Thursday, December 12, 2013

UPDATED:Continued Attempts To Disfigure and Target My Face

I covered my chin so what was being done couldn't be done to my chin while I was at the computer, because some kind of technology that facilitates this computer being on and facing me, or something from a remote distance while I sleep (mostly while at the computer) is being used to cause circular target patches on my skin on my face which wrinkle more than the rest of my skin, and/or pit and create grooves into my skin.

The U.S. government targeted a different part of my face instead, since I covered my chin, and targeted my cheeks, right under my eyes.

Basically, it's like someone from the U.S. thinks it would be really funny to have me wear a full face ski mask with only cut-outs for the eyes.  I'm not sure what the point would be, other than to make someone happy, if they have a hidden camera on me, through the laptop (behind the screen monitor) or elsewhere, to have me look crazy, or even have me look like a criminal, wearing a full-face mask in front of the computer inside my own house.

The U.S. was really proud to display photo and video coverage they claimed to have taken from Osama bin ladin after raiding his place, which the U.S. claimed was footage they found at that time, of someone recording Osama sitting in front of a t.v. screen watching footage of himself, with a snow hat on his head, and a blanket around himself.

The U.S. most likely did NOT obtain the footage at the time of the raid.  Most likely they were filming him with a hidden camera the entire time, and then after they raided, they thought now they had an excuse or explanation for how they had this in their possession (i.e., not by hidden camera from an informant planting it there in his house, but through their raid as if someone that's Iranian or Pakistani cares about filming Osama watching himself on the news.)

The other thing is, there is a Jewish man at a store in town, in Coquille, called Boblins.  He was around when I was a pre-teen, and I went in there sometimes when I lived in Coquille for a short time, and at the time I was being disfigured to my chin by the U.S. with technology, they gave me some National Enquirer magazines that had celebrities on the cover with bandages and patches over their faces.  This was around the time I was putting something over my chin, because the U.S was causing damage to my skin after I was assaulted and had a chemical applied there, I had technology somehow targeting that part, while I was in front of a computer I used at an apartment in downtown Portland, Oregon, a few blocks away from FBI field offices.  They just recently gave me some of the same magazines, this time a decade later, but again, National Enquirer, and again, with a feature of stars or celebrities with patches and bandages over parts of their faces.

So obviously, the store owners know, but even more obviously, the paper producers have someone who know and who knew I might be driven to do this again when the torture and targeting of me continued.

This man at that store even said the same thing to me he said decades ago, saying, It's been awhile since you've seen the scandal sheets, huh?"  This is exactly what he said to me in 1986-1987.

What's implied is that if a pedophile or government agent assaults me or tries to have something to do with me and I reject them, they can't handle the rejection and neither can their wives, mothers, sisters, and girlfriends.
UPDATED:  I was being targeted again and tortured to my chin specifically, with technology from the U.S. Army.  It was from about 4 a.m. until 7 a.m.  and left marks on my chin.  Someone quit doing this for most of the day yesterday, and then started up again.

The only reason to continue this is to permanently ruin my skin and face.  No one did this to me for this long when I was younger, because the U.S. still figured they wanted to keep raping me and keep my face looking decent when they did.  It was a man, then, that was responsible for doing this to my chin when I was a pre-teen (with a woman backing it) and it is still a man who is responsible (with a woman), but the only difference is, they don't care if it permanently ruins my face because they're not able to sexually traffick me for U.S. employees anymore. 

No one can just pick me up and take me to someone's house or invite someone over, to sexually assault me.  No one can threaten me as an adult threatens a kid, with further harm and control and power over them. 

The United States FBI and U.S. Army pedophiles have lost some control over me.  Too many people know about me, and too many know if I pick up the phone and make a call, I'm probably telling the truth. 

The FBI still used police to try to ignore reports, and they continue doing this...but they are powerless, deflated little penises now.  They ignore my reports, some of them, but they can't jump me, gang-rape me, get a bunch of big U.S. fuckers who are named George Bush and Barak Obama and others, to sodomize me on bridges.

That's why they think they need to keep my son from me. 

They're deflated powerless penises have nowhere to turn but to the young kids that are easier to control.  Their women who back them, are all witches.

Laura Laughlin couldn't electrocute me in her offices anymore, to get a real cop high from it, so she needed a little boy to give her thrills.  Anne Crane couldn't electrocute me from an FBI office anymore, so she brought my son into visits, throwing up, with blue and purple genitals, and bruises all over, and a black eye and knocked out tooth, after his face was sliced open at his "church".  Anne Crane needed to feel some kind of thrill because she's a plain looking boring housewife type that wanted some excitement so when I grew up and escaped her clutches, and her friend Alvaro Barbosa's clutches, she went for my son.  Nope, can't be honest, she thought.  She thought, "I can't let this one go because I won't have anyone to torture".

The U.S. needed to feed their sick, sick, machine.

It is the only reason they resorted to long-range torture, because the only way for them to feel in control anymore, after a kid who was the Pedophile Pet escaped and grew up, was to torture by distance remote technology and use their kids.

Do you know why Laura Laughlin didn't want to take my call about FBI misconduct over Bujanda and Garza?  It's because she was afraid, and still hated me.  Her response was to try to ignore me, like the other cops from Hood River.  I hadn't thought about how she was responsible for torturing me and encouraging other FBI employees to physically assault inside of U.S. government "protection" agencies.  Not to mention Julia Thornton.

After the FBI used pedophile after one of their own government pedophiles against me, and coordinated CIA to gather a gang to sodomize and rape me, and have Middletons excused for sodomizing me in a basement in England, why is it, almost all of the pedophiles and violent criminals were professionals who typically wore a suit to work?

Out of all of these people who sexually molested and humiliated me, GARY RIDGWAY is BETTER THAN THEM?  Gary Ridgway, who didn't once touch me, or try to sexually assault a kid, is in jail but the FBI FUCKERS who electrocute little kids and organize gang sodomy are having Christmas parties with their kids in velvet dresses at the White House and Katie Middleton's new house.

The U.S. FBI wants little kids getting jumped and then electrocuted so they hopefully don't remember and then the FBI wants to take full-body MRIs to see bad they damaged the kid's brain this time.

Why has my son been going to Seattle, WA where the fucking FBI offices are?  He's made how many trips over there? and he doesn't like Jerod, the FBI cop.  The FBI figured if they couldn't sneak in a cop for themselves through Barbosa, who they had calling himself by a fake last name of "Pardo", they would try to sneak in someone to marry a different family member and went after Ivory.

The FBI had Alvaro Pardo holding me hostage and preventing me from attending to my CPS case and an assault case by a Mossad-CIA connected Nigerian woman, and they were lying the entire time about his identity.

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