Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FBI Call and Then Phone Problems

I got another email from this lawyer and I'm not opening it bc it will only upset me before work. I'll open it later, when I have time to cool down after whatever it's about. The only time she's tried to call me has been once when I was at work and I ignored it or emailed her and said I could not take calls at work. I had a feeling it would be emotional and I wasn't going to mix that with work.

I made the stupid mistake of reading her mail before work this morning and launched into my call with FBI in D.C., asking how long until someone responds to a complaint if a complaint is made. It was some woman who was later interjected by a man, at before 11 a.m. Around 10:30 or so. They asked me all these questions and then said my report about my son being abducted was 'civil' in nature and not criminal. Right.

I said it is criminal that underlies what exists that is civil and the criminal conduct needs to be investigated and addressed. If this whole case is a FRAUD, one does not file a civil suit to claim one's civil rights are harmed if the criminal FRAUD and kidnapping can be PROVEN. If this whole thing is a fraud, perpetuated by CRIME, then there is NO CASE AGAINST me that is even legitimate at all. It's a lie. Criminal violations need to be investigated, and this is the root of the problem and if it is true my son was abducted not by a mistake of application of laws but by DELIBERATE ILLEGAL methods, and then covered up, then it is CRIME and I have the right to have my son returned to me at once and ANY and all failure by any responsible U.S. agency to do so, will be viewed as further criminal collusion.

These 2 were telling me to go to Washington state FBI. Oh right. Where all the good agents are...in Seattle field offices. Yeah, you sure have me convinced! 3 toilets full of blood and one major loss of my singing voice and a FRICKING burnt tongue later.

I said no, when some of the agents are guilty of being involved, they are NOT the group to go to. But these FBI receptionists (who were more than receptionists or they wouldn't have been tag-teaming my call ahead of time), were trying to shift a major criminal case over to the same place where things are NUTS.

Right after this phone call with the D.C. offices, I had almost every single call that I tried to make obstructed. My cell phone was being blocked from making any calls to any party, and I was trying to contact the embassy for another country to get information about the UN telephone number overseas because I want to speak to them directly.

If the U.S. continues to hold my son hostage under legal auspices, and refuses to investigate CRIME, not "civil rights violations" but CRIME, then this is going to the UN.

I want to give a reasonable amount of time for someone to respond first though, so that's why I had called this morning...to find out how long I should expect to wait.

I wrote down and took notes of all the cell phone problems I started having after this call with the D.C. FBI.

I kept trying to call and I was getting a whole schmorgashbord of problems. "The number you have called is no longer listed" as if it was the wrong number. Then, I confirmed the number and my calls kept getting cut off so they were somehow being disconnected before I be connected. Then, I even had a charge applied to my attempt to make a call and the call was disconnected before it ever started ringing. It kept saying "call ended". I also had the volume somehow turned up louder than is really possible on my phone. My phone is (or was) on high volume and somehow, at one point it was turned up so loud it hurt my ear.

So I texted the embassy I was trying to reach, because my cell phone was being denied service for any kind of communications. I checked to see if it was all numbers, or just numbers trying to reach consulates or embassies. It was the later I think because I then dialed my parent's number and it was going through but I disconnected it because I only wanted to know why my other calls were not going through. I even finally had 411 connect me directly and it would go through and then get dropped before anyone could answer the phone.

These people act like just because time has passed, no crime has been committed.

Crime was committed and it's only that I recently discovered it is actually CRIME. I was prevented from even getting enough discovery to make this allegation or accusation at all. And then, I tried to line things up through this appeals lawyer, and she's not doing anything. And I knew I had no chance in lining anything up without having a safety deposit box or money for one, because the U.S. was freely allowing all of my personal papers, documents, and even photos, all the way to my childhood, to be stolen from me.

I just got my safety deposit box. So then I had a place to put proof of my submission of reports that I have actually already made at times, in part to a few U.S. agencies.

The next step is to wait and expect a reply and contact for investigation of illegal kidnapping/abduction of a child, fraud, public corruption, collusion, and reaaaally,

The U.S. does NOT want this to go to the UN because if it does, I will throw in a few other allegations I am not even mentioning in my domestic U.S. reports, and it won't be pretty.

Out of KINDNESS to those who have tortured me and my son, I have instead provided for a way out, that is certaintly more decent than anything they would get before an international court.

I know the distinction between "criminal" and "civil" and while I may have a civil case, I am not addressing this at this time. I am addressing and making reports of CRIME and I expect to be contacted by those who take such reports.

These D.C. FBI offices were basically receptionist-lawyers that sounded like all they wanted was their own discovery to protect nobody but themselves. "Do you know who did it? do you know who the "Washington authorities" were?"

That's what they wanted to know.

They wanted to know if I knew what THEY already FRICKING know and continue to conceal from the public.

I am having to look up FOIA laws again. It looks like the first case I would file, if I have to file one, would be to compel the FOIA that I requested before my son was even taken from me.

I get upset with the whole FBI in general, but really, it is still the same DUMB ones that are holding back and holding up anyone who is good and decent.

What they SHOULD have been asking me is this:

"Do you know who the dumb people are? Do you have the names of the dumb ones?"

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