Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Stars" (and Diana Spencer)

I got this cassette tape selection I remembered from over a decade ago.  It is possibly a newer version but maybe not.  I'll have to check other versions to be sure but I remember most of the tape titles.

Diana Spencer, I don't know why, played some of them.  On a plane.

I don't know why I remember this, and maybe it was her own part in programming me. 

I picked out "Stars" to play first even though some of the other titles appeal more.  The first several lines, by the end of a few lines from the reader, I remembered.  Oh yeah...Diana played this one.  Over and over.

I turned it off because I was feeling creeped out listening to it.  And actually, I think that's what she used to do.  She would play a small section and stop.  Then play the same thing to me again and stop.  Over and over and I don't know why.

I stopped at "Stars was kept wrapped in secrecy."

I really don't think I can go past that part right now, so I just turned it off.  I started to feel sick while listening to it and I'm trying to remember what was done to me while this was played repeatedly but there was something being done that made me feel ill while I had to keep listening to it.  Even though nothing should make me feel sick right now, it brought up the same sick feeling.  It's a feeling I've had later with technology and I think it's either laser, strong infrared, or something...maybe ultrasound, that causes heating and then a very sick, sick feeling.  I don't remember pain to my lower back, just instant sickness and then when they quit what they were doing with the technology, it stopped the sickness.  I also remember it was not just Diana on the plane when this was done to me.  There were a few others and some of them, some of them men, would look back to see "how she's doing" when I was getting sick.  One looked very vengeful.  The men were sitting up ahead so I could notice when they looked back at me to see and then I sat right next to Diana (later, a couple of times, a Dicksie).  I remember a Robert Guy Garrett Jr. was with them or around a few times and he seemed mad at me too.

I just looked up a review on it because I get too sick to listen past "wrapped in secrecy" and it says Kathryn Harvey is the same author as Barbara Wood.

The reader's voice is the same one I remember, Paula Prentiss.

I sat next to Diana on a plane when she would play this over and over.  Later, a couple of times possibly a Dicksie did, but it was definitely Diana Spencer most of the time and I sort of remember her wearing white pantsuits when she did.  Like her pants and suit jacket were white or something.  The first word of the book on tape is "Snow."

I didn't hear the tape until later, until I was older.  She was using some kind of technology on me at the same time I listened to it, that made me hot and feel extremely nauseous.  I would be almost ready to throw up and pass out and then she'd click the button to have it end on "wrapped in secrecy".

I am thinking, I guess I was sort of like Barbara, the nanny they had, in that I was being brought in for the naps all the time for some reason.  I didn't think William really cared for the servant, whoever it was, that brought him back and forth.  He never looked happy with her.

I can't remember exactly if he was brought in for naps after I reported Prince Charles for sexually molesting me or before, but I think it was maybe after I made a report.  Diana had to know about it, so I'm not sure what her take was, but I do know she was drugging me at some point while I was in the bed, or staying overnight, and she started gradually getting meaner.  I thought it was because I recorded her with Val (Princess Michael), and she did cool considerably after that, but she was sort of doing some different things before then too, sort of right before.

She fingered me, as in, put her finger into my vagina, before I recorded her with Princess Michael but I had no bad or revenge feeling against her.  I just sort of obeyed my elders because mostly I was tortured to extremes if I didn't.  I am pretty sure Diana did this right around the time Charles did. 

I do remember she actually mentioned something one time, while William was napping, about some small toy he had that was wooden and checking something with it.  He didn't usually have toys with him because he played and listened and responded to voices.  But once I remember she brought a toy of some kind or two.  I also remember she blindfolded him once.  I have no idea why she blindfolded him, but she put something around his eyes, that was either a scarf or like a night-sleeping mask that you use at night if the sun or light is still too bright.  I sort of forgot about that until now, but some things I remember more when I hear or see things from the past that take me back to an earlier point in time of my memories.  I think he started to fuss and I am not sure, but I think I said he doesn't like it, let's take it off.  From what I remember, he got a sad face when it was put over his eyes.  I remember Diana was the one who brought it over and she didn't usually, so I remember I wondered why and thought maybe it was to keep the light out or help him sleep better for his nap, but then he didn't look happy and it was taken off.  I do not believe it was left on, and can't think of any time I was around where it was left there permanently.  I am sure I said, "I don't think he likes it--let's take it off."  She didn't look like she wanted to take it off and I thought, why is she not happy with the idea of taking it off when he's clearly unhappy and about to cry?

What is odd though, is that later, I was being tortured and led through an underground tunnel in Paris, blindfolded, by "Katie" who was taking my hand and "leading the way" as a guide to a room where I was attacked and sodomized.  You know, I'm not sure how much of it is symbolism for someone, trying to keep a memory fresh, or just mixed-up facts and ideas of hate crime or having been incited to commit violent acts against me for some reason.

Cher's Checks to Katie Middleton and Attempted Hit

I've mentioned it before on my blog, but one of the individuals I stayed with for awhile after I was not traveling to Europe anymore, was Cher's place.  I mean, Cher, the singer.  It was before her movie "Moonstruck". 

Somehow my parents knew her and Gary Goldsmith, Katie Middleton's uncle, visited her place once when I was there.  When she was there, it was just her, and no kids or husband, and she sat by herself at a small table looking at tarot cards or doing other work.  She asked me a few times to help her with her lines for something so I had to read one section and she would act the rest.

She drugged my cocoa and drinks with cocaine and meth and I was high and abnormally energetic or in a good mood when she had me scrubbing her floors for her.

This really bizarre point was made out of me.  She had me scrubbing her floors, on my hands and knees, sweeping, and cleaning and doing tasks for her, and then she'd write a check and give it to a Dicksie who showed up and would say, within my hearing, "This is for Katie Middleton."  Then she'd look at me and smirk.

I was basically slaving away and all of the money from my slave labor was going to fucking Katie Middleton.  I witnessed several checks being written and given to my mother, to be either cashed or distributed somehow to Katie Middleton.

Then I overheard her one day, plotting to have me murdered and offering 1 million from her side through a hit man.  Why would she do it in front of me?  I think she figured I was good-as-dead.  So who cared if I overheard parts of it?  It wasn't like I was going anywhere.

I had tried to report being sexually assaulted in England and in the U.S. of torture, and she knew very well no one did anything about it.

Prior to being raped by an entire group of teens with a vibrator, some of whom were connected to OSU, I was assaulted by her daughter who I was taken to meet later, Chaz, and she used a vibrator to assault me. 

I don't know what the deal was between one of the Robert Guy Garrett's and Chaz, but it was like she was his daughter and I was just someone they were trying to ruin and held hostage.  I saw how my "Dad" smirked and exchanged looks with Chaz before and after she sexually assaulted me.  It was clear to me there was some premeditation before it happened, and then a satisfied kind of smile between them afterwards. 

Then at some point after this, one day one of the Dicksies took me to a basement and one of the Robert Garrett's or someone who looked just him was there.  She tortured me and kept hurting me saying, "Didn't you SAY YOUR NAME WAS ANNA???"  Dicksie hurt and tortured me in a basement with a couple of people watching, trying to get a "confession" she said, that I was a Russian spy who went by the name "Anna".  I kept saying no, and then finally after she tortured me for weeks, I said yes, I had a name of Anna but I wasn't a spy.

That I wasn't a spy, was true, but Dicksie got jubilant over everything as if she'd just uncovered some kind of hidden weapon which wasn't the case and then the man looked down, upset I'd said this.  It wasn't any big deal I used a name Anna when they were telling me to "create legends" all the time, and "legend names".  The big deal was if I was a spy or not and I wasn't.

She went after me after we were in the basement and she was using a microscope to do something and asked me to do something and I said, "Isn't that illegal?"  As soon as I asked if it wasn't illegal, she flipped out and went after me.  What I remember, is the FBI was involved and one of their office agents was there.  They asked me to illicitly obtain what would amount to personal DNA samples from someone they were targeting and they thought I'd eagerly jump at the chance.  They got mad when I questioned the legality.  Then later, they tortured me by electrocution in their offices, and that was after I had refused to do secret work for them that they had no warrant for.

Then, they took some kind of blood or skin sample from me and then this one Dicksie freaked out.  There are only a few times I saw her that hysterical and loud and upset and she said, "IT'S THE WRONG ONE!!!!"  Like I was the "wrong one" and they'd thought I was the "other one", whoever that is, my twin or switch.  She was looking up some kind of DNA stuff on me and absolutely had a fit.  It is possible she found this out before she started torturing me.

I remember using a microscope when I was really young.  There was a man and woman who were either my parents or looked like my parents, and they called me "Anna" before I ever came up with the idea to use it for myself.  They asked me if I knew who Madame Marie and Pierre Curie were.  I remember being in the basement, looking at things through a microscope with them, and they seemed happy about their microscope work.

Then later, I was being assaulted with microscopes.  With one person jamming my head into one, by knocking my head down over the eyepiece to hurt my eye, or someone knocking it down or trying to smash me with it while holding it.

I can't say the microscope couple were my parents, but later when I was older I saw my mother at a microscope looking at things and it was when she flipped out saying "IT'S THE WRONG ONE!!!!" that I remember most, and then getting tortured to admit I used the name "Anna".

It was after this, not before, that the U.S. got one of their huge U.S. property helicopters out with their CIA and assassins to try to murder me, and I saw money ahead of time--again, probably because someone figured I was 'good-as-dead', and  a Dicksie was saying, before cutting the line, "This is Agent _______, Anna XXXXXXXX, " and then listed a bunch of other foreign language names or lines. 

Really, it was all about U.S. trafficking of me and RICO. 

I was first being groomed to be Prince Charles' mistress and when I made a report, they all suddenly started abusing me altogether, and having me sit in dancing windows, and beating me and then accusing ME of being a prostitute which I never was.

Also, I've mentioned this before too, but although Prince William did not sleep overnight in Diana Spencer's bed when she had me overnight, he was being taken to me to have all of his naps with me.  Diana would lie him down on his back in the middle, and she would be on his right side and I was on his left side and we would lie on our sides facing him and coo over him or talk.  She started getting weird when he began actively responding to my singing and began to prefer going to me over her.  When he started regularly reaching for me all the time, over his mother, she cut off all communication and I was sent home after sleeping on her floor and then I was taking naps or lying on my side, sick from something, or injured, while a Dicksie faced me lying on her side looking at me.

I felt horrible sadness and loss of bond with the baby.  I could feel the sense of loss and lonliness from not being around him anymore as I have with some of the kids I've been a nanny for.  I am positive it was damaging to William.  I am sure that very fact, like it or not, has contributed substantially to his human development.  I can say this without any doubt because first of all, I've observed the effects of separation between myself and other children who became extremely bonded to me.  The kids suffer a lot.  Having an extreme attachment and then abrupt separation is damaging to the emotional development of kids, but I'm sure the government programmers think it's great.  Separation anxiety becomes a factor for them, and emotional stunting/blunting or numbness as a defense, depression and cycles of depression related to triggers around these early events, and other defense mechanisms come up.

I used to take his hand and sing or talk to him.

I think this symmetry of William in the middle and me and Diana on either side had something to do with the disgusting premeditated torture of me by FBI and Barak Obama, of raping me and then forcing me to sit in the middle with Barak to my left side and a relative (supposedly my "Dad") on my right, masturbating into socks from the vibration of electrocution from the metal band they put around my head that conducted electrical shock, was connected to a box and plugged in.  In that situation, it was after Barak first raped me.  The parallel of this is that I did NOT rape William, however, a whole group of people were in a room one time, trying to force me to put his male parts into my mouth when he was a baby.  They had MI5 there, and royals, and all kinds, and I refused to do it.

They even went so far, as horrificly SICK and demented as they all were, as to think about how the non-relative should be on my left side and the relative on my right side, just as I was on Williams left side and his mother was on his right side. 

William started turning over to my side, and raising up his hand to have me hold..his left hand.  It was okay at first, but after awhile, it was even more noticeable and I think Diana felt bad that I was only around him for an hour or so a day and was that bonded to me.  I think part of the attraction is that kids enjoy being around kids, I'm sure.

This country has massive sins and crimes to atone for.  My entire life has been ruined, and ridiculed, and attacked, with hate crimes, all because of pedophilia.  My son is a hostage and kept from me, under a fraudulent claim by the U.S. government that they had a right to take him when they did not.  The motives of the U.S. are as corrupt as their motives have been with me.

As someone who knows children, and who children have bonded to and been able to trust, I know CPS is a crock of shit.  They committed RICO crimes and fraud, to kidnap my son to continue a cycle of trafficking.  That's their business. 

I can also remember times I was taken to ER, once with cigarette burns all over my body and someone threatening a Robert Garrett not to make a report and to keep it quiet, and another time when I was there with a broken leg, and who else but Alan Springer showed up, to ward off any child abuse reports that would have implicated him.

As for Cher, even though I was made into a child slave laborer, and forced to see that I would never see any money for my work, because it was all going to Katie fucking Middleton, I bonded to her in my own way, liking the acting parts and thinking she had a nice voice and I liked her Jersey accent.  She could use me and I still thought she was nice to me or someone I liked.  I begged her to let me stay with her in a small flat she had, that was not glamorous at all, and she refused.  My reason for begging was I was afraid of being electrocuted and chained to my bed more or tortured other ways.  She had me go back to live with my parents and then I was being seriously electrocuted and she would call up and cry (great acting) and say "I'm sorry baby."  She had a whole line of excuses, and would tell me she made a mistake and she was sorry and cry, and this was right about the same time Senator Heinz came into my room and handed me a book saying to call him if I needed anything.

You know, inaction speaks for itself.

Take a guess at why Katie likes California celebrities.  New York offered a job too, which she turned down, but her Uncle had Jersey and NY connections for her.  Katie Middleton got so much money it is not even funny.    Not only was she getting welfare money from the U.S. and FBI, I was being humiliated at her expense.  It wasn't like money was just going to her and not affecting me or my life.  I was being used and forced into child labor for people, and then instead of paying me for my work, all of the money from my "services" was going to HER.

Imagine being a kid, and Cher is telling you to scrub those floors really good.  I was on my hands and knees, with my knees bleeding and rubbed raw, as I scrubbed while I was high on some kind of drug added to my drink, which Cher even allowed me to see she was putting into my drink first.  So I'm slaving away, literally, and then instead of even .25 cents for allowance, or a new toy, or a doll, or something, a fat check was being written, to go to Katie Middleton.  Cher didn't even separate the work I did from handing the check over.  She made it very clear that she was writing a check out, for my services, and it was going to my "mother" who was instructed to give it to Katie.

So hmm.  I wonder why...hmmm...the FBI was so anxious to smear me and have me held hostage at psych wards? to further demean me and discredit me so they could get Katie married?

As for the basement chemistry people, who were there?  I'm not sure.  I know they were real and I've always remembered them, but I was really young.

There was this one small section of a royals' place (I believe it was a royal residence somewhere) that was sort of underground and had concoctions in jars and potions and things, but it was more like a apothecary place or sort of a "wiccan" thing or medicine place.  It was a different place.   The chemistry people seemed pretty happy to be doing what they were doing.  They weren't dour or overly serious, they sort of were energetic and spritely.  I had no idea what they looked at because I don't remember.  They looked through microscopes, and they mixed things in flasks and tested things.  Later, when I was older and a Dicksie was at a microscope, they had tested something about my DNA there and screamed and freaked out I was "The wrong one" and then went into a rage, torturing me, I thought, because I wasn't the person they thought I was.  I thought maybe they think I was switched at birth or something.  I didn't know what was going on.

At one point I was asked to do something and I questioned if it was "legal" and then got into trouble for it.

I really felt they hated me.  I think it was to collect some kind of a sample from a person or persons, like hair, skin, or something to look at for ID purposes.  I think I said I didn't want to do it and then I was accused of being a spy for Russia and under suspicion of operating as "Anna".  I think the FBI was involved and wanted me to do it too--to be working for them in a round-about way and not know it and not ever get paid for it either.

The U.S. never paid me for any of the slave labor they forced me into.  They were not just trafficking me, they forced me to work for them, and for a couple of different groups, and I was not ever paid one single amount of money for anything I did.

One time the FBI actually used me to "identify" forged papers for them.  They told me I was hired, and I worked at some DOJ (Department of Justice) office for a lawyer and a couple of people who brought documents to me suspected of being forged and told me to analyze them and let them know which ones were forged or not, basically, which were counterfeit.  Then they never paid me.  They had me working in an office by myself for weeks.

Not once was I paid for my work as a U.S. government child laborer.  I would say if I was ever paid any amount at all, possibly it was a small amount for the counterfeit detection work but if I remember correctly, the check was given to my Dad.  I should confirm, I do remember a check went to my Dad for my work in spotting counterfeit documents for some U.S. group.

So what was the U.S. doing?  USING me for child labor so they could make payments for my services to my parents to launder over to Katie Middleton, who did nothing for herself?  I don't even have a resume.

For all of the exploitation and abuse and use of me, by this country, I have no resume; they illegally blocked me from bank accounts; they stole my car from me in the middle of a lawsuit I had filed to protect my reputation and I lost and have bad credit because of a lien from this; I have medical bills that are almost entirely from injuries sustained from assassination attempts or abuse from U.S. or Canadian employees against me; and the U.S. lied about me and kidnapped my son.

From pedophilia, this is what a U.S. citizen has to look forward to.  The U.S. did not control pedophilia, they capitalized on it. 

The CASA woman, Susan, who works for CASA, which is supposed to be an legal "children's rights" group for kids, was going to Locklyn Guzman's house and ordering how often I was to be moved from one dog cage to the next.  She would discuss this, WHILE I was in the dog cage.

I am trying to find this article I recently found in Science magazine that made me think of it and I'll post a photo of why this came to mind here when I do.  It was an article by a "Susan" about someone who decides how often the "subject" should be moved from one cage to the next.  I saw that and thought, "Don't tell me the scientific community (or some of them) are unaware of torture against me."

I would think, what is wrong with a country like this one, when they are so far out into the "wrong", there is not even ONE person in a position of authority who is ordering compensation or that a lawyer take my case pro bono and demand the return of my son to me, on the basis of fraud and crimes committed against me?

I mean, NOT ONE?  Is that how seriously bad this country is?  They really celebrate pedophiles THAT much?

If someone has a problem with coming up with the money for it, which I doubt is the case, why don't they go recoup it from Katie Middleton, when THAT money is MY money in the first place.

Am I going to see all of my child labor money that was stolen from me and given to her, returned to me?  How about my locket and jewelry and things given to her under coercion and plying upon my child sympathies?  Is someone going to look at her with pity and say, "You really ARE an orphan Katie."

I'm sure not everything went to just her.  She's just one I know about.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sleeping With Diana Spencer and Other Misc.

I was trying to remember last night, where I stayed when I was assisting Diana Spencer with making covert tape recordings. 

I lived at only a few specific locations in England, and then I was a guest at times other places so I was trying to think about how I ended up in her apartment--did we go in, in the morning so I heard all the early calls?  Or did I actually sleep-over there?

What I remembered was that a few times, I was "snuck" in quietly in the morning or other times, without sleeping over, but I actually stayed the night with her many times.  She had me sleep in her bed with her actually, but after awhile, I started telling her I wanted to sleep on the floor instead and it bothered her.

My reason for wanting to sleep on the floor, I believe, was not because she was pinching me herself (for example, by herself), but I was getting drugged at night.  Possibly it was her idea of a security precaution, with the idea that if I was drugged I couldn't move around or she didn't have to wonder where I was and she could sleep herself, but I didn't like it.  I was basically getting some kind of tranquilizer shot or sedative.  She was definitely an expert with injections and shots.  I don't know who taught her but she was just as good at it as any nurse.

I believe there was one other reason, and I'll have to think about it, but it was possibly that my lower back started hurting too--like ultrasound feeling to my lower back and between this aching horrible feeling and injections, I said I'll just sleep on the floor.  So I took blankets to the ground.

We also fought over the bed covers a little.  She commented she didn't know anyone who slept so still in one place, because others pulled the covers, but she kept pulling all the covers over and I had to pull some back to not be cold.  She wasn't too bad though.  There was a different sleeper who was FAR more restless at night than she was.  She was not super tossing-turning all the time.

She had me put my feet next to hers to stay warm...so there were sort of some closer things, mixed in with the other stuff I didn't like.  No one else was sleeping with her at night.  I sort of wonder if she was used to having someone sleep with her and had a hard time sleeping alone.  I mean, maybe it's how she grew up with her sisters and she slept better with another person in her bed.

I'm absolutely positive about the injections.  She gave them to me in my back after I was in bed.  Sort of like Sharon Stone with the pickax but it was a shot.  It didn't hurt, and she didn't do anything really crazy or weird with it, but I just didn't want to be drugged at night and then I felt some kind of other technology that was getting to my back.  She was definitely a participant in some kind of 'government' or private use of technology or illuminati stuff or something because otherwise, I don't think she'd do any of these things.

When we woke up in the morning, it was always some London station call to start off the day at some point.  That's how I know what the routine was.

She had me do some other things for her too, which I've not ever mentioned before but anyway.

Also, one time, after I had talked about Charles or so-and-so (I think it was after) she put a finger of her own up inside of me.  I am pretty sure it was after my report. I freaked out, lying there totally still, and I can't imagine at all that she was lesbian.  Diana?  I didn't really see any evidence for lesbianism.  I thought maybe she did it to see if I was still a virgin or, I actually thought, is she checking to see if someone tried to hide something inside of my body?  I didn't know why she did it.  I remember the exact night she did it and everything.  It wasn't like a regular, routine thing and I don't remember her "molesting" me, per se, at any time.  I slept very close to her.  She wanted to sleep close and then when my back started hurting, I made a space between us on the bed and we had more room for our legs.

I mean, I could tell you seriously detailed, minute-information specifics.  I'm not sure why I was there or picked out for all of this actually, regardless of good or bad.

When in England I lived at Buckingham, Althorp, and Carol and Mike Middleton's place.  I visited other places and I slept over at Diana's for quite a time but I wouldn't say I 'lived there'. 

When I felt driven to sleep on the floor, she looked over at me, from the bed, and said sweetly, but with a weird glint in her eyes, sort of passive-aggressive, "Don't you want to sleep on the bed?" and I said, "No, I'll sleep on the floor."  She then looked sort of satisfied.  I thought, "It's like she deliberately wanted to drive me to the floor."  She didn't do this at first, but I think maybe she got mad about something.

I don't remember specifically if she kissed me.  Well yes, she did.  She kissed me and then did things to have me on the floor.  She told me something like "Remember, kissing is against the rules."  I thought, "What the..?"  She was the one who had me kiss her, on the lips, and then she said this to me, "Remember, kissing is against the rules."

I have no idea what the game book was.

I mean???  Chuh?

She also said I was a good kisser or something.  It wasn't like a peck on the lips.  First I just pecked her on the lips, like a good-night kiss and she said, no a "real kiss" and I didn't know what she meant so I tried.  Then she nodded and said something like yes, that was good and then after this she said the kissing is against the rules part.

This was a period of time that was not when the bodyguards and other women were around.  Mostly it was just me and her, with no one else in the apartment. Like I said, sometimes I was snuck in and told to completely quiet the whole time, as if no one was even there, in case there were bugs in the place (surveillance).  Other times, there was talking.

I do know William was already born because she brought him in once and he was on the bed, and then I said, "Why don't we have William sleep over too?  He would like it better" and she sort of shook her head and said "No, he has a crib to sleep in."  I don't remember my motive for wanting him to sleep with us.  It was either that I thought he'd like it more, or that it would be fun, or that I thought if he was there maybe I wouldn't notice the technology to my back or get injected because she'd decide not to do anything, or a combination of all the above.

I used to sing to him and he was extremely happy about being sung to, so he knew my singing voice. I told her, "Look!  He really likes music a lot."  He would go from being sort of expressionless to looking happy for once.  He didn't show a huge range of emotion as a baby and was more introspective.  I didn't see him extremely angry at any time.  Basically, he's go from being quiet and not really moving that much to moving his arms and hands and smiling and perking up when he was sung to.  Then one time I thought Diana didn't really like it that he was so happy about my singing and she didn't bring him over as much after this, but maybe it was that I told her I thought he seemed sad and it cheered him up and she didn't like the idea he wasn't happy.  Then just as he looked happier, a servant would come in to take him away and he'd start crying and look upset and I felt sorry for him.  I thought, "What are they doing to him?  Why can't they let him be happy?"

That was the timeframe of when we did some of this recording and everything.  He was no more than 1 1/2 years old and probably closer to 1 year or less.  It must have been 1983 or so and I was 9.

The other thing Diana did was show me bruises on her body.  She wanted me to be quiet, and not say anything and to witness a bunch of bruises on her so I did.  She put her finger to her lips and then pulled up her nightgown and showed me her legs and thighs, mostly.  They were a few smaller but I widened my eyes because some were golf-ball or baseball sized bruises.  The baseball sized one was on her thigh, and most of them were thigh bruises though I think she had a stomach one.  From what I remember, they were all round.  I don't remember really irregular-shaped bruises...they were sort of round mostly.   Before she started injecting me or doing other things with technology, she'd sometimes lie on her side and look at me while in bed, and cry.

One time she was pointing to them and I think I mouthed, silently, "Charles?" and she shook her head and said, "Mike" but I don't know if that's who did it for sure or not.  Maybe she even did it, I don't know, or it was just for that one time, or meant microwave technology but that was one thing she said.  She actually said "Mike and Robert" (like Mike & Ike) but I'm not sure why she said this because I viewed video footage of Robert and Charles talking about planning my murder together, and I got that information while I was inside of the "safe room".  So if she thought "Mike and Robert" did that to her, they were also working for Charles (?).  It's possible she said this to blame someone after I had reported Charles for putting his finger inside of my vagina and telling me he "loved" me.

Then I'd get sent back to Moses Lake and a Dicksie, one of them at least, would lie on my bed for naps, on her side in the same way, and have silent tears down her cheeks while looking at me.  It was the same sort of thing Diana did.

Later Princess Michael had me tape record things with her and I think it was a test between her and Diana because she said she was taping Diana and then Diana was cool to me after that.  I think they were testing my loyalty but no one ever really instructed me about "loyalty" or whose side I should be on or anything.  I knew I was supposed to "obey your elders" so generally I did.

One time too, I met Yulia Tymoshenko I think, and I was asked about her or Dicksie and I said I thought Robert shouldn't be involved with Yulia because he was married to Dicksie (when I was older I said this) and then she looked upset and someone told me I chose wrong bc Yulia was my "mother".  I was seriously confused about that. 

It was separate from some dark-haired woman that a Robert told he was breaking off the relationship.

It is also possible that, since Frances Ruth Roche had called Diana a "whore" (according to Diana) that the kind of instructions she was giving me when I was 9 years old, was why she said this.  Maybe all of those people were swingers and pedophiles and they just thought they needed another kid (me) and when I spoke up, they retaliated and used powerful U.S. and Commonwealth officials to try to ruin me.  The instruction on kissing her and then forcing me to the floor was after I'd taped her with "Val" (Princess Michael) so maybe between that and the police they wanted to degrade me.

The older woman clerk at London police there tried to change it around on me and called me a "prostitute" for trying to report Prince Charles.  I wasn't a "prostitute".  I received nothing from them.  They weren't putting any money into my bank account or giving me money or jewelry or anything and I didn't invite the contact either, and regardless, I was a very young minor.

It is something William and Harry are going to have to face, like it or not.  They can't go around pretending their mother or family is one thing when it's not, anymore than I can go around thinking "Robert" and "Dicksie" never tried to kill me with the whole group.

Some things about Diana--she made her own bed in the morning.  She didn't leave it for servants to make.  I helped her make her bed many times.  I don't remember really eating there in the morning.  Charles brought food in through servants but Diana didn't do this as much.  It was usually cold cereal with milk, something she could pull out herself.  It wasn't like she had a big buffet in the morning--I think sometimes she skipped breakfast.  There were a few times she ordered a bunch of food or showed me a huge collection under her bed.  She'd take it all out and we would eat a little bit of everything but she kept a secret from the kitchen and stored up food for the occasion.  It was sort of like a binge-fest, and then she started having me not eat at all, and then showed me where food was under her bed and we'd eat a whole ton of things.  When we went to Saudi Arabia once, I hadn't had anything to eat for over 24 hours and I was so hungry when they pulled the picnic blanket or rug out and the food, I thought it was the best food I'd ever had.  She sort of instructed me on "hiding food" which is maybe why I sometimes hid food in my closet and ate there by myself while reading a book, at my own house in Moses Lake.

I do remember at some point she didn't want me to make the bed with her every morning anymore.  I was very organized, and straightened things up right away and then we went from being orderly to her wanting to leave the bed looking slightly "mussed" at one corner.  It was like we'd sleep in it together, and then she would sort of make it with me, and then turn only one corner down and rumple it slightly as if just one side had been slept on.  She was exceedingly particular about her bed.

She did pour tea and we had tea, but she wasn't really into a big "to-do" about anything.  I mean, she wasn't going around with "crumpets and tea" on a tray with the pot all the time, though she did teach me to make tea service.  I had to practice pouring for her until she thought it was right and she taught me how to host the tea.  She also gave me lessons on how to walk, and about posture.

The most disgusting thing I was told to do, which I don't think I've written about before, or at least one thing I remember, was both she and Charles had me "pop" their pimples on their back for them.  I'd have to say that was the grossest thing.  Then, after they had me doing that for them in England, I was back in Moses Lake and all of a sudden Dicksie was doing this to me or a Robert asked her to do it and I think it was to have me hopefully forget who was actually having me do this all the time, which was Charles and Diana.

I helped sort mail and brought the Parliament papers over, and there were a couple of newspapers every day and sometimes a magazine thrown in.  They had to keep up on the news every single day, and on other kinds of cables.  I assisted in reading the mail and making replies, so some of the responses people got were not from her, but from me!  No one knew the difference.  She had me practice her signature as well and she wanted me to sign for her.  She wouldn't let me quit practicing her signature until she thought it looked like hers and then she'd instruct me on when to sign.

I also watched her daily "toilet" which was basically the getting ready in the morning.  I paid close attention to how she did her make-up and she had me spray her coif with the aerosol.  I loved spraying her hair and she'd have me wait until her face was shielded and then I'd spray at a certain distance until there was a big fog around her head.  One time I sprayed and kept spraying and spraying and started giggling.  I was just goofing around and sort of trying to make her laugh but she was annoyed by something and said to stop.  I was saying, "It's a halo!"  I was going around and around and around with it.  Sssssssssssssssssssssss.  A different time I said, "It sounds like a snake!"  Sometimes she had me fasten on her jewelry, watch specifically, if it was easier to do with two hands, and zip her up.  No one else was there--only me.  I compared my wrist to hers and she wanted to see how our skin was similar or different as well and would look at the insides of my wrists.  For being as tall as she was, she had very small wrists.  Her skin tone was pinker than mine.  She also had polish painting parties with me, where we'd do our toenails and fingernails and her toenail polish was her secret.  She kept her fingernails conservative and then would do wild things with toenail polish and then keep her feet in hiding inside of her shoes.  Punk stuff.  She said it was her only way to signal she was the black sheep.

When Charles started having me pop pimples on his back, while he was lying down, with just me in his room, Diana started popping her own on her face while I was there, in front of the vanity (dressing table mirror).  I started feeling uncomfortable, because I didn't know why she was suddenly popping pimples in front of me after Charles was having me do this on his back.  As a kid, so young, I didn't even know it was a gross thing to be doing, because it was taught as if it was some natural, no big deal thing everyone did.  He also had me give him back massages with oil.

There is more to it than that.

One day Diana said to me, at her dressing table, "He's in love with her you know."  I said, "What?" and she said, "Camille."  Then she said, "What would you think of being co-redemptrix?"  I said what's that and she sort of explained. She said, "We could share." She said something about what if one person sees Charles nights and the other one sees him days, or how about once a week but I get holidays."    She brought up some sort of visitation schedule.  She brought Camilla into it and everything, figuring out what dates Camilla got, which days I would have, and then what she wanted for herself.  Then she said, "Do you know what a ménage-a-trois is?" I said I didn't.  I think that question was a different time but near the same topic.  She said it was a kind of bizarre love triangle.

She said Camilla got most of the winter holidays because she liked the snow and snow sports and went with him places, and they hunted.  She said I was more of the summer person, and then said either she wanted weekdays and I would have weekends, or I would have weekends and she would have weekdays and gave a reason for it and I said something about well I would like to have at least a couple of days (on one or other times) and then after all of her negotiation she got mad and said, "No."  They had all basically brought the idea of my being one of his mistresses.  There were 3 of us:  Diana, Camilla, and me.  They were the only ones discussed because anyone else was just a fling.

I had made my report about Charles when I was younger and it was disregarded and everything continued and then this conversation came up when I was a couple of years older.  At some point I had said well I wanted to get married to someone though, and I was told I could get married and still see Charles but it had to be an approved person because not everyone would like the arrangement.

You can all see how well it turned out for me.  The U.S. and Commonwealth unleashed a barrage of hate crimes against me, defamed me, and kidnapped my son from me.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Retaliation Against Earl Pitts and Attempted Murder of Me

I am looking up some people and I recognize Earl Pitts as well.

I know for a fact that the U.S. retaliated against him, because they were worried Pitts was going to expose THEIR criminal conduct and torture of children.

The United States attempted to frame and set up anyone who got in the way of their pedophilia and torture of children.

Earl Pitts was one person who was government and who had a conscience and told me he was going to try to help me.  He looked tormented.

The U.S...?  All they cared about was their PR and cover for the most disgusting and aggregious crimes of torture and rape and government-supported electrocution and trafficking that has been known anywhere in the world.

The FBI had one motive:  GET SHORTY. 

Do you even KNOW how many people the FBI arrested just to "shut up" about the crimes being committed against ME?  That is not even to mention how many people they murdered, that were their own citizens.

UPDATED: Waking Up To Torture Again and President Obama's Criminal Contacts

UPDATED:  The emails I copied from Sgt. Guy Pratt have him stating he was only with Seattle police since 1989, which may be the case, but he was in training before that, or working in law enforcement already in some way, when I met him at the station, and it was when Edward Lee Howard was still around, and that was not in 1989.  It was earlier.  A whole group of individuals have wanted to try to move dates forward (i.e., "we're moving it forward") as if an entire string of events occurred later than they did.  The only reason to do this, is to conceal the facts of who was involved, what individuals were around, and proving or disproving locations and timing.  It is also a matter of rape and the rape of a minor and attempts to make things appear to have happened later than they did.

I also met Harold Nicholson in the ADMAX long before he was "arrested".  Which is really odd, because the FBI tried to conceal the fact they electrocuted me when holding Gary Ridgway (who they released for another 10 years) and then I was being sodomized in front of Nicholson and electrocuted in front of several accused persons.  If Nicholson wasn't even charged until the 90s, it means they electrocuted me in front of him, the way they did to me in front of Gary, and let him go for over a decade.  So you have to ask about hate crimes by the U.S. and their excuses to try to "justify" hate crimes.  The CIA attempted to murder me after this was done to me as well.

They basically tortured me, and had me raped several times, and then after using me in front of people they were apparently just "holding" temporarily, they thought I would talk and tried to murder me to make sure I didn't.  I had already tried reporting Charles in England and my "parents", Robert and Dicksie.

Also, I was there at the airport one time when Harold Nicholson was taking off for some other country.  He and my "Dad", "Robert", knew each other and my "Dad" took me to the airport with him to see him off and Nicholson had a book in his hands he either showed me or wanted to give me.  Possibly the one with the book was Edward Howard, but I do know we also saw Nicholson off at an airport at least once.  I knew his name.  I knew and recognized Edward Lee Howard and Nicholson both.  Apparently the U.S. wanted to torture me over them.  So with Howard in the CIA (and then fired) and Nicholson still a CIA agent, and my parents on a helicopter with Valerie Plame, it's pretty obvious they knew a lot of CIA.

I woke up this morning early, because my chin was being targeted again.  It's not just computer because I was lying on my back and I could feel my chin basically "buzzing" and vibrating. 

It's like someone plastered some kind of radioactive or magnetic material to my chin and then has used this to target the section repeatedly since.

Then this morning, someone basically carved out another design onto my chin and pitted the surface with a bunch of bumps and grooves and indentations, this time to match the swirl mark on my son's shirt from the photo of him I put online.

This is NASA and military.  I see no reason why the U.S. tolerates this, and why President Barak Obama, the Drug Lord, is using mafia contacts to harm people like me and my son.

I also have the same police officer with Seattle stalling on my criminal report against President Barak Obama.  His name is Sgt. Guy Pratt and he was present when Robert Guy Garrett showed up at the headquarters with me, prior to my being raped by Obama.

They made jokes about there being two "Guy"s.

This Sgt. has recently made some comment about "statute of limitations" and has been stalling at snails' pace for several weeks.  He is the same person who took my report when I was trying to have them find the location of address in Seattle a couple of years ago, and the exact same response is occurring of obstruction of justice.

Officer Kelly Burris is also the same woman who took my inquiry to Sonoma police a year or more ago, when I was asking about records, and she also dropped the ball deliberately, suddenly ignoring me as if my report was just going to vanish and the corrupt police could all cheer over their obstruction of justice by deliberately trying to expire the statute of limitations.

When I was taken to Seattle police as a kid, prior to being raped, Guy Pratt was one of the officers involved in taking the bag of money and beating people up.  There was a group of police officers all connected that were picked out to spear-head the corrupt circle for future cover up of crimes by Barak Obama.  They made jokes about which one was "Guy" when my "Dad's" name was Robert Guy and I had used "Guy" as the name under which I was registered at Oregon State University as a pre-teen.  One of the officers in the corrupt circle in Seattle was also named "Guy". 

It is basically the same thing as Susan from CASA showing up to look at me inside of a dog cage with Sue, the CPS visitation monitor with fingers missing (in Wenatchee) and having them joke about which Sue, and maybe one day I'd "sue".

Then Sonoma County police in California, decided to have "Kelly" the police officer contact me when Kelly Donegan was a professor harassing me not once, but twice now from OSU and when I was  a pre-teen I had tried to contact them and they gave me the name of some woman named "Kelly" who was dismissive of my report.  Kelly has been the person, every single time, to take my report, and then try to ignore it.

It's like they think they're amusing with their name-matching game.  What they are, are criminals, getting paid by the government to conceal crimes and they shouldn't be in law enforcement.

Then London police decided to get back in touch with me, and used the name of this woman "Hannah Blackwell" who is apparently a clerk there, but I think she's maybe younger.  However, when I reported rape by Prince Charles, there was a middle-aged woman there named "Hannah" who was a regular clerk and who was abusive, called me a slut (I was less than 13) and harassed me, in the London offices.  She threatened me saying maybe she would charge me with "solicitation" as a "prostitute".

It's like England and the U.S. think they have a right to be corrupt and play a harassment game of "memory" with me, as if to test whether I remember them or not and hoping I might confuse one name with someone else and discredit my own testimony.

They're all corrupt and they've all been taking a lot of drug money.

I have asked to have "Guy Pratt" and "Kelly Burris" ousted from my report.  Kelly has ignored me for the last month.

This is the exact same thing she did last time, even though I had a different question.  She knew exactly who I was, this time that she took my report, didn't inform me, and treated me in the same manner, as if she has a right to ignore criminal reports.  Does Kelly like the idea of little boys and girls having penises thrust into their mouths and being told to suck?

I think she does.  It must be why she and Guy Pratt are so eager to defend pedophiles.  They have not only been obstructing justice over my case and harm done to me as a child, they have been letting criminal offenders go scott-free to abuse and molest and rape other children.

Do you really think a big drug dealing pedophile like Barak Obama is not going to abuse his position as President of the United States? or that some of the other Presidents didn't?  They take their positions and are extremely dangerous to the entire country, using their old drug-mafia connections and friends, to beat people up for them, rape and torture kids, and kill people. 

So much for justice.

That's what you get for putting perverts in office.

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Notice too, how the surnames "Pratt" and "Burris" are English.  Both of these individuals, in the U.S.,  picked out my report amid my report against Prince Charles of England.

Which country are they working for? 


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rape by Prince Charles Report to London, England

The report I made to the London police was of rape by Prince Charles.  That's when the English guards did not smile at me anymore and glared at me with hate instead.  I didn't report "rape" specifically, I reported some facts and then the police tried to do exactly what the U.S. FBI does--lie and cover-up for people.

I didn't report he had vaginal intercourse or anything like that, I told them he put his finger inside of me.

One person tried to call it rape and I wasn't sure if that was accurate and didn't know the definitions for it and then the London cops tried to say, "But he didn't really hurt you did he?"  and kept making excuses for what was done.  Then they took the man who went with me to report, into a back room and broke his hands.

I walked out with the man, and the stiff-lipped guard with the big hat (as they wore) glowered at me, just glaring and I wondered how he knew already that I'd reported something.

The U.S. people assaulted me and tried to kill me over it.  They have had plenty of help with drug lords from Italy, Colombia, and Mexico and Russia, and with their Asian contacts, and Commonwealth people.

It has been a primary motive to defame me, disgrace me, and torture me ever since.  I saw Charles and Diana at the place in Paris, France after I'd made the report and this was when he wanted photos of me next to William and he had the electrocution device there too.  He said he wanted me to stand next to it, with William in the head-brace for it, as if I was electrocuting him.  A number of photos were taken there, and since I was a kid, it was most likely for blackmailing me or inciting hatred against me with his relatives or friends or anyone who wanted to discredit me.

It was slightly disgusting then, for me to go to OSU and take classes and be run down and have my intellect disparaged, by some of the people, one of them with a name like Sarah "Finger" which just made me think about people who had assaulted me.

Camilla had a motive to murder me because London knew I had tried to report Prince Charles.  It's not at all surprising she was on the helicopter where Valerie Plame and others were trying to murder me during a rock-climbing event.

All of the powerful pedophiles thought they'd just kill me and if that didn't work out by "accident", they made sure to call me nuts, mentally ill, to have me drugged and medicated, and to torture me not to talk about it or be muzzled, electrocuted, chained to beds, gang-sodomized, hit, legs broken, whatever they wanted to do...dungeons, torture chambers, throwing me into "the hole".

That's how vicious and disgusting the U.S. is over pedophilia.  The CIA and FBI loooovee their Pedophiles.

They turn women against the kid, teens against the kid, and other men against the kid.  Whatever it takes, they went to extremes to ruin my life and have been ruining my son Oliver's life as well.  He is controlled in a family that is controlled by Mexican and Italian mafia, and U.S. government pedophiles.

Lady Diana, even though she was also later involved in assaulting me and trying to murder me, probably out of concern for the effect on her sons, was actually the one who showed me how to tape-record evidence of confessions over the telephone.  After I started making reports, she started making reports.

I assisted.  There were lots of tapes.  All cassette tape recordings.  We made them in her apartment with a regular cassette player connected to the phone.  Sometimes she'd signal to me when to press the buttons and then she'd pick up the phone and talk to the other person.  Sometimes it was seemingly last-minute and other times it was pre-planned, with an interview planned over the phone which was to be recorded and I was in charge of listening in and making tapes as she talked.  She had tapes about her servants, and started encouraging them to talk to her and bring complaints to her.  She had recordings of Charles, and of Valerie (her housemate Valerie).  Sometimes I had to be completely silent the entire time, a few times the entire time I was in her apartment at all, as if I wasn't even there.  A few other times, after the conversation ended she'd look at me and say, "What do you think about that?"  She would ask me how I interpreted their tone and message.  She also recorded police.  Police called her apartment all the time it seemed.  I was really surprised by how often the London police or some kind of police called her.  Once a day or more sometimes.  Like weather-report regularity.  "Avoid Dismal street today because there's a parade."  Everything from traffic notices to schedule to incidents.  Hey YO Mikey!  Gotcher numbah.  There were 2-3 regular constables or whatever, she knew by name who called with the regular reports.  I'm sure someone must have told her about my reporting Charles one day, with comments about being touched by some of the others but mostly, it was "The finger" and then London tried to go all around saying, "Maybe he accidentally touched you with his finger."  I said, "I was wearing my nightgown and he put his finger inside on purpose."  I also told them "He said, 'I love you' to me."  I remember someone dropped something at that.  Total shock.  How did they not already know?  Of course they knew.  Their shock was that I was actually reporting it.  One time the cops there at London station were all eating cake.  They sat around eating cake like no big deal.

So, loose cannon or canonize?

Funny how people like to twist everything around and blame the victim.

By the way, how is a "cannon" loaded?  Think about it.  With a stick.  I was repeatedly sodomized with sticks and rods by groups of individuals from England to the U.S., and including some persons from Canada and other places, and teenagers (teens used a vibrator not a stick). 

I had tried to report Charles in England.  I also said I'd report my mother for covering up for a group rape of me by a huge group of teenagers.  Who was on the helicopter to kill me?  Valerie Plame with the CIA, the Tancer people with the bank funds, Dicksie that I was trying to report to protect myself, Robert who was committing pedophilia against me, Camilla Parker-Bowles who knew I had reported Charles to the London police.  Ross, the immigration man from Canada (possibly working for the U.S.) and a few others I've mentioned.

Where did Camilla take her first trip when visiting the U.S.?  To see Bush, the directors for the CIA and who also sexually assaulted me by fondling me, masturbating in front of me, and beating me.

I was on Air Force One (the plane) many times, not just once, when I was younger.  Not as many times as I was on other kinds of planes, but often-enough.

Anyone who was believed to be "sympathetic" to pedophiles who torture kids was enlisted to assist electrocuting and sodomizing me, and defaming me.  Defaming me was easy for them because as soon as they had enough men sodomize and electrocute me, they had a whole gang of women supporting their "men".  All of those Tammy Wynettes.

You have NO idea how many disgusting hypocrites there are out there, who gang up as an entire community, and nation, to try to destroy a little girl's life, and then make sure they keep her down, while she's a teenager and an adult and then steal her child.

Who is torturing me with military technology and NASA criminals?  The same people who defend government pedophiles and those who electrocute and sodomize and rape children.

I was never a "spy" and I never worked as a spy.  Even if I had been, it wouldn't be an excuse to torture a child.  However, I was never a spy.  I was being used by spies and trafficked and exploited sexually and tortured.  Any crimes occurring to me from that, were hate crimes, not out of "national interest".  Hate crime, against a victim of pedophilia.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy-_hxmft7Q   Awww....look at all those honies!  just waiting to throw women into psych wards in Nashville, TN for Haldol injections!

Also, one of the times at the London police station, I think the one where I made the report, Edward Lee Howard was also there.  Both he and Robert were there, and Mike all at once one time.  It's possible one of them was playing tricks on the other to make them think they cared about my well-being or it's possible they all went along with crimes, or maybe just punished one of them for things.  I wouldn't have any idea.

I also wonder if having me sign some kind of document at the Bill and Melinda Gates house, with the men there, about having been CIA or something and going military (?) was an attempt to make it look like I was a "spy" or with CIA and to give them an excuse to justify trying to murder me on U.S. soil as a U.S. citizen. Because then maybe they could claim I worked for the CIA and they "caught" me spying for someone else, or someone lied and said I did (which I've never done for anyone), which would give them some excuse.

I was at CIA offices, oh definitely.  As a kid, I'd visited the CIA headquarters and I'd also visited the intelligence offices of many other places too, and that doesn't make me a "spy".  I visited Canadian intelligence in their offices, MI6 at their offices in the Century building (scarily reminiscent of the Olson window-jumping hotel), and I met Germans and Russians and all kinds of people.  It doesn't mean I was giving info to some person ever.  The Canadian intelligence offices were mostly wood cabin-style or lodge style, like wood planks but out in the woods and natural settings and all their guys were shorter.  Not midgets but you know, shorter guys, most of them.  Then one day after I commented they were all shorter, they had one tall one come in around me (he was probably an import).  Their offices also sort of looked slightly like military combos with maps and things on their walls, (and a compass),  and they had file cabinets in there.  The Canadian intel are really into their compasses (it's the only way they know how to navigate around the Oakies, they would say).  I can't say they were always very nice.  I remember what they did with their file cabinet and desks and fans.  They told me to put my fingers into the file cabinet and find something for them and then slammed the drawer shut on my fingers and wouldn't release it.  Real nice Canadian intelligence.  Reeeaaaal nice.  My fingers were almost completely smashed and I remember I thought and believed at the time one of them was literally broken because it seemed broken.  I had a horrific crease across my fingers.  True to form, Canada lied about me and then refused to give me my records and my son's records, knowing withholding these records affected my son Oliver.  They smashed my fingers in their file cabinet before they had one of their men involved in a group trying to assassinate me.  It wasn't like a quick smash to teach me a lesson.  They pushed and pushed on that file cabinet drawer, with my fingers inside for a long time and I was screaming.  Then, from what I remember, they tied me to a desk and to a chair.  They had another adult in a different room.  They also had their Canadian guns out.  I mean, after tying me they tried to scare me and pointed guns at me.  They also had their desk fan going and threatened to insert my fingers and have them chopped off that way.  Someone was really going to kill me there, after smashing my fingers.  It was hot in there and there were flies and I was sweating and tied up.  Someone told me one time there, or another place in Canada, to repeat the saying I was taught by someone about new friends old friends, one is silver the other is gold.

It is 7:49 p.m. right now (I've added to this) and I have the U.S. targeting my chin again to disfigure me, which I can feel and it's while I'm on the computer. They're doing it to both sides on either side of my chin.  I'm really tired of criminal behavior by corrupt government officials and employees.

Some other totally random information is that one of the last places I was taken to, before I was mostly back in the U.S. and not traveling as much, was Wales.  They took me to the ocean and all of the training was near the shore and sea and while some of the people in town were nice, the training wasn't nice at all.  Someone was repeatedly trying to program me with Welsh cues and then they were making fun of me.  It wasn't like I sensed it was professional training--it was more like the last attempts to jab at me and use me for degrading me, programming nonetheless.  They were using cues and programming to force me to start running when I heard a Welsh phrase, and all kinds of things.  Mostly it was programming to Welsh words, to run or swim or whatever, and then I did some sailing there.  I was called "Captain" there and when I thought it was just a joke because I was sailing on a ship they told me, no, my rank in the military was "Captain".  I was less than 12 years old.  I did have some commanding duties, I remember, and military I commanded.

Oh goodness.  Someone just got really wide-eyed and scared.  Yes, it's true.

I was trained to fly and knew how to fly planes, I knew how to joust (sword fight), I was trained in firearms and bow and arrow, and I was taught to sail and navigate (they gave me a compass and trained me in various ways), I went deep water scuba-diving, I knew how to ride horses, and I gave orders for strategies on land.  I experienced intense hatred when I was made captain of a squadron or whatever.  They resented me for being so young and their superior.  At the end of the mission, I was told I wasn't captain anymore and one of the Dicksies acted like she hated me and took my hat.  I had also had abilities in remote-viewing and could remotely see locations of people prior to being targeted and assaulted to lose this ability, I believe, out of hate crimes and jealousy. 

And just now, I am again being targeted to my chin as before, when I mentioned it was being done.   I really have no idea why someone is wanting to target me with dots on either side of my chin.  The only mention I've made of this is of Dicksie marking a calendar with 2 dots, and then suddenly someone has decided to make a bizarre point over this, to my face.

Anyway, Dicksie said, after I was in Wales, I wasn't captain anymore, and then took my hat and then I had this mean programming done of me where it was to ridicule me and have me "run" at the sound of a Welsh phrase.  It was some of the same people, sort of trying to get back at me or wanting to see me lowered or dumbed down, after I'd been captain over them.  Not all of them were like that, and I do remember a few thought I did a good job and knew it was hate crimes.  My orders were rational and strategic.  What they didn't like, was my "tone", because they didn't like having to take orders 'from a kid'.  I didn't give any orders I wasn't prepared to follow through on myself.  Some just do not like a kid, especially a feminine looking girl, sounding "bossy". I think it's bad enough for some of them, to have a kid giving orders.  Bad enough if it's a girl.  But a "pretty" girl?  That is just way to much, because the pretty girl should be a sex slave, not a boss--I think that was some of their mentality, and some of the women didn't like a pretty girl giving orders at all.  It wasn't drug stuff either, it was official military.

I've never been paid for one day of any of my work.   It came down to pedophilia.  Not Ophelia.  Pedophilia.  The CIA and FBI and military, a whole group of these people wanted to use me and then murder me.  Which doesn't make for a great promo to other kids thinking of joining any group.  I have to say, I highly doubt some of the people who were taking all of my money were having acts of pedophilia committed against them.

There was some guy, not the older director who was my supervisor, but some other guy in my squad who just looked freaked out the whole time.  Some of them seemed to just resent me, and a few talked back to me.  They did NOT like the fact that I would not take their talking back to me and got these stoney-hard expressions like they wanted to murder me.  They wanted a discussion and it wasn't time for "discussion" like I'm having a conference on the battleground.  Yeah, you guys all come over and give me your opinions and I'll set up a soap box so you can stall while we run out of time.  The clock is ticking soldier.  They got really mad at me, some of these dark-brown haired men I remember.  They clammed up and got passive-aggressive and then unleashed their fury against me after the mission was over and started forcing me to be programmed with stupid things.  But I do remember there was one guy who was just in shock and I don't know why but he didn't seem to disagree with me at all.  He was just shocked.  I kept thinking, "Who IS this guy? he's acting like I'm from Mars."  My interpretation was almost like he was afraid of me, afraid of the future, and could see some of the future, and he didn't disagree with me but he didn't know if I was really real or not.  Probably he just looked shocked because he was some psychic who saw all of the abuse being done to me.  I don't know what he was stunned over actually but some of the others were calloused, vengeful, chip-on-their-shoulder types and I don't know if they just hated kids, hated women in command, or hated me, specifically.  I do remember at one point, he did something weird that made me think he'd tried to kill me and missed.  I wasn't expecting it at all.  What I got out of it was some of the higher male superiors agreed with me and liked me but they couldn't control the hatred that was worked up against me by some of the others.

The next time someone wanted me to be "boss" was over a meth lab and that wasn't my parents' idea either and there was some guy there sort of the same way.

When I was gang-raped by teens later, a couple of them looked exactly like some of the guys I'd given orders to on the field, or resembled them and I knew they were there to make a point of revenge over my being in command over them.

It's all hate crime.

I was also on a submarine, and taught some of the controls for missiles, and firing and the optics of the scope; and I knew how to dismantle a bomb or was taught this, and how to throw grenades, but none of my training was at all as thorough as what others got.  I was pretty much shown one time and had to pick it up or lose and a few times things were done to sabotage a test of my skills, to make me appear to be less skilled than I was.  That was going on, from what I remember, since I was about 9 years old.  Around 1982 and 1983.  The only thing I don't remember being taught was how to fly a helicopter.  I could fly all kinds of planes, small and large, but I wasn't ever trained to fly a chopper.  I remember someone suggested it and it was going to be the next thing I learned and then another person said no and then all of a sudden, all of my flying lessons ended.  I didn't learn how to fly a chopper or how to run a big ship at the controls.  I knew planes, subs, land, sailing, under-water tactical, strategy, compass, rappelling and parachuting, staking a joint, explosives, firearms, riding horses, motorcycles, and driving cars, (including minor stunts and jumping) and very minor defense/martial arts.  I also knew how to tell someone to get out of their car because I needed it.  I could give orders. 

I had many other skills at an early age.  The U.S. pretty much likes to trash anything that's talented or good at what they do.

Like I said, I was gang-raped by teenagers after commanding a squadron, because they hated me and wanted to demean me, and taking photos of me covered in cocaine, naked, and with a vibrator next to me, was their way to downgrade me from being a professional person to either a "powerless victim" or a "drug-using slut".

London, England Police Bribery, Robert Garrett, Mike Middleton, and a French Dungeon

Another place where police, or a group of them, were bribed with large amounts of money, were from London police.

I was not only taken to Seattle and Portland FBI regional offices and threatened, I was taken to Seattle police headquarters where more bribes with money were made, to protect government criminals from any report I might make at the time or in the future.

The other police stations we went to, or that I was taken to, were MI5 in England, and London police headquarters in London, England. I was inside of the London station, or went there with a parent, no less than 5-10 times that I remember.  I was also taken inside of MI5, and also, if it was not a section of MI5, some kind of other secret site that was even more locked-down than MI5.  It basically had the building front of a large cave or garage in a way, but more structure to it, and then eye scans and hand scans were required, and eye scans were high technology for security in the early 80s.

At the time we were going to London police, my impression as a kid was my parents (Robert and Dicksie) just knew the people.  It was like going to the military base or to the office, or meeting co-workers.  However, then their royal English guards (probably a different one in place) started to be less kind and got mean and glared at me as if I'd done something wrong, as a kid.  They are supposed to be expressionless.  I used to try to make them laugh by doing things in front of them, to see if they'd crack a smile ever.

The same duffel bag used for transporting stacks of money around, and the kinds of "drops" I saw made at U.S. law enforcement places, usually right before a crime was going to be committed (they used bribes ahead of time, not after, mostly, as a foresight into "preventative" measures and making sure all the odds were well-stacked against a complainant first).

I once was there with a parent and tried to make a report in London, England.  The parent was either serious or acting, and was making a report and they broke his hands in their offices and we left with the Robert's hands having been broken.  I witnessed police doing something to a Robert's hands by British-connected or Irish-connected U.S. cops later as well, but the first time I saw it done was at a London station.  The Robert was trying to tell them about torture of me.  The other testimony was of who was involved in drug trafficking.

For all of the cops who knew about the big Middleton drug-lord trafficking ring, and Barak, and persons connected, it seemed to me they were taking some of the money, or some of them were.  On one occasion I was sitting there when Robert told them some names of people and then they beat him up.  He also told them I was chained to beds in basements and I confirmed it and no one did anything about it.  He also said, "She says she's been raped."

All of the U.S. government gang activity against me to sodomize me was coming from some sick desire to get credit and bonus points and "score" with British royals.  The constant use of a ball in my face, or next to me, on me, or around me, prior or during rape of me of any kind was their way of mocking and symbolizing the ball that is held from a royal throne, and the constant use of rods and sticks up my rectum in violent rapings was their way of symbolizing the royal sceptre.

In every single incident of sodomy and government gang-rape against me, in England or U.S. or Canada, they used a ball and/or a stick or rod.  In addition to these two 'props', they used a "crown" which was a heavy aluminum band that was fastened around my forehead and which conducted electrical shock to my brain, and was attached to wires that were connected to the control box, which plugged into an electrical outlet in a wall.

I was consistently, and repeatedly tortured with use of a ball (globe), a rod (sceptre), and a head device (crown) and I was being tortured with being chained to beds in basements and in my room.  This is in addition to having my legs broken, and being whacked on the head, and jumped, and other forms of assault.

All of the torture against me using a ball and a stick occurred after William of Wales was born.    This is also after Katie Middleton, their primary drug operation kid, was also born, because they were born the same year in 1982.  The only comments I had ever made involving a stick of any kind or about any kind of stick or ball or anything, were that I could see William playing some kind of a sports game with a stick in the future, not just a ball (when they asked what I thought he'd be like when he was older); and I made a joke once while painting with Diana that we could give William a broom and he could paint with it and then ride out on it.  There was no connection to anyone else or anything that involved a ball or stick or crown except from royals themselves who had occasionally shown me these items when I was very young (age 3 and younger).  He also sometimes had something put in his mouth briefly so he wouldn't bite his own tongue when he was a baby (with a seizure) but I didn't do it and it was protective and was more of a toy kind of stick or thing.

I then had "metal bits" put into my mouth to muzzle me so I couldn't talk and was forced to keep these bits in my mouth sometimes when I was electrocuted, mostly in England.

I sent a letter to London police again.  I say again, because I tried sending one awhile ago, and I've sent email and not one single person who is an officer has corresponded with me or made any reply back.  Instead, what I noticed both times, was some U.S.-connected English man shows up each time, at least around Coquille post office and the post office workers greet him like he's an old pal.  This last time I took a letter in, I had postage put on it, and then the woman who took it, Karen, looked up and saw him behind me when I did and sort of smirked and said, "You're right on time."  This is the second time the same man has been "right on time" after I try mailing a letter to England, and though he was nice enough this last time, he wasn't the time before.  He is someone who looks like an officer I knew in London, England, but I don't think he's the same man.  The U.S. has obviously known who I was around, or they wouldn't be making a federal game of it.

I was read the story of Beowulf as a kid and then someone decided to use that story as a template for assaulting me as well.

I have also never had anyone from England contact me about my records from Sandhurst Military Academy.  I have some medical records from (Wellington Hospital or one connected as well, and I say Wellington because it was close to Althorp where I stayed so I assume it was that one but it may have been  a different English hospital) and I am a member of the Church of England (CE).  I know I'm a member of the Church of England because they did their ceremony and wrote my name into their book for it.  It's the only church membership I was ever signed up for in my entire life and it was when I was a kid.  I knew the Archbishop of England (Canterbury).  I attended different churches and was welcomed at many different kinds of churches, but the only one I was a member of was CE.  There was a document made about it, and record of infant baptism and membership.  Not that I care, but it's there.  It's possible I had a baptism in a Catholic church, but I know a record was made of a ceremony at an Anglican church, with my name and I remember the Archbishop.

So when did English police, Canadian police/immigration, and U.S. law enforcement decide I was "mentally ill"?  About the same time I was a little girl with rape reports? 

I've noticed they all drop the "she's mentally ill" bit if I pretend it never happened and am not pressing for prosecution, but as soon as I do, I'm suddenly being defamed as "mentally ill" and deliberate attempts to ruin my college, school, or work are made by harassment and provocation and numerous problems, to create distress or a reaction from me they only want to use for defense of pedophiles, date-rapists, and electrocutionists and government-sponsored drug runners.

I can match the times U.S. government has tried to accuse me of mental illness, to each time I've ever tried to report crimes against me, since I was a kid.

That is quite the feat.  How many multiple billions of taxpayer money has been spent on that alone?  Is that what these countries are most interested in?  I can mostly blame the U.S. and Canada, but I have wondered why my report never went anywhere when I was a kid, the one time I do remember one being made at London about one specific matter.  As for what is next, we'll see.

I have looked up the buildings for MI6, intending to look for MI5 and I recognize the MI6 building (the Century building).  I went there with Prince Charles once and I was there with another person another time.  I was there more than one time.

I saw both a parent and Mike Middleton at London police station.  Once they were together outside of the building, but usually they split up and I was with only one of the parents when going to a station, or to high security. 

Obviously, the CIA ran their "Monarch", "Chatty Cathy", and "MKUltra" projects with the English and Canada.

When I was in France, and in their prison, it wasn't even like a real prison.  It was a damp dungeon underground, in the dark, with rats and I got pneumonia and they thought I might not live when I was out.  I was fed nothing but a piece of bread and water, one time a day.  Maybe someone could explain to me why Mike Middleton was the person having me released from a French dungeon?  What did he do for Katie's lawsuits?  "If you don't let her win, I'll show the world the photos of Ms. Garrett as a child in your dungeon, emaciated?"  It was Middleton who was the French contact and then from there I was sent to the U.S. and I was extremely sick and weak.  I had contracted bronchitis and then it turned to pneumonia but it was a severe case and they thought I was going to die so they released me.

As for my "heart condition" I never had anything I noticed until I was thrown into the cyroplasm freezer in Denver, CO.  I was maybe only in there a split second actually, but it was so cold, my heart stopped and then when the door was opened, and I was out, I was already blue and I had heart problems.  Then they went away and I never had them again until I was operated on in Maryland for a D&C and they did something to my heart without my permission.

Then someone decided to replay the bronchitis I had in a French dungeon by causing me to get something when I was commuting from Washington to Oregon for my law cases.  It was a biological act to try to make me sick to interfere with lawsuits I was winning, not losing.  I was playing music by French singer Edith Piaf and trying to memorize French again as I went back and forth (driving) and someone decided it would be funny to spread a virus contagion so I'd have bronchitis constantly and I did, for months (no less than 6 months) and when I asked for medical abatement, Judge Janice Wilson refused and mocked me.

Like they didn't know.

You think Katie could win a lawsuit on her merit?  Ha.  Fat chance.  Why else have a reason to blackmail French courts?  ("If Katie doesn't win the lawsuit we can show you photos of the emaciated American citizen you held in a dungeon when she was a kid and tell people how she almost died."  It's not that they cared about me.  They just cared about the blackmail potential for getting what they wanted for "Catherine" Middleton, and I still think it's a false name.  I don't believe her name is correct and there's always been something wrong with it).  Why work so hard at pushing me out of my own law suits to protect my own name and reputation, which I had a right to do and which were asking for a meager amount of money?  Not to mention, I was slinging the bat on my own, not with some entire baseball team funding me.

I know Robert Garrett brought up Mike Middleton's name once, at a London station, and he was right there, Mike was.  That wasn't all the time, but it was one time they were together in the same place and this his wife Carol came over to the U.S. to have me raped and electrocuted with Barak Obama and Robert and others.

Once I was in Moses Lake, after being hospitalized for pneumonia, I was in my bedroom with a steamer going all day and night and I was in bed for almost a month.   I was extremely sick, with high fevers, pneumonia, and they asked sometimes, "Is she delusional?" because I was going in and out of consciousness with delirium from how sick I was.  That's how sick.

Good for Katie.  Boy.  She won 2 lawsuits.  Boy.  Golly.  Like that's a reeeeaaaaallly big surprise.  Cough cough.

So they had me recover from pneumonia to assault me again and keep using me for blackmail and extortion purposes.

I remember Granny came to visit me and while I did have "delirium" and was delirious or delusional for a short time, with high fever and illness, I recovered and was trying to talk about abuse and things that had been done to me and she narrowed her eyes and looked mean but said in a sweet voice, "You're just delirious Cameo.  Dicksie, I think Cameo is having delirium still."  She knew it wasn't delirium when it wasn't.  I was wide awake, coherent, and describing crimes against me and that's when I found out Granny didn't care.  She was going along with the cover-up and my attempts to get protection and escape this horrific nightmare of treatment, that I thought Granny would respond to, were refuted.

Imagine being a kid, sick to death with pneumonia, and looking up weakly at Granny, knowing you are her favorite grandchild, and trying to ask for "help" by bringing up torture in England and then the dungeon in France?  Then imagine your shock and horror as you are so very ill, to have Granny's usual sweet, very Christian expression change in front of your eyes, a metamorphoses, into a hardened and mean gleam in the eye as she tells you you're "delusional" or delirious and "Dicksie, does she maybe need more medication?  Hmmm?"  It's no different than if Granny suddenly ripped off the mask and, shock, a wolf?  with a medicine spoon.


Oh Camille!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

U.S. Government Whackos on my Computer

I've explained some things the U.S. has done with illegal exploitation of me, abuse and rape of me, electrocution of me on the slight "chance" they might get a confession from an accused prisoner, or as a way to try to justify constant electrocution of me at my own house (sometimes while chained to a bed).

The latest is just now, my computer screen monitor showed everything normal and then a blocked out bar shape came onto my screen, that was the same size as a piece of leftover stamp that I put on the last envelope to my son, at the United States federally-owned-and-operated post office.

I peeled off a stamp and another part of it peeled off so I stuck it to the envelope, and did this at the counter in front of the U.S. post service woman.  It was just a small rectangle shape in white.  So then I am on my computer, 24 hours later, and typing, and this same size and shape of a rectangle as the one I stuck to the envelope, came onto my computer screen, for no reason, and it was solid black.

I mean, just small, stupid, annoying things are done by U.S. government workers to me all the time.  I didn't press any button and there wasn't any reason for it to show up either.

It was just someone deciding to make something out one small moment in my life that wasn't even a big deal, but of course the U.S. federal government thinks it's a HUGE deal, so they decide to get their employee that hacks onto my computer, and the next time I'm about to send something to my son Oliver, they put some kind of bizarre mark over my monitor, to match a piece of sticker I stuck to an envelope to my son the next day.

It's basically a way of harassing me constantly with stupid little reminders that they are on my computer, messing with me, and think they can do whatever they want.

Then someone started targeting me to my chin again when I started making this post.

Teen Gang-Rape by Christopher Dabney, Jessica, Sarah Finger-McDonald and others

The gang rape of me involving many teens and pre-teens (mostly teens) and Melinda Gates, a Dicksie, and some others, occurred, I believed at times past, in England because I was there, and Edward Howard had flown in.

However, because I was being flown back and forth from those places, and to Oregon and Washington where Edward Howard was also going at that time, I would have to say it's possible the gang-rape with a vibrator was in the Pacific NW.  The reason I say this is because many Pacific NW teens who are now in their 30s, 40s and 50s and have also had reasons to defame me (along with their children) were involved.

I know we visited the Gates family (Bill and Melinda) in both England, working with Red Cross, and also in Redmond, Washington where their headquarters for Microsoft was and which was around the same time the Seattle FBI assaulted me with electrocution.  They also forced a signature from an adult to be made, giving control of my rights to someone.  When we were in Redmond, WA we stayed at an apartment that was theirs or they had arranged.

I'm positive it was Christopher Dabney.  Why he was in the area I was in, I'm not sure, but then someone had him hunt me down in Washington D.C. when I had a CPS case against Seattle people.  His relative, I believe, Jessica Dabney was there, and he was already friends somehow with Sarah Finger-McDonald, who was one of my OSU professors and teaching early.  She later got married to a man from Seattle, WA where she was frequenting.

It then sort of explains how Chris Dabney knew Amy Roe who was from the Pacific NW and it also makes more sense, in that case, why I had both Washington D.C. AND Washington State people in Unemployment offices deleting my records of calling in for my unemployment benefits and how many months I was owed money by them.  I couldn't figure out why there were so many really, extremely hostile people connected to Unemployment offices in both states.  I thought, "I might understand why there is hostility from some in D.C., if they know him there, or something, but why Olympia, Washington? and Wenatchee?"  I couldn't figure out how Seattle, WA FBI was connected to D.C.

The one thing that makes it still sound like England, when Edward Howard was where he said he was, is the fact that Melinda Gates had said, after they raped me, she was taking some cake to Katie and when it was asked "Where did Carol go" it was said she went back to the house to watch James (the baby).  Based on this, I had this impression I was in England (as was sometimes true) and that they were going to their house later, however, it's possible Middletons were visiting Washington.  It really sounded like it was their house, so I'd have to piece together was was before and after, but it is possible Middletons were guests somewhere at that time of my rape.

What makes me think it was England, was I went to Red Cross things there with them, and I went to some house where there was an author and I was held hostage in the house, and then there was a private plane flight back to the U.S. with Barak on the plane.  However, if that's true, some of the people from OSU and the U.S. were flown to England themselves to rape me.  They were not all a bunch of kids with British accents, they mostly were American accents.

The only locations I was in, at that time, was England; Redmond, Washington (we stayed in Redmond instead of in downtown Seattle next to FBI offices; Portland, Oregon (next to FBI offices downtown); and then at another time closely connected, in Coquille, Oregon.  Mostly, in the cities of Washington, Oregon, and England.

After I was raped by, I think, a bunch of U.S. teens mostly, in Redmond, WA, my parents visited the Redwood Forest in California and they later planted a bunch of Redwood trees on the property in town in Coquille, OR.

Having Chris Dabney connected to an OSU person also sort of connects him to Bechtolds and other government workers at that time because the Bechtolds were involved in some of the assault of me at the time I went to OSU.

It's also very clear that military, FBI, and CIA were all involved in my life and passing me around.  I can say this because one person involved in trying to assassinate me has been "outed" as a CIA agent (Valerie Plame); and when my parents were saying they "needed me" (like they needed a car for a secret project as if I was just a tool the U.S. government used and not a person), it was to an FBI agent Rick Baken (who also knew Katie Middleton), who is now known publicly as being an FBI agent; and seeing one of the Robert Garrett Jrs. driving a Pentagon helicopter for an assassination attempt of me makes it pretty obvious there is military involved, not to mention the fact I know U.S. Navy man Hamilton-Martin was involved in my life and a bunch of U.S. military and cops were forcing me to make porn videos and photos when I was a kid.  Not to mention George Bechtold, doing formal "interrogations" in Africa and all of the government slush money I saw being thrown around.

I remember being on a Piper Aerostar 60-600 all the time as a kid too.  It was when I was around 6 years old and younger but mostly maybe 3 or so.  That plane was going back and forth all the time, and I was always being passed off from one set of hands to the next in these trips.  Either I was waiting for someone to get off the plane and take me, or I was on the plane with them.  It was one of the early planes I was on for private travel.  The other ones, where I was a little older and going to England and back was larger and had more room, like a living room and bedroom kind of thing.

One of the women I remember from the Piper was blond.  Not Dicksie, but another blond and I saw her all the time.

I think Diana Spencer traveled on it too, but I am not sure she is this one blond woman I remember, because I think it was possibly a different one.  There was this huge dramatic scene that occurred with screaming and everything.

I know I saw the Piper later, when I was a slightly older kid and I was with Robert and Dicksie and I think FBI were there too.  I didn't know why we were there and then when I saw the Piper I said something like, "Hey!!! That's the plane I was on all the time when I was little!"  The Robert looked down and said "No", like no, oh no and the other officials looked over and then I wondered what was going on.  Of course I remembered that plane.  It wasn't like I was on it only a few times.  It was constantly.

This one day, the blond woman I sat next to, inside of the plane, went hysterical.  From what I remember, she was usually really nice to me, and cheerful, and bubbly and I remember feeling sort of snuggly with her in a way.  Who knows, because for all I know, she cut me with knives when I was 6 months old and then pretended to be really nice the whole time after so it would be all I remembered, but I remembered her as nice.  One woman on the plane wasn't extremely nice to me, but another was.  Then the plane landed and Dicksie and Robert were there and sometimes it was just Robert, not Dicksie, but this time, it was Dicksie too and the blond lady started screaming.

They then tore me out of her arms and hauled me away to Dicksie, who was looking mean.  This other lady kept screaming and trying to fight them and crying and saying "No, oh no" ...and I could tell she was scared of my being with Robert and Dicksie, maybe Dicksie specifically, I don't know.

I know at one point, some kind of "Affair" burst into flames and there was a Robert telling a woman "It's over" but I think he was talking to a brunette woman, not a blond that wasn't Dicksie.  I just remember a Robert told some woman their affair had to end and I knew it was a romantic thing of some kind.

I am NOT sure it was the same occasion because the affair conversation, from what I remember, was quieter, between just the two of them, and then I was there, little toddler, LISTENING!  I think I was a toddler but possibly for that, I was an older kid.

For being torn out of the blond woman's arms, who didn't speak English, I was younger.  I know the blond woman who was so nice to me talked in a foreign language.  Some of the other people on the plane didn't like it and didn't seem to like me very much.  I also know the blond woman dressed very well and nicely and someone told me she had a lot of money.  It was said because one of the others said, "What are you going to do?  Let her know and she'll take all of our money."  It sounded like one of them didn't want me to know I was a relative to one of them.

I am not positive it was the foreign speaking woman who was so upset though, because well, there were about 3.  Diana was maybe on the plane once, and then possibly some American woman or something who was blond, and then this foreign language speaking woman who was blond.  All I know is the woman fought like a tiger.

Screaming, crying, yelling, pushing, trying to break out of people holding her, and looking scared of Robert and Dicksie taking me with them.  I also thought she was maybe my mother, because I was with her all the time, and I thought Dicksie was an associate.

Also, I'll note that I'm being tortured while I write this, with targeting to the metal stent in my chest, to my chin to cause disfigurement, and to the top of my head to cause one of my eyes to bulge out.  I was also electrocuted with an electric shock night before last and woke up and my eyes were sunken into my head the way that occurs when I've been shocked from a ground-wire kind of electrocution to my house.

They also took papers about my ID there, when I was taken away from the blond woman on the Piper.  They said "Where's the birth certificate".  I didn't see any papers, I just remember something about papers.

From what I remember, it's possible there were two different events, with different blonds.  I think the first one was maybe an actual traumatic event and then the next was to confuse my memory and try to cover over what had been done. 

With one of the women they threatened to charge her with espionage, or to make claims against her, if she didn't do what they wanted.  They put her into some kind of fully blackmailed condition.

I would have to say, however, it is more likely the gang rape was in England when Edward Howard was there, and that some of these teens were CIA and FBI employees and kids of such, and were flown out for specific raping of me outside of U.S. territory.  The reason for thinking this is that Gary Goldsmith was there, and then later in Redmond, we did visit the Gates, at their house I believe, and we had cake or it was offered, but I remembered thinking why are they offering cake when we were all just in England and they were taking cake to the Middletons supposedly?

The other possibility is that it occurred in Portland in what is now termed "The Pearl District".  When I was back in Moses Lake, I had the brochure from the place we were at though.

My mother Dicksie stole it from me to destroy evidence of where I had been when I was gang-raped.

Is she really my "mother"?  I don't think so.  It's not like Bill and Melinda Gates are my friends either, or of my actual biological parents'.  They knew Robert and Dicksie and worked with them, but they didn't "work with" me.  One of the documents they forced a signature out of was at the Gate's own residence in Redmond, Washington and from what I remember, it wasn't just Bill but some of his FBI friends.  It was some kind of a "deal" done in his personal living room.  It wasn't like it was just Bill Gates and a Robert there either. It was government employees, big men, and standing around to witness it.  I mean, they literally used Bill and Melinda's personal residence for this.

I was telling the FBI about how I was gang-raped, and didn't realize, oh, this whole thing with the FBI was being conducted at Bill Gates house, who was married to one of the women who had been there.  So there I was, thinking I was going to get help, and instead, it was FBI, cops, a Robert, and some Jewish men who had been part of (I believe) organizing the gang-violence and there was no investigation, no charges made, no prosecution, and instead they were forcing signatures for documents.  They also tried to imply I was mentally ill.  First they were saying will you testify against your Mom (Dicksie) and when I said I'd tell the truth, then they were trying to find ways to cover over everything and started making requests for signatures.

Instead of having this done in an FBI office, of course, it was at Bill Gates' place. 

Basically, it's like the FBI used opportunities for themselves to get me to agree to things, and then I think they all worked together, knowing I'd testify against all of them, and maybe showed Dicksie I said I'd testify and then either used it as more blackmail to have Dicksie participate in harming me, or someone else, or they all used it together to build motive for "Why the FBI wants to murder Cameo".

The FBI and cops never did one single thing about my report of being gang-raped by teens and instead, they participated in making further arrangements to have me assaulted.  They also told this one Robert, at the time I said I'd testify against Dicksie (as being there and then destroying my evidence) he was "fired" and to sign some paper for it.  I don't know what he was supposedly fired from however.

Another FBI woman who I remember being involved in making threats unless everyone did what she wanted, was, I believe Laura Laughlin.  It could have been Julia Thornton because they look similar, but it was one of the time I was getting off of the Piper Aerostar or had identified it, and George Bechtold was there with FBI and the woman who was FBI making threats, looked just like Laura Laughlin and Julia Thornton.  Actually, I am positive Julia Thornton was there because they said her name out loud.  At that time, when I was getting off the plane, I don't remember now where I was but I had thought we were getting off in Canada.

I had the flyer and brochure from the dance club I was taken to prior to being raped.  It was actually more of a bar-nightclub.  There was an invitation to go there and I took a flyer from it and kept it for evidence of my location to make a gang-rape report by many, many teenagers.  I would say there were 10-12 of them but there may have been just 8 or it could have gone up to 14.  There were so many they packed the stairwell going up to the apartment after they broke in.   That is just teens, and early 20s people.  It's not including the adults who participated and aided and abetted the rape of me and those individuals included one of the Dicksie Garrett twins, Carol Middleton, Melinda Gates, Gary Goldman, I believe Daniel--Gary's constant companion, and another dark-haired woman who looked like Lisa Thebault to me.  The teens were all older than me except for maybe one, but they were all a year to several years older, but still teens with maybe one or two close to 20s, or whatever Gary Goldman's approximate age was at that time.

They put cocaine all over my body, sexually assaulted me by licking me and touching me and making sexual comments, and they took out a vibrator, a sex toy, and used it on me with everyone watching and with the adult women in the doorway taking photos and Gary Goldman and Danny watching.  My heart stopped beating at one point and they dropped me to the ground saying I was overdosed and did CPR.  That's not necessarily the case, because I remember everything that happened and who was there and what they did.  It's possible my heart was affected for another reason because they had electrical objects being placed on my body and could have had other items with them that I was unaware of.

When I tried to report it, it was at Gates' house and with FBI and cops and one man looked like Edward Lee Howard and another like my Dad Robert.  I wondered why Edward Lee Howard was saying "You didn't really get hurt did you?" in sort of a diminishing way, because he had been around, but then he was also saying something should be done.  It was cops and FBI that tried to discredit my report and nothing ever came of it.  They told Robert "you're fired" and then they told me to sign a document that stated I was no longer in the CIA and the military was taking control.  Of course, it wasn't worded that way exactly, but in general, that's what it said.  I was not given any choice of what to sign or not.  I still left with the impression someone was contacting me to take it all to court, but oh no, someone had assassination in mind for me instead.

One of the men there at the rape of me was referred to as "John" and he looked like John Lambrinos, who was one of my OSU professors.  I remember I was shocked to see him there and he was holding an orange and peeling it.  First it was just this orange in my face constantly, and then they were all putting cocaine on me and raping me with a vibrator with my clothes off.  Instead of a ball, he was holding up an orange.  Then, several of the people there were Jewish and I knew they were Jewish and one who Chris knew and talked to there was Sarah Finger and Jessica.

The other really bizarre thing was that one of the men who was supposedly a cop or FBI or with that group, was Alan Shay, who I had ALSO had a class with at OSU.  I don't mean he was there at the scene of the rape, but he was at Gate's house.  When I saw him in my apartment with George Bechtold and some other men who were beating me and some people up, I just thought they were all thugs and/or dirty cops maybe.  I wasn't sure, though I did recognize Bill.  Then when Alan Shay assaulted me in Portland I believe it was Portland not Corvallis, but it was an on-site presentation Andrew Millison was giving about permaculture.  I had been harmed and I tried to leave to call police and he was part of an orange-shirt group that grabbed me, kicked my ankles and twisted my arm up and sort of beat me up and told me I wasn't calling ANY cops.  Then the only other time I saw him, was at Bill Gates house and that was when I wondered if he was not just a professor, and/or someone who was trying to keep me from going to cops, maybe he was secretly a cop himself.  Because why was he there?  for the whole "you're fired" thing, and my attempt to make a report and some kind of deal? 

Also, this huge group of teens that raped me in a gang, in front of the adults, not only did something with holding up an orange in my face, one of them made a really big deal about "Does anyone have a WATCH?" and asking what time it was.  What I remember, was it was Christopher who said this, but I'm not positive, but I thought it was him. 

So then take that and fast-forward a decade to my being raped by Josh Gatov where cops protected him in Lake Oswego, and then he's taking me to see "a clock-work orange" while a bunch of evil young Portlanders were milling around to have another look at me.

There was a kid there named "Ben" too.

When I didn't respond to Edward Lee Howard's question, about whether I really got hurt or not, and just looked at him, his expression changed.  I thought, "Why is he asking me or suggesting nothing bad happened when I was gang-raped and he had been in the apartment telling me to go out there?"  He wasn't in the room at the time and I don't know where he went, but that was what happened to me.  Then he made this sound or look of alarm and some of the guys took him into another room and I was sitting there with Robert Garrett jr.  They took both of them back and forth. 

I don't know why Dicksie would cover up what happened to me and be mad I had a flyer and demand it, or why she'd make no big deal about the raping of me.  If it wasn't something she was forced to do, or money, maybe revenge or she was mad that she had been "raped" (but I wasn't sure that's what it was--I thought they were acting) while on one of the space shuttles we were on.  Maybe she thought she was getting back at me.  And maybe some of these people involved thought that's what they were doing too, they were "incited" with an excuse and "reason" to commit group hate crimes against me.

Another thing is that one of the police officers I met in trying to make a report after Alan Shay held me and prevented me from leaving was connected to the Bechtolds and he's a Chinese-American police officer for Portland police, who I just sent my complaint to again prior to harassment by some of the OSU professors and student conduct personnel that are friends with abusers. 

Each time I've tried to contact Portland police, I have someone from OSU trying to use this Chinese-American man who went to law school against me, named Carl Yeh.  So basically, if I file a report or try to push for something regarding a criminal complaint I have, with Portland police, or FBI, Carl Yeh pops up like a groundhog.  Why?  Someone connected to the abusers attempts to retaliate by making a complaint against ME to harass me and create problems.  So if I try to file reports with law enforcement or am pushing for some kind of charges, why are they always using Carl Yeh against me?  Isn't that illegal?  I mean, like attempting to pervert the course of justice?

I recently tried to get information on names of people at OSU legal services, through FOIA requests, prior to any kind of communication from Carl Yeh.  I was told they had nothing to provide.  Well, it turns out the truth is, Marc Friedman heads student legal services at OSU and he is the one who hired or promotes Carl Yeh.  If this is the same Friedman who lives in Eugene, Oregon, he works from Eugene, not Corvallis, like Carl Yeh (who was at University of Oregon first, Rose-Lewis' alma mater) who also lived in Eugene, along with professor Jeff Stone (out of all my profs from this last term, not that my mention of Stone means anything).  It is possible Friedman is also the lawyer from Eugene who has a private practice too. 

It's interesting to me because this is where Robin Bechtold went for one of his references for law school and to chat, many years ago, when he thought it would be great to have me go with him when I didn't even remember how his family was connected to assaulting me.

Name:Marc P. Friedman
Job Title:Member
Organization:Marc P. Friedman
Practice Areas:Small Business Corporations; Real Estate; Criminal Defense
Office:Eugene, Oregon (Lane Co.)

Name:Mark E. Friedman
Office:Tualatin, Oregon (Clackamas & Washington Cos.)

Name:Mark F. Friedman
Job Title:Sr. Counsel; Intel Corp.
Office:Hillsboro, Oregon (Washington Co.)

Lane Transit District Board of Directors 2

  Carl Yeh                           
Position 2
West Springfield area
Term expires: 12/31/2016

Community Service/Involvement
  •  President, Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals
  •  Member,  Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force
  • Advisor,  Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Psi Chapter, a non-Greek co-ed collegiate service fraternity at the University of Oregon
  • Member,  University of Oregon Family Housing Board
  •  Member,  Harlow Neighbors

LTD Board Committees and Special Assignments
  • EmX Steering Committee
  • Finance Committee
Professional Background
  • Oregon State University - Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College – Assistant Director of Housing
  • Oregon State University – Resident Director
Educational Background
  • University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology
  • University of Oregon School of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Message from LTD Board Member Carl YehI have worked in administration at various institutions of higher education in Oregon and also have taught in the past. I am currently employed at the University of Oregon and enjoy working with students. I also am raising a family in Eugene-Springfield.
I am a member of the LTD Board because I am passionate about safe, sustainable, and economical transportation. I ride my bicycle to and from work every day, and I supplement my bicycle with LTD bus service. I appreciate the wide variety of transportation options in Lane County and will do my part to help its diverse populations with diverse needs get from Point A to Point B.
This man not only worked at the alma mater of Rose-Lewis' who give a lot of money to UofO, he worked at Southwestern Community College, which is in Coos Bay, where Josh Gatov the rapist is from, along with a bunch of cops who know Bechtolds and people involved with the assault of me in Coquille, and which is a college that was being run by a man from England, complete with a British accent.  I talked to the head man myself when I moved here, and he's been there a long time and is from England and the study abroad program there was only to England, where I am not going to go as long as Katie's peddling her crack cocaine.

So Katie Middleton makes a public show of getting on a bus a month or so ago and wants everyone to know she and the royals are taking public transit (the bus) while Barak Obama takes all his kids to an Oregon State basketball game held in Maryland.

They've got drugs.  Any questions?

Maybe Katie and the royals decided to ride the bus in a big public transit show because they were all too jacked up on cocaine and "reefer" to drive that day.  Then again, maybe they wanted to make sure Carl Yeh and some who know him got "the message" to use him to harass me and try to force me out of college so I didn't have financial aid or any money and a way to earn my degree or continue my FOIA requests (which I have to pay money for, for copy costs).