Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workplace Harassment and Other

I have people who do not like the fact I am trying to hold some U.S. persons accountable for crime.

It has been getting worse.

Just today I had 3 employees/coworkers, go out of their way to harass me and provoke me, by coming up to me to ask a question and then when I responded with just one word (yes or no), they flipped out and said I was "rude", a "bitch", and a number of other things, and half of the time, in front of customers.

The first time today was while I was in the restroom and then after that, just a succession of the exact same thing and then I was being told, after I was harassed, that I couldn't work tonight. Then this was retracted after I burst into tears after being harassed all day.

Not only harassed but someone was again using military technology on me while I was at work. And my fingers and hand are partially blue from it.

Last night at work no one did anything using technology the entire shift.

Not after I had blogged about it earlier.

My hand and fingers, for once, did not turn blue either. Because no one was doing anything. I had thought maybe my circulation was being cut off or pinched from something or my jeans (tight) but it wasn't this. It has been happening only because of what someone has been doing while I'm at work.

So last night, no one did anything like this, but there were 2 full hours where I wasn't given any tables and when I asked if I could roll silverware on hostess pay (which is what they do) I was told no, but I could do it on normal pay ($2/hr when hostess pay, for rolling extra silverware, was given to me first for at least $9 and then someone else dropped it down to $8).

Today, during the whole shift, someone was doing this kind of thing again and I'm starting to figure out who is involved. There are specific people who have been around me on the shifts where it's occured, and also, I think others have come in and done things, or come in to observe.

Today there were government people coming in.

Right at the very start, I felt there were quite a few employees who wanted to use me and then have me fired. There were a few who I could tell disliked me from the very first day.

Then, others just slowly added in their issues and have begun to outright harass me.

One worker was hired the same day I was, but her husband works in the kitchen. I didn't think this was a big deal, who cares, or was any kind of conflict, until a few days ago he made every single one of the steaks wrong. And he'd been working there 2 years and there is no way he didn't know how to cook a steak. All the mediums were being cooked alternately rare or burnt by him, and then I had table next to table with wrong food or cooked wrong and then these people complaining which was embarrassing and made me look bad.

I then saw this same person gloating over it, and then last night I thought, I don't know why he's done this unless he's trying to make sure his wife keeps her job and wants me to look bad or lose mine.

Some of the people are Catholic. They are. Some others, as well, from different religious backgrounds. I have still had, it seems, slightly worse problems from some of this group, though others just treat everyone the same and I haven't had a problem with them and like them well enough.

One guy, J., from the start I knew he wanted me out. And he was one of the persons harassing me today.

I don't know how they managed to get some of the psychic people to work at this particular restaurant, but in the middle of work, I have people trying to figure out their own game on this and predict what I do, and use me, and I'm a mother, and all I'm trying to do is work to sustain myself and get my son back. And there are some people who are evidentally wanting me to look bad, or hoping I don't do anything.

I go to work, I do my job. That's it. I don't feel I have to go out to the bars and have drinks or be intimate with someone there to have a job or keep a job. I should be able to go to work and if, at this time in my life, I want to provide excellent service to guests and make money and then keep to myself when I have a lot going on, that's my prerogative. There are others who keep to themselves. But I am being singled out to be harassed by some of these employees.

It got worse around the time I filed my reports and faxed them out to the agencies.

After this huge argument, I was told I couldn't work this evening and then told I could take a break and go back.

I have been polite to everyone I work with. Any employee I used to work with in Washington D.C. would say this of me. I was never rude to anyone. Ever. I had someone once yell at me repeatedly for no reason and everyone knew and I didn't react. I had people taking tables out from under me and I was polite about it. I have people here who take tables out from me all the time, and I try to wait my turn or even say nothing as they do this, and then a couple of them are being ridiculous about "you bumped into me by the bread machine" or whatever. Like I tried to do this. I said something back, in my defense, today, after being provoked several times. I said, "Please just leave me alone" and that wasn't enough. They had to stand there yelling at me even more.

I don't have a cell phone right now, or my laptop and this has been used to my disadvantage because things are worse when someone thinks I can't make a call if I need to, or blog or email if I need to.

There are people who will do anything to try to prevent me from being credible about how a criminal investigation needs to be made.

They lie, pay others to lie, and do incredible things.

I have made a big deal about breaking the law (abducting my son) and all of a sudden, I have these idiots who think it's funny and some who are being paid, to retaliate in ways like refusing to allow me to get on the bus (this morning) and then telling me, "We can't break any RULES."

After this one guard, "R. Doak" made some excuse about how I was obstructed from getting on a bus, and talked about "rules" and "laws", he went around the corner and then as he was going up the stairs I knew someone had paid him to do what he did. I have had others mock me, and try to mock my assertion that laws were broken to take my son from me, by doing similiar things in telling me they can't do this or that because it might "break a rule! or law!" and trying to basically punish me or make a point to me out of their own dislike of the fact that I am taking a stand.

Against powerful parties.

I see the news about how the CIA gunman is not having his diplomatic status acknowledged by Pakistan.

Think about it.

So far, no U.S. agency that is responsible for investigating crime, has acknowledged my status as a U.S. citizen and my right to parent my own child.

All I have asked for, when I have gone to the FBI and been blocked from making a report, or harassed, or defamed to medical personnel, is that someone take time to hear my facts, and do some preliminary investigation.

When others think I am still going to be defamed, or that no one will do anything, they continue to do what they are doing. I mean, if people think the FBI is doing nothing, I am a target. And so is my son.

I went to a counseling today and during this, while the woman seemed fine, someone was trying something while I was literally in counseling. I had the pain on the one side of the head that I have had before but not for a long time and then in one ear on the side next to an adjoining room.

I do not have phantom pains or random stuff.

This is not imagined either.

I also notice someone is scared to death of the idea that if I am not mentally ill, I will do "damage". I think for the first time, someone started backing off on medication without my consent or thinks something is wearing off, and my ability to think clearly scares the SHIT out of them.

I am, once again, in the "threat" category.

And many of these people are connected to medical, intelligence, and religious groups and some have been international. Some have had different motives for different reasons.

Did you ever stop to think about earthquakes?


I asked God, before the earthquake in Chile a year ago, and blogged this fact: that when I prayed and asked God what might begin to happen because of the incredible torture and crime against me and my son (and possibly others), the answer I got was


No one "put that idea" in my head anymore than someone gave me an inside view to Obama's view.

I have said, why not try something. Why not try justice and remedy an aggregious wrong?

Return my son to me.

Do what you need to do, to get excuse for investigation and then I expect my son is not tortured and that he is returned to me.

I am sure it's coincidence. Maybe. But maybe not. Not everything is coincidence and I know for a fact that God knows how cruelly my son and I have been treated and how we have suffered.

He also is the only one to judge me and decide the condition of my heart. I am not perfect. But I am on "okay" terms with God and I believe We are on the "Same Team".

Maybe God is disgusted with some other things too, that I don't even know about.

I'm sure of it. I am sure there are some other things going on with me and my son, that I don't know about or the extent I am not aware of. And I am positive that whatever ill will or violation of free will is aimed our way is wrong. Anything done to obstruct something good that was happening in my life or my son's life, will be avenged, perhaps, by God Himself.

My son talked to me over the phone about "don't climb the cloudy mountain mama, don't go there because it's dangerous" and the next Sunday I went to the episcopal church their liturgy was, in order of already mandated days, about "The cloudy mountain" and that's what the passage was from.

My aunt and uncle would never talk about a 'cloudy mountain' so who is still messing with my son?

Why not "try" and see if it makes any difference at all, to do the right thing for once?

See if something changes if my son is returned and we are no longer tortured.

I really don't see what you've gained, in the long run. Entertainment and personal cover for crime and research junk.

And how many fucking earthquakes?

Don't look at me like I'm a problem.

I am NOT the problem.

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