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Barak Obama and Gary Goldsmith's Jewish Kenya, Africa Gang

There is information about the U.S. and UK government's (and most likely Mossad) gang and drug dealing in Kenya, Africa.

It's where Barak Obama's family lived and they tortured me there and exchanged drugs and money and then the FBI in the U.S. laundered more of it to the Middletons.

The information is in my previous post which includes photos of my son and what torture has been done to him, including information about blacks and Jews who colluded with Robert and Dicksie to weaken my neck and spinal column to facilitate an easier way to break it.

They used metal rings that women in Africa use, for elongating a neck, but they didn't do it for beauty reasons, they used them to torture me and suddenly force my bone structure to be stressed.

The eye bulging of my son has also only occurred because of U.S. military torture and it's extremely painful, which I've explained in my other post.

I do not believe I or my son Oliver are biologically related to either Dicksie Baird or Robert Garrett.  I do know there are twins of them, but I would have to see the DNA evidence and I know the CIA and FBI were taking all kinds of DNA from me and never sharing the results with me.  Even if I am related to them, biologically, or to Dicksie, with Edward Howard as the biological father, it doesn't change the facts.

Barak is not Muslim.  He is a Jew.  Just like Katie Middleton.

Some of the other things they did in Africa when I was there was they buried a man up to his neck in dirt and the dirt there was red.  It's the only place I've ever been to, my entire life, that had red dirt like that.   It was sort of orange-red in places but more maroon.  It was very dry, red dirt with a red dust.  It was packed down and hard but the top layer was dusty.  Then they let the man go and buried me up to my neck and put red ants on me and did other forms of torture.  At one point they brought a scorpion over to walk around near my face, and yes, they have scorpions in Kenya.  They also buried a Robert Garrett (I think) up to his neck with a scorpion, or it was Edward Howard.  Both Edward Howard and Robert Garrett were there and one was interrogated at one point.  The scorpions were parabuthus and the one they used was tan colored, not black or really light.  They made a big deal about choosing their scorpions.  One was tan, like I said, and one a darker brown with sort of orange to it.

The people who did this to me were mostly Jews.  It was Jews and some U.S. military persons (including George Bechtold, who is Robin and Nathan Bechtold's father) and I think possibly one Scotland Yard.  George Bechtold was one of the interrogators and hit and kicked the man when asking questions. He was violent.  George Bechtold was 100% involved in U.S. government drug dealing and torture of people and was, like I said, an interrogator.  Not only that, it explains why his son Robin Bechtold was encouraged to rape me, with Robin making a comment "that was awk-ward" and it explains why he was interested in covering for Valerie Plames involvement in trying to assassinate me, why he himself participated in attempts, and why he made a point of saying to me one day, in a sort of in-your-face way, "Maybe God is a black man."  He was saying it was cool my Dad was given posters and I should have put the one with the black man on my wall, when I told him in high school once about posters we'd had without giving other information.  He pushed this over and over about how God could be a black man and did I have a problem with that; not to forget his father George was a government interrogator who beat people up for a living and was in a massive drug distribution ring and even went to Barak Obama's Africa over it. 

 Even though Mary and Carl DelBalzo were not around for the neck rings I had put on me after this, which was later, they showed up at the red-dirt-up-to-the-neck event where I was tortured and they dealt drugs and money and weapons.  This goes with the previous post I made so that is the reference.  It was also James Cartright and Maryann McIntosh and that is another reason I know she is not just a military brat but deals with Pentagon.  I want to say, Leon Panetta was there as well.  It was a group of U.S. military and then a few others (lawyers) at one time in Africa, and then another group and they took different transportation.  They all knew Barak and Stanley because it was at their area in Africa.  It was Barak's own version of Fast & Furious.

The neck rings were put on me after this and other things were done to me.  There was also a monkey around, that was not caged, and was someone's pet.  It was a mean monkey to everyone but the owner and a thief.  They had this monkey attack me (and this was not when I was put into a cage with a different monkey and dogs in a quarantine and tortured) that jumped on my face and head and I had to try to calm it down, which I did. 

At a different house there, it was a large nice house with a big wrap-around kind of porch.  There was mosquito netting over all the beds in a big canopy kind of way.  James Cartright was there, and a tall blond man with a British accent was there.  We went on safari one day, but that was before the neck rings.  The last thing they did to me was the neck rings torture and then I was back in M.L.  The safari was a big-game hunt.  We went out in jeeps and I had a rifle.  Everyone had a rifle, including me, and sometimes a second gun as well, which I believe I had, along with ammo.  I passed out some of the ammo to the others in the jeep, which was in long sashes of bullets, like the kind you drape over your body from the side at a diagnonal but they were lower and free-form in front of me, so I handed them out as needed.  I guess you could say I was a tomboy.  I was given ivory later.  One man in the jeep was James Cartright, one was Tom, one was Leon (I think but not positive) and then there was another man and me.  At one point one of them forced me to kiss him, or kissed me when I didn't want to.  Then later, all this guys were trying to do the same thing again and trip me at the same time and humiliate me.

Aside from the house with the porch which was the type like in the movie "Out of Africa", the other house we went to was a landowner or ranch-owners house.  It was gated and locked and a white stucco or painted kind of estate and one of the men I was with, either a Robert or Edward, went to the owner to ask for help and was extremely upset.  The owner didn't seem to care and went to a library and got out a law book and said to me, "Can you do anything with that?"  Something like that.  Then he and James Cartright started kicking the man in front of me who had brought me there.

I think it is a kind of mission for people like George Bechtold to encourage their kids to go to law school, but make my life impossible in any academic way.

Then later, after all of the torture, with the "parabuthus" scorpions, while I had my neck being stretched Diana made some comment with the others like "Does my butt look too big?" and said exactly this but in a more discreet way and then looked at me like she was getting revenge for my helping her diet, when she was the one who had me telling her to remind her if she was eating too much, so she could lose weight. 

It was after this that I was in Coquille and being jumped on bridges and attacked and then there was a plot for murdering me more than once, and an attempt through Gary Ridgway and another through rock-climbing with Valerie Plame, along with others, and then after this, FBI electrocuted me and then I was set up to be raped by Barak Obama who all of the U.S. government already knew and knew was involved in a drug ring that they all laundered money over, for themselves, and over to Katie Middleton. 

From the scorpions in Kenya, Africa, named parabuthus, which jokes were made about because of the name, I was taken back to the U.S. and tortured further, to extremes. 

One man tried to help me escape to Russia for political asylum.  I wasn't positive that's where we were going but I thought so, and we were getting on the helicopter and George Bechtold came over with another man, I think James Cartright, and I remember George viciously pulled me down and off of the helicopter, kicking me and beating me with the other man, who was possibly even Robert Garrett jr.  They said where do you think you're going?  Yes, it was a Robert Garrett Jr. and George Bechtold with a few others in the background.

I had been asked first, about leaving Africa and where to, and was not being kidnapped.  I was asked if I wanted to escape the United States and not go back and I said "Yes".  I had zero doubts.  I wanted political asylum. 

The United States had more raping in mind.  They had more electrocution and illegal surveillance and abuse of me in mind.  And they did not want me escaping to a safe country from where I could make allegations internationally about the crimes of the U.S. against me.  Especially not when the U.S. was still cooking up witch-plans for Katie Middleton, Barak Obama, and many others who expected to profit and get positions for their RICO crimes.

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