Monday, December 9, 2013

"You Will Never Be Queen" and U.S. "Gun Law"

Some may wonder why this is a comment my brother Levi Garrett made repeatedly, with a few others.  For one thing, he knew Katie Middleton because my family worked with her family in the illegal drug business and corporate crime by U.S. intelligence.

Before Katie was ever born, my family was running drugs back and forth through Barak Obama (who was a young punk that showed up at our house in Moses Lake with his Mom Stanley Ann) and Gary Goldsmith.  All of it is FBI supported.  So when congressmen or others claim they need a gun law, it's not because there is a problem, it's because the FBI is criminal and hoodlum and is "scared" of retaliation when they think they are the only ones who should be able to carry guns.  The FBI is also a main group that has been lying about people and creating false reports and mis-stating quotes and facts in internal and public law enforcement files, so basically, all that has to happen to be considered "mentally ill" is to have an FBI employee electrocute you, assault you, or rape you, and then they think they're going to create a whole record about you as to why YOU (and not they) are so dangerous or not credible.

They then use this vulnerability, of having someone they target, to be without a gun for self-protection, to be killed by a "hired hit man" THEY hired instead.  It's only criminals that are killing innocent citizens that would be behind such a gun bill.

One of those criminals, is a professor I have at OSU named Sarah Finger McDonald.  I took one of my classes from her when I was a pre-teen.  She is from Virginia, which is Pentagon and CIA territory to start with.  One thing I'll throw in there, is one of the corrupt cops that carries a gun, Officer "Jones", from Wenatchee, Washington, whose mother-in-law he worked with to try to have me murdered by Gary Ridgway, went to Quantico for training with the FBI.  So this is a guy who is rewarded and included in further FBI activities, for his participation in trying to kill kids.  Sarah McDonald married a man who did federal tax law and went to the same school Michelle Erickson's family went to (most of them):  University of Washington.  Both Sarah and Michelle were present when I had people assaulting me at my house during the OSU term I took, and then having me appeal.

The reason was retaliatory hatred because I had made the comment that I didn't think Katie Middleton was that smart for a kid her age.  I said maybe average.  Robert Garrett Jr. assaulted me over this comment, and James (Whitey) Bulger, snarled at me as well, and did something and then they landed the small aircraft we were on and let me off while Robert kicked me for saying this.  James also took a cross necklace from me to "give to Katie".  Well, it turns out James Bulger was an FBI employee.  I'm really not sure why the FBI wants to play it down and say he was an "FBI informant" because as I understood it, he was a full-blown FBI employee.  So to punish me for this one comment I made about Katie, the FBI in Seattle and Portland, determined to set me up to go for a college term at OSU, and assault me and ruin the computer program it was running on, so I got half the grade I would have received.  It was mostly FBI and military.  And Sarah Finger McDonald was part of that effort, and she was also outed as being a federal employee (not just an OSU employee).  I am not sure if she is related to Brett McDonald, who is also from Washington, but if so, if Brett is related to Sarah's husband, it means I was being forced to have counseling and divulge information to another FBI employee who was related to employees that had harmed me (by either assault or by fraud) in the past.  Brett works for the FBI.  She did not tell me this, or about her other conflicts of interest when she started counseling me.  Even if Brett and Sarah are not related, Sarah is still connected to Michelle Erickson, who is from Wenatchee, WA.  One might ask why these women all ganged up against me, for the FBI and military, to steal and kidnap my son from me so they could experiment on him and get brownie points for themselves.

When it comes to the "Queen" idea, I was asked once, by Queen Elizabeth, when I was visiting England, if I would be interested "in the job".  It was before Diana married Charles.  She said, "Do you think you would like this kind of work?" and added, "Would you be interested in being Queen one day?"  I said, "I don't know.  What do they do?" or "What is it like?"  I asked what kind of work it was.  She gave me an explanation that was fairly long and detailed but clear, and I asked a few questions along the way and then I thought about it and said, "No, I think now that you explained it, thinking about it, I don't know if I'd like that kind of work very much."  Then she looked disappointed and sad and said "Why not?"  The way I responded was basically the same way William of Wales is said to have responded to being a policeman or not:  "I thought about it and realized I probably wouldn't like that kind of work very much after all."  After I told her, and she looked really down about it, I was told by Edward they couldn't have me around there as much (I was living there off and on) and it's when he dropped me off in his car saying, "Betty says you have to go."

So for all of this clamor about "you'll never be queen" and hostilities against me, in order to prop Katie Middleton up, it's not like I was begging for the work.  It's not that I might not have liked it, after all, or that I wasn't capable, but at that time, it didn't sound like something I'd want to do all the time.  I told her I liked the business aspect of it, and liked people, but I wasn't sure about dressing up in a bunch of different outfits all the time.  I counted inventory with her in one of the private pantries, and did some other tasks with her before I left.

It was all-or-nothing because if I wasn't taking the offer, the U.S. and others in England and elsewhere, thought I was fair game to have my entire life ruined. 

It's not like I was never tortured there either, and I don't know if they do some of those things to all of the royals or potentials, but I do remember at one point either Anne or the Queen was taking me by the head and repeatedly hitting my forehead against a wall.  Not hard, to knock me out, but in a constant repetitive motion.  That was when I was a little younger.  I was then at Althorp with the Spencer girls and Jane and the others grabbed me by the head and did this to me many times, for 10-20 minutes at a time and would say, "Why are you hurting yourself?"  "You're hurting yourself."  I ended up back in Moses Lake, Washington, so distressed I was pounding my head against a wall like an autistic kid, whenever I was hurt, or distressed, or trying to go to bed.

I was getting electrocuted, so that was affecting my head, and I did have seizures, but the constant autistic thing was something I was forced to do over and over, at both Buckingham and Althorp.  One of the Dicksies walked in at one point, when I was in my bedroom doing this and panicked, it seemed, saying "What are you doing?" and I was just humming one note and pounding my head.

Then some psychologist or non-psychologist with assumptions, came over and said to my mother it was my response to being "numb", and that it was my reaction to trauma, to try to feel something.  From what I remember, sometimes, my head was hurting badly and it was the only thing that made it feel better.

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