Saturday, March 19, 2011

impression (ghostbuster man)

This was weird.

Last night after being offered a ride home (worked late until after 1:30 p.m.) with the ghostbuster man (he said he had paranormal stuff in his truck from his company), I took a taxi.

I don't have hardly any money and yet there was no bus and it was several miles back home and I was tired and paid $10 for a taxi rather than go with ghostbuster (who doubles as a security cop for dayjob).

So this is the weird thing...

He didn't tell me he was a professional ghostbuster or that his father had owned a business for this when we were talking.

He was just security for work that night.

As he was talking I kept picking up something about "Florida" associated with him. I asked where he'd worked and lived. Not FL. So I finally asked if he had any connection to FL and he said his cousins and a lot of his family lived there. I said, "There must be something important if it's coming to my mind." But he said not really.

So I went about my business, unbenownst to me he is Ghostbuster.

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