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OSU Blackboard Quits Working During Final Exam

I had a final exam in a class by Sarah McDonald, the woman who is a U.S. federal employee along with being an OSU employee.  We had until 5 p.m. to complete it, within 2 hours, open-book.  It was online through OSU's blackboard system.  I completed the test in time and it took me 1 1/2 hours.  During this time, the blackboard quit working more than once.  I have included the evidence below (I made printscreens of what occurred and copied them to a Word document and then extracted the photos from that document to post online).  See below.

Then, after several "not found" problems for a text I tried to look up, I completed the test anyway and tried to send it before 5 p.m.  The blackboard froze on me, and held my screen in a frozen mode for several minutes, and I kept clicking the "submit and send" button, and it wasn't doing anything, and then after freezing for a long time, it showed the message that the osu edu blackboard was not responding and internet explorer started to run a diagnostic for it.  The time on this screen to my computer says 5 p.m., and that's after I had tried submitting it several times.  So it was 5 p.m. after it froze and then while the diagnostic was being run.  My computer time has been accurately reflected on other documents I've sent for everything else, so that's not the problem, but when I had to log back in to see what happened, it said I had submitted the test at 5:06 p.m., which I did not.  That is maybe the time that was recorded when OSU servers decided to work again.  At no time was there a confirmation that my test was sent.  OSU did the same thing with this same exam, in 1986 or 87 when I took this course as a pre-teen.  I was cut off ahead of the time and then I had no documentation for it and I didn't get credit for my test, because Sarah was inflexible and didn't believe me, or claimed not to believe me.

This is the print screen for the message after internet explorer said it had stopped trying to restore the site and the information says, "When a website causes a failure or crash, Internet Explorer attempts to restore the site.  It stops after two time to avoid an endless loop."

This "loop" message, is the same one I got in 1986-87 when I took this class as a pre-teen.

The time on my computer screen is still 5 p.m.  So it wouldn't let me send my exam in before 5 p.m., and froze up while I repeatedly tried to send it, and then after several minutes I got an "osu edu is not responding" message, and then after it ran a scan by internet, I got the internet explorer message, and by the time that message came up, it was still 5 p.m., which proves I had been sending my exam in before 5 p.m.

I just got a message from the instructor that she got the completed test and all the answers are there and she'll count it.

So that is good, because last time, nothing was credited to me. 

I had an assignment link that disappeared in one class so I couldn't see it and then an instructor (different one) said I didn't get credit for the homework (which was almost 1/4 of the total grade), and I had found out in another class that an exam that instructions said should be completed in 60 minutes was instead open for multiple times of working on it, over a week, for other students, and when I tried to ask for the additional equal time I was told no and got a D or C when I would have had an A, and then I had my exam 3 for this class with McDonald stop on me when I tried to submit it and I wasn't given credit and got a bad grade.  It was a nightmare.  And that was on top of malicious stalling on a book order for the only book required, which put me behind in the only remaining 4th class.  For each class, I had something major done to affect my grade.  That was on top of being physically assaulted at that time and FBI corruption.


1.  Plant Nutrition (Professor Sarah Finger McDonald):   All of the course documents were hidden in a tab I didn't see and which wasn't commented on until after half the term was over.  I had taken 2 exams without any course documents thinking all I was supposed to study were research papers she sent in, which was the only thing marked as an "assignment" or homework.  Then for my third exam, I was able to study because I knew where the documents were, and I did well (probably better than I did this time) and I knew it, and when I tried to send the test in, it cut me off saying it was too late and it wasn't.  The message was that it was in a "loop" and after 2 times of trying to restore it, couldn't to avoid an "endless loop".  I had sent it on time.  I had no evidence for it and was just a kid, and the instructor told me I got no credit for the exam.  So I had 100 points off of my grade, in addition to lower grades because I didn't have course documents.

2.  Plant Pathology (Professor Jeff Stone):  I ordered the book from the bookstore (out of OSU) and it never showed up.  So I got behind because I had no book and asked permission to take the quizzes when I had one. I got extremely behind and it was a month before OSU sent me the book.  Then I had all kinds of other things going on, like being attacked, and witnessing other people being attacked, to deal with.  Then, during this time, at some point before, during, or after, I was touring various sites like the OSU germplasm repository and a cryoplasm bank in Denver, CO.  We flew to Denver and inside the cryobank, they sliced skin off of me.  I mean...????  what thuh.  So let's not forget, this was a plant cryobank, used to store plant tissue samples for DNA cloning.  And they were slicing off pieces of MY skin tissue.  If you see a clone of me, well, it's possible.  Then they were telling Robert Garrett Jr. (one of them) to look at some dirty magazines in a back room why didn't he, and I suspected they were taking sperm from him.  If they did something to Dicksie, I'm sure, but I wouldn't know what.  Maybe they even extracted eggs from her there.  I just know they were yelling and screaming, "NOOoooo!  Noo!  Pleeasee!"  At one point they put me inside one of the cryobank freezers.  I was in there a while and it was freezing cold because they stored Nitrogen in there, along with samples.   I was FREEZING, I mean FREEEEEZING cold.  I almost died in there because I couldn't breathe and it felt like my heart stopped and then someone swung open the door looking wild-eyed with shock and dragged me out.  My fingers had started to turn color, I think my whole body, and I was walking around saying, "I'm blue."   They took my tissue sample before Valerie Plame was part of the group that tried to kill me.  I'm also curious about whether a hormone patch makes a difference in the kind of cryo-human skin sample that is taken, if it's used for cloning.  I got creeped out, wondering if there were all kinds of body parts in the plant freezer. I also went to India with my parents for a short time and we met the OSU connected Derek Prince and his wife, whose family went to OSU and then out of the blue these orange shirt guys surrounded us.  His wife told me, "You've been sexually abused."  I said what's that? 

So anyway, some employees through the bookstore sent my book late, and it affected that class too (plant pathology).  It's the class material I studied when Carol Middleton was around and jealous and wanted to block me.  Just as I thought it was just her, one of the Dicksies looked almost arm-in-arm with her but who knows.

3.  Intro to Horticulture (Alan Shay and Katherine Kelly Donegan).  I did great in this class, except for the fact she refused to count one of my homework assignments which was a 1/4 of my grade.  I went from an "A" to a "C" because of it.  The assignment link and notification for any assignment wasn't in the folder for that week so I had no idea anything was due.  I had been checking all the folders, and going back to check and review too.  When I found out, later, some link had turned up and I missed something, I turned in the assignment and she said if I gave her evidence or a statement that I had that problem with another instructor and/or blackboard said there was a problem, she'd count my grade.  So I spent all this time, spinning my wheels, first sending her one thing and then she wouldn't accept the reason, and then sending her another thing and she wouldn't accept it.  It was a huge waste of time and she backed out on doing what she said she'd do.  So from an A I got a C.  Also, the instructor Alan kept showing up to assault me or at places where I was in the hospital after being burned from electrocution, to intimidate me.  I thought that might have been why the treatment was biased.  In addition to getting jumped which included him, after I was electrocuted by FBI in their offices, and then a Robert and my brother (to cover up for the FBI, so the FBI-military probably loves them), I was lying in a bed in a hospital and when I wanted to call police, who the HAY should the nurse bring to my bedside to glower over me, while I was injured, by Alan Shay, for one.  In the middle of my injuries some nurse was letting adults who scared me or had assaulted me, over to my bed to intimidate me about making a police report.  Of course, who should care but the FBI.

4.  Ecology (John Lambrinos).  I already explained what happened with this class.  I read the directions that said we had 60 minutes to take the test and then when I took the test I saw it was open unended for any amount of time and had been, to other students, for an entire week.   Instead of an A I got a D I think and had no idea how in-depth it would be, which was actually based on the idea that we had a week to work on it, not "60 minutes".  Then, of all things, I see him in a helicopter with Valerie Plame later.

Suffice it to say, in each class I had some major influence on my grade made, in addition to other external factors.  Then most of this, was repeated exactly this term.  It wasn't like this for my English classes, because, I guess, it was new material and instructors, but the Horticulture courses were the same with the same people and someone decided to make some kind of Katie Middleton Grand Reunion Tribute out of it.  I will tell you one thing.  I have no plans to go rock climbing. 

I tried to back out of rock climbing for good after the assassination attempt.  Note how Canadian Ross was there too (in the helicopter), because later a Canadian adoptee to FBI in the U.S. (Mike Middleton) tried to assassinate me by hijacking my car and rolling it.  When I was told we were all going rock climbing again I said, "NOo!  I don't want to go."  I always wanted to do athletic and outdoor things, or travel.  I loved going places.  But there was NO way, and I was forced to go anyway and scared the whole time--terrified.  It was like after that attempt another event had to be made in an attempt to try to confuse or mix up my memory about what happened, who was there, etc.

After that time, I never went again and in high school, when Robin Bechtold asked about my rock climbing, no one in my family denied we ever went rock climbing. NOW? Dicksie is denying any of us ever went rock climbing, ever.  I think it's new denial based on the scariness of Valerie Plames CIA exposure.

I mean we had ropes, harnesses, stakes, everything and we went more than a couple of times and suddenly "it never happened".  Right.  And I have sprouts growing out of my ears and cornfields growing from my bra.

It's like when I was given the cedar hope chest and everyone knew it was a birthday present to me until after 2004, after my Grandpa Garrett (related? or not?) and Edward Lee Howard (CIA defector, supposedly my bio-father) died.  Then all of a sudden, "No one gave you that.  It was never yours."

Talk about The Reconstruction Era.

Yes, I did travel around the world.  It's a fact and the last time I saw my passport as a minor was when the FBI took it from me, telling me, "You don't have to give it to us, we just want to look at it and then we'll give it back to you."

As to being put inside a cryobank freezer in Denver, CO, the other places I was shut into were a smokehouse, a closet with toxic fumes, and then on a different note, once I went to a safe room inside of a house that had a place you opened and you could lock yourself in.  There is a Jodie Foster movie with something pretty much like it, where you use a remote and there were buttons or something and once you were in, it was airtight and no one could get to you (for emergencies) and it had a camera monitor for the house inside.  I had to give someone shots inside of there.  One time I had to have a shot of an antidote to a poison. There were medicines, syringes, a food supply, blankets, a few other comfort items, a screen that showed video cameras playing from in and around the house.  It was solid steel, like some kind of huge human safe.

She wanted me to witness some things.  I watched the live footage from the hidden cameras because she had me there to witness.  I also remember one of the kids that went in with us a few times had seizures and I think was given medication, not a shot. There wasn't much to do so I played with him, with a ball.   I was supposed to give the shot to the adult in their thigh.  There was also music that could be played in there which I loved.  Once it was opera and it was thrilling.  Which reminds me of a time I visited a prison camp of some kind once, and they asked what I wanted to play over the speakers for the prisoners and I said, "Opera".  So the guard turned on the speakers that went over the prison courtyard, and played opera.  It seemed to be a big hit.  This beautiful voice came on and filled the air and the sound system didn't even sound bad. 

One of the people I witnessed from the camera playing, by the screen inside the safe room, was Prince Charles.  Another I witnessed was a Baird brother and I was completely shocked, thinking, how did he get over here?  This may sound strange, but another person was a woman who looked like Maryann McIntosh.  Why she would be there, I have no idea.  She was on video, talking to a Baird, and I had the impression it was live play.

I saw a few different clips running live at different times and from one I got upset but didn't show it, shocked someone was talking about me like they didn't like me when they always acted like they did like me.  In another, someone sounded like they were planning a hit against me.  I should not say "it sounded like" because that's what it was.  It was made plain enough that anyone would have understood that much. 

At first I thought it was maybe Camilla but then they called her Maryann and she introduced herself to one person as "Maryann McIntosh".  It's possible someone played a recorded video for me but I thought it was live--that's how I understood it because I saw them come in, and then greet each other and then start talking.  It sounded to me like they were talking about what to do about me (kill me)--what to do about her, and how.

Then in another video, one of the persons was one of the Robert Jrs, and he was talking to Prince Charles about putting a hit on me.  I was stunned because I thought, Prince Charles is a gangster?  Not only that, it sounded like the Robert asking HIM what do or how to do it and it was to "get rid of" me, and was obviously to kill me.  I felt saddened because I had always thought Charles liked me and he'd told me he "loved me" once and then he was there with my "Dad", one of the Roberts, about him putting a hit on me.  It sort of sounded like he asked Charles but maybe Charles consulted him or the Robert Jr. was to carry it out.  Robert was walking up the stairs and meeting Charles at the top and then I could see him in front, facing the camera and Charles was to the side.    One time, it was not Charles and a Robert talking, it was just Prince Charles and talking to another royal, making fun of me

Then in the other video, it was a Baird brother (or two) and Maryann McIntosh. 

I saw these prior to ending up in Bonners Ferry, ID with Maryann asking if "Gary" was coming to pick me up.

Diana showed them to me.  Diana Spencer.

Then one time, I was in the room watching and Charles was there and I suddenly didn't see him and then the door went open and he was livid that I was there.  He somehow got suspicious someone was in the secret room.  That was the last time I was ever in it.  Possibly one of the Roberts, or some man I thought was my Dad, let me see the footage with the Baird and McIntosh.  I think after they talked for awhile, possibly Camilla did enter the picture but it was first, and mostly Maryann McIntosh.  One of the Roberts seemed scared, or a man did, and another went in and beat me up.  Then a couple of times, one time my brother Levi was inside it, or one like it, with me and they had Katie Middleton go inside with me and got mad when I made a comment about her.  I really liked the music and was there for very long periods of time sometimes, for awhile.  I couldn't read in there, when one of the Roberts was inside because there was some kind of technology against me.  It always started when Robert Jr. or a Dicksie or my brother went in.  I figured one of them was bringing in some kind of technology that caused the pain and odd sensations.  So I listened to the music and then one day one of the Roberts said Levi really seemed to like the music, commenting to another.  The Middletons, both Carol and Mike, not just Katie, were inside of it once, when I was with others.  I had my feelings sort of hurt because he never seemed to care or pay attention, and never said anything and I said, "Dad, I'm the one who likes music."  Or what I meant or said was I was the one who had commented that I liked that kind of music.  So they looked ruffled about that, like I was begrudging my brother. 

Then someone made a comment about how Katie was really keen and "she's a sharp gal" for looking at the technology there.  I just sat there, looking at her and thought, "She's doing what any kid would do--nothing spectacular."  It was one time Mike and Carol were both there, with Katie and me and my family. 

I later told Edward Spencer (Johnny) about some of the music and he said what kind did they play?  And I said, "Opera" (he nodded), and I said, "and jazz" (he scowled and shifted around in his seat, and said, "I hate jazz.").  I said "You hate jazz?  Why?"  He said, "It's a bunch of garbage" or something like that or just shook his head sort of and mumbled.  He didn't protest about classical or opera, but he said he hated jazz.  So I told my parents later, nonchalantly, sort of absentmindedly one day, stating a fact I thought they didn't know:  "Johnny hates jazz."  Then I asked why did they think he would hate jazz?  I answered myself and said, "I don't know why.  He didn't really say. Maybe he doesn't like all those horns."

Knowing Johnny hated jazz, Katie Fallon (from Moses Lake, WA) told me one day, "I don't think you should take ballet.  I think you should take jazz lessons."  I said, "I want to take ballet".  She said, "I think you'd be better at jazz or modern."  I said, "Why do you think I should take jazz?" and she said, "It's faster" and then she said, "Or maybe tap".

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