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Carl Yeh: Criminal? Send Your Feedback and Democrat Statistics of My Fall 2013 Professors

I have been contacted by a Chinese man named Carl Yeh.

I would like individuals who may wish to share information about him, to feel free to contact me at my email address:

I have some concerns.

My title of "Criminal?" with the question mark, is to ask if anyone believes that rather than being a leader in ethics or civil complaints for student conduct or legal matters, he is possibly a perpetrator, or does anyone feel they suffered any kind of impropriety with regard to his contact?

I am interested in feedback from nieces, nephews, and anyone younger than him, as well as individuals who may know something about why his family wanted to move to the U.S. from China and if they believe this man is politically motivated for personal gain.

He is a registered Democrat, and came out of the closet as Democrat in 2004.  Prior to this, from 1993 until 2004, he chose to remain more discreet and voted with a "non-affiliated" declaration.  He's coming from Eugene, Oregon and got a degree in law, and his background is that he claims he doesn't care for "Nebraska" or other states in the U.S. because he wants his "hat" to be with Oregon State University. 

What I find a little odd, is that this is the second time a group of OSU professors who are all, 100% solid majorly active socialist-Democrats (I mean, hail to the Katie Middleton communist party types) have ganged up against me to bully me with a complaint after harassing me and trying to ruin my academic standing, AND it is the second time OSU had a Chinese man, specifically, eager to beat me up with a mountain of paperwork for this group.

Why Chinese every time?  I mean, is it the British influence from Hong Kong still?  Is it just the Chinese man this time because someone thought it would be fun to match the Chinese man from a decade ago, last time, who was bullying me on the heels of knowing a Japanese man had liked me and been interested in me at one time?  It's not like all of the Chinese and Japanese are good "friends".  Sure, some are.  Especially if they're American-minded in politics.  But many of them are really not fond of one another.  As a younger kid, my intuition was that the Chinese man was brought around to harass me just because he knew some Japanese man had proposed marriage to me once, and he thought he'd take me down a few notches for the Middleton drug lords.

I could be totally wrong, and don't trust ME to be "psychic" anymore, but I looked at his photos and they give me the eebie-jeebies, like something is not okay.   So I'm really interested in hearing from some people who know more about him or about what he's done in the past, because I have a little "gang" of commie Democrat Americans who think they're hot-stuff, trying to punish me when they are the ones who were involved with some in plotting to assault me and murder me over a decade ago.

Howso?  Well, I will tell you.  I had the exact same professors this term, and problems, that I did a decade ago.  They caused the exact same problems, except this time, I wasn't physically attacked in my own home by any of them, or any of their friends, whereas over a decade ago, I was.

I had this strange idea to look them all up and find out what their political party affiliation was, because I was getting a feeling they were all harassing me again over political reasons again, like this time, Barak Obama instead of Bill Clinton.  So sure enough, EVERY single one of them.  I mean, ALL of them, are like raving...stark raving mad Democrat fanatics.

Oh but guess what?  They all "came out of the closet" recently, like they were secret commies and then decided well, hey, now that 2004 is out of the way, and we got Obama and Middleton squared away, let's just party on and be a little bolder now.  Out of 5 professors, 2 of them are career Democrats, as in, since the 80s, and the rest were all sneaky closet-commies.  If you count Carl Yeh in with them, it's 4 of them who all went undercover as "non-affiliated" until about 2004-2006 which was the coming-out ball days of Barak Obama and Katie Middleton, after a very long-hatched plot to put them in power was accomplished.

From the moment I filed a bunch of police reports, I had some of the OSU staff treating me like dog-s***.  It was before this Fall term, and then I didn't realize I was signing up for classes with the exact same professors I had over a decade ago, who deliberately ruined my academics with help of blackboard problems and a book delay and physical assault.

I also realized one of the women was involved in a sexual assault of me that involved, I believe, Christopher Dabney, and I was starting to figure some of that out just recently.  I mean, the same "Chris Dabney" that I met in D.C., who was supposedly raised in Virginia, was in Oregon when I was taking OSU classes as a pre-teen, and he and Sarah Finger McDonald, one of my "professors", were "friends" and she participated in a gang rape of me involving teens.  Turns out, it makes sense, and she has some roots from Virginia herself, being raised there, and I found some Dabney relatives who live in Portland, Oregon.

This means, some of these same OSU professors who were trying to seriously harm me and do-me-in, over a decade ago, are connected to the D.C. people who, in 2007-2009 pretended to be randomly meeting me when they knew all of the Washington and Oregon people already, and then they tried to suck me into their FBI-Department of State Black Hole.  So the same Chris Dabney that date-raped me while I was intoxicated and commented "Here's another one in the hole" was the same Chris Dabney that knew me from Portland, Oregon, who was friends with Sarah Finger-McDonald, and who knew how I was transported to the ADMAX prison in Florence, CO to be sodomized and electrocuted in front of accused CIA "defector" Harold James Nicholson, and then thrown into "the hole", which is what that warden called it, "the hole" and he said, "Here's another one in the hole" when he put me in there after I was sodomized too.

Talk about fucking CIA and FBI stalkers.  I mean, can't I just take classes or work like a normal person without being harassed, and stalked and tracked down wherever I go, to be assaulted more, defamed, and slammed and passed around in the same government circle?

I had Sarah Finger McDonald sexually assaulting me with her friend Chris and some of their friends; I had Alan Shay beating me up and blocking me from contacting police to report physical assault and unlawful restraint; and then I had John Lambrinos showing up in a helicopter to murder me with Valerie Plame and a Canadian immigration man and some others, with me thinking why in the world is my professor from OSU there?  Then on top of that, several are connected to people from Eugene, Oregon who are friends with the Roses and Jewish groups that hated me.

It's like, since Ronald Reagan, the last several Presidents have all been either UK-British drug dealers and users or Democrat socialists or communists who dealt drugs with Middletons.  All of them have been more interesting in kissing English ass than in American justice.  Bush is a Republican but all of his business and drugs, not to mention his relatives, are British.  Clinton was one of Barak's friends and Kerry's friend, and involved in drugs and British-Jewish politics.  Then Barak was a drug-runner for the British and FBI.  All of them are Democrats except for Bush, who is sort of a Socialist Republican when it comes down to it because all he did was support Katie Middleton and Goldsmith, and contribute to welfare from U.S. taxpayers going to England for that brat when I was being sodomized by them in my own country.  Which is a factor in wondering about Carl Yeh's actual political allegiance.

Even more bizarre is that after I was transported all over OSU and harassed by these "undeclared" closet Democrats, and electrocuted over people included "suspected communist defectors to Russia like Harold James Nicholson", after he was jailed, OSU decided to use a bunch of money to host a huge influx of Russians from Keiv.  No fucking joke.

I mean who is the fucking brains.

Let's sodomize our U.S. citizens who are kids, and put a U.S. man in prison for alleged "spying for Russia" and then bring over a whole bunch of Russians instead of U.S. citizens, to work and spy "legally" as "exchange students".

Real fucking smart.  OSU started a huge "Polytech with Kiev" exchange program with Russia right after sending Harold James Nicholson to prison and ruining my life by allowing professors who were closet-Democrats ruin my academic opportunities at an early start in college so Katie fucking Middleton could continue to justify outrageous FBI welfare and money laundering schemes.  What do Russians have that U.S. kids don't have?

How about, it's money for the people who support Socialists like Middleton and Sodomize U.S. kids who declared themselves to be "Republicans".  It's sort of like the infiltrators have been Socialist British butt-kissers or Jewish communists-Democrats.  And this is the group that tried to murder me in rock-climbing excursions and otherwise too.

I spent the last several terms having my 3.6 GPA that was getting higher, dumbed down by people who are "this smart" they have nothing better to do than to try to continue to ruin my life by allowing frauds to have the control and punishing people who are actually there to do well and have every ability to do this without interference.

The other thing is this Carl Yeh sounded like Robin Bechtold, which was creepy enough when Robin Bechtold made this weird decision to take me with him to the OSU campus where he and his mother Janet Bechtold knew a ton of the employees there, so he could do a bunch of testing for something.

For an example of the "closet Democrat" politics I'm talking about, here's the professor list from this term, which is the exact same list of people that it was over a decade ago, with Sarah and some being younger-than-average for having classes put together (just as I was a younger-than-average student myself).

First, a couple of the Dabney relatives:

Harrill Dabney.
Democrat since 1990
Portland, Oregon

Rose Dabney, born 1932 (Titanic anyone?)
Democrat since 2000
Portland, Oregon

Warren Dabney, born 1974
Lake Oswego, Oregon

(and 26 more Dabneys in Oregon)

Professors from Fall 2013 who were the same ones from over a decade ago that harassed me or in whose classes I had major computer problems (maybe now Kiev Russians are handling everything!):

1.  Katherine Kelly Donegan
Democrat since 1988
Benton County, Oregon

2.  Alan Shay
Democrat since 2003 (non-affiliated from 1991-2003)
Benton County, Oregon

3. Sarah Finger-McDonald, born 1972
Democrat since 2013 (non-affiliated from 2000-2013)
Benton County, Oregon

4. John Lambrinos, born 1970
Democrat since 2006 (prior history wiped out)
Benton County, Oregon

5.  Jeff Stone
Democrat since 1989
Eugene, Oregon

6.  Carl Yeh
Democrat since 2004 (non-affiliated from 1993-2004)
Eugene, Oregon

In addition to this, Robin Bechtold's family had an influence, and they are all Democrats as well, and George worked in interrogations.  The Tancer-Sterling family is also Democrat.  Valerie Plame, also on the helicopter trying to assassinate me, is Democrat.  The Canadian immigration contact, Ross, on the helicopter, is presumably socialist or Democrat.  My "parents" Robert and Dicksie, who have claimed to be Republican, seem to be more like closet Democrats.  Why else work so hard to protect that many Democrats?

If Republican, the Republicans involved have been, as I've said, Socialist British butt-kissers.

All of these people were more interested in promoting the interests of other countries and people in other countries, than the interests of their own citizens, (me for example) or the American people.

Why is the U.S. in debt?  Take a look at who is managing the money. 

The idea of some of these horrible people has been to try to ruin my life and pass me around from one rotten Oregon university system group to the next, just as one rotten Oregon FBI and government group tried to pass me around for sodomy.  I mean, is this something they are all beaming over?  what an odd thing to be proud over.

Like Polytech.  Talk about a prime example of mismanagement of assets.  Let's throw away one CIA man to prison, and another to Russia, and then Cameo to be repeatedly raped and assaulted on claims of "espionage" as we create all kinds of nice seats for Russians who can take the jobs of U.S. citizens and work as spies at the same time, and the U.S. really has shown us all how they have a good handle on who is a "spy" or not.


What a joke to then have "border patrol" when there are no "borders" within the U.S. with these work and college "exchange systems".  I mean, I'm all for exchange, until the U.S. is sodomizing their own kids.  Then other countries look at that and say, "Oh yeah.  This country is definitely ready for a takeover."

Make it easy for them why dontcha. 

So by-the-way, all of the professors from this term, who are the same ones from over a decade ago that were doing Socialist favors for Katie Middleton and her communist drug-runners for the FBI,
all voted the last two Presidential elections as registered Democrats.  What a hurrah.  Their big man, Toady Barak Obama, sharing that Spectre limelight with Katie Middleton in a Grand Fiat of Socialist Cocaine & Weed.  There is really, just nothing that beats a bunch of electrocutionists of children making it to the big leagues after all of that hard, hard, work raping.  I mean, give them a hanky for their sweated brow Juliet.  What might have happened, anyhow, if I had been allowed to have a normal life and not be tortured, or others were allowed to succeed at their own natural rate?  The Plutocracy would be in dire trouble?  The country would be economically sound and secure, which is bad news for Mrs. Muppet who wants to be seen as a philanthropist for 'redistribution of the money'?

PLEASE dear GOD (I say, clasping my damsel-in-distress hands together)  If I EVER MARRY, make him SMART! 

To Self:  ("I wonder why I'm not married.") 
Self Replies, sensibly, with a nod and 'there, there dear' look:  "Dumbass 1 and Dumbass 2 didn't cut it for you."

(Nod, nod.)  "Yes.  Dumbass 1 and Dumbass 2 were not for me."

And how about some of these "Ivy" trained individuals who you know have no common sense or are not smarter than you are and it's just that they agree to torture people or are not tortured themselves and are allowed to get ahead of those who are tortured?  I mean, is it really that pathetically necessary for the United States to be fucking torturing community college and public college students for hate crime plutocrats?

And really, what is Katie Middleton doing for the U.S. that the U.S. couldn't do for itself, minus the how many billion that went her direction?  That was an investment down the drain.

When I was first being tortured, and even when I was at OSU as a pre-teen, all of the hate was over "You think you're special" and "You're a REPUBLICAN" and "You support the rich and not the poor" and "You think you are BETTER than the blue collar people" and "YOU SUPPORT the WTO" ad nauseum.

So the Democrats solution was to organize sodomy circles, pedophile gangs, electrocute people, and then "redistribute the wealth" and blow big soap bubbles for special ads about "the world isn't so HUNGRY now" next to Barak Obama's face as he toasts the UN.

The U.S. can't even afford to "feed the world" because they're in debt for stupid antics like TORTURE.

Lane Transit District Board of Directors 2

  Carl Yeh                           
Position 2
West Springfield area
Term expires: 12/31/2016

Community Service/Involvement
  •  President, Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals
  •  Member,  Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force
  • Advisor,  Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Psi Chapter, a non-Greek co-ed collegiate service fraternity at the University of Oregon
  • Member,  University of Oregon Family Housing Board
  •  Member,  Harlow Neighbors

LTD Board Committees and Special Assignments
  • EmX Steering Committee
  • Finance Committee
Professional Background
  • Oregon State University - Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College – Assistant Director of Housing
  • Oregon State University – Resident Director
Educational Background
  • University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology
  • University of Oregon School of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Message from LTD Board Member Carl YehI have worked in administration at various institutions of higher education in Oregon and also have taught in the past. I am currently employed at the University of Oregon and enjoy working with students. I also am raising a family in Eugene-Springfield.
I am a member of the LTD Board because I am passionate about safe, sustainable, and economical transportation. I ride my bicycle to and from work every day, and I supplement my bicycle with LTD bus service. I appreciate the wide variety of transportation options in Lane County and will do my part to help its diverse populations with diverse needs get from Point A to Point B.

I'll have to show you the chicken picture of him holding a chicken too.

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