Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not Too Much Today

Had a lot of dreams but only remember the ones with my son. I had a lot of dreaming about my son last night and that he was with me and happy.

Last night before I was being fried by someone with technology, I sensed someone in a psychic way, in an intimate way. I don't know how to describe it but at about the start of chapel whenever that was...6:30 p.m or 6:45 thereabouts?

Also, past notices of some kind of intimacy connected to someone I know, on last Friday (not last friday but over a week ago) and then on a wednesday. Wondered what someone was up to. Don't know why I picked up on it either.

Painted my nails purple today. Which is really atypical for me as I always wore an opaque french color or taupe or a pale opaque pink or, if color, a deep or bright red on rare occasion. Once I wore very deep wine colored polish that was almost black, in D.C. while waitressing, but never have I worn purple. I saw it today and thought of my grandmother I guess. She loves purple and it was called "Amethyst" (a name she once had legally until she changed it to her real name again).

Why is someone so amused all at once?

It's also the color, in general, of the kind of purple I saw the one day in an image, but of course this is glittery and that wasn't. The military man who came in with a purple shirt was a few shades off, too lavendar and a hint of fushia in the lavendar. What I saw was a pretty true purple, vivid and purple.

Today at work a few things happened which weren't great but I'm keeping track.

I called and left a msg for my son and sent him a letter too.

I'm going to try to write him a story tomorrow--a short one, but something funny.

That's about it.

Worked today and now have to get back in time for curfew. I don't believe this. Curfew with broad daylight and sun.

And no, the shock and epilepsy symptoms or seizure symptoms were not in addition to the other stuff, as if I have renauds or seizures.

It's just like the wiki on torture says: the effects look like natural things and are secondary effects of torture.

A heart attack is just a heart attack unless torture precipitates it. Same thing with what I experienced last night.

Okay, looking at the wiki on "purple" and the colors they have there. The man who came in wearing the Kate Middleton jacket was wearing a shade of "heliotrope". What I saw was more like "purple (x11)" or somewhere inbetween "royal purple" and "purple (munsel)". It was like a true purple but somehow very vivid. But it wasn't "orchid" or "heliotrope" though I was shocked to find a man wearing a shirt of any variation of this and then that jacket too. It was a little weird. I guess my nail color today most closely matches...under this flourescent lighting...let me look...sort of a purple (munsel) color.

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