Thursday, March 10, 2011

Religious Discrimination & King's Hearings

Probably, more needs to be done about racial discrimination because I read in a local paper that only 12% of black graduating men in TN public school are literate or up to reading level. It was something astonishing. Where they were just being passed from grade to grade and not learning anything.

Then I read the article about King and the hearing on the radical Muslims. What he is thinking or saying may be true. It may be true that many mosques are run by radical Muslim men, perhaps, and it may also be true that they are not giving tips to the U.S. about anything.

However, it is also true that other parties which are connected to religious groups have done the exact same thing...been run by radical persons who are not giving tips to the U.S. about anything, with regard to other crimes and torture.

I read the CNN article about him and the upcoming hearings and then I also read the wiki page about him. He supported the IRA. Which the U.S. only later decided was a terrorist group--that is, American intelligence decided this later. They had all of the Protestant Irish terrorist groups on their list of "do not donate to" but they allowed Americans to freely donate and give money to, and support, the IRA.

From a personal history standpoint, in my family I heard more about free Ireland or right to independence than anything. I still remember feeling sorry for one side when I was a little girl and I remember a specific time when I said, "Why can't they have their own country?" I would also, to this day, support anyone who is unfairly imprisoned, no matter what side they are on.

I still wonder though, why I am personally having such an incredible time here in the U.S., since about the time I had problems with a monastery and sued a division of the Catholic church. I didn't have anyone ever defaming me before this. I was also never falsely accused of crime or reported to police for anything I didn't do, before this time.

So after so many problems, this is what led me to wonder what the U.S. intelligence, justice system, and law enforcement really looks like, on a demographic scale.

I've had people tell me more recently that Ireland's conflicts were not even about religion at all, but about politics but I haven't talked to a lot of the Irish there so I really don't know. I think it's amazing they have established some kind of peace and hope it continues.

But what I found, when I did the research, was that the U.S. has an incredibly high percentage of Roman Catholics and Jewish in these fields, especially in comparison with the average population scale. If you look at the U.S. Supreme Court now, every single judge there is Roman Catholic or Jewish. That's it.

I had earlier, before my son and I started experiencing violence and torture, also noticed that the intelligence fields are heavily scored with those in this group. And when it comes to law and the justice system, the same applies. In the State of Washington, where I was from, I was finding out that even the volunteer legal organizations were all being run by persons coming from these religious groups.

So I guess it would have been great for me and my son if I'd been Catholic or Jewish. I might have had a decent lawyer.

What is crazy to me is the kind of spin that even the media is putting on this, maybe because the power and plutocracy is increasingly controlled by these same groups--the spin is that there is no such thing as religious discrimination in the U.S.

I am a Protestant. If the system is run by good Protestants, Jewish, Catholic, Atheists, and Muslims all working together for good, why have my son and I been screwed over and tortured?
Why do I continue to find those who are in these fields covering up for their buddies?

Almost all of the high ranking intelligence officers and those in the justice system are Roman Catholic. This is not an assumption--it is a fact. Which on one hand, is a remarkable testimony to the fact that Catholics are getting ahead of the discrimination they may have faced themselves in the past. But now, who is being targeted?

In U.S.A. Today just a week or two ago, there was a little demographics chart, like a pie wheel or something, that said something about how over 50% of the majority in the House or Congress were Protestant. U.S.A. Today has no problem pointing out religious demographics with regard to a high percentage of Protestants, but why is the public kept ignorant about who is investigating, surveilling, prosecuting, and defending and making the laws in this country now?

The CIA and the FBI are predominantly being run by those who practice the Roman Catholic faith. And then, from what I hear, they get top intelligence from the Jewish community.

If the U.S. average population is 70% Protestant but the intel and justice system are 30% Protestant, this is a major power shift to a religious group that belongs to the same church. It may be that a hearing should be held on this, and how this is affecting the system and justice for others, if there is also a hearing on how radical Muslim leaders affect America.

It is not radical Muslim leaders who kidnapped MY son. I know for a fact that Al Quaeda did not set ME up in Canada, to be further terrorized and have my son abducted from me and then cover up the whole thing. I also know that it is not Muslim intelligence in the U.S. system, or justice system, that tied up CPS to cover for crime.

A kidnapping has occured, public corruption has occured, fraud, collusion, torture, and I have been falsely arrested a number of times and defamed.

WHO are the terrorists?

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