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UPDATED Photo Documentation: Since Reporting Cutting and Acid Burns--U.S. Use of Technology To Disfigure My Facial Skin

UPDATED 12/21/13.  I am updating this post with photo documentation of what the U.S. has been doing to ruin my face with their technology.  I have explained they have been targeting my chin specifically, and this is after I had my nose being targeted and a buzzing to the tip of it and vibrating until a crease was permanently there that I never had before.  I don't have any skin disorder or disease, no bad water or food, and there is nothing affecting my skin that is not technology-related.  It is not affecting skin on any other part of my body.  I am mostly being targeted while sitting in front of my computer laptop, and then a vibration feeling is felt and sometimes slight heat, and then tingling and I can see new evidence of disfigurement done to my face.  The targeting of my chin has been every single day and night since my birthday, October 22, 2013.  So this has been two solid months of specific and direct targeting of my chin, which has created indentations that were never there before, major lines into my lower cheeks that weren't there, pitting effect and appearance of my skin over a circular part of my chin that was targeted one night while I slept (which was the same night someone used a razor to cut a 2 inch line into my rear end, and they had to have put a chloroform or something over my face to drug me so I didn't wake up, but when I did I had a bright red mark where my chin was targeted.  The United States has also targeted two spots on either side of the center of my chin, in two round dots, to impress and decrease the skin there so there are now dents like holes or loss of collagen to this part of my face.  When I have covered this part of my face with a bandage type of cloth and tape, the United States has moved to a different part of my face to target and yesterday it was my upper cheeks and I looked and had two laser dots of equal size on my upper cheeks under each eye, and an obvious slight blanching of the skin where the dots were made with a linear border around them.  The targeting of my chin was done every single time I had to be on my computer which was all the time because of finals for my college courses at OSU.  Aside from laser dots under my eyes when I covered my chin up, and the sides of my nose up, before I covered the sides of my nose the United States of America was targeting each side of my nose to create overnight indentations in circle shapes, that were like suctioned out sections of skin and they targeted me to both sides of my nose, across from each nostril basically, and the damage done to my face was in 1/2 inch diameter circle shapes again.  The dots and indentations to the sides of my nose and under my eyes were done in a size approximately a dime coin.  The indentations that they've been literally "working on" for months to both sides of my chin are also dime sized.  The United States also targeted parts of the corners of my mouth so it makes lines where I didn't have natural lines from aging.  Basically, I don't look older at all, and since my birthday, someone in the U.S. has maliciously targeted my face to make me appear older and uglier.  I had zero lines to my chin and sides of my cheeks, so someone from the U.S. decided they'd deliberately create them for me and they've been destroying my face, I'm sure, for someone's pleasure and amusement because it wouldn't be done to me if they didn't think it was making someone who is sadistic, happy.  Not only am I being targeted mostly while in front of my computer, at night while I am lying down in bed, I am somehow being targeted with technology that can locate me through infrared or some other technology, and then then I have woken up several times in the middle of night, with the vibrating sensation to my chin and can feel something being done to it and then I look in a mirror and it's brand new damage, pitting, and deeper creasing and indents into my skin.  This has occurred when I have my laptop shut down completely and the battery out as well, so it is obviously not required that I am in front of a computer for this targeting to occur, although I think it facilitates what is being done and makes it easier for someone.  The fact that it's being done to me at night makes it obvious this is the United States military and NASA.  I took some photos of myself today, some for fun and where you can't see the damage that's being done to my face, but I also made a point to take some photos that show some of the damage I'm talking about, because it is evidence of more U.S. illegal torture of their citizens, retaliation for my filing police reports (including one against President Barak Obama for rape and electrocution of me as a child and one against Middletons and Goldsmith for torture of me in England, which was sent to London).  This is obviously hate crime.  I am going to add some information about the U.S. Navy and military forcing me into child porn tapes and photos when I was age 3 and younger as well. One of the individuals involved was Michelle Erickson's uncle, who is U.S. Navy connected and died in 2012.  He helped direct some of the child porn of me, and it's not surprising she had a motive to lie about me for CPS.  Another woman who works for CASA, which is supposed to be an advocacy place for children, Susan, used to visit my Aunt Locklyn's house when they forced me into dog cages and she would go over and order my Aunt about how long I should remain in the dog cage.  That is literally the woman who is running CASA, which is, as I said, a legal "advocacy" organization for kids, and she also worked against me in my son's case.  For the longest time I didn't recognize or put it together where I remembered her from and then I remembered.  My Aunt Locklyns.  I mean, these people are fucking whacked out of the head and they're the ones in charge of 'child safety' when they are mostly connected to government pedophiles, child porn, and child torture.  I have no idea what the point was of having me locked into a tiny dog cage, but it was not just done to me at a quarantine someplace where I was tortured.  I was also locked into a dog crate at Locklyn Guzman's house, but this woman Susan, who is now heading the Wenatchee CASA, was coming over and she'd get right up to the crate and sneer at me, like the  Cruella de ville.  She'd point at me, and peer into the cage, smirk and ask Locklyn, "How long has she been in there?" and Locklyn would tell her and then Susan would tell her how much longer to LEAVE me in there.  She is NOT a "child rescuer".    This is Susan from CASA, not Sue the visitation monitor.  The visitation monitor was horrible, but I am not able to place her anywhere or remember her from my past at all--I couldn't say if I've met her before or not.  Susan from CASA I remembered, and same with Anne Crane. 

Also, they had police and military from Leavenworth and locally there to make threats, along with Moses Lake people.  They put me and a Robert Garrett into "the hole", which was literally a hole that was like isolation and the worst of the worst in a prison.  This was done to me with the reminder, "If you try to tell police or report this, this is where we'll put you again."  They were putting me and a Robert into the hole and telling him to keep up the kiddie porn if we wanted out.  So I had some of the kiddie porn against me done in U.S. government-owned properties and then some of it was private property.  Then I was being thrown into this dug-out "hole" that was a hole into a concrete wall inside of some kind of prison or compound.  They would put me in there and there was no light, and nothing around me.  It was pitch darkness and they would leave me in there for over a week with no one to talk to and only a plate of food sent to me, without one word.  The U.S. did this to me when I was a very little kid, but talking, and I remember being so depressed I wanted to die, and starting to talk to myself in the "hole" because they forced me in there with no one to talk to.  Almost all of it was United States fucking military and cops.

Once, a man tried telling people at a bar I was being chained up and they mocked him.  Then another time, I ran into a bar and screamed to everyone I was being chained up and electrocuted and I needed to call police.  All of these people heard me, and then Jim Sandberg, and another cop-military guy, and a Robert, behind Jim and the other man, came in and grabbed my arm and told everyone I had mental problems and don't call anyone.  I was a pre-teen and it was before the U.S. got several groups of their employees organized to sodomize and assault me.  There were several times I tried to get help and asked for emergency assistance but my entire life was one of being tortured, trafficked, and lied about by the United States.  The only reason this country would kidnap my son from me and lie about the reason, is to repeat this cycle and do the exact same thing to him.  This country is abusing and torturing my son Oliver just as they did with me, and look at how far I was able to get, in all of my attempts to have someone stand up for me in this country.  The FBI really shouldn't be funded anymore because they state their purpose to be one thing and they are actually something else.  Two different times, they went in and had me do blood tests, and set everything up prior to premeditated rapes and sexual assault by two different presidential candidates.  They took a blood sample from me before having George Bush Jr. masturbate in front of me in Copenhagen and then sodomize me with a group in Coquille, Oregon later, and then they had me give blood prior to setting me up to be raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama.  Basically, the FBI has been facilitating torture and doing health checks to make sure their rapists don't catch any disease from their crimes that are plotted out in advance.

Almost every single person involved in that CPS case was a child molester, abuser, or connected to one by relation and/or to the U.S. military that was trafficking children or producing porn tapes from children who are U.S. citizens.
This round mark on my chin isn't a chicken pox or acne scar--it was created by the U.S. in the last several weeks, along with pitting across my entire chin that you can't see very well, which was not there before.  Also, you can see how under my mouth there is a crease and then sort of dents and shadowing where the dents are, and it looks natural but it's not.  The entire denting in of my face on either side of my chin has been done to me in the last couple of weeks, after my chin was being targeted to appear pitted and scared first.  I had women driving past, and men, in SUVs and cars, when it was first started against me, and I hadn't blogged about it yet, and they were tapping their chins and smirking at me, and lowering their chins into their necks into a kind of jowel-producing effect as I would be walking to town and back.  It was very obvious some people were aware of what was being done to me and were mocking me over it.

Aside from dots and pitting and indenting of my face, the main "lines" being added to my face are being done in > shapes, like arrows.  This is one, at bottom of my chin, and there is another you can't see to the side of my mouth.  I basically have someone trying to copy Katie Middleton's wedding dress neckline design into my face.  I mean, obviously, this is not a "natural" line that would show up on my face from "age".  The other marks, even if they seem more natural, are also not natural however, and have been done by targeting my face to make me uglier and have me appear older then my face actually shows.  No one would do this without a hate motive and it's coming from the U.S. government.

All of this pitting, indents into my chin, and even the jowl looking lines (not that I didn't have light smile lines, but they have been deliberately made to look worse), and scarring is new and has been done to me in the last 2 months.  The pitting to my chin is something that was worked on every day and night and has been ongoing and the indents to the sides of my chin, have been done in the last 2 weeks.  It's even worse than it appears because I have make-up on here, but you can see it's not my upper face or neck and my skin is smooth everywhere else.  My skin was smooth across my chin too, until recently.  I also had lines and scarring done to the sides of my mouth, at the corners.  The top part is mostly natural but everything else is new, and directly because of almost 24/7 hate crime by the United States with this bizarre effort to ruin my face.

I am still having the same targeting of my face being done.  It started after I posted photos with drawings over my skin about where I have scars from being cut as a baby and kid.  I mentioned I also had acid burns made over my skin, and had marks from where instruments were placed, like electrodes or battery ends, while I was electrocuted. 

I had someone seriously get nervous and scared for me, I noticed one day after I wrote this, like "Don't talk about this because your parents and the U.S. are freaking out and will retaliate".  He was driving in a car and I am not psychic but I could see his warning and that it was different from fake stuff. 

Sure enough, the U.S. started doing things to affect and marr my skin, to try to cover-up for or mix-up what use they made of me as a "human map" for their disgusting spy and cocaine projects.  I had talked about taking photos and that's when it started. 

Then, after someone broke into my house and put something on my chin, my chin was being specifically targeted, after the U.S. was marring my face skin with marks from energy-technology before that, which is something they did in the mid-late 80s as well. 

The United States used Bob and Dicksie, or one of the Bob and Dicksie twins, in addition to a few others, for cutting me with knives and carving out "directions" and spy messages as they passed me from place to place, so often, I began to hate my parents as a kid.  I didn't hate them all the time, because I didn't think about it all the time and the U.S. used a corrupt mixture of forced bonding with torture by the same people, because the U.S. plan was for me to be tortured repeatedly and accept being raped by them too, and then to go back and act like nothing really ever happened.  Then, they took me to FBI offices to be tortured by them.  Funny how they wanted me to marry one of their employees after they tortured me, isn't it?  More of their conditioning plans and their capstone achievement.

Just this morning, it was done while I wrote, and I had already put make-up on to cover the other marks and after being tortured again, to my chin, I looked in the mirror and you could see a bunch of tiny pin-sized dots all over my chin, that were new impressions into the make-up I had put on. 

I put my make-up on evenly, over my entire face, and I used foundation and powder and this never happens naturally and wasn't from "pores". 

I have circular defined shapes and indents into my skin since I drew lines on my arms tracing where some of the cutting scars are, and then after I remarked I do not know that I am biologically related to either my Mom or Dad (I am told Edward Lee Howard, the CIA defector, is my bio-dad and I don't know who the mother is--It's possibly one of the Dicksies and not the other twin or triplet, but I'm not sure), the U.S. was carving a "Y" shape onto the tip of my nose to indent and crease it in the middle when I don't have that trait, and then I was attacked in my house and had my rear-end cut with a razor in a straight line and my chin patched with some chemical in a circle shape and it was swollen and red and messed up.

That is not, by the way, why Alvaro Barbosa's chin and nose were red when I caught him cheating.  He was and is a cheater, and will always be a cheater and he worked for the U.S. and held me hostage for Obama's friends.  He was cheating with a blond FBI woman, and several others.

I will give another theory for why he was in the U.S. and what he was actually doing, aside from holding me hostage for the same U.S. government hostage-pedophiles that have always passed me around for abuse.

I think he was infiltrating Muslims and Osama bin Ladin.  He was Catholic, so he said, but he knew the likes of people like Anne Crane, who imitated him by wearing the same Catholic saints bracelet he had worn around me, to visitations with CPS with my son.  Anne Crane is a criminal who was personally electrocuting me with one of the Dicksies inside Seattle FBI offices.  His people were all of the same people who have been trying to keep me from clearing my name, and who are part of the government pedophile-hostage group.

I think his involvement with Colombia and drugs (which he didn't say he was involved in, but it was obvious this had something to do with why Wenatchee kissed up to him) was a plan to infiltrate people and trick them into thinking he was on their side, and I think he used me and convinced some group he was trying to assist with my son when he wasn't.  He was in the U.S. for figuring out how to ruin my and my son's life, and get to Osama bin Ladin in the meantime.

He worked with Barak Obama and Barak is a Jew.  Barak's entire family is Jewish, and his drug affiliates were Middletons in the UK.  This is why they went after Osama bin Ladin the day after Katie's little wedding.  Both the UK Middletons and Barak Obama wanted to get rid of Osama because he knew too much about how they were connected and who in the Catholic Irish circles were running their drugs for them as well. 

I think Alvaro Barbosa knew the language they spoke and they used him for infiltration and then wanted to screw me over at the same time.

From where I've seen George Bechtold running around, by the way, he appears to be a Jew himself as well.  Maybe Janet is from a "Catholic" family, which is convenient for the Catholic side of running drugs, but George is, in my opinion, Jewish.  He knew all of the Jews that were part of Barak Obama's drug slinging group that included Goldsmith.  I saw him in Africa, as a government "interrogator", and I saw him in the U.S., and George, I had thought, was U.S. Army.  Not openly U.S. Army, but secretive Army intelligence, and I thought this because of all the military he worked with, however, the U.S. Army and military in general was running things with the CIA and FBI.

George knew the Jews, worked with the Jews, ran drugs with the Jews in the government, and he is short in stature and has some physical traits that 'can', but are not always, indicative of Jewish ancestry.  He is also with a German last name but I don't know anything about his mother, who may be the Jew.  Even if he's German, he could be an Ashkenazi Jew.

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