Monday, March 28, 2011

Race to Space & Patent Idea

Someone just deleted everything I just wrote. It said there was a conflict in editing. Anyway, I was writing that I'm ru, oh never mind. deleting post until further notice to maybe write about it later. I am wondering though, I have this big spot on my jeans and I was thinking that while I'm being targeted with technology, what is needed is something that will turn color when a person is targeted. I had a mustard stain on my pants and something else came into contact and it turned purplish and looks terrible. I tried to wash it out and it won't wash out. I thought, "What a great idea...for proving crime... Some kind of substance that may be applied to the clothing of a person and if some kind of technology reaches that person, the substance changes color. It would be a way to capture criminals who are using the latest techniques to faciliatate their crimes of assault and violence. All you would need is a witness to say, "____ said he was going to do this and he did and this is what he used." How does the prosecutor prove it was carried out, other than with the testimony of the victim? if there is something on the clothing that changes color it is a clear indication that something has occured. Maybe someone has already developed something like this. It's around the corner now if it wasn't before and no longer will any kind of criminal get away with the "invisible crime". Comin' to Getcha.

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