Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finishing Up & Deleted Posts

I hope those I really love, and who care about me, remember what I've said in the past: don't believe everything you read, but ask me if it's true or not. And if there is someone who wants to speak with me and make ammends in any way, or try to work our relationship, come to me and don't rely upon what I write in my blog.

I took down a couple of posts because I got information I needed.

Sometimes, writing all over the place and even writing crazy things, helps draw out information you need. It gets some people to talk and feel braver in their insults, and sheds light on who to avoid and why...

I talked to an attorney who said things are going to be fine, based on evidence and a few other things. I have talked to more than one lawyer. l It's only too bad about osme of the people you have to deal with. There are really good, normal people in the town, and then there are others I've found out about. What they do and say, and think I won't hear about...

Thanks. To those who worry and are sincere, not everything I write is from a factual viewpoint but is meant to be leading sometimes, to draw other things. I guess it's called provocation for a point. Some things are fact, and other parts of my writing are fiction. Still other parts are not creative fiction, but are written for the purpose of drawing bad apples out of the woodwork and get them talking a little too loudly.

Everything is fine. I have people who want to testify, if needed and some new evidence.

I have to file for reconsideration for a few things, but other than that, it's fine. My lawyer is on vacation but knows what I'm up to and there are a few others I'm getting advice from.

And no, I don't hate Michelle E. Not at all. But because I wrote a few things, I found out some other things. Not having to do with her actions specifically either. I don't even dislike Michelle but I have been very angry with some of the treatment in the past. However, in the last couple weeks, I have resolved my own personal sentiments torwards her but I feel she can work towards helping me and my son if she chooses to and resolves differences and realizes I am only looking out for my son. I have every reason to be concerned about a few things still, obviously. But, it's not what some might think.

It's sometimes true, that if people think you're really down, they get more confident. If they think you sound nuts, unstable and inconsistent, and broke and friendless or like you hate people, it makes those who really are your enemies feel more confident to harass more, talk louder, and come up with more stuff. If I'm still writing in a blog, stop and start, it gives temporary ammunition and then it's easier to see who feels they can use this or who WANTS to try to use something against you. It's inconsistency...So it brings people out and they sometimes end up revealing themselves more than they might want to. Provocation can sometimes do the same thing, by causing others to become angry enough to say what they really think, or alternately, comfortable enough and secure in their "she's crazy" hypothesis, to become unguarded.

Some of the things I wrote are true. You just can't rely on a blog for information or insight into a mind, unless you really know the objectives and motives of the author.

The only thing I would add at this point would be firm evidence or photos or other documentation of some things I've talked about in the past. Just things to back up claims I've made in the past. Thanks!

To the one I love: you know I know. I don't know everything but won't you miss me more...? Why don't you come to me. I see but through a glass darkly. I don't know why you don't come to me as you are, but in secret, and how is that fair at all? I miss you whoever you are and no one will understand this message but you. This does not need to have a tragic ending and I don't know what is better, sometimes, than falling in love and being able to share that happiness. Maybe what the world needs now, is, like that 60s song goes, "love, sweet love" and a wad of Bazooka bubblegum. I don't think anyone will really know who this is for. I'm too complicated for anyone to figure it out, right? You know and you stood me up. Either you'll quit finding excuses or you'll just...watch me blossom on my own. And miss me terribly. Come with a different script in hand next time--you know I love you for you. Don't be sad about it because I always feel your sadness and I know when something is shifting always. This morning, something very right and turning over well and peace. I woke early and slept in and something very right was at the start of the day today. I thought it had to do with my son. Perhaps it does or maybe it's someone else. I don't know. Something is meant to be and things are going to work out alright.

Something about a gold locket still flashing before my eyes. A gold locket on a gold chain. White doves, doves, doves. Okay, one last set of images to finish off my blog with, though not feeling very insired:

Boiler problems. Something boiling over
and steam everywhere. Large clear bubbles
big machine, not small pot
breaking candlesticks in half to burn at both ends
rending rending, turning, bending
shakras purple
turpentine smells so sweet
nina simone's "don't smoke in bed" from the 60s
coal from the mines
ballerina on top of the round music box is turning
burning the blindfold
branding a rose into the skin
rosetta stone
pulling out a drawer, one thin drawer from the desk
for a silver letter opener
marks down the back won't erase my memory
kicking the white horse
tossing the keys, throwing up behind the screen
yelling in the kitchen fistful flying
you pulling something with hands together in the middle
right and left hand drawing something out on both sides
a measuring tape or yoyo with two strings
raggedy anne and andy
i had a raggedy anne doll with a patchwork dress
red yarn hair
"christ". who said that?
don't cry, april showers bring may flowers
then june flowers, then july, then august, and september,
even in october there are sunflowers still
even in the dark of winter
i was growing lilies in the closet
bring me that doll, by her hair
stamp, stamp, stamp out my memory like an angry tot
or try, you know this is never leaving
i am with you like a white fur coat
a slipper and a sleeve
a goosefeather pillow and china teapot
buried bargains
disney balloons, see-saw in the park, tyking on a tricycle
chasing you chasing me running muddy
by the poplar trees
pulling up clumps of weeds and grass
beginner's luckto hear the piano from the open window
drawing circles in the snow with a stick
diamonds for eyes on the snowman
what's the buckshot for???
paper wagons and paper dolls and moons and fences and walls
home on the range with the gibson girls
parallels, parakeets, pied pipers, prince, pauper, purgery and permanence
pass me the paper cup
and the crayons. i'll color in your book of superheroes
do you know who wonderwoman is?
basic training boys
practice that pitch
"you'll go far" said raggedy anne
as gil looked somewhat apologetic
for his daft cleft of chin
time to pass the vaccum cleaner to the new apprentice
harry potter swirling above from the railing
hit by a truck, running still
from street to street in the rain calling out for "cat"

"lonely vigil," WWII
watching and waiting
with the woman in the purple chakra
bury my heart at wounded knee
man in green
the two of them together, violets.

bested by the weather but rising again each and every day
someone to come in to the fire, blankets in the pouring rain


well, doesn't seem so inspired for sure. but seeing the boiler stuff was very vivid. im not around anything like it. then the locket too. the rosetta stone to mind earlier in the day when thinking about a case. then the raggedy anne doll but i don't think all these things go together i don't think. just stream of consciousness.

I think I might need to contact Rhine still. The problem is, I don't know when I'm right. still need to confirm the other insight about the woman being beat up too. But this morning I was asking my housemates about boilers or very large machines that could boil over. I saw something steel. Not copper. It was silver in color. They said nothing used this except old locomotives or boilerrooms. Then I went online and found nuclear reactions use boiler type machines to convert to heat or energy and use water or hard water for a conduit of some kind. But maybe that translates...I don't know. Interesting how possibly different things could be used as a "generator", even...well, thinking still. I was reading, also airplanes and other large machines still use this. I just don't always know what it's about. What I saw was more of a huge drum upright machine. So that seems fairly innocuous, like more of a building boiler or something. I don't know though.

UPDATE: I did more research and found Hanford nuclear, in the U.S., has all of the same kinds of boilers I "saw".

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oliver's Injury Photos & My Plan For Oliver's Return

Quick follow-up note on the photos of Oliver's injuries...

I got a computer to find it and save things in multiple places so it's not lost or destroyed. I have evidence and documentation of Oliver's latest injury and when we figure out how to load these photos online, I'm sending 'em up.

They're sort of fuzzy but still show layers of skin are gone and then the bruising next to it. Either that was one hell of a beating and attack by a guy at a "party" that weekend before the visit with me, or my son is doing very serious self-harming that isn't normal. It's not an accidental scratch. One doesn't scratch and bruise that much from something that's just accidental.

If he did this to himself in the car, he was exceedingly distressed. Maybe he doesn't like being in a carseat and it frightened him because someone strapped him in at a house and just left hiim there like that and that's why I was finding weird rough or calloused marks on his lower back and bottom.

But if my son said some "guy" beat him at a party, I think the first responsible question to ask is whether there was a party or gathering at all.

One housemate asked me last night what I would do if Oliver was returned to me immediately. I told him I would probably go on TANF because then I COULD, and just use it for a couple months until I was back in college. I'm not going to qualify for General Assistance because I don't have a mental illness holding me back from anything. I've had a lot of physical injuries, and even recently on the East Coast. I'm better now and fit, physically, for caring for my son, but I still need to figure out something for my back if I waitress and haven't found that work yet. It would take too long to apply for a temporary disability claim and most claims are turned down.

If I could use TANF for a very short time, I would use that time for getting back into school and staying in until I had my Master's or possibly, PhD. I told him my goal was to be in college FT and have Oliver in my care.

If I am in college, I could study at night while Oliver is sleeping and have most of the day with him. When I am in classes myself, I would ideally have Oliver in a preschool that's either Montessori or tailored to gifted needs. I've already talked to some people about Oliver, since he was 1 1/2 and more people than myself feel he'd benefit from a progressive preschool and I know he would love it. Right now, I feel he's almost intellectually starved. He is at the age, 3, where many new things should be tried so he is able to figure out what he likes and is good at.

I am halfway through my Senior year torwards a B.A. in English Literature and I would like to go straight on from that to a Masters. I spoke with this Wenatchee woman who used to teach gifted students and she also thought this made sense. I think from a Master's, I would work or intern (or do this even while finishing a B.A.) and go on to either a PhD for psychology or possibly just apply to law school, if there's one progressive out there that would like to have me.

Law School or PhD. That's where I want to be headed, and I want Oliver in my care during this time. There's no reason why it can't be done.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lawyer For Class Action! Against Colonial Vista

By the way, I found a lawyer for the labor matter regarding Colonial Vista's practice of overworking and not paying their employees. The firm wants more information.

Anyone, any employee, who has been underpaid or not paid for work they did, should sent me a post or something to my email and I'll pass on the name of the law firm which may be interested in a class action. The firm has no ties to Wenatchee and is out of Seattle and high powered.

Did I mention, I want my son back?

In case anyone forgot, I want my son back. The harder anyone tries to make this, by illegally blocking me from getting him back, will just end up in more serious financial set backs for people in the area, because there are plenty of companies and businesses run by those who want to control things here, who probably have lawsuits coming at them, who I will find out about and go after.

If I have my son, I will certaintly be content to domesticate myself and even do what CPS first tried to do:

Force me and my son out of town.

I wonder why CPS isn't offering that one-way bus ticket out of the state of Washington, to me and my son anymore? is it because now they're not worried about my ability to file a medical malpractice claim on behalf of my son?

First, the state of Washington, little Wenatchee CPS, tries to force me and my son OUT of Washington when we're looking for a medical malpractice firm in Seattle and they all know we need a Washington licensed attorney...And then when we refuse to leave to another state, Washington decides to take my son away to prevent me from filing on his behalf and bases their entire case against me on mockery of disabilities and physical injuries they and the doctors we were going to sue, claim we don't have?

Interesting. Like no one in America can see exactly what is going on.

Nice stalling on the psychologists too. Very convenient for the state's timeline and attempt to run the clock out so they can win because "We don't NEED evidence!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CPS Refuses To Allow State Psychologist To Evaluate Me

Again, I am only writing because I feel this abuse of authority and more attempts to block me from obtaining a psychological evaluation in an EXPEDIENT manner.

I talked to a Dr. Bruce Olson about doing an eval and he was the only one who told me he would do it for me "right away" and was actually available.

So I told CPS, a caseworker, who I'll choose not to name here, and she made a big deal about it, telling me to go with someone else and acting suspicious that this guy would do it right away. She said it would take 2 months to set up a contract with him.

So I just got her letter, which states he's still ON CONTRACT with the state but has chosen not to renew and it ends at the end of the month. So basically, he'll do it, but CPS is now saying they won't let him because they're claiming he is going off contract too soon.

I was told, by CPS, that they would even contract with someone who was NOT on the state list, if I "found" someone willing to do it.

So now this seems like just another stall and delay tactic because Mr. Olson said he would do this for me right away and CPS is suddenly claiming they won't cover him.

John Fishburne was going to do everything in one day, and I don't see why Fishburne could do it in one day, but CPS is claiming Mr. Olson cannot.

Cops (Another Exception)

I have just made another exception to my "no more blogging" rule. Cops.

If you're going to mock and stalk, I'm writing your a-- up.

Washington plate 557270, white concealed cop car, sedan. Two guys, one on the passenger side, leaning out of his window to harass me and mock me, driving by slower than normal to do it. Partially balding big white guy.

Met another cop today but she was cool.

Basically, if my son is being injured and the state is threatening me, this is something which I should not be silent about. Sorry, but I am a mandatory reporter, a mother who isn't going to take abuse from the system OR against her own son.

The other thing I don't like, is people who abuse their authority. Like Wenatchee cops and I've heard a lot of stories about them, even recently. If I have a cop going out of their way to harass me, I'm not going to be silent about iT>

You don't want me to write about you? Keep your skirts clean.

Photo of Oliver's Beating: Punched By "A Guy"

Today, all on his own, of his own accord, Oliver began to tell me he was punched repeatedly by "a guy". He said it wasn't a kid.

His band-aid was off today, and the scraped off skin had scabbed over and there was a mark with burst blood vessels. His nose seemed to be less swollen but still slightly out of proportion, to a mother's watchful eye, and no one knows my son like I do. I guessed he'd been punched, but because of the way CPS has negated all my claims of abuse, I said nothing on Monday when he first showed up with another fresh injury.

It was while I was lying down with my son, and I told him I was taking a little bit of medicine because I'd been having a "headache" for 3 days (my migraine). So as soon as I talked about how MY head hurt, he began to point to his own head. His eyes widened as he turned to look at me, like "You too???" and said his head hurt and he pointed to his owie and said it was because "a guy" punched him repeatedly, and scratched him, at a "party". He made the hand motion of punching and showed how someone punched him in the face several times.

I got someone else to get a photo for me, and I cannot reveal my source, but I will be uploading this photo of my son's injury.

I told him to tell Holly or Pablo if anything like that happened but he just stared at me blankly and I thought, "He knows it doesn't make any difference".

I am thankful the Avilas have been interested in my son, but never in my care was he subjected to all the brusiing, nail snagging, and then full-on beatings. Not to mention they do spank him and CPS has condoned it, along with Wenatchee police. Not only that, it's strange my aunt would pass this off as something Oliver did to himself...picked off a "scab" from playing, when it's clear he was pummeled and my own, uncoached, is TELLING me and SHOWING me how he was pummeled.

I don't think they did it, but there is obviously a lack of constant and quality supervision and my son has been subjected to quite a lot.

The visitation monitor, when I asked her if she'd recorded what he said, for once, thank God, she said she DID. She wrote down what Oliver said. Oliver not only made hand motions of someone punching him, but of someone scraping or scratching him. And what he showed through hand motions fit the injury.

I may be making another trip, based on "paranoia", into Sgt. Moore's office. Actually, I think I'll just not even waste my time and instead make sure a Judge sees this. Judge Hotchkiss said he'd be interested in any photos of abuse or which could be from abuse, and I think he should reinstate my right to videotape visits.

The rest of the visit with Oliver was wonderful. It only confirmed a very special bond and aat the end, he didn't want to leave and kept turning back, looking at me and blowing kisses and waving. He said, to me to stay right there in that room and "Don't go! Don't leave!" I think my son thinks I live at the state office because that's the only place he gets to see me. He doesn't want me to disappear.

I could tell Oliver might be having some kind of attachment disorder which is new, because while he's always affectionate, I think he's been afraid of being able to love me as freely as he would like because he's afraid I'll disappear, which is what happened when the state took him from me. I think this, because of what he said at the end of the visit, and because his attitude totally changed, when he heard some good news from me, and some hope. I told him I had finally talked to a lady who might be able to help us see eachother more and he looked at me, with wide eyes and said, "okay! Yes!" nodding over and over. Then he was saying, "Tomorrow!" and I said it might take a little time still, but this lady was a lawyer who might be able to help us. He got such an excited and relieved look about him and then was even MORE affectionate the rest of the visit, kissing me repeatedly, voluntarily, and hugging me and laughing.

At the beginning of the visit, he was playing hide and seek and a little more reserved and then Rob Forest came in and he was shy. He voluntarily began to snuggle against me for a story though, and held my finger and leaned into me. Then after Rob left, he wanted to play the "night & day" pretend game. Then we were lying down and that's when I said what I did about my headache and then my son told me how he got HIS "head ache".

After that, it was right after he told me about his head, that I was lying down with him and after I saw he wasn't so enthused about telling Holly or Pablo when he was hurt, I told him he could tell "Mama" and that I would always try to protect him. I told him it was good when he told me how he got his owies because we could try to keep it from happening again and he lit up. I told him a lot of people wanted to protect him and there were angels too, that wanted to make sure he didn't get hurt, so to tell Mama and he was happy about this and agreed.

Then I told him, I had finally talked to a lady who might be able to help us see eachother more and it was like turning a switch. I told him I'd just talked to her yesterday and he was completely different. He was happy, excited, said he wanted see me "tomorrow" and it's the first time I told him I'd finally talked to someone. Usually, I've had to say I'm "trying" and working at it. But he's smart enough to know and it made a difference for him.

Then, he wanted to play "airplane" where I say, "Is it a bird? is a plane? is it a boy flying high in the sky?" and he was laughing and then he was playing a game where he just leaned over and kissed me on the lips, hard, until I fell over and did this over and over. Then I told him I could show him how to get a "spider ride" and I sang "itsy bitsy spider" while doing it and he loved it. He wanted to do it himself and imitated a spider and then made hand motions of a spider on the table. Then he talked about "spiderman" and it was sort of funny because then we went to the restroom and this little blond boy came in with a spiderman t-shirt and Oliver was pointing at it, saying "Spiderman!" and then the shirt played this song, as the lights on it were going off, Taylor's song about "you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter, and my daddy said stay away from Juliet/you were begging me please don't go..." and Oliver was just staring at this singing shirt and, I think, thought this other little boy was really cool.

Then we went back and had some of the food. Oliver was impressed that I had brought in "fish". As soon as I told him I had brought "fish" to our visit, he looked really excited and wanted to see what was in the box. It was a fillet of smoked salmon, which, I think, may have dampened his enthusiasm. I think he was hoping for a whole fish. We had olives, which he likes, and I explained they were Sicilian, Greek, and Kalamata, and we had cream cheese with salmon on crackers and he wanted to take the fish home, even though he wouldn't eat any of it. He also had his yogurt.

So that was the visit. When I was saying goodbye in the room I said "I love you Oliver" and he reached over to give me a kiss of his own and a hug and said "I love you Mama." I had just showed him a calendar too, of when he would see me next, in 4-5 days. I showed him where today was and how many days he wouldn't see me and then on Monday, after next church service day, he would see me. So then he was telling me to wait there for him and blowing kisses. He almost looked like he was going to cry this time. He looked sad and his face changed and he wanted to stay with me. He looked like he was about to cry.

Oh, the other thing, I gave him some advice about friends and other kids and he was very excited to hear what I had to say. The monitor seemed to not like it at first and probably thought he couldn't understand, but he does, and it was clear that he DID. Just because kids can't articulate everything doesn't mean they don't understand, with great depth, what is being said, and that they're not thinking deeply.

So I told him that some kids were mean and some kids were nice and friendly and if any kid ever tried to hurt them, he didn't have to be nice about it and he could hurt them back. So the monitor is like...scoffing or gasping but I wasn't finished. I told him, "Honey, you're very friendly and you like to give hugs and share toys, and some kids ARE nice, but others are mean, and if they're MEAN, it's not YOUR fault. There is nothing wrong with you and I want you to know it's not your fault if some kids are mean. It's good to share too, but if some kid is mean to you, first try to run away and tell an adult, okay? but if there isn't an adult around, or you can't run, if someone hits you, or tries to hurt you, you can hit them back. If they try to hurt you first, you can hurt them back...it's okay, because it's self-defense and you have a right to defend yourself. It's not okay for other people to hurt you. But first try to tell an adult. And even if you don't tell Holly and Pablo, you can always tell Mama, and Mama wants to know! Okay?"

You should have seen the look on his face. His total face expressions were so clear it was beautiful. He NEEDED that pep talk from me. He brightened up to hear it wasn't HIS FAULT if other kids were mean, and that I knew he tried to be friendly with everyone but if they were mean to him, he could defend himself.

Sorry monitor and everyone else, but it's not "okay" to tell a kid to sit by passively and do nothing for themself when they're getting beat up on. Even small children, who sometimes don't have the protection of an all-seeing and all-present parent, need to hear that permission, that if no adult can or will intervene, it is okay to defend oneself against abuse.

GO OLIVER! and I know my son. He is the FIRST to hug and kiss and be kind to other children and I can tell he's been taking some beatings.

The other thing he did at the last visit which he was really proud to show me, was his skill at balancing with his feet on thin rails of a futon. They are metal and round thin poles and Oliver climbed across them and then positioned his feet over them carefully and stood up, looking at me. I let him do it even though it was slightly dangerous, because I was right there if he slipped. He stood all the way up, balancing perfectly on his feet, and didn't fall at all. Then, from his perch, he jumped from the rails onto the floor. He looked so proud and I clapped and yelled for him. I said I was very impressed with his balance. He was so happy about it and just hugged me.

Oh, funny, just read something about child development and sensitivity to clothing tags. That was Oliver, all visit. He kept trying to tear off his shirt tag and trying to turn his head to look at it. It really bothered him and was distracting.

I don't plan to write everyday.

I said I was quitting, and I am and it's not impossible. However, when I have my son talking about being beat up, and threats made, I don't know why I should be silent on that matter.

I won't be writing about all of the visits with my son here. I am documenting things elsewhere. But if abuse comes up, I'll write about it. I am concerned about who my son is/was with. The other thing I observed on Monday, was a very prominent infection around his genital area, which I noticed when he used the bathroom. I don't know how he could have gotten this.

There will be gaps. Days where I write about nothing. And then other days, where, if something horrible happens, I will write about it, if it has to do with either my SON or someone who is abusing their authority. Otherwise, the rest of my life, my son's life, and everyone else's life, is going to be kept out of my blog.

I'm still willing to take the whole thing down too. I am sure that in the next few days, where I write nothing, this will demonstrate I CHOOSE to write when I want to and that it is not compulsive and that if I choose not to write and say I won't, I won't.

This is still to establish credibility on my end, to show I am willing to take this entire blog down, should my son be returned to me without blocks.

If all of this stuff isn't happening at home, with Oliver, I am really questioning his CHURCH daycare and WHO is being allowed around my son without proper supervision. He keeps showing up with pieces of skin missing from his feet or buttocks and other parts, and pinch marks, bruising, and then now a full face beating. I want to know WHAT is going on.

UPDATE:: Copy of Email Communications Regarding Oliver's Injuries, with Avila's and CPS:

RE: What Happened To Oliver's Face‏
From: cam huegenot (cameocares@live.com)
Sent: Thu 6/25/09 12:11 PM
To: holly (hollybeanpole@aol.com)
Cc: Michelle K. (DSHS/CA) Erickson (ermi300@dshs.wa.gov)


I feel your reply was not so much forthright as directed to CPS. I addressed you personally, and asked. I did not send the message to state workers.

However, it is not just my concern, but the concern of others who have seen the same marks, to find out what is going on.

That mark on Oliver's face is not a little "scratch". Anyone can see this and the visitation monitor and everyone else can see it. It's not a little scratch on its own either, but has burst blood vessels underneath. If Oliver did that to himself, that is one very serious example of self-harming that is occuring while he is in your care, which he never had signs of prior to removal from me.

Not only that, Oliver described how this happened to him, and he made motions which fit the mark exactly and he did not say he did it to himself.

On Monday, a couple layers of skin were OFF, and it wasn't red. By a couple days later, it was even more noticeable and the other red burst blood vessels were showing. Not only that, his nose was swollen and slightly scratched on Monday and I noticed and saw he'd been crying a lot and he told me this was true.

I recently acquired several bruises on my own legs. You know what's funny? is that not ONE of them is perfectly round and about the size of fingertips, circular, and finger-spaced apart. I have at least SIX bruises on my legs right now and each of them is irregular.

Oliver has had bruising on his legs that looks like normal playing bruises and they're irregular, but he's coming in on a regular basis still, with fingertip type bruising.

I would also like to know where he's getting scratched and rough marks on his bottom. I would like to know if you and Pablo are still spanking my son.

Do you understand something? You are NOT to physically harm my son in any way, in any form, for any reason, and you are also not to sit by as my son is self-harming himself if he is ever doing this, and you also have a responsibility to monitor any person you have watching Oliver. You haven't answered my questions about the daycare at your church, and that church of yours in right in the middle of the worst part of town, with the highest rate of child sex offenders and released criminals and gang activity. I know, because I used to live there, and I, being a GOOD PARENT, went online to find out if there were child sex offenders or criminals in the area and that's where the concentration was. The same street you have your church on, which draws primarily, people from the neighborhood.

Also, I have witnessed your own outbursts as have your own children, and knowing my own mother and what her reactions could be like, since you were both raised in a similiar situation, with the same parents, I know it is difficult to shrug off old or bad habits which you learned from your own parents as a child.

I have had the benefit of years of working with others' kids and keeping patient at all times, knowing there was never an excuse to hit or harm a child, especially not my own, at any time. Because I practiced this for decades with others' kids, when I had my own son, even if I had a technical "legal" right to spank my son or harm him through physical "discipline", I chose NOT to and I am probably the FIRST in the entire Baird line and maybe even Garrett line, to practice a completely different parenting style.

Your job, as his foster parents, is to FOSTER security and protection for a child who is not yours but who is temporarily in your guardianship and safekeeping. To love him and cherish him is the best part of it, but the other part requires constant diligence and supervision.

I am shocked with the lack of concern you have for his safety and how you allow just anyone to be around him or to babysit him. You even let total strangers to YOU, from the state, the state workers, drive him around and take him places out of your own eyesight. You let others babysit him and threw him into a daycare where I could hear him sobbing and screaming for 15 minutes while the caregiver did NOTHING to comfort him. You leave him at a church nursery while you go to church and when my son begins to self harm himself (according to you) after his wonderful "religious experiences" there, you do nothing about it.

1. You let a state worker drive my son around because it is convenient for YOU. You are thinking about your needs, not on supervision of my son at all times.

2. You let a church nursery and its workers, with children who have behavioral problems, and with the potential of drawing less than desirable nursery attendants, watch my son while you pray and lift "holy hands" to the sky. You do this because it's convenient for YOU, not because you are supervising my son properly at all times.

3. You threw my son into a daycare with kids that hit and hurt him and a caregiver who sat around and neglected him. You did this for your own convenience, not because you are caring enough about his constant supervision.

Word of wisdom...Children, especially before the age of 3, should NOT be left unattended with people you barely know, whose history you haven't learned or observed. They cannot even speak for themselves. Even children slightly older are manipulated by adults because they are young. Children need protection by good adults, from the very real potential dangers that are out there.

My son shows marks that are not normal, on his body all the time and yet you cannot even claim to know what's going on all the time because part of the time he's with others you don't know. The rest of the time, he's with you, and I and your own children are aware of your own outbursts and troubles controlling moodswings. You are not paying attention when my son says he was mauled at a party. Tell me something Holly, was there a "party" that weekend that my son attended? How about Sunday? Did Oliver go to a party or a gathering with lot of people at the house? or were they throwing a "Party" at your church nursery?

You are NOT asking serious questions, so his MOTHER is. For you to write this off as a little "scratch" is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable, and cause for concern in and of itself.

At this point, I considering bringing his paternal biological relatives into this. The biological father supports MY raising his child, not YOU. Did you get permission from the biological father at any time? If you didn't, you should know, I DID.

This is going to court.

I have photos and witnesses, and the state has been nothing but negligent regarding my son this entire time.

You do not have my son's best interests at heart when you ignore real abuse and trauma and yet try to stall and delay on my "services" to run the clock out for my right to have my son returned to me.

You have all screwed up.
Thanks, but there is no thanks to what the state has done. For thanks, I'll give the Avilas 70%. The rest, that 30% where my son has lost weight and was refused photos of his mother when first removed from me, for months, and for refusing to take him to an independent non-state chosen pediatrician in Whatcom County (which I was paying for entirely including your accodomodations), and for his repeated evidence of abuse and the lack of supervision and care in choosing people who watch over him...

I don't know if that 30% even negates the other good. My son is not okay but he has had to adapt and force himself to bond to the people he THINKS he's stuck with.


To: cameocares@live.com
Subject: Re: What Happened To Oliver's Face
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 20:46:26 -0400
From: hollybeanpole@aol.com
CC: ERMI300@dshs.wa.gov


You don't have to be worrying about Oliver's safety with us, though I'm sure it's only normal for you to do so since he's not under your watch and you don't see him all the time. He is a normal 3 year old boy who enjoys playing indoors and out,and many times plays rough house style play. The scratch on his face you are referring to was nothing more than that, a scratch that he gave himself when in the car with us last Sunday.

I am not working at present and haven't been since I told you, so Oliver is under my supervision, and Pablo's. Oliver does bruise easily, apparently, and there isn't much I can do about that. I am giving him more red meat and vitamin C to try and help. He does not have fingerprint bruises as no one has been abusive to him in our household, and he has not been traumatized by us in any manner. I do take Oliver on Friday mornings, sometimes, to play with the kids at daycare when I buy groceries. He misses the kids and loves playing with them, and he gets tired with how long I am shopping for groceries, so it's a win/win situation.

Oliver has an appointment for the 30th for his yearly checkup since he turned 3 years old this past May. I'm sure CPS will provide you with a copy of the doctor's report after the appointment.



-----Original Mes sage-----
From: cam huegenot
To: holly ; mom dad
Sent: Wed, Jun 24, 2009 3:13 pm
Subject: What Happened To Oliver's Face


I'm not trying to cause trouble, believe me, but I'm very concerned about Oliver's safety at this point.

Everytime I see him he has not just bruises from playing, but fingerprint mark bruises and other weird thing like pieces of skin picked off, from his feet or bottom. Today his face was all scabbed over and bruised from what Oliver described as a beating, and it was first noticeable on Monday.

I am wondering if he's being thrown into a church daycare. Or WHO he's around, because this keeps happening.

Oliver is NOT okay and seems traumatized from it. He was definitely more subdued than usual MOndya and he'd been crying.

I would really like an explanation for what is happening to him and if you can't keep him safe, or are not questioning others' when you should be, please do what you can to support me to have him back in my care.

At this point, the visitation monitor documented this and what Oliver said, and the state will just remove him fr om family altogether.

Please work with me to help Oliver be reunited with me and please tell me WHAT is going on.

I would like to know, too, if he's getting sent to ANY kind of daycare and when he's out of your supervision and with whom.

Still interested in going to the prayer stuff.



I am going to have a cmoputer person upload the photos for me. I don't trust what might happen if I can't do it right and lose the photos. I have them, but I need professional help to b e sure they're loaded properly.

If anyone wants to be sure my son isn't beat up on at the church the Avila's go to, the church is at 716 Methow. If you check on the statistics, this church is located in the worst released criminal offender area. Which doesn't mean there aren't good people, because I lived at 300-something Methow and I visited all the wonderful neighbors. But I never, ever, had my son out of my sight, and I also DID check to see where sexual pedophiles might be. Just for my own awareness, which was unnecessary, because I always had my eyes on my son, just like the neighbors all say I did. I was extremely vigilant, keeping him in the corner of my eye but allowing him to play freely and only intervening when and if necessary.

I feel more people, good people, could be involved in protecting and looking out for my son until he back in my watchful care. And I appreciate all of those who try. But if you see anything at all, and notice who my son is near, or if you have knowledge of something, by legal or illegal means even, please let me know. Please email me at: cameocares@live.com. I need help from others because some of the state workers and some of the police are not doing their job. Thank you.

I just got a computer guy to upload the footage of Oliver's beating on the side of his face. It's a little fuzzy, but does show the layers of skin are off and then the bruising next to it. I have very good documentation of either someone beating the hell out of his face or serious self-harming.

Visit With Oliver Last Monday & His Injuries (Punched and Scratched)

I documented my son's injuries last Monday, even though the state was writing it all off.

He had several same-type bruises on his legs, which looked like fingerprint marks on some parts, and he had dark bruising on the backs of his thighs. He pulled down his pull-ups to use the toilet and there was also a small mark where it looked like a tiny piece of skin had been picked off--a layer of skin. The square scratch mark was gone from his bottom. But there were other marks.

The other thing I observed Monday was that Oliver was very subdued and didn't want to talk about his owie on the side of his face, which was shielded with a band-aid.

I noticed his nose, the bridge of his nose, was swollen and slightly blue like he'd been hit there somehow, and there were tiny scratches on top of it. He had dark red-purple circles under his eyes from what appeared to be crying. I asked if he'd been crying a lot and he said yes.

He didn't want anyone to remove the band-aid but I looked underneath and there was a whole section of skibn that was scraped off. Like an entire layer, and then there was red burst blood vessels stuff under but barely noticeable. It looked very, very, new like it had happened the day before or that morning. More like the day before.

The monitor told me Oliver had gotten into a scrap while playing and then HE picked off his scab. What I saw was NOT a "picked off" scab. It was a section of skin which was missing and so new it hadn't even bled.

I saw my son's face and his behavior and knew he'd been punched. It looked like someone had attacked my son in the face. And he had the behavior of someone who was afraid to talk about it, who had been abused.

Today, he told me how it happened, and I'll go over that in my next post.

I had to conceal my own grief of seeing my son like this.

So we played and he wanted to imagine different things. First I said we could pretend we were camping outside and he was into that. He turned off the lights in the room and said there were stars and a moon on the ceiling and then turned the lights on for "morning". Then I said we could pretend we were a tain and traveling and we linked up and he got behind me, knowing how to make a train and then pointed things out along the countryside.

I asked him, "What do you see?" and he said he saw a plane.

I asked him what color the plane was and he said, "white". Then he said, "A plane and blocks." He kept saying there were blocks by the plane. Then I asked if he saw any animals and he said yes, he saw Bambi and Bambi was working on the plane and waving to us. Then, he said Bambi had moved on to work on a car. He said some other Disney characters were waving at us too.

Then we did some fishing and the fish were all green again. And we read sonme stories and at the end, he said he didn't want me to go and that he wanted to stay with me. I told him I was working hard to find someone who would help us see eachother more and he nodded very enthusiastically and said, "Okay!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Court Requested Accomodations for Migraine

I have to add this one, because there is probably another default charge on my name.

I was going to hearing this a.m. to fight Holt's TRO and defend for mine against her and her housemates, but I started getting a migraine yesterday morning. The day after I write I haven't been having bad migraines (I was getting mild ones but which could be controlled).

SO I got a whopper yesterday and all day was fighting it. I had a couple of strangers rubbing my neck and shoulders and talking about migraine with me. I kept asking for OTCs too, and drank coffee to head it off because I haven't been smoking any pot at ALL, for a couple of months.

It got worse last night and I was just lying in pain. Finally, I had to ask if anyone knew someone, because otherwise, I was in ER needing narcotics and with a huge bill the CWH is pissed for my inability to pay. So which is the worser evil?

I am screwed over, and truly "disabled" by migraine. It affects my life and interferes with important things, like hearings.

So I smoked a tiny bit yesterday, drank coffee, took a bath, and realized I have irretractable migraine that I need a medicinal marijuana permit for because obviously it's been the only thing to prevent them and help abort them.

I tried to sleep last night and couldn't. All day I'd taken massive amounts of OTCs to get rid of it ahead of time but it was full blown by very early morning. I had to smoke more, take another bath, drink tons of coffee, and try to sleep again.

I called the court at 8 a.m. to tell them about it and request accomodations for physical disability. I told them there was no way for me to know ahead of time that I would need this and I could provide documentation later if needed.

I was told to call back in a half hour. I called again at about 8:45 a.m. and I was told the Judge knew but wouldn't make any decisions until she was in court...

I was asked if I could appear by teleconference but at that time, I was in excruciating pain even trying to talk and I told her no, and I didn't know how long this would last because if I couldn't get rid of it, it would go on for another day or so.

I asked the clerk to make a note somewhere, that I'd called to request accomodation for migraine. I was told they couldn't make any notes. I was also told they didn't keep track of phone calls and there would be no record. So at this time I asked for their email address and I sent an email over right away, to prove I had requested accomodations ahead of time. It was sent at about 9:05 a.m.

I said I would try to appeal if necessary and give documentation to prove I'd had a migraine and supporting witness statements.

I don't want to have a bad mark on my name because my disability has prevented me from making any defense and interferred, disabling my ability to have a fair trial or hearing.

I am only writing this, because it is not about anyone else but me, and because I had just written I thought my migraines were "gone" or "cured" to a large degree. The very next morning, while I was in the visit with my son, I started to get my traditional migraine headache.

I don't want anyone to think I did any thing either, if something comes up on the docket that I lost, and I think people should know why so it doesn't prejudice my name or reputation.

It's better now. I smoked a bunch, but it's still there. I drank two cups of coffee, but it's still kind of nagging.

At any rate, I'm not making this up. All day at Cafe Mela yesterday I was using OTCs and drinking coffee, and one Russian teacher, one Russian language student, and a woman from Germany ALL saw and heard me complaining about the onset of migraine and rubbing my head and pressing behind my eye.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Going To Make Posts, But Will Publish Comments

I am committed to not writing in this blog anymore, but I will continue to post or publish any comments that may still come in, and any comments through email for this blog. Here is one I got yesterday:
Hi. I saw the story of the civil suit. We have gone through pure hell for the past 3 months. Our 3 year old neice was taken from us after being placed with us by c.p.s. for 18 months. We have found out that the caseworker promised her to another family before any accusations came about. We now have several attorneys and 2 vgals on our side but the judge seems to listen to everything the caseworker says. Our neice is now being diagnosed with an attachment disorder which she didn`t have before she was taken. Both parents want her with us. The dept. has violated almost every policy there is such as privacy laws. The family our neice is with now has been told my husband has a felony on his record which was the first allegation and is not true. It was proven in court it wasn`t true but she was still removed. They have also been told that I beat my daughters when they were young which also is not true. If one thing doesn`t work they come up with several more things. I want to sue more so to show c.p.s. they can`t continue to get away with this stuff. Let`s take away from the budget they have and make these caseworkers accountable for the heartache they put the children through. Our case is from Everett, Wa. and the caseworker`s name is Carol Louquet or Agostonelli. Since our case started in March, she has been going by the 2 different last names. We now have the Ombudsman`s office involved and 2 local Senators. They are all saying this is wrong but it doesn`t go any further than that. We won`t stop fighting until she`s back home. I know several people who would be happy to join in a civil suit. I didn`t realize until this happened to us that it happens all the time. We have to stop it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Last Post For This Blog To Prove Good Faith

I said I would quit writing for the return of my son.

So this is my last post on this blog.

My desire is to show that my word is my word, mis palabras hay mis palabras. I want the return of my son to me, and I'm not uploading any of the evidence I have, which is in reserve.

Regardless of what happens, I quit writing this day, on this blog, as a first step to show that I will then take Step 2, which will be to take down this entire blog, altogether.

I have something I'm fighting for, my son, and I've done what I can, but this is an effort to instill some faith in me, that I will do this, and that I am interested in putting some water under the bridge, for good even. I am interested in peace, even though what's happened has been really horrible.

So, here is my Step 1. This is my last post. Watch for one week, and you will see, no new posts. Step 2 will follow, but only after I have some assurance my son is being directed back into my care.

What I want to show, is that I do care. I care about my life, and about my son, and I actually care about the lives of others too, and I don't mean to punish anyone, forever, by having a bad report written up online to the end of time.

If you will forgive me, those who I've offended, I want you to know I also am capable of forgiveness.

I'm sorry.

Will you forgive me?

I hope some of you will believe in me, and that in some way, you will be able to put yourselves in my shoes and in the shoes of my son.

Thank you. Peace and goodwill.

Network Engineer Hacker

Thank you for the "good luck" wishes and keep up what you do. I know some of you are doing some really good work and believe in me. You guys know what's going on, you hackers. And I like the ethical ones, or the ones who go outside the box, but for an ethical reason.

Migraines Disappearing?

I haven't had a migraine since the last time I reported one. I started to get one while driving, I think the same day someone asked me if I was hiding. The weird woman in the cafe that another woman overheard.

I haven't had these regular migraines anymore but I don't know why. It's the first time in my life, to have a break from them for this long of a period. I think the only thing I've done differently is take the cortisone stuff, but that doesn't make sense it would cure my migraines really.

I've had the droopy eye effect and a very mild headache, just a light tension type headache, around the time of migraine, but actually, I've almost had nothing at all. If someone slipped me a cure, at some point, in my food or drink, I think it worked.

But we'll see for next month. If I don't get any next month, it will be a record, because I've not smoked any marijuana for over 3 months too. So, it will truly be a record and inexplicable.

Here's to good luck in that regard! If I don't have migraines, I don't even have to get a medical permit for marijuana.

Called Alvaro's Cell

After he left an email stating he would testify I didn't have any substance abuse, I called. No answer. I called and left messages about 3 times. But no answer.

So I don't know if he's screwing off, thinking this is all a joke, or if he's in jail, or back in Colombia, or dead.

I have no idea. I tried calling his cousin but the number for her name was unlisted and then I tried calling a couple of others but didn't have the right number. So, I haven't stalked him by any means, or called for any other reason than to see if he is alright, regardless of what he's put me through.

My Son's Identity and The Ignorance Of Wenatchee Justice System

I think it is time to capitalize on the gross, gross, errors of the Wenatchee justice system. I think I should focus on the latest comment by Anonymous who seems very interested in making me out to be the bad person here. Why? Probably because the Wenatchee justice system: judges, most lawyers, and most police, are hideous and write false or erroneous reports all the time. Some of the most deficient "investigations" and reports come straight from Wenatchee's "finest". I am just hopeful that some new guys are being recruited to come in and go undercover and kick some Wenatchee Screw Off ass (I forgot to go to church today...will have to make it an evening service to pray forgiveness for my swearing).

If anyone has been following, this "Anonymous" has been writing all these comments, trying to make me sound like I'm the one who has done something wrong. I call it as I see it: Wenatchee attorney red herrings.

Here is another copy of the last exchange:

Anonymous said...
On September 15, 2005 a Domestic Violence No Contact Order was issued in Cause No. C17018CHS. Your signature is on that No Contact Order. Cameo, you were arrested on a domestic violence call, which you made. Originally court was scheduled for November 16, 2005 and then changed to December 7, 2005. On December 5, 2005 the case was dismissed. This was due to the fact Mr. and Mrs. Baird would not fill out a police report on the incident of Domestic Violence because they did not want to see you face jail time. You were not bailed out by them due to the fact there was a no contact order issued. Get the facts straight! It was not because you assaulted Mrs. Baird, that was at an earlier date.
You had been kicked out of their house previous to that. You were asked to leave their residence and you did not. Your uncle was present at the time and politely (not forcefully) escorted you out of the house and you then called the police and reported domestic violence. In the State of Washington, someone is arrested on a domestic violence call. The police visited both Mr. and Mrs. Baird, as well as their son and determined you were the one to be arrested.
The domestic violence arrest was not for "assault," it was determined by your call as domestic violence.

June 21, 2009 3:38 PM
Mama said...
Dear Anonymous,

Are you willing to stand corrected? If so, read carefully, because you're misinformed, and if this is what a report says, it is wrong and I can back up the correct version which is:

1. There was never a call made by me for domestic violence. I had actually already moved out of the residence, which can be attested to by several latino orchard workers, whom I lived with for weeks prior to trying to get remaining belongings from the house. In fact, I had been out of the house for at over a month, because, my dear, I became pregnant by one of the workers. So you want the facts? Yes. My son is a son of a Mexican orchard worker and I am proud to say so and to also state I didn't sleep around and that ALL of the workers treated me with more respect than the entire rest of Wenatchee.

Your claim I was still living there is false, and any police report making such a claim is false. I wouldn't have known I was pregnant if I hadn't been at least one month along and I had been there over a month.

For the rest of the story, the TRUE version, go to my next "new post" which I'll make especially for you, and for all of the world, to prove what kind of accuracy was made in the "police report" and to what degree I've been defamed.

Could I sue the county and the city? My dear, when you bring it up, now that I think about it, since I have so many ways of proving them wrong, perhaps I SHOULD.

2. I DO believe it likely police told my family that I made a call regarding domestic abuse, which would have put my family on the defensive. The only call I made, was for a police assist in order to get the REST of my belongings out of the house peacefully. I may have mentioned there were some issues, but I did NOT make a "report" or call to make a report of domestic violence.

I made a very simple call to police asking for an assist to get some things, period. The police CHOSE to turn the whole thing around and into something else. The police had done this for me earlier, a month earlier in fact, when I originally MOVED OUT. So this was the second time I called, because the first time, I had two guys help me with my things. Sgt. Moore claims he was one there and the only one. Moore is a liar and not someone I would trust on the drug taskforce. That guy will lie for whatever suits him best, either for the state in prejudice of defendants, or if he'd do that, he'd probably take a bribe from the other side too. Moore wasn't alone. There was a dark haired officer there and he was the one I remember and he said that if I needed another assist, to call and let them know.

I went, originally, to police, for an assist with a cousin of the family. So it was in about mid-August or earlier that I first got a few things, with no problem, due to the fact the dark-haired officer was there to cushion and protect me from Moore. I got some things and moved into a house with some workers.

I never had a problem with any of the workers and they didn't come onto me at all but respected my privacy and I had respect for them too. They also didn't do any drugs around me. The only thing I ever saw was minor drinking. They were more supportive of me, at that time, than my own family. I had my computer and printer over at their place and I didn't worry about it.

3. So right off the bat, the police report is totally wrong. And it is something I can prove wrong too. When I called police, it was to obtain more things from the house and that was it.

4. Right after my grandmother pushed me in the stomach, being upset to hear about the pregnancy, and having Alzheimers (it wasn't her fault), I went to the shop and called from THERE, to several family members, telling them what had happened and asking someone to go up and be with Granny because I thought she was upset to hear my news and was in one of those "moods".

5. When my grandmother and I had this situation, where she pushed me and I held her arms from harming me, gently, we were ALONE. No one else was there. Not my uncle as the report claims, or anyone else. It was me and Granny period. The police didn't have a witness statement because there was...DUH...NO WITNESS.

6. Right after I made calls from the shop, Pat Baird said she'd send Loren up. That was the last thing I heard. I never even SAW Loren Baird, my uncle that day. I didn't see anyone except Granny.

7. I drove to the police station, to request an assist to simply get some belongings. I was told they'd go up and talk to people and then meet me. So I said okay and they asked where I would be and I was at the worker house.

8. That evening, at 12 p.m., or right before midnight, THREE OFFICERS came knocking on the worker house, where I'd be staying for over a month or more. A woman, Duke, I believe, or some female officer, told me I was under arrest for "assault". I had never been so shocked. I said, what? and was peaceful and they said I had to go with them for assaulting Granny. It was absolutely a lie and I absolutely did NOT assault my Granny.

I "assaulted" Granny just like I "stole a car" most recently. Right. Do you get this? I know the guy with the car set me up with police involvement, but my family did not. They were probably afraid because the POLICE tried to tell them I'd filed a no-contact order against them and accused them of domestic violence, which I did NOT do. If there was a no-contact order, it was made by police and they got my signature on it by telling me something for some reason. I didn't and wouldn't have tried to get one on Granny or anyone else. This was a case of police TRYING to set me and my family at odds and trying to cause trouble.

9. When police went to the house that night to talk to my grandma and grandpa, Loren was also there. If police said I was accusing them of domestic violence, I know Loren and my grandfather would have been defensive and Granny may have been worried too, but she knew I didn't do anything. They didn't take photos because there was nothing. And again, Loren "saw" nothing and my grandpa "saw" nothing, because they WERE NOT THERE. It was me and Granny and I would never, ever, harm my grandmother, for any reason.

10. No one bailed me out because no one in my family WANTED to bail me out. Period. I found out from Mexican workers that my own grandfather and Loren were discouraging anyone from helping me, telling the workers I needed "help" and that I was "paranoid" which Loren started saying to people after I told him if he tried to forcably restrain me again (which he did at the house), I would call police. My grandfather's response was to threaten me that if I ever did say anything to police, he would see to it, that I was out on "the streets" and would suffer for it. So, Loren basically, in my opinion, assaulted me or restrained me from leaving a room during an argument when I was trying to leave, and told everyone it was a "hug" and that I was "paranoid" to think it was anything more. Really, in my opinion, a "hug" doesn't last for 15 minutes with one party yelling at the other to "let me go!" and finally, "If you don't let me go, I'll call police!"

After this happened, with Loren, it would have put Loren and grandpa on the defensive, so if police went up saying I was complaining about domestic violence, they would have gone on the defensive.

After what happened with Loren however, I actually went to counseling. I felt traumatized by what had happened. My uncle had forced me from leaving a room and then I was threatened by my grandfather and when I told my parents and family, they sided with Loren. The Clan. My father was the only one to say he knew something about Loren and that if it ever happened again, to let him know and to stay away from Loren. So I went to a counselor, who DOCUMENTED this whole incident prior to the police coming to "arrest" me for "assaulting Granny" which I didn't do. The fact I had this counseling record, made it easy to show why Loren might have motive to make ME look bad, to defend himself.

11. The case was thrown out, not because "Mr. and Mrs. Baird" didn't want me to see "jail time". I had ALREADY seen "jail time". I had been in jail for 14 days while pregnant and no one bailed me out. There were never even grounds to send me to jail to begin with. They didn't even have ONE statement and yet Warren put me away for 14 days and later said, "Huh? You don't even have a witness statement?" The police had told him they had reasonable cause and they had nothing. All they had was their own drummed up report which was false. And these were the officers who arrested me, while telling me to my face, "Oh, police know who YOU are from Oregon to Washington state. We KNOW you're smart!" (there was this big rumor that I could kill others with my delightful wit).

On the other hand, while my own family did NOTHING, the Mexican workers brought money to me so I had something to buy things from the 'store' with.

12. The case was thrown out, after my own public defender couldn't get me to agree to a plea bargain under coercion and at the behest and request of the Prosecuting Attorney for Wenatchee. I had not done anything wrong. But these people really wanted something on me. I told my public defender, "I want a jury trial. I am innocent." I told him there was a counseling record, which supported me, and that there was also a Rivercom report which documented Granny admitting to poliCE SHE had hit me, on another occasion or that same day. She admitted to assaulting me, on a recorded police call. Which I have never blamed Granny for, but it stemmed from Alzheimers and it's not her fault. So there was 1. counseling record, 2. Rivercom record (which I obtained), and then other stuff besides, and the fact that I didn't even do anything and Granny wouldn't lie just because the police wanted her to lie, and there were no other witnesses.

My public defender refused to get the evidence I asked him to get. Oh, the other stuff was character witnesses. I went out and got the Rivercom record on my own and then all of a sudden, after pressuring me to plead guilty to something I did NOT do, he mumbled over the phone to the D.A. and they had me go to court. Next thing I know, the boss for the public defender's office, is sidling up next to me in court right before I was to go before Nakata. He whispered to me that if I didn't take the plea deal, I had to go to trial the very next day, with NOTHING and I would lose and have my baby in jail and have it taken away from me. I told him no, I was NOT going to trial the next day because they'd not obtained evidence for my case. He started to walk out and talked to my original PD who then came in. I was so panicked after that, I stood up for MYSELF and told Nakata I was not ready for trial and I wanted a jury trial but my public defenders hadn't obtained evidence that would prove me innocent. Nakata was surprised but very understanding and said I could have a continuance, which I requested, to obtain evidence. I was going to have a jury trial! When my own PD and his Big Man couldn't force me to take a plea deal which would have screwed up my records, they HAD to drop everything. They had NOTHING and they didn't want the other evidence coming out.

This is why I believe a lot of people in Wenatchee get really harmed by the system here. There are not zealous defenders. If anything, my own PD was working with the D.A. to screw me over on something they KNEW I wasn't guilty for.

13. Final correction. At the end you say my uncle was there and escorted me out. You claim I was asked to leave the residence. I had already moved out, of my OWN accord, over a month earlier, because of Granny's erratic behavior. No one asked me to leave, I left on my own and went to live with the Mexican workers and told them about everything. They all knew. As for Loren being there that day, he never was. I never even saw Loren that day. I saw Granny, alone, and then went to the shop and made calls to family. Pat, Loren's wife, said he would go up there to check on Granny and then I never went back to the residence. I didn't want to go back there without an officer to help me get my things so I asked for an officer assist and waited at the other house, where I was arrested for something I didn't do, without even reasonable cause. It was a false arrest.

The entire report is wrong. The police, you know, lie. Not all, but some do. And some of the police are really good and very honest. I've met really good ones. I don't dislike police, in general. But there are some really bad ones too. You have to be careful. The D.A. really wanted to make this look like something. When the Judge, Judge Warren, finally asked them for "something" he was shaking his head, saying, "You don't even have a WITNESS STATEMENT?" and asked them what they'd used to jail me and charge me with.

14. Not only had I publicized the fact I was talking to a reporter the very next day, about what happened with the FBI and some Wenatchee police profiling and getting pulled over by cops, state or other, all the time, I was also trying to file for bankruptcy before deadlines and when they jailed me, I lost out on the statute. The police told my grandparents to throw all my stuff into boxes, papers which I'd left behind. I found out it was improper for police to tell my grandparents to do this. My grandparents hadn't kicked me out of the house. But the police told them to put all my stuff in boxes on the porch. And then, interestingly enough, a report gets written up which makes it sound like I'd been evicted or something, which isn't true. I remember I was told it was wrong for police to tell my grandparents to do this, because it wasn't like I'd been kicked out or there was a reason to just throw my stuff out of the house.

I had made a trip one time to get some things and then that day I was arrested, all I was doing, was trying to do the same thing--get a few things out of storage so I was eventually moving my belongings out. But I'd been living with the Mexican workers, like I said, for over a month.

So, you see! You're wrong! And the report made by the D.A. and police is wrong! And, if we want to start asking some of my Mexican friends what the timeline was, I am quite sure they can confirm my story.

:) Thanks for your excellent inquiry into my affairs.

And yes, all the Mexican workers knew I was only with one person and that I'd been there quite awhile before becoming pregnant. I knew the father for close to 6 months first. From the time they arrived, that early spring, I visited and was friendly. And they invited me to have dinner with them and to chat and we did and then when I needed a place to go, they welcomed me and cooked for me and I cleaned the place for them in return. I would say I'd been living there maybe 2 months before the police arrested me. It wasn't like I'd been "kicked out" of the other house.


Finally, Anonymous, that's not why my son was taken. It had nothing to do with any of this. It had everything to do with the medical malpractice issue and that was the only thing brought up, though the state DID try to bring THIS incident up, which was totally improper because I wasn't convicted of any crime or misdemeanor and since it was totally thrown out, it is not "evidence" at all, for this dependency.

But the state, the same old Wenatchee people, have tried to throw it back in my face. But it's not evidence and it was thrown out because it didn't happen. Imagine though, if I had plead guilty in a plea bargain when I didn't even do it. I would have had a record. I do not have a record, but I do believe some are not giving up even though I've never done anything illegal, other than try smoking pot for medicinal reasons, in my life. And yes, smoking pot is illegal, on a federal level, but it is legal in Washington for medicinal reasons and it really does help prevent migraine. Other than that, I swear, with God and all the angels as my witnesses and constant companions, I've not done anything illegal, at least not that I can think of, knowingly. Absolutely, I've never done anything that harms another person or made any threat to harm someone. I never could and haven't yet.

The AG, or Wenatchee's Prosecuting Attorney, Or Officer?

I think this "Anonymous" here wants to dis' me for justification of the system. My guess, from the writing, is that it's someone with an invested interest, like a lawyer or an officer. My guess? Lawyer. More distinguished guess? AG attorney. I say, to this attorney or Somebody Who Knows It All-- "You Want A Piece Of Me" by Britney Spears. Your penance for being totally wrong but for highlighting the gross errors of the justice system in Wenatchee, is to listen to this song 20 times this evening, as you are drafting your next post. Pick up the pace, hommie.

Anonymous said...
On September 15, 2005 a Domestic Violence No Contact Order was issued in Cause No. C17018CHS. Your signature is on that No Contact Order. Cameo, you were arrested on a domestic violence call, which you made. Originally court was scheduled for November 16, 2005 and then changed to December 7, 2005. On December 5, 2005 the case was dismissed. This was due to the fact Mr. and Mrs. Baird would not fill out a police report on the incident of Domestic Violence because they did not want to see you face jail time. You were not bailed out by them due to the fact there was a no contact order issued. Get the facts straight! It was not because you assaulted Mrs. Baird, that was at an earlier date.
You had been kicked out of their house previous to that. You were asked to leave their residence and you did not. Your uncle was present at the time and politely (not forcefully) escorted you out of the house and you then called the police and reported domestic violence. In the State of Washington, someone is arrested on a domestic violence call. The police visited both Mr. and Mrs. Baird, as well as their son and determined you were the one to be arrested.
The domestic violence arrest was not for "assault," it was determined by your call as domestic violence.

June 21, 2009 3:38 PM
Mama said...
Dear Anonymous,

Are you willing to stand corrected? If so, read carefully, because you're misinformed, and if this is what a report says, it is wrong and I can back up the correct version which is:

1. There was never a call made by me for domestic violence. I had actually already moved out of the residence, which can be attested to by several latino orchard workers, whom I lived with for weeks prior to trying to get remaining belongings from the house. In fact, I had been out of the house for at over a month, because, my dear, I became pregnant by one of the workers. So you want the facts? Yes. My son is a son of a Mexican orchard worker and I am proud to say so and to also state I didn't sleep around and that ALL of the workers treated me with more respect than the entire rest of Wenatchee.

Your claim I was still living there is false, and any police report making such a claim is false. I wouldn't have known I was pregnant if I hadn't been at least one month along and I had been there over a month.

For the rest of the story, the TRUE version, go to my next "new post" which I'll make especially for you, and for all of the world, to prove what kind of accuracy was made in the "police report" and to what degree I've been defamed.

Could I sue the county and the city? My dear, when you bring it up, now that I think about it, since I have so many ways of proving them wrong, perhaps I SHOULD.

Psychologists Who Support Me

Here is my list of psychologists who have supported me, knowing or not, most recent to last:

1. 1999. John Fishburne. Wenatchee's BIG CPS pick. Refused to do psych eval because his lawyer told him not to, that he'd be unemployed and make people in the town mad if he ruled in my favor, as not having a severe mental illness.

So John saved himself, but he wouldn't have done this if he didn't already know how this was going to turn out--with my tests coming out fine and nothing bad or really wrong to say about me. He also said it was odd CPS claimed I was "paranoid schitzophrenic" when this disorder does not have such a late onset of symptoms. He said if it's paranoid-schitz, or parnoia, the onset is mid-20s, not the 30s or early 30s and he said it's strange I was fine and productive, earning a 3.6 GPA and working and paying rent with no problems until, suddenly, "childbirth" and my claim of damages from childbirth.

I consider refusing to do a diagnostic because he's afraid I'll be "normal" to be a vote of support for me.

2. 1999. Debra Neuman. Wenatchee's big CPS pick from Maryland--I let them CHOOSE HER. Refused to do psych eval if I could record it and publish recordings, because she wanted her reputation intact if she decided to rule in favor with the state's claims. If she ruled the way the state wanted, and I was able to publish my content of communications, she knew it could damage her reputation.

I consider the fact that she even CARES what some "allegedly mentally ill woman" might write about her, to be a vote of confidence for the the fact that I am credible and not actually mentally ill.

3. 1998-1999. Sheppard Salusky. Seattle forensic and clinical psychologist who does contract work for the FBI, who had communications with me for maybe 3 months and talked with me in person. Knows I'm not bipolar and definitely not, as he said, "paranoid schitzophrenic." Can't evaluate me because he dated me. But he didn't know about my case while he was dating me and got to observe me "as is" without all that, and then when I told him my story, he still knew the state was wrong. I did not have intimate relations with him--I kissed him once and that was it. Nothing more than one kiss. Oh, and I didn't know he did anything with the FBI either, until I had met him for the second date in person or something. I never knew before so it's not like I had or have a conscious thing for FBI employees.

He said claims of "pain" being psychosomatic were ridiculous because it's actually exceedingly rare for someone to experience this kind of disorder, psychosomatic pain. He said pain is subjective for one thing, and most often really felt, so he believed I took painkillers because of legitimate pain.

He also said there was absolutely no way I could ever be classified as "paranoid schitzophrenic". He said the conversation of someone who is paranoid schitzophrenic unravels and is non-sensical after the first hour and certainly after 3 hours. He communicated with me by email in writing, and then over the phone, and then in person on more than one occasion for an entire evening.

4. 1997-1998. Paul ---. Mental Health professional for Wenatchee CPS for 20 years before fleeing to Canada during the Wenatchee Witch hunt, where he became a TARGET because he questioned the tactics of the state in prosecuting innocent parents. Paul spoke with me at length, for over an hour on different occasions and by email and stated, from his standpoint and experience, there was no way the Wenatchee CPS claims held up. He said I was definitely not experiencing any kind of serious mental health disorder, in his opinion, and felt if anything, I was experiencing a temporary "Adjustment Disorder" which he said would be a natural response to the trauma of having my son removed from my care. Paul did not buy the state's claim at ALL.

5. 1997. Two Mental Health professionals. Two different and independant men whom Wenatchee Central Washington Hospital ER doctors called in. BOTH men, BOTH mental health professionals from Wenatchee, refused to go along with what the CWH doctors wanted them to do and say. They talked with me, each of them, first one, for over and hour, and then the other for over an hour and then together, and they were confused as to why the doctors were so angry and SO insistent that I be found with some kind of mental defect or illness. The state has constantly left out the fact that it was TWO, not just ONE individual, who spoke with me prior to my and my son's departure for Canada. CPS and the Wenatchee AG want to make it sound like there was only one guy, and so what, but there were TWO, and BOTH concurred there was nothing wrong with me and they refused to do what the CWH doctors wanted them to do. They were not only pressured, they were being threatened by the CWH doctors, to find something wrong with me.

When these guys wouldn't go along with them, the doctors came in and angrily told me they were going to call CPS and have CPS "do something" about me and they were going to make sure my son was taken from me. After this threat, after they'd already been trying to make reports to CPS about me to slander me, all which were "unfounded", I left with my son to Canada, legally. There was no protective order on my son and I had a legal right to go to Canada with Oliver. I did not violate any laws.

Response To Comment: Hump and Dump

I didn't have enough room, but this is a response to a woman who wrote a comment to my post: Advice On How To Control Me.


I did nothing to myself OR to my son to warrant his removal from me at any time.

If you haven't been reading along, the state's position against me, all along, has been supposedly because I was "delusional" to think I and my son had medical injuries from childbirth and the claim that I was drug seeking when really, I was prescribed narcotics for pain the Wenatchee docs knew I had.

The entire hearing was based on the idea that all these Wenatchee medical professionals believed I was mentally ill to claim I had any injuries. Not one of the reports to CPS came from anyone EXCEPT Wenatchee medical professionals, who KNEW I was trying to sue them for medical malpractice.

Since being in Wenatchee, I have been falsely arrested for "assault" of my grandmother which was THROWN out because it didn't happen. There was not a witness, or a witness statement to support it and I had a ton of email which I sent to my own family telling them about Granny's alzheimers and how she was going into fits. Not only that, I had gone to a counselor about it, who had records, AND there is a Rivercom tape where Granny admits to hitting ME. It wasn't the other way around. I have never been violent torwards anyone. On the same day I was "arrested", it was right before I was going to talk to a Wenatchee World reporter about the FBI sexual harassment claim I had made against Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza.

Granny's own Dr., Dr. Freed, agreed with me she was in the stages of Alzheimers.

On the day of the alleged incident, the claim was that I "held" my grandmother down. That's not what happened. I had just told Granny I was pregnant and she pushed me in the stomach so I reached out to hold her arms away from my stomach and said, "Granny, you can't do that anymore, I'm pregnant." I basically held her arms to the side so she couldn't strike me in the stomach.

I was arrested for that. Right after it happened, I had called my own family and told them someone should be with Granny because she was acting out again, which I'd been reporting to them.

I was trying to move my things out of the house, which I stayed in to help assist her while she had a broken back injury, and called the Wenatchee police to help me get my things assisted. I think my family panicked and thought I'd "reported" someone so they made claims I held Granny's arms. The next thing I knew I was being arrested for "assault" which I never committed. No marks, no bruises, and my grandmother basically confirmed what I said, that I held her arms to the side.

So that got blown up and I was in jail for 14 days, which I've been told I should have sued for. During that time, guards refused to give me kites or paper and when I finally got it, they were refused filing by Judge Warren, which is illegal.

Thereafter, I was "banned" from the hospital after I complained to them about their repeated refusal to treat me for migraine. Dr. Butler had a pain contract for me to receive morphine to control the pain and he WITHDREW it after I questioned why he was just feeding me narcotic painkillers after childbirth and NOT doing diagnostics to find out what was wrong.

Anything recent that's occured, has been outright lies. Most recently, I had one man tell me to borrow his car and then he had someone ELSE call the police and say it was HER car that was stolen. As it turns out, it was his all along and he was the one telling me to use it. So I was flat out framed and who knows why other than to cause problems.

Officer Duke was the arresting officer and she was the same one arrresting me on false charges for "assault" of my grandmother. The evidence was SO strong AGAINST my own family and Granny, that the state didn't want to go to trial at all and dropped everything. They knew what my evidence was.

As for an anti-harassment order filed by John Kaemf, that is a lawyer, a main lawyer for the Abbey, where all my problems began and when police were first used against me, for the church's civil means. It was dirty and they've tried to cover for that and discredit me ever since. I had just told Kaempf I was filing an anti-harassment order against him for contatcting GRANNY about ME, and threatening HER, and he whipped arond and got Judge Warren to push something through for him on default.

Hmmm... what else? oh, I guess the last thing would be an accusation that I held a knife and threatened my housemate which is shocking insomuch as she calls herself a christian, and a missionary too. This woman CHEATED with my fiance, and didn't like it that I caught her and wrote the whole world about it so she turns around and totally lies.

Not only that, she knew my fiance before they ever met, and HOW I have no idea, except there is some idea in my mind that if she's doing "missionary" work in Brazil, and he's working for the state in Colombia, they're connected through a government agency and want to slander me for their own cover.

When I was in D.C., and meeting all these people, I had more than sufficient reason to guess I was dealing with state or Dept. of State or CIA employees. I was being primed to work between the U.S. and Colombia and I said no. They were offering ettiquette and checking my literacy skills and a bunch of other stuff, and Alvaro knew people at the courthouse who were working for the govt.

It was a hump and dump, plain and simple. They wanted me and then they changed their minds.

Hump and dump, courtesy of the U.S. or who knows, joint courtesy with Colombia, because I met the U.S. point person for Colombia in the very beginning--Carolina. Then, I'm meeting Calvin Shersteen or whatever, with the Seattle branch of the Department of State and he approached me as someone coming out of Colombia. I still have his business card. He came into a cafe I frequented, with a bunch of other guys and apprcached me and he was there the whole time for this.

I'm not saying Alvaro didn't play two sides of a fence, but I would hesitate to be either side and be confident enough to say he was really for the one team. He wasn't with just one team. He was with two.

Why in the world he'd want to fuck up a good thing with me for a little oral with Mykal Holt is beyond me. He could have held onto me and I could have developed, possibly, a very real thing for him, but I don't tolerate cheating.

You're either with me, or you aren't, and you don't fuck around with me in a small town, even if you think you're all covered up in your little House on the Prairie. Mykal and Alvaro or Alvaro's entourage are better suited to him though. He thinks he's hot stuff and wants some woman adoring his shoes but tearing the hell out of his back for it. Both Mykal and Alvaro thought they were more important than they are.

I caught both of them.

I think I'm the one who is on top. Yeah, so I'm the one who is broke, alone, and has a bunch of bogus legal claims made against me, and my son taken away. At the same time, I'm the one with the brains and the balls, and that's WHY this is happening.

Sorry, but deal with it. Meanwhile, Mykal pulls this total lie to completely screw me over with, and the whole time, I'm staring at her in court, with her messed up black and white striped shirt ensemble, and I'm feeling SORRY for HER.

They were stupid. They played stupid, they got caught, and they wanted to keep their own covers so they lied about me.

Why anyone would hire Mykal for any kind of state job is beyond me. But she is not a real missionary. I know what real Christians look like, whether they are Catholic or Protestant, and they don't act the way she's acted. She had a full on fling with my fiance, who she supposedly believed was married to me but all along, I'm sure she knew he wasn't. Then, her whole thing with taking ME to court and lying about me and claiming I'm a METH user and psychotic and that I held a KNIFE??? is just dirty. I don't know any real missionaries who lie and make false claims that someone is making violent threats. If she had been try8ing to help me and my son to begin through, she turned around and treid to totally screw me over so that I never, ever, got my son. Is that what a real christian looks like? No, I don't think so. So in that regard, I think this woman is using "missionary" work in Brazil as a cover for getting into Brazil for some reason.

This is a very old and unoriginal cover for going overseas with frequency. The whole "missionary" claim. But then, there are true missionaries who are falsely accused of espionage and they're very sincere and only there to help and for religious, not political, reasons.

Because of Mykals conduct and my observation of her storytelling abilities, including her boshed attempt to cover her oral affair with Alvaro, I have no reason to believe she is going to Brazil for "religious" work.

Some people who work for agencies, all they do is deliver messages. I would hope she's not higher up on the chain than that. If she is, this country is SCREWED.

One thing I know, he didn't go after her. She was trying to seduce him and I noticed from the third day or so when she was pissed I came out of the bedroom, too early from my "nap". She had dinner out for him and was leaning over the table in a suggestive manner with an extremely low-cut shirt and cleavage pushed together, and a ton of make up on. Her body language was unmistakeable, as was her annoyance that I came out "too early". She actually told me to go back to bed to finish my nap.

Then, when he left she told me not to "go after him". I looked at her and said why did she think I was "going after him" when I was the one to tell him to pack his bags?

Then Mykal tells me I'm "lucky" I didn't end up with the Colombians and she thinks God "spared" me from the chopping block.

Reaaaally. She's telling me she thinks I was spared and is now bad-mouthing Alvaro. The Colombians were, at least, a lot more FUN than she's been. I still miss them, actually, I just didn't know who to trust. But I do like their culture and have nothing negative to say about it. They also did more for me, in some ways, than others have.

I haven't been intimate with anyone since Alvaro, even though I've been encouraged and pressured to be. I don't feel like I need to rush into anything, regardless of what the issues with others are.

One thing I know, Mykal is NOT a "real missionary". And I'd rather see him with the woman who cuts "pelicula's" than Mykal Holt.

How ironic Mykal says I was "spared" and then she deliberately skews me. And as for Alvaro, if he was ever trying to help me or loved me, he could have kept his pants on and his hands to himself. He could have done that for my son at least, or been honest with me so I wasn't throwing him out the door. I could have handled a mistake or two, but he had to be honest about it.

No one cared enough about my son to think about my son. To this day, no one does, except me.