Monday, December 9, 2013

Robert Garrett Jr. and Ross at B.C. Immigration (FBI Agent?): Canadian Sexual Assault and Torture.

I remember where I knew Ross, the B.C. immigration officer Canada had meet me when I fled to Canada for political asylum with my son.

I had met Ross before, with a Robert Garrett Jr. and Ross was taking large amounts of money and saying it wasn't enough.  He knew the Middletons and Gary Goldsmith.  He also referred to the Maiers family in Moses Lake, Washington.  Robert Garrett Jr. didn't bring it up, he did.

I met him in Canada, in his immigration offices a decade or more before I was fleeing across the border for political asylum, which both the U.S. and Canada deliberately plotted because there was no other reason to cut off my income and work, by putting in me in jail with false arrests, and stealing my car with fraudulent claims of suspended license, to make me too poor to go anywhere else when they began torturing me and my son with military technology at extreme levels.  They set it up.

They had set it up decades earlier, because I met Ross, who is possibly an FBI agent working in Canada.  The reason I think he's possibly FBI is because Robert Garrett Jr., who worked with FBI, was going back and forth to Canada with my mother and I, for a long time, and then one day, he took just me to an immigration office and I met him.  It was the same man.  He was also the one who wouldn't respond to me after he put me in jail on false arrest until I started singing America the Beautiful.  He is responsible for kidnapping my son and thwarting a political asylum request by me.  He lied, and all he talked about when I first met him, when I was younger, was money.

"I want more money." My Dad had brought some kind of briefcase or bag in and Ross looked at it and then, in a closed-door meeting, he said he wanted more money and where was it.  Then my Dad started looking desperate and some other guys led him out of the room for a short time.  Before this, he had looked at some papers and ID documents.  From what I remember, he forced me to give him a blow job.  He said, "KNEEL" and then unbuckled his pants.  I remember that part.  I don't completely remember the rest of it.  He asked if I'd always had long hair and said he liked redheads.  I am not positive but it's possible he said he had a daughter but I'm not sure.  He went from being nice to mean and was always sort of "professional" about it.  Then he forced me to kiss him and kicked me.  He kicked me or punched me, I don't remember which, but I fell or knocked into the desk.  He packed a massive blow.  He wasn't like some guy sort of faking it, or giving me a little punch, he hit me really really hard.  I had also thought it was really creepy that he kissed me and punched me/kicked me there.  I talked about it for awhile (i.e., "He made me kiss him and then he beat me up").

What he did, with kissing me and then punching or kicking me at the same time, or closely connected, was exactly what U.S. Pentagon James Cartright did to me in my house in Moses Lake, Wa, when he visited, once alone and once with Leon Panetta (to see my Dad).  This is also a theme from Barak with him forcing me to kiss him, and then my fiancĂ© in Washington D.C., Alvaro Pardo.

I am 100% positive it was the same Canadian man.  My Dad (Robert Garrett Jr) came back into the room and we left.  I don't remember what else was said.  I know Ross talked about some ID papers, if I knew where I was born, and he mentioned some U.S. people and said he wanted more money.  The Robert Jr. was sort of almost pleading with him for something, for help or something I thought, or to not be upset, I wasn't sure. 

He took the money, and when I showed up with my son, who did the RCMP call?  HIM.  The man who had sexually assaulted me in Canada, forced me to kiss him, and beat me in his office with a Robert Garrett outside of the office going through who-knows-what. 

Tell me something.  How were my son and I supposed to get "political asylum" when Canada put a man in my way that knew Middletons and worked with the FBI and military, who did his own share of sexually assaulting me and beating me, and taking money?  HE was going to be honest?  Ross had as much motive as any of the other FBI agents, to lie about me and suppress my political asylum request and to steal my son.  Of course he'd lie and say I was in Canada illegally when I wasn't.  Of course he'd lie and steal from me.  Of course he'd lie and put me under false arrest to kidnap my son.  He also told me the "reason" I was there illegally was, "You don't have enough money."

That's what he was telling my Dad a decade or more earlier, as he took plenty of cold, hard, cash.  How much money I had wasn't an issue when I was asking for political asylum and he knew it, but he wanted to make a big point with the U.S., and have it on record, that it was about "money".

This idea that it was about money, was something Ross wanted reinforced, so he could collect his Mario Brothers brownie points, and so the U.S. could feel special that they did a good job blocking me from having an income, P.I. money from auto collisions that injured, or anything else I was due.

I sang a song I made up in jail in Canada about Ross's tighty-whitey underwear because that's what he wore.  That's what he was wearing when I was in his office a decade or more earlier, being assaulted by him after he told my Dad "You don't have enough money." 

As to his comment about had I always had long hair, Mike Tancer had asked me when he first met me when I was older, "Have you always been a short-haired girl?"

Ross also said, in his office, maybe he could think of something "special" for me when my Dad was asking about things and then when it was just me and him, he said the "special" thing was to serve him.  Then after he'd assaulted me and forced me to kiss him and beat me, he said something about how that was the "special treatment".

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