order to find help for intervention for the protection of my son's rights.

My son, Oliver Garrett, has repeatedly told the U.S. he wants to live with his mother. The U.S. has beligerantly ignored his request and has refused to do what they are required to do, by law.

My son looks like a hostage. You can see it in his eyes.

His smile does not reach his eyes any longer.

My son is not happy.

Why should he be?

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