Sunday, March 20, 2011

Corruption in America & CIA Violence Against My Son

This country is corrupt.

The people who are running the intelligence, it seems, are most corrupt.

My son and I are being tortured and the CIA knows exactly what is going on. They have paid to have my son tortured, to try to make him into a psychic research project.

This still happens. Research on human subjects occurs and children are still used, and the craziest thing is that I am coming to terms with the fact that my son is one of the victims.

I am being used as well.

I can give a long list of the names of people involved and what horrific things they've done and how they are connected, directly or indirectly, to the CIA.

The CIA is responsible and the FBI is fucking up intentionally, at orders of others whose only ability to try to keep it confidential is to malign me and claim I am crazy.

They have allowed total gangsters to assault us, and have provided access to others to my son and then pulled on strings with other government and Department of State officials in order to accomplish their goals.

My aunt and uncle have been blackmailed and it would not be hard to blackmail and intimidate them in order to gain access to my son. In Wenatchee, it is easy to be targeted and assaulted and punished and have nowhere to turn or go. The law enforcement there is completely corrupt and it doesn't matter if you claim to be Catholic, Christian, or Mormon. I have met corrupt law enforcement from all churches and so corrupt it seems church is just a cover.

My aunt and uncle do not own their own house. They have had it given to them for their use and it is all they have, and it goes along with work in an orchard.

My uncle is hispanic and it is possible that at some point, he was involved with some gang or intimidated by one, which provided the grounds and cause for blackmail.

Even though my aunt and uncle have worked against me, I heard the tone of their voices and somehow knew what was happening to my son was beyond the norm. And that there was blackmail involved in covering those who have accessed my son to use him as a punching bag for mafia and CIA.

The people I was being forced to live with were all involved in psychic work and they were subhuman. They discarded their consciences for their research.

These are sick people who are professionals and who have done professional work for the CIA, directly or indirectly.

The only reason getting my son has been "impossible" is because I have intelligence agency heads blocking me from access to justice and paving the way for their own projects.

"It's too late" doesn't just refer to me. It refers to the idea that the CIA decided my son was owned by them. My son, after going through what he has already gone through, has become a slave of the CIA. They invested in him and they do not want to drop their research project, not after all the lengths they've gone to.

I have, myself, been subjected to medication without my consent, to drugs that made me unaware of my surroundings, to hypnosis, to torture with technology. I have also been effectively held hostage where I was forced to live with individuals who did these things to me by being forced out of all normal housing, work, unemployment, and any kind of money that would allow me to get myself out of the situation.

The CIA used government officials in Washington state to acheive this condition.

The CIA is also responsible for perpetuating the myth that I am mentally ill, because it is the only way they can protect their projects with state denial of my allegations of torture, abuse, and use. They used doctors they knew and are connected with, to take my blood and send analysis to Virginia, in the last several years and had people in place to say I was crazy to try to keep me from getting help.

They also put people in place even when I have tried to donate blood for the Red Cross, who were from VA and isolating my blood donations from the rest. I have been subjected to mental and psychological torture and also to interrogation.

The CIA kidnapped my son.

They were only going to let go by some kind of negotiation and deal with Colombia or Canada or if I was "in" with them or of use to them in some other capacity.

Otherwise, if I didn't stay with Alvaro, they were going ahead with their plans to use me and use my son for inhuman, cruel, and degrading treatment and projects.

All of the people I was forced to be with were either practicing their psychic ability on me and my son, through CIA or Army and other military directive and gangs were allowed access to my son and to me, for purposes of torture and abuse, to then be used for this research.

They are making money off of me and my son.

Their main form of trying to keep this under wraps is to make it appear that there is just a game but no one is really being harmed. And to use mental illness as an excuse for carrying out their project.

My son is a ward of the State, abused by gang members and police, and is a slave to the CIA. He has been treated as property of the U.S. government.

What is conducive to this research is the fact that I have enemies for other reasons, who think this is great. If someone has come up with a government-sanctioned excuse for abusing us, that works out for them. If I am discredited, it benefits those I ever wanted to sue.

I feel this is only possible in an environment where people who say they are Christians are not really Christians. It is like church has become this club and I see people singing the songs and going, and then I am shocked at what other things they do. There are sincere Christians, but the pure form of it, what is genuine, is incompatible with the kind of games played against me and my son.

You cannot be a Christian and follow Christ or the commandments of the gospel and go along with this at the same time.

It is oil and water and they do not mix. It is light and darkness. "What fellowship can light have with the dark?" "I would that you would be either hot or cold because the lukewarm I will spit out of my mouth."

It is impossible to have fellowship with Christ and lie to protect abusers of a child at the same time. If the Spirit of Christ is within a person, if they are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, it will be impossible for them to allow torture of a child and impossible for them to lie about the mother being mentally ill as an attempt to allow this behavior to flourish.

What is most shocking to me is when Christians go along with it, but there have been Jewish involved and others, even Muslims or other faiths as well, who have been willing or happy to pave the way for others, because they have their own reasons for wanting me to sound crazy or to want me "out of the way".

Different people have contributed for different reasons.

The CIA has known how gangs can be relied upon to inflict physical torture on even a child and how they can be manipulated to think they are only serving their own interests. And they know how to make the most of Jewish intel. I do not believe the Jewish community is on my side at all. If they were, none of these things could have ever happened to my son. They allowed these things to happen, and for my son to be sacrificed for their own reasons. Even if they are not originally the problem, I feel they have enough power and knowledge to where they could have made a difference and informed me about what is going on and they haven't. Why not? How do some of them benefit from keeping this information from me and allowing this to happen to my son? I've met too many of them. Too many for them to not know and they are not Catholic and I never sued any of them so why do they want to align themselves with others who keep me down? There are even a few Muslims or others from other groups that have worked against me and why? for whom and what is the objective other than to be paid off and muddle what the real issues are?

Last night after writing about use of technology and how this needs to be identified and exposed, I was tortured during chapel where there was a very serious incident that put my entire body into shock. I almost had to call ER but I didn't, for the sole reason that I knew someone would use it as an excuse to put me in a mental ward again.

After having some problems a couple of times at the library, I had moved to another location and nothing was going on and then no problems. Then I was at chapel and sitting and no problem at first and then, an intense heating and my lower back and pelvis began to hurt and this was while this church group was singing worship songs.

There was a missionary from Africa who seemed okay, but something struck me as being "off" about 1 or more of the worship leaders. I didn't sense they were really sincere Christians. They were from Parkway Baptist, I was told this morning.

While I sat there, I had something really horrible happening and when I got up to leave, because my back was hurting so bad, I then had my body going into shock. I put my hands under hot water because I had become instantly cold and as I did this, they started turning grey-white-blue. My whole hand, both of them.

And then my entire body began to shake with cold. I was in almost convulsions with severe chill.

It was laser or ultrasound of some kind. When I got up and left the location of where I was being targeted, I went from the pain and technology heat to chills.

And then I noticed no one from the staff bothered to go back to check on me even though they had been watching me closely the whole time I was sitting there in chapel. Some of them knew. There is something weird about this shelter. They have a medical clinic connected to it next door and I've wondered sometimes if it's partly sponsored by Oak Ridge.

Theere are staff there that make observations and have done some questionable things, or been a part of the research interest.

I do not have a medical condition of any kind. There is no reason for this to happen other than induction because of technology.

When I left, this Jewish woman entered the room staring at me. She has been around when I've ingested something there that caused bleeding before.

I was in the shower for over 3 hours, shivering. And then at one point I almost had a seizure onset. It is the first time I've had this happen in awhile, but I started having the symptom of drooling.

Someone had done something to me that put my body into shock and almost triggered a seizure.

I had to put my head down and stay calm. The sick thing is that there were women there who knew what was going on and wondering what I was going to do.

Fuck You.

Fuck the CIA and Fuck You who go along with any of this.

I noticed with the worship group that they had to be connected to either Steve Mays or to the man from Morocco. I will explain later.

I was in the shower the entire time and then got out and went to bed. I got up at one point because I had a headache and the staff was waiting for me and then when I went downstairs, someone in a long white SUV drove past and excitedly, that I had gone downstairs at the time they hoped and expected.

It is sick.

What is being done to me and my son is sick.

And some who just laugh and don't understand the worst of it, who think it's all a game and fun, they don't understand that they are encouraging and furthering support of heinous crimes.

I was forced to live with people who tortured me and tried to test their psychic abilities on me. They systematically tortured me with use of technology and then interrogated me to find out if they were close to reading my mind or understanding what I was thinking. I can give a lot of specific examples.

My son had worse happen to him. He suffered more than I did. Because he could not speak for himself.

My son had his fingers cut at the base, was poisoned with permanent solution that he was made to swallow, had men punching him in the face, was forced to repeat and learn ideas that he didn't want to learn, had someone confusing him intentionally about numbers even though he already knew them in order--he had someone coach him to say the numbers wrong and things like this, was forced to repeat words in languages that are not English, was locked in closets and restrained, has been subjected to technological torture that turned his extremities (including his penis) blue, had a man cut off a piece of skin from his face where a spot from his versicolor showed up (which Wenatchee doctors claimed was impossible he had). My son has been coached to say the Queen's car broke down on the same day Queen Elizabeth's car broke down and she had to get a ride in a police car. He was coached to tell me over the phone not to go to the "cloudy mountain" over and over, he kept talking about not going to the cloudy mountain and then I go tothe Episcopal service where the next message was specifically about "the cloudy mountain" and that's how it was worded: "cloudy mountain."

My aunt and uncle have covered for what has happened because they are trapped just like the man from Iran was. They cannot say any of it is true because they have been blackmailed and this is perfect for the CIA and the gangsters who have had access to my son.

Not only are kids being tortured, for the furtherment of adult interests, in Wenatchee they were using animals. There were animals, dogs and cats, that were being used for research.

It sounds unbelievable but I am not kidding. It was the saddest thing. People were even allowing their animals to be used for this, their personal pets.

I need to describe some of the hideous things that have been done in better detail.

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