Monday, December 9, 2013

"Seizure Surgery" (I had a brain surgery)

Hey Rosemary, ya wanna lobotomy?

One of the surgeries I had that I forget to note on my medical records was an open-brain surgery.  It was U.S. military-driven.

I was a kid, and told since I had seizures, there was a doctor that thought he could get rid of my seizures by locating a specific nerve or something in the brain.

They did a local and kept me awake because they said they had to have me respond to what he was doing.  One of the Robert Garrett's was there and then a Dicksie was there, but maybe at different times.

It was prior to any auto accident or other excuse for getting into my body.  At one point, he did something and I couldn't see anything because my visual field went dark and I got scared, and then he moved away from it.  He asked different questions, that were normal enough for what did what, but then he started asking me to guess things (psychicly).

Since I was psychic, and both England, Canada, and the U.S. knew it, in some circles that included government militaries and intelligence, he began asking me to do the same kind of psychic thing.

Then he would manipulate something to where I couldn't be psychic.  He made sure something in my brain was altered so that I couldn't make the same psychic guesses, like knowing what my mother was thinking (accurately) or not seeing something in the room in front of me but being asked where it was (psychicly).  So he was basically trying to find the part in my brain that, if tweaked, or temporarily moved or something, affected my psychic abilities.

I was told I was there because of "seizures" and that "they think there is something they can do so you don't have seizures anymore."  Well that's not what all of the psychic questions were about.  Once he identified which part of my brain affected my psychic abilities, and turned my correct answers to "I don't know" and I couldn't "see" things psychicly anymore, he permanently did something to that part. 

So he did a localized open-brain surgery on me, cut or altered some part of my brain that affected whether I was psychic or not, and then stitched it up.  He also did a seizure inducing test, and then did something for that part (so he said).  I also remember the sound of the drill, which was the worst part, because even though I had anaesthesia, there was pressure to my head and the noise from the instrument used.

I remember when I was in there, and awake, that I looked at the Bob and Dicksie and at least one or both of them looked mean and glad or triumphant I was having my psychic center cut off.  I then realized, as a kid, "Oh my gosh, they just took me to a doctor and all they wanted to do was ruin my psychic abilities".

I wasn't the same ever since.

My brain had had the part that allowed me to be clairvoyant and psychic (to be able to remotely view things and telepathy, my two gifts) permanently ruined because of the United States government.

If they also added any "bugs under the rug", i.e, microchips or surveillance materials, under my hair inside my brain, no one told me about it.

The next time I had my head opened up was after Canadian-FBI Mike Nichols attempted to assassinate me and I had a head-injury and broken neck that required surgery which was done in SLC, Utah.

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