Monday, December 9, 2013

Brother and Dad Electrocute Me To Cover For Seattle FBI

I remembered (again) why I ended up at OHSU with severe burns on my side, feet, and fingers, from electrocution.

It was done by my Dad (who isn't my biological father, supposedly, Edward Lee Howard--former CIA defector is) and brother.

After I was electrocuted inside of Seattle FBI offices (they did it in Portland FBI offices too, but not as much), with my mother there participating with Anne Crane, I said I wanted to make a police report, and said I have evidence they electrocuted me on my hands and feet.

Robert Garrett Jr. got mad and said, "No you're not" and then he called my brother Levi over and had the electrocution box, but this time, he had car jumper cables too.  This was not usually how I was electrocuted with that box. He acted furious that I would dare "tell on" the FBI for torturing me in their offices, and have evidence.

So he got my brother to electrocute me saying, "You will never be Queen" again (some random thing they would sometimes say) and it was the only time I remember Robert Garrett Jr. right there with Levi Garrett.  They turned it on, and delivered an electrocution that was so severe, I was taken to OHSU hospital, in Portland, Oregon. 

This is when our primary permanent residence was in Moses Lake, Washington, but at that time, I was being driven back and forth between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

The exit wound was so bad, to the side of my torso, they tried to blame all of the injuries (to my hands and feet as well) on that one incident. 

It was a deliberate criminal cover for the United States FBI.

When I was in the room, they had me there with a curtain in between me and another young man, and I told the nurse I wanted to make a police report and needed a phone to call police.  She refused, and another one came in and threatened me and then they had Alan  Shay, one of my OSU professors, who had assaulted me on two other occasions, show his face.  I had no idea why OSHU or my family or someone had Alan Shay show up.

I believe Robert Garrett Jr. and Levi Garrett, who know Barak Obama and others that have assaulted me, have also participated in assaulting my son Oliver, since he's been out of my care.  I can tell from a photo that he is scared and not happy to be sitting on my brother's lap and photographed by Robert Garrett Jr.

Too many things were done to me by them, with their cooperation with the FBI in criminal acts, for this to not be true.

I also believe my "brother" Levi Garrett, has been hired to work for the FBI or military.  He has engaged in secretive illegal activities like Robert Garrett, who has been working for the government, and it's been pretty clear that he is part of an organization that has lied about me and harmed me.  The FBI or military would hire him because he's been covering up for their crimes and participating in them, since he was a teenager.

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