Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

I think this is the one. I think I have grounds for addressing my complaint through more than one channel, one for rights violations, but also I am able to submit something about torture and degrading treatment of both me and my son.

I am giving the U.S. a reasonable amount of time to respond to my reports and then I am making my complaint to the UN.

I expect crime to be investigated as such, in my own country of birth.

I will also make a separate report on behalf of my son Oliver Garrett. The UN looks at the reports separately, I think.

I would like to find someone to help with this but I'm waiting.

I just saw that the treaty for Convention Against Torture was put into law in 1984, and that's the penny I picked up last night and kept.

Someone dropped a coin and I heard it and who cares but I thought, "I should go back and find out what date is on that coin." It was 1984. I was trying to think if this was someone's birthday because I don't know what the date would mean to my life and then I looked up the individual UN provisions, and this one was put into law in 1984.

This provisional law would compel others to investigate if it is being refused on a domestic level. It also allows others (outsiders, others from other countries, within the U.S., anyone with information) to add evidence they may have and possibly it could be done with some confidentiality and protection for the person providing information.

I am going to appear in person, wherever the international court is heard.

I am going to read as many of the cases filed as I can to see how they are written. I found one on a website called "" which is the first one I've come across. It does not sound very different from what my son and I have been through except no one has died. It is from Sri Lanka about a mother and the disruption of her family life when they were targeted by corrupt public officials and then the inaction by the country to protect them or investigate.

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