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Evidence of Roman Catholic Collusion (U.S. & Canada)

I am going to describe some of the things that happened for kidnapping my son.

I have been harassed and defamed ever since I sued entities of the Catholic church. This is a fact.

I was also never on the Jewish good side, for many, when I reported a beloved Rabbi about taxes. The Catholics and Jewish both didn't want me to attract any good attention, and have done whatever is possible to prevent me from having any kind of boyfriend or position of note.

If Protestants have defamed me, it was on the heels of other defamation. It also usually occured not because of any religious perceived threat or threat to a country, but if they felt a business they were partly in charge of, might be sued (for example--medical malpractice).

I will say this, as I said to my own mother: "I think there is more in common with truly sincere spirit-filled Protestants and Catholics than there is with Protestants who are not in touch with the holy spirit and Protestants that are."

This said, while a lot of what paved the way occured because of people in specific groups, there have also been a few stand-outs. For example, I remember being at the Canadian border and forced to sign something when I had done nothing wrong. One Canadian border patrol threatened me with jail and the other one, who looked more French or Italian and was Catholic, was the one to tell him (the big blond saxon "brute") to back off.

Jewish have mocked me and marginalized me and done things within their power to humiliate me and have relished in my looking ridiculous. Maybe not all, but several. I had some of them trying to set me up in D.C. and I also had a few trying to use me. I intuited they were specifically concerned that I was drawing attention of someone from the Royal family, at least at one point.

I feel it must be that Catholics also were concerned at some point, and then went out of their way to support anything that would keep Middleton secure in her role, as she would be more advantageous to them.

Now, I have people saying I might not be "important" enough to be tortured. I beg to differ.

My son and I have both been tortured. And my son was kidnapped and it was not possible without specific Roman Catholics who were also government workers, colluding together to do this.

I kept wondering why the FBI has defamed me and put my life and my son's life in danger. Maybe for the same reason they don't really hire many Muslims and this country is advocating the torture of prisoners in Cuba. The intelligence community in the U.S. is run by Catholics or those who are affiliated. Even if the U.S. is supposedly "Protestant" mainly, many of these so-called Protestants are only Protestant in name. They are no credit to the faith at all. They are a disgrace. I apologize, on their behalf, for them, for sometimes being frauds and sometimes being ignorant of the damage they do on their own. Not that I'm perfect. I swear here and there and have issues here and there, but inside, God knows my heart is sincere.

Then in the intelligence, it is filled with mainly Catholics. Catholics who have the help of the Jewish intel.

I kept wondering why the FBI is being blocked and wondered who is in charge and who is at the top. Ultimately it's Mueller. Robert Mueller.

When I called to find out who was in charge of Public Corruption units, it was mainly Catholics. Then I had always thought Mueller was Protestant but I'm discovering, or realized, that Episcopals are close enough to unity with Roman Catholicism, I've been told if you're Catholic, you can go to an Episcopal church and it's okay. So basically, Mueller is in communion with the Catholic church.

Why does it matter?

If I start making a list of who has been responsible for screwing me over and ruining my life and my son's life, it's Catholics. And this is who set me up in Canada and who kidnapped my son.

I was going to an Episcopal church over here because it was close and convenient and I did sense the holy spirit sometimes in church. However, I also had someone using technology against me a few times when I went to chapel or in church and not everyone in that congregation was very good. I liked a couple of the pastors too and thought they were sincere. But I cannot go to a church that is in communion with lies.

And it is not "truth" that has ruined my life and my son's life. It is lies: defamation and fraud and if Mueller is going to an Episcopal church and is the head of the FBI--after what I've seen, until I see a change and notice good coming from the FBI or from Catholics who have information they've been unwilling to share, I think I've been going to the wrong church.

I had thought Episcopal was sort of Protestant like Anglican, but it's not. It's more like Catholic.

It wasn't "All of Canada's" fault that what happened to me and my son happened. There are tons of great Canadians. It was Catholic Canadians that were there trying to set me up and who colluded to kidnap my son. They've had gangsters covering for this fact from the start.

1. I left for Canada legally with my son Oliver.

2. I was defamed by Catholic U.S. authorities who also got a few Protestants to say negative things for different self-interested reasons. Some of this defamation came directly from Catholics who are employed by the FBI.

3. I stayed at a women's shelter with my son first, in Canada. Women there, I discovered, who were Catholic, tried to report me to Canadian officials as being mentally ill when I said I was having a migraine and needed treatment. This occured in Penticton. I went to Penticton with close to $400 with me and initially told the border people I was going to be there 3 days or less, to look around. I had sufficient funds and assets with me to legally be in Canada for 3 days.

4. I entered Canada legally, with all proper papers and birth documents for me and my son. I stated how long I would be there and it was acceptable. We were there legally. I was the sole legal guardian and there was no paternal interest. I was recognized by The State of Washington as having sole legal custody of Oliver Garrett, and I was also recognized by The State of Washington and the U.S. as being the only legal guardian.

5. I had no lawsuits pending. I had no criminal or civil charges pending. I had been harassed by CPS but there was no investigation pending and nothing in the court system. There was no "Order of Protection" filed which is the only way the State may legally take a child, and there has to be strong supporting evidence to do this.

6. While I was in the ER in Penticton with my son, I gave a different name because I was trying to find help as the FBI in the U.S. had left my son and I open to false arrest, harassment, vandalism, and defamation and had refused to honor my legal request for FOIA. I didn't know I had given a different name to the RCMP, because she didn't state who she was and she wasn't dressed like an RCMP. She said I was going to be charged with "obstruction of justice" for giving a different name even though I finally admitted who I was and hadn't known I lied to an officer. It wasn't my willful intention to lie to an officer and I was not informed of who she was as SHE did not tell me.

7. I responded with, "I am here to get political asylum for myself and my son and this is why I lied, to keep my identity private until I reached the right people." I had sufficient cause to be there for political asylum when the authorities in my own country made my life a living @#!*% and disrespected all my rights. I was looking into moving to another country when I was first jailed on false charges for 14 days when I was pregnant with my son. It was a false arrest and so distressing, after all of the other surveillance and harassment, I began researching other options for a place to live with my son.

8. I was taken to RCMP police station in Penticton, B.C. The immigration official arrived and after what sounded like a flurry of communications with Washington State officials, told me that I was in Canada "illegally" if I didn't have "friends" to house me. I said to him, to ___, "What law am I violating?" I believe ___ was Catholic. Almost all of them were, who were involved.

____ said, "You don't have sufficient funds." However, he first admitted I was there legally and acted like they might help but he said I was "too old" for special consideration. With pressure from the U.S., he made up an excuse. He claimed I was violating a law in Canada's immigration law, because, he said, "You have insufficient funds." I said I wanted to see that law in writing. Which didn't make him very happy but then he brought me a book and I read it for myself. It didn't apply to me and I told him so. I said, "This doesn't apply to me. I am not here illegally because I came into Canada with sufficient funds for 3 days, just as I stated to the Canadian woman at the border. My 3 days are not yet over and I still have $300 with me right now." I told him that I was there legally and if my circumstances changed, which was possible, I would continue to be there legally.

He said that because I had been in the Pencticton ER, I did not have "sufficient funds" because I couldn't pay the bill. I stated it could be billed to me, like these kinds of bills were sent to ANYONE else.

I had broken no law, and I was in NO violation of any law. I was within the legal range.

He said, knowing that I was right, "I am going to ask you to leave voluntarily." He knew he had no grounds or cause to detain me or have me forced to leave so he wanted to make it look like I was leaving of my own free will and accord. I said, "And if I don't want to?"

His reply was: "I will arrest you for being here with insufficient funds."

He already knew he couldn't arrest me because I was not breaking any laws at that point. So he asked me to leave voluntarily.

9. I started to drive, with my son, back to the border. I prayed and was thinking what to do. I jumped out of my car at a library and looked something up on the computer about political asylum. I researched more cases, as quickly as I could and then I began to sob. I was being tortured, and then the same @#!*% , a few had followed me into Canada, and it was Catholics once again, disrupting my life. I knew my son could not bear separation from me and what it would do to him and I knew if I went to the border, Washington people would be there.

10. I pulled over to the side of the road and was getting my son's bottle. A man in an SUV pulled up behind me. It was Canadian border patrol. He was Catholic and told to follow me out of Canada. I didn't know that then, but I wondered. Then he said, when I was crying and in distress, it was too late to drive then and paid for a hotel.

I think this is where Canada and the U.S. knew they didn't have things lined up to be forcing me anywhere. And also, Canada was violating rules which state someone seeking political asylum is not forced to return to the country they are fleeing (UN charter).

11. He said his wife and him could house us and we were going to see a lawyer. So I said okay. I thought they were trying to help but now I think they were just stalling so Washington State could get their ducks in a row and write up something that "looked good" when they had nothing. He told me if I stayed with them, I was "with friends" and it was okay. So we stayed there and I set up medical appointments for my son, and other things. During this time, I was being cautioned about crossing the Catholic church, like I needed to drop it. I didn't know what he was talking about bc I had already dropped my lawsuits. Ironically, his wife, who was a traitor, watched the movie "Joan of Arc" the night before her Judas moment. She saw my son's warped toenails, which had become warped, literally, like mine, from the technology torture we endured in Wenatchee with NO help from the U.S.

12. I found out his sister was a social worker in Canada. I thought this was kind of weird too, and kept feeling like they were working for government in some capacity but I didn't know how.

13. If I had not stayed with them, if I hadn't been distraught, I had family in Canada I could have contacted but I was so upset I couldn't remember their names. One is a pastor. It is my Granny's sister's husband and their family.

14. I went to the lawyer, the Queen's Counsel man in Penticton or just outside of this area actually. I saw, when we went in, how he passed some other guy and they rolled eyes. They didn't think I noticed but I wondered if it was all a front, taking me to a lawyer. I talked to him and he said "You are in Canada legally. You have "friends" who house you and that is all that is required by Canadian law. Your circumstances changed." I said, "Even if they asked me to leave?" and he said, "Yes, because your circumstances changed." (and because I was never "ILLEGALLY" there to begin with.)

15. Then I started getting pressured to do something illegal. I felt like I was being set up or entrapped to commit some kind of misdemeanor. Like, "We're doing this for you so what are you going to do for US?" and saying paying them back wasn't enough and it was just weird. I felt he was acting like a cop that was trying to see if I offered to do something for him illegally.

16. I didn't do anything illegal. So then they said to answer an ad for a babysitter. I guess this was their way to have me look like I was doing something illegal. Seeking employment while a guest. However, it wasn't illegal to look. And I was interested in looking and finding out what had to be done to enable me to work legally.

17. I answered the ad and the woman told me her husband worked for the RCMP. Or brother. It was her husband or brother. And then she had a contract and said that she could get paperwork together to apply for me to work for her. So she was going to get back to me with details.

18. In the meantime, I felt something wasn't right. They had searched my car, my hosts, when I wasn't there, and I felt like they were trying to entrap me in something. So I started looking for a new "friend" for me and my son as we figured out what to do and I remained legal.

19. On the way back to the house where my son and I stayed, it was so dark and rainy I couldn't see while driving. So I slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. I walked over to the nearest hotel and asked the owner if I could use the phone to call my hosts and let them know I was coming back late bc of the weather (that night) or to get a ride. They couldn't help so this man said he would drive us back and we could pick up my car later. While we drove and talked, he offered to house me and my son in one of the hotel rooms. In our own room.

God had provided "friends". (at least I think so, unless that man was a betrayor of some kind)

20. I thought how lucky I was, to find a place and be covered under the same provision in Canadian law, and was so glad for my son. For Oliver, God was making a way. To me, it was like a miracle. But then I didn't realize that some people don't respect God at all, or the life and rights of a baby and mother.

21. I was going straight from "friends" to other "friends" where we would have our own place and I still had my $300 in my pocket.

22. He said the very next night we could move in.

23. I got back and was told that night that "It's not working out" and we couldn't stay with them anymore so they thought I should go back to Washington. Or go back into the U.S. through a different state. I said no, they are all connected and they probably have their protective order by now. When he said "It's not working out" I said, "That's okay, I found new 'friends'." He jerked his head and said "What?!" I said, "Someone else said we could stay with them so we already have a place to go.

There was no lapse. I was legally in Canada from the start.

24. On the night we were leaving, his wife, Karin, asked, "Where are you going?" and I said, "Wal-mart" until this hotel owner is home and then he said we could move in. So we left and an hour later I was arrested by RCMP at Wal-Mart, for being in Canada with "insufficient funds" I think. He said, "You were told to leave and you didn't" and I said, "My circumstances changed."
He said to tell it to a Judge.

25. Catholic Canadians arrested me and had me arrested because Washington @#!*% had put together what looked like a case they never had to begin with. I was legally in Canada and had never violated any laws. So the only way to kidnap my son from me was to falsely arrest me when Canadian authorities already knew I was there legally and when they deliberately colluded with Washington officials to stall to allow WA to fabricate something about me.

26. I was told my son and I would be separated for only a few minutes but I never saw my son again.

Canadian authorities had colluded with U.S. authorities to kidnap my son. The only way they could do it was to set me up and make it look like I was arrested for good cause. It was a lie and it was a lie to appease the U.S.

Everything that happened after this was to cover up for this breach of public trust. To cover for Public Corruption, Fraud, False Arrest, and Kidnapping. And my son has been a hostage of the U.S. ever since.

27. I was thrown into jail. I didn't sleep for 3 days. I wasn't allowed to have a pencil or anything to write with and I was told there would be no medical attention either and that this is only reserved for Canadian citizens, not anyone else. All I did was worry about my son.

28. My son suffered trauma and damage beyond repair which could have been prevented. It wasn't simple negligence, it was willful infliction of emotional distress. He was kidnapped from his mother.

29. I asked repeatedly to make a phone call. All they did was talk to the U.S. and they wouldn't let me talk to anyone. I said I wanted to call the Queen's Counsel I spoke to and they refused to let me use the phone for 3 days. It was a weekend and they had me leave a message and then cut me off from leaving my contact information. Someone in the Center hung up the phone before I could leave this and then I was told I had a plane waiting.

30. On the 3rd day I was told I was going to an Immigration Detention Center in Vancouver, B.C. They had me driven to an airport. Then I was flown on a chartered or private plane to Vancouver. I was asked what in the world was going on and what special interest did the U.S. have in me? They said no one had raised this kind of commotion ever, and not even murderers got the attention I had generated. They said, "Do you have a warrant out for your arrest?" and I said, "No." They said "Is there a father involved?" and I said, "No."

31. I was in the Immigration Center for a couple of days I think. They had us line up for court and I was still refused contacting the lawyer I needed. Then I was told, when I only saw a lawyer for a half hour before court (who was Catholic), that I couldn't call the other man because I was being provided with this other lawyer. I said I wanted to wait until I had the lawyer I wanted but they said I had to go to court that day, right then and there, on the spot.

32. I found out my son had been sent to Washington state. Even though by law, he was MY son and if I was incarcerated in Canada, he should have gone to Canadian social services, not to the U.S.

But Canada sent him to the U.S., violating laws, because that was why I was falsely arrested to begin with. It was to enable a kidnapping of my son by the U.S. government.

According to law, my son should have been sent to Canadian social services until I was released but they sent him to the U.S to pressure ME to also go back, telling me "If you stay in Canada to fight for political asylum, you will not see your son for at least 3 years and he will be separated from you. If you go back to the U.S. maybe you could see him and get him back sooner."

They deliberately separated my son from me to pressure me to go back to the U.S.

Which isn't any wonder, considering the U.S. and Canada had already colluded to kidnap my son. They already knew they had to arrest me for something to make it look like they were legally taking my son from me.

THEY were the ones breaking the law, not ME.

33. Every single thing done at this point, after kidnapping my son, was done to cover up for crimes and discredit me. That was it.

I will write about what happened in the Detention Center and then the court and with the Judge tomorrow. But this is how people colluded to kidnap my son. And then I saw evidence of defamation by "Washington State authorities" and others in some of the legal notes from Canada and no one, including the FBI, has wanted me to obtain discovery of any of these things.

No one ever, at any time, had a legal right to defame me or take my son. There were never legal grounds. I was law-abiding at all times as well and set up to make it appear I was a criminal of some kind when I wasn't.

I will write about the second half tomorrow.

This is where, after seeing what the laws are, and how no one had a right to take my child, I finally figured out my son was kidnapped and why they did some of the things they did.

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