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UPDATED: Waking Up To Torture Again and President Obama's Criminal Contacts

UPDATED:  The emails I copied from Sgt. Guy Pratt have him stating he was only with Seattle police since 1989, which may be the case, but he was in training before that, or working in law enforcement already in some way, when I met him at the station, and it was when Edward Lee Howard was still around, and that was not in 1989.  It was earlier.  A whole group of individuals have wanted to try to move dates forward (i.e., "we're moving it forward") as if an entire string of events occurred later than they did.  The only reason to do this, is to conceal the facts of who was involved, what individuals were around, and proving or disproving locations and timing.  It is also a matter of rape and the rape of a minor and attempts to make things appear to have happened later than they did.

I also met Harold Nicholson in the ADMAX long before he was "arrested".  Which is really odd, because the FBI tried to conceal the fact they electrocuted me when holding Gary Ridgway (who they released for another 10 years) and then I was being sodomized in front of Nicholson and electrocuted in front of several accused persons.  If Nicholson wasn't even charged until the 90s, it means they electrocuted me in front of him, the way they did to me in front of Gary, and let him go for over a decade.  So you have to ask about hate crimes by the U.S. and their excuses to try to "justify" hate crimes.  The CIA attempted to murder me after this was done to me as well.

They basically tortured me, and had me raped several times, and then after using me in front of people they were apparently just "holding" temporarily, they thought I would talk and tried to murder me to make sure I didn't.  I had already tried reporting Charles in England and my "parents", Robert and Dicksie.

Also, I was there at the airport one time when Harold Nicholson was taking off for some other country.  He and my "Dad", "Robert", knew each other and my "Dad" took me to the airport with him to see him off and Nicholson had a book in his hands he either showed me or wanted to give me.  Possibly the one with the book was Edward Howard, but I do know we also saw Nicholson off at an airport at least once.  I knew his name.  I knew and recognized Edward Lee Howard and Nicholson both.  Apparently the U.S. wanted to torture me over them.  So with Howard in the CIA (and then fired) and Nicholson still a CIA agent, and my parents on a helicopter with Valerie Plame, it's pretty obvious they knew a lot of CIA.

I woke up this morning early, because my chin was being targeted again.  It's not just computer because I was lying on my back and I could feel my chin basically "buzzing" and vibrating. 

It's like someone plastered some kind of radioactive or magnetic material to my chin and then has used this to target the section repeatedly since.

Then this morning, someone basically carved out another design onto my chin and pitted the surface with a bunch of bumps and grooves and indentations, this time to match the swirl mark on my son's shirt from the photo of him I put online.

This is NASA and military.  I see no reason why the U.S. tolerates this, and why President Barak Obama, the Drug Lord, is using mafia contacts to harm people like me and my son.

I also have the same police officer with Seattle stalling on my criminal report against President Barak Obama.  His name is Sgt. Guy Pratt and he was present when Robert Guy Garrett showed up at the headquarters with me, prior to my being raped by Obama.

They made jokes about there being two "Guy"s.

This Sgt. has recently made some comment about "statute of limitations" and has been stalling at snails' pace for several weeks.  He is the same person who took my report when I was trying to have them find the location of address in Seattle a couple of years ago, and the exact same response is occurring of obstruction of justice.

Officer Kelly Burris is also the same woman who took my inquiry to Sonoma police a year or more ago, when I was asking about records, and she also dropped the ball deliberately, suddenly ignoring me as if my report was just going to vanish and the corrupt police could all cheer over their obstruction of justice by deliberately trying to expire the statute of limitations.

When I was taken to Seattle police as a kid, prior to being raped, Guy Pratt was one of the officers involved in taking the bag of money and beating people up.  There was a group of police officers all connected that were picked out to spear-head the corrupt circle for future cover up of crimes by Barak Obama.  They made jokes about which one was "Guy" when my "Dad's" name was Robert Guy and I had used "Guy" as the name under which I was registered at Oregon State University as a pre-teen.  One of the officers in the corrupt circle in Seattle was also named "Guy". 

It is basically the same thing as Susan from CASA showing up to look at me inside of a dog cage with Sue, the CPS visitation monitor with fingers missing (in Wenatchee) and having them joke about which Sue, and maybe one day I'd "sue".

Then Sonoma County police in California, decided to have "Kelly" the police officer contact me when Kelly Donegan was a professor harassing me not once, but twice now from OSU and when I was  a pre-teen I had tried to contact them and they gave me the name of some woman named "Kelly" who was dismissive of my report.  Kelly has been the person, every single time, to take my report, and then try to ignore it.

It's like they think they're amusing with their name-matching game.  What they are, are criminals, getting paid by the government to conceal crimes and they shouldn't be in law enforcement.

Then London police decided to get back in touch with me, and used the name of this woman "Hannah Blackwell" who is apparently a clerk there, but I think she's maybe younger.  However, when I reported rape by Prince Charles, there was a middle-aged woman there named "Hannah" who was a regular clerk and who was abusive, called me a slut (I was less than 13) and harassed me, in the London offices.  She threatened me saying maybe she would charge me with "solicitation" as a "prostitute".

It's like England and the U.S. think they have a right to be corrupt and play a harassment game of "memory" with me, as if to test whether I remember them or not and hoping I might confuse one name with someone else and discredit my own testimony.

They're all corrupt and they've all been taking a lot of drug money.

I have asked to have "Guy Pratt" and "Kelly Burris" ousted from my report.  Kelly has ignored me for the last month.

This is the exact same thing she did last time, even though I had a different question.  She knew exactly who I was, this time that she took my report, didn't inform me, and treated me in the same manner, as if she has a right to ignore criminal reports.  Does Kelly like the idea of little boys and girls having penises thrust into their mouths and being told to suck?

I think she does.  It must be why she and Guy Pratt are so eager to defend pedophiles.  They have not only been obstructing justice over my case and harm done to me as a child, they have been letting criminal offenders go scott-free to abuse and molest and rape other children.

Do you really think a big drug dealing pedophile like Barak Obama is not going to abuse his position as President of the United States? or that some of the other Presidents didn't?  They take their positions and are extremely dangerous to the entire country, using their old drug-mafia connections and friends, to beat people up for them, rape and torture kids, and kill people. 

So much for justice.

That's what you get for putting perverts in office.

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Notice too, how the surnames "Pratt" and "Burris" are English.  Both of these individuals, in the U.S.,  picked out my report amid my report against Prince Charles of England.

Which country are they working for? 


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