Friday, March 18, 2011

technology problems and request for information

Basically, no one has been rude today but I had someone all morning, using technology on me while I was at work.

And yes, it's real and there was nothing when I left the restaurant. Nothing was happening at all. At work it was off and on but mainly happening when I was stationary in the back where people are clustered or gathered. Then once, in the back when I was inbetween persons or parties.

My mother said she was sure I "felt" these things, but that it was a spiritual attack or physical. It's neither. I tried to explain to her what it is like to run into an electric fence.

It's not something normal that anyone could explain. You know it's not just a normal physical thing or problem, and it's obvious by the sensation that it is from technology. But how do you describe something that others cannot see or have not experienced themselves?

And again, why did it only quit when I was with the man from Colombia?

Someone negotiated a deal.

And my son and I, or at least I, while with him, was not being targeted.

I told my mother another trait of this violence against me and my son, and what has happened to us, is that it has been location specific.

It specifically has occured while in specific locations and without any other variance.

I do know about psychic "attacks" where most would say it's impossible or unlikely. But honestly, those who are really psychic do know it's possible and not pseudo-science. The governments around the world do not pay billions for research of quack-science. They are only interested in what they might be able to "use". So it's real. But even I never really thought about it much until I started learning to discern the difference between psychic warfare, technology, and then just normal stuff.

There is a difference.

What I also notice is that some of the people who are around me when it happens, are even okay with trying to make themselves or a number of others look suspicious, to cast a wider net of doubt as to the source.

I said to my mother, "This is violence and crime. Can you imagine if I could prove it and what it was? People would be going to jail."

She tried to say if someone wants to get rid of someone they just bump them off. That's not necessarily true.

Many people do not want the "heat" of leaving a murder behind. If people can use technology that doesn't show scars all the time or where evidence is difficult to detect, they will use this to avoid jail.

If the technology is out there, as it is, who would be stupid enough to commit a visible crime if they think they can get away with one that is "invisible" and doesn't leave marks and is hard to trace to the person?

If someone comes forward about these crimes, if they feel prompted to do so, they will probably have to tell me directly somehow. I don't know who to trust because when the FBI is colluding to cover for crimes, or not even wanting to reveal their own FOIA or has a motive to defame me, I can't say I know who to trust.

I need someone to give me the information directly somehow, so no one else has an excuse to bury it.

However, if someone came to me or sent me a note or information somehow and it described what it was and who was a part of it, I would hesitate to believe unless someone had specific detail of what exactly. What form of technology and what is the instrument used, and who is doing this and why, if known.

At this point, I think this information is so dangerous, that people who are already corruptible or who have taken bribes or tried to protect their own families or country, or whatever...someone would put themself at risk to tell me.

But I'm asking someone to do it. To put their own life at risk. And I ask because many more people would be caught and held accountable and society would be safer.

The only problem I have had, is trying to figure out how I could get this information and do my own study on it (if it's not classified as top secret with top clearance, or with an underground omerta), without this person immediately making a sacrifice. I wonder how someone could tell me or write to me or somehow leave something for me, to let me know.

I am constantly watched and this is the truth. All of my conversations have been monitored and I can't even get normal telecommunications half of the time. I have people monitoring every penny I receive and how much I spend and even keeping track, and that is how bad it is.

If someone did their part, in somehow getting me the information, I will do my part to bring the persons responsible to justice, regardless of who they are and what their positions may be.

I'm very serious about this. I do not just want the kidnapping of my son investigated as the crime it is, I want persons who continue to do these things and use blackmailing of others and intimidation, to harm...I want these persons held responsible. Even if it's too big or seems impossible for others to be held accountable, I will do my own part with my testimony and try.

I was even thinking about the Ukraine brothers and wondering how they must have known what was happening to me the one day in church and why, if they are christian and missionaries, why wouldn't they report it to someone? It's like someone is going along with a lot of stuff.

The other thing that's concerning, is this power in wrong hands. This affects not just me and my son but imagine the possibilities? someone could place a bet on a winner in a game or team or sport and use technology to try to make the other one lose so that the bet winnings go to one person over the other. Someone could die of heart complications and it looks like a freak accident but it's not. Or their training hampered by use of technology that makes them tired all the time and causes pain.

I imagine this kind of "invisible" power is important to military but also, it is through military and other production of weapons, that things get onto the black market. No normal person is going to the gun store or technology store to buy something that is for harming people without a trace. It's not going to be readily available to the common person unless they are trusted enough and have passed some kind of test so they will never tell, or they are sufficiently blackmailed through their own participation that it's secure they will never share a detail.

My son and I should not be tortured. I have never tortured anyone and never paid anyone to torture someone, or advocated for any kind of use of this.

The FBI should investigate my facts about the kidnapping of my son, irregardless of plausible motives or not.

As for the other use of technology, I do not know that the person trying to help me with this will be coming from the FBI. I tend to think they would not be with the FBI at all. But my son and I need the help and it's important to break this cycle now.

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