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Torture While I Sleep (recent) My Travel Overseas With U.S. Passports

I have more information on Michelle Erickson and OSU connections with the U.S. Navy and Barak Obama.  Barak Obama was part of setting me up with Alvaro Pardo.

However, I can't sleep tonight because of constant interference with U.S. Pentagon and Nasa technology and people who live around me that are their employees.  The last several nights I was lying down and both of my knees, just my knees started to hurt and then it was done again tonight, after I was already in bed for hours, and awake, and had my knees facing a direction of neighbors (in the house).  I got up, because of the pain, and sure enough, I had two "dots" in the middle of both of my kneecaps, and they were not bright red from just today, they are purple, from what I could already feel was being done to me the last several nights.

Also, someone has been deliberately targeting my chin again, with some form of technology, to create an "O" shape impression into my skin in the center of my chin.

So the U.S. military personnel that is responsible for torturing me, is using technology to disfigure my face with a giant "O" in the middle of my chin and then two "o" shaped dots in the middle of my knees.

But really, the U.S. doesn't have any problems.

Check back on my post about Michelle Erickson and OSU because I am adding information.  It wasn't like I just saw her from a distance (which I did), her Uncle approached with her and introduced her and that was her name.  I was introduced to her while on the Corvallis OSU campus, with one of the Robert Garrett Jrs.

About my travel overseas.  I traveled all the time.  It was non-stop until I was about 13 years old, which is the number of the pillar Lady Diana crashed into at the Pont de' Alma.  I was also being sexually "jumped" by U.S. military and FBI until I was that old (13).

Some of the others were from other countries, but no one did more harm to me than the U.S.  The U.S. was organizing "jumping fests", where they were even inviting people from other countries themselves, but they did most of it with their own employees.

Some of the symptoms I had from constant travel were jet lag.  Half of the time I was being drugged and moved from one place to the next without my knowing how I got there, but the rest of the time, I was awake and I saw exactly how we got there--we flew.  My travel in vehicles was nil, hardly at all, compared to my travel in planes, except for driving back and forth to and from Canada.

My parents used to coach me on what to do for the jet lag.  I also heard others talk about what they did for their own jet lag.

Some of the places I was going, the U.S. didn't want people to know about.  I was regularly visiting Diana Spencer at Kensington or the palace she lived at, at that time.  To get there, sometimes she was in the car with us on the way, and sometimes meeting us later, but I had to hide under a blanket in the car.  The idea that she did the same thing with Khan, is nothing new.  She did the same thing with me.  However, I don't remember getting Kentucky Fried Chicken and coleslaw--Carol Middleton and my mother were turning me into a "Kentucky (Dixie) fried chicken" and "coals" law.  They not only electrocuted me, they gave me liquid charcoal before they did it, so I would "puff" off black smoke upon electrical plug-in.

My history with Diana is extensive.  It's not like I was a kid who saw her, oh, a few times now and then.  I lived with their entire family at Althorp, but most of the time Diana wasn't there (later) because she was living on her own.  I knew her before she was engaged to Charles, while she was engaged, and after she was engaged.

I slept with the Spencer girls, all of us, in a big bed for awhile, when I was younger, because they conserved electricity and kept the heat off most of the time.  It was freezing cold at night, and the girls did not sleep in separate beds--they all slept together for company, because the beds were so big, and to keep warm.  They all braided or rolled their hair into curlers and put nightcaps on, and there was a hot water bottle for our feet and we used to put our feet next to each other because it was cold.

Yulia Tymoshenko has an idea about it, or her guards do, in Ukraine, because the photos of her with her hair braided to one side and showing bruises all over her body and places where she claims she was punched, are made public.

At first the girls were nice, and Charles used to sometimes sleep in the bed, but not usually.  He'd lounge around for awhile and then go to his room, but he stayed in for a long time, wanting to be part of the group.  As I remember it, they were the ones who first taught me how to braid my hair but I didn't do it myself first, one of them did, probably Sarah.  As I remember, Jane started pinching me in bed.  Then I thought it was Sarah pinching me.  I couldn't tell which one of them was pinching me but they were getting me under cover with them, tucked in, and then would start pinching me so hard I had bruises.

So when I see my son Oliver showing up to CPS visits with pinching bruises all over--I know someone connected to CPS is part of the whole abuse cycle.  The Korean exchange student who decided she wanted to live with the Avilas after my son was there, interesting name:  minji (min-jee)  which is pretty close to pinji, pinchee.

I quit sleeping next to Jane because I thought she was doing it and then tried to get closer to Sarah and then I realized maybe she was doing it too.  I realized they were conspiring together in some way because one of them was pinching me extremely hard and I had no other place to sleep--that was my home.

I wasn't a "guest".  It was my home for awhile.  Another time, Jane got the hot water bottle for our feet and she flipped up the bedcovers and I thought oh good, she's putting the hot water bottle down and instead, she had it blasting hot and knew it, and placed it on my feet, scalding me.  Diana also stayed the night with us and had like a curler type of head covering over her head.  No one went to bed there without something on their head, because it was a way to stay warm at night.  It's not like Althorp was kept at 80 degrees room temperature.  It was as cold as a castle.

When I spoke up for myself, it was almost like they were just waiting for it.  I said nothing but, "Who is doing that?" and "Someone's pinching me" to finally laying down the law.  They didn't like it.  I gave a short little speech to advocate for myself, pulling myself out of the bed, and standing there to say something like, "I have been asking you not to pinch me for a long time.  I feel that I have been patient and considerate to you and I cannot have you guys continuing to pinch me when I'm trying to sleep.  I'm not pinching any of you."  I may have added, "If you don't stop, I'm telling Edward".

They went wild.  I don't remember if it was right then or the next time I was in the bed, like the next night, but they jumped me, pinching me all over, holding me down on the bed, and punching me.

Later, I was in my bed and by myself and a thunder and lightening storm happened and all the girls wouldn't open their doors when I knocked, because I was scared, and Charles Spencer did so I slept in his bed with him.  They all used to pile together for storms, not liking them, and huddling together, sort of not liking them maybe but liking the dramatics too.

I remember something about having a lantern in my room or hanging near my room in the hall.  It may have been that the time I had the lantern was in Buckingham or one of the castles, but I think it was Althorp.  There was something about getting the lantern lit late at night, walking down the hall with it, and sometimes going out to the barn.  There was an underground cellar in one of them, and sometimes one of the Dicksies would be there waiting to take me somewhere.  I went there for other reasons too, because my Mom wasn't always out there.  Sometimes Edward ("Johnny" Spencer) was out there.  I remember he let me drive a car once too, and gave me some driving lessons.  Diana and one of the Dicksies was out there once when he was there and I was driving, or inside the car with the car turned on.

I'll have to think about it a little, but one of them was holding a gun at me and then he told them to lower it and said to me, "Point to your Mama."  He then said something like, "That's not your Mama" and I was confused thinking if that wasn't, who was?  The only other person there was Diana.  It was maybe that it wasn't that one, of the twins, or really, something altogether.  Then, a different night shortly after that, he had me go out there and Carol Middleton and a Dicksie was there with Katie Middleton.  It was pretty much the same thing.  My impression was that Dicksie or one of the Dicksies, would have shot me over Katie if Johnny had allowed her to or wanted her to.  Both Carol Middleton and Dicksie held guns at my head.  So don't tell me the Seattle FBI didn't have Middleton in mind when they had my Mom take me to their offices, and told me to hold one of their FBI guns against my Mom.  I thought it was for display or something, but that is what the FBI told me to do, and then they had her electrocute me while they watched. 

The "Point to your Mama" (not at your Ama, TO your ama), happened twice.  With Edward Spencer telling me to, and then when a car I was in was hijacked, which was when I was even younger, and I had to tell the London (I think) police who my "ama" was, and a bunch of people showed up. 
The room had small slits for windows on one side, like the lights inside the Pont d' Alma.  At that time in my life, I recognized many of the women.  Diana Spencer showed up, a Dicksie was there, and others as well.
From what I remember, I was driven almost every day, with a man who went to work, in a black Mercedes.  There was a black Rolls Royce too, that I was in which was hijacked, but I remember the Mercedes was the one I was in all the time.  I think one was Charles' (and Philips) and the other was Spencers.  Of course the drivers were sometimes the driver and not them.  There may have been someone earlier than that, but these are the two I remember.  After one was hijacked, in the other one someone told, I believe it was Edward Spencer, to have the vehicle stopped and let me off.  It was at least made to look like he was coerced and then he said to get out of the car, and this is after he was asking me to call him Dad and giving me a nickname and everything, based on his name, and he said, "I'm sorry" and the car took off, leaving me there abandoned.  There was also something like this that happened with Duke of Edinburgh Philip.  I got let out of the car one day unexpectedly.

When I was being asked who my ama was at some kind of station, aside from the women I mentioned, a woman who looked like Locklyn was there and Carol Middleton was there.  One of the Dicksies looked really upset when I didn't say it was her.  I recognized all of them, or most of them, but then I kept saying she wasn't there--that my mother wasn't any of the women there.  Or my "ama" or whatever.  I finally said she had brown hair not blond hair and one looked at another one and said, "Betty?" or "Elizabeth" or something and then they had Anne, and Elizabeth show up.  I know Anne was there and I'm pretty sure later they got Elizabeth to step in.  Then they said, "Do you know this woman?" and I nodded.

Anyway, I could go on about the events with the Spencers.  I gardened with Diana Spencer, who did some of her own weeding, and one of the last things I discussed with "Johnny" Spencer was what to do with a crop he had and how "barley yellow dwarf" was getting to everything.  Oh believe me, I lived with them.  When I gardened with her, she mostly worked on flowers with a trowel.  She wore gloves and had a trowel and worked in the daffodils or tulips.  They were bulbs, all of one kind.  She pulled one up and said, "What do you think it wrong with it?"  I didn't know anything about horticulture and I was little.  I looked at it from where I stood, and said, "Bugs".  She stopped and stared at me.  She looked slightly shocked and then said, "But I don't see any bugs on it.  What made you say bugs?"  I shrugged and said, "I don't know--Bugs."  Then she said well what kind of bugs? and I said the same thing, "I don't know.  Just bugs."  There were no visible bugs, and I had no information on what would cause gnarled roots or about invisible bugs but that was my answer to her.  William was outside one of the times, with us.   I also witnessed a time she buried a small box in the ground.  I was also on the island she is buried on, supposedly, before that was mentioned as a destination.  It's not like I don't know them, and the FBI knows it.  She also pulled a carrot from the ground now and then and gave one to me, either from the vegetable garden or a wild one, and we'd much on them together.  She wasn't obsessed with washing them first.

What pisses me off, is the FBI from the U.S.  They love to take and torture, but justice?  I've never seen it.  Why do they feel they need to lie about my entire life?  The FBI has had every capability of doing the right thing, which would be the fair or factual thing, of not lying about me to everyone, to the point of destroying my entire life.  Why does the FBI feel so desperate?  No one else that is a citizen, gets lied about the way the FBI has lied about me.  They are the reason my son doesn't live with me.  It's no one else's fault.  The CIA doesn't "investigate" U.S. domestic matters--the FBI does, and the U.S. FBI isn't worth funding.  For the number and severity of crimes committed against me, it is the FBI's responsibility to correct wrongs.

I'm sorry, but telling me to "marry" Alvaro Pardo so he can be immigrated on a fast track to their official payroll, and trying to hook me in, with the hope that they can blackmail me to work with them, wasn't the smartest idea.  The FBI has proven, once again, through Alvaro, that they traffick humans.  What they are supposed to do, is investigate, prosecute, and hold people accountable for false arrests against me, and corrupt Judges, and gang-rape from U.S. employees state-to-state, and they are also supposed to investigate collusion to create a CPS case against me when there is nothing wrong with me or my parenting.  I was good enough to babysit all of THEIR brats, who mostly went to private schools from there, but not my own?  Not only that, the U.S. FBI used a man who assaulted me in the relationship.

I mean, closing off all of the doors after telling me they were open and I had my own room to stay in, as a way to get me to an apartment, was dishonest.  Then forcing me to kiss him, was exactly what his friend Barak Obama tried to do, with other U.S. employees punishing me when I didn't want to.  Holding me hostage in a house and then a hotel, knowing I had no way to leave the hotel, that was another FBI trick.  On top of these things, he took photos of me before he left and put acid or something on my genitals the same way Chris Dabney did and the only other times someone has done anything like that, to affect me or create some injury, the closest thing, was when I got a plantars wart from shoes I tried on at the Spencers when I was very young, and I told Sarah Ferguson about it. I said, "I think I maybe got it after I tried on her shoes" and it was a casual comment, not intended to be mean, but no one forgot about it, including Chris and Alvaro, who obviously work for the U.S. government.

The FBI tried to force me to be with a CPS-FBI connected man, who knew the President that raped me, and THAT was their solution.  I mean, even Maryann McIntosh, who admitted out loud she was involved in having me picked up by Gary Ridgway, the Greenriver Killer, thought if I didn't marry the FBI's Alvaro, then too bad, my son gets to be monitored by the same Anne Crane that hypnotized me in Moses Lake, Washington once when I was a kid, and who I remember from another location as well.  Think about it.  AG Maryann McIntosh is involved in child protective cases for the State of Washington, as a woman who was colluding to have kids get murdered by the Greenriver Killer, and she knew it.  That is a really strange idea of "child protection".  One minute she and her daughter were threatening me in the woods, telling me I needed "help" and if I wanted to talk to a police officer, go ahead and try to talk to her son-in-law, and the next, they're hiring hit man Gary Ridgway to pick me up in his truck, smirking to each other as they pack away money and electrocution boxes in their cars.

Trying to force me to marry Alvaro, someone all these CPS and FBI people thought would keep me from filing lawsuits on them over, and who they thought they could turn my son over to, proves the FBI trafficks citizens, because rather than administer justice like normal FBI responsibilities require, they tried to deflect attention from their own crimes by going around it and trying to traffick me again.  One minute the FBI is trafficking me in joint operations with England and Canada, where I was sometimes having fun and meeting nice people, and mostly harmed seriously, as a kid, and then their solution for wiggling out of kidnapping my son and admitting it or investigating and handing him back over, was to try to traffick me again, into a marriage with Alvaro.

Sorry FBI.  You have not proven your worth or merit yet.

I remembered another part confirming other things so omitted this.

I mean, think about it.  Who wrote in their diary that Sarah Ferguson got the wart?  It was me, I got it, and I told Sarah Fergusen and the media is suddenly reporting and it's in some book that Diana was mad at Sarah for writing about the wart from her shoes.

Maybe Sarah got one too, but I was the one who told Sarah I had one and I thought it was from trying on Di's shoes.

I'm just disgusted with the FBI.  Brett McDonald?  DO NOT go to counseling by her.  She works for the FBI and that's the only reason she has her job at all.  She was telling me to talk about anything and anyone, except the FBI, because she was FBI.  Instead, that brat sat there and collected all the discovery she could, to rattle off to the FBI about, and when I told her I wanted to make counseling documentation about the FBI, suddenly she and her best friend Tina Thornton (my social worker) were making the first complaint about me to CPS.

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