Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoes Cut and Assaulted Yesterday (update 2:16 p.m.)

I finally noticed my shoes for work, one of them, had been cut with an exacto knife. This is the second pair of shoes someone has cut up. I looked at the sole and it wasn't just cut up, someone had pulled out stuff or prodded around inside of it. It left me with shoes that are pretty much useless in a week and in the meantime, one of them (the one cut) now doesn't have as much inner-sole so one shoes is higher than the other and they are uneven. My shoes are ruined and I will have to buy a whole new pair when I don't have money to be buying shoes because someone keeps cutting them up.

At work someone was assaulting me by using technology and there were men and women there who knew what was happening and did not go to authorities. Then I was walking back to where I live and at least one time (maybe twice) someone who was driving by somehow pointed something at my abdomen that caused a sudden and severe pain and it wasn't a normal kind of pain--it was more electric. I believe this happened after I blogged about those who committed crime against me and my unborn child and someone was trying to make a point by targeting my stomach.

I am not going to explain the effects or how it felt because it's irrelevant. It is looking like I will have to go to another country to be protected. I don't need to explain it to have someone then try to say that I am mentally ill when I'm not.

I had this same thing happen, to my stomach, in Wenatchee, by people driving by when I said I was pregnant and in the summer. It was in the summer right before school was starting up again. A large group of people who had a lot of money came into town and were following me around and did this same thing to my stomach, specifically. I believe the same individuals have been trying to get people in Nashville involved with their criminal activities and harassment and they probably pay people and offer other incentives.

Not even the U.S. military, in my opinion, is going to randomly start targeting someone's stomach after they blog about how someone tortured their unborn child. It's mafia. And if any of these people also happen to have military connections, they are not just military but involved in mafia and are connected to the corrupt government people I've had to deal with.

It doesn't matter if they have jobs in military, government, church, restaurants, or drugs alone. If they are working together to torture me, they comprise a mafia group.

This is how my son has been tortured and then my family and others intimidated from reporting. The mafia gets protection from law enforcement that is deeply involved and mafia. They have their own ways of protecting their interests.

It doesn't matter if some of the people are from other countries either. If they cooperate with crime in harming me or my son, they collectively belong to mafia.

And just because someone sits with a gavel, or has a badge, or works for government, doesn't mean they are not mafia and it doesn't mean they are good people or must work for the good of others.

I have had people who work for the FBI, DEA, and even CIA try to dismiss my claims and reports, because the people who have so far tried to be there to take my complaints have ensured they are there to block justice. Others are just plain gangsters doing favors for their group.

When I get phone call or someone contacts me to let me know they are going to investigate my claim that my son was kidnapping and that this CPS case was a set up and is a fraud, I don't have faith in the investigative agencies here or who is running them.

I have my faxed documents in my safety deposit box. It has been about 1 month since I filed my reports.

I was supposed to get my passport on the 17th of March. It has not arrived and I've not been notified about the status.

I have also not even been contacted about opportunities I was supposedly being given to write a grant.

I called Vanderbilt today to ask where my medical records are. I tried requesting my medical records awhile ago and they did nothing. I tried to get records from the psych place and they were telling me I had to go there in person to get them and then today they said no, they could be faxed or request faxed.

I called the DEA and asked for "Brad's" supervisor. "Brad" is the man who told me he had a degree in psychology and that I was mentally ill, after he talked to me for about 2 minutes. He didn't have any time for making that kind of judgment. He knew who I was before he met me and just came prepared to insult me and try to invalidate me and then put his own "stamp" on it. He's from Florida. I asked for his supervisor because I do not believe it was just Nashville FBI that defamed me and wanted me to be assaulted and kicked around in a mental institute. I believe it was also Brad's doing. They communicated and they set me up to have this happen.

I hold the FBI and DEA directly responsible for what happened to me at Vanderbilt and then the mental hospital.

They have continued to put defamatory claims about me in their notes and then shared them with other agencies, to keep me defamed among law enforcement and intelligence and also with the hope that other agencies in other countries who have access to the information read the same thing. They are not only defaming me and creating conditions for me and my son to be constantly harassed, tortured, and assaulted, in the U.S., but with other countries as well.

I am making my FOIA requests again.

This time, if my request for my right to documents written about me that have slandered me is ignored, I am taking it directly to court myself, pro se. On one simple thing: FOIA.

People in the government who are mafia, have attempted to prevent me from getting this discovery because they don't want me to even know how badly they have defamed me or who is responsible.
I also had my mail stolen right from my bag and someone has been stealing from me from a locker. I had a manilla envelope of documents tucked into the side pocket of my bag and someone had to have stolen it at some point when I came out of the bank, thinking it was something from the post office. But it was important legal documentation from WA state.

Someone just stole it, in the same way someone took an entire notebook out of my bag when I was on the bus near Everett, WA over a year ago.

Someone is right now messing around with technology while I am at the library. I typed into my blog and Pandora music and someone caused the music to go into the background like what was happening yesterday. Someone also, who has to be nearby, is using something to cause stomach pain just random here and there. A little different from what happened last night but not by much. And I don't ever have stomach problems and this is very different and I can tell what it is.

I just took the headphones off because the music is worthless. There is one white man who is leaving who ws sitting next to me at computer 12. Then there is a computer in front of me, a man to my left and someone behind me.
I went to the police station and got my prints made out. The guy doing the fingerprinting did something I thought was sort of weird, he wasn't just fingerprint my fingertips. He was pressing down on the length of my fingers to get all the way from my knuckles to my fingertips. I thought this was sort of strange.

And then he said one wasn't good and that okay, now it was "captured".

I have nothing to worry about with my fingerprints but I find it very strange that I have been falsely arrested so many times, thrown into a psych ward on false accusations of mental problems, and then blocked from making reports. I mean, this is the kind of thing you hear about happening to someone in another country, or maybe the kind of thing that happened to civil rights activists in the 60s.

Why I am so interesting is beyond me.

I have had someone repeatedly stealing from my locker too, at the Y. So far, my foundation (make up), an almost empty toothpaste tube, and a couple of other small items like this have been stolen. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to steal my toothpaste tube. I'm not kidding. It was this little travel size "kiss my face" organic aloe toothpaste and there was almost nothing in it and someone stole it from my locker--I didn't misplace it.
I also have had government persons and other try to block me from being a surrogate mother but then I've been pressured to donate eggs so others can have their own kids from my genetic material.
I read something today, on another note, that made me laugh out loud. I had time to kill before being on the computer and I grabbed the nearest magazines that were all in the same section where I was standing and ended up with W, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, and Time (it was the end of the alphabet section). It was in Vanity Fair, a short article about how to keep a diary. I read the part with the list of names, after he says, "don't be obscure" and he lists these people: Bobo (one of them) and how they had brown cows then this gibberish and just laughed out loud unexpectedly. The other part I laughed at was the list next to it, of what not to reveal in your diary: your collection of cuckoo clocks. I thought it was very funny. If I can, I'll grab the magazine and write out the part I'm talking about...from April 2011, "Don't be too obscure. British upper-class diaries are prime examples of this fault, as in Sir Arthur Fforbes-Ffinch's account of London life in the 1920s: "January 4th: Bo-Bo, Tiggy, Spaff, Flatto, Gin-Gin, Mobbles, and Goofy came round and we all drank Brown Monkeys and played Sham-Sham until we'd crocked Bonzie's and had to rumble." The whole piece (article) cracked me up. It's on page 136.
Thankfully, I'll add, even though my music sound is still weird, I'm not noticing any technology stuff anymore. A bunch of people moved around so maybe they left or something.

Then I had a small prob again but then it quit.
I decided to look up this "Wisdom" book. I haven't read it before and didn't notice it until I ended up on it yesterday. So I looked it up on wiki.

At the same time I am listening to 50s and 60s rock and roll. Decided to switch it up. When this song "Just One Look" by Doris Troy came on, I had this weird impression of the Queen dancing to it. Or maybe just dancing. Then I thought, it's probably just some grandma that really likes this song or liked it or has a memory associated with it. Maybe my grandma Dolores. Who knows.

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