Friday, January 31, 2014

Sean Larkin: Bad Business and FBI, CIA, U.S. military, Ireland

This man targeted me when I was a pre-teen looking for a dog in the late 80s.  From my conversations with him online, I was then stalked in downtown Portland, Oregon when I was shopping, several years later, by a beverage company that had a huge truck go around the block and then stop where I was planning to go and had made prior arrangements with others to go.

I noticed men unloading crates of beer and that they seemed to hate me and were glaring at me and this one man got off the truck, approached me with a mean look and said, "I'm SEAN" and wanted to know my name and when I said it he said that's what he thought.  I understood his telling me he was Sean to be the same Sean Larkin that I was stalked by online who then got mad at me (I had insulted the way he was handling business online with me).

The others then stalked me watching my every move and I had a bad feeling and then they had some guy following me around.

I had one guy try to run into me.

They were like some kind of an American-Irish mafia.  There was also a head Irish man around who had an Irish accent who wanted to spot me and see "which one" I was, like an Irish mafia boss.  His boss came over, mad at me and looked at Sean and said to him, "Is this her?" and he said "Yes, it's her."
So this is a man who was stalking me all the way back in about 1986, and then he kept tabs on me with his entire company that he worked for.

This was prior to my assault on the bridge in Coquille, Oregon, where they had a man named "Sean" present who was a cop and made a big deal about his name.  So it was extremely obvious this "Sean Larkin" had taken a major offense to me, and was stalking me, and had an entire Irish mafia out to track me because they hated me.  He made reference to his "boss" as "Mikey" or one of the guys there and alluded to Mike Middleton as well, and I wasn't sure what they had to do with anything, and there was a comment about "Kerry".

They were unloading crates of Budweiser, possibly Michelob Ultra, and possibly Coke and Guiness.  There was Coke around because someone made a point to have a Coke with them when they talked to me, and after I was assaulted by James Comey and John Kerry and others in Granny and Grandpa's basement in Cashmere, they'd slammed a Coke down on the table.  The same drinks those men were unloading from a large delivery truck were the ones FBI "agents" from San Antonio, TX ordered when they approached me and asked me out:  Budweiser and Michelob Ultra when most of the beer had been Budweiser and the guy they were talking about was "Mikey".  There was a name of Finnegan as well.  The reference to Kerry was remembered by me because of my having online communications with some guy who worked for the company and because of John Kerry. 

Sean Larkin was working for Kerry at the time his entire company (which is based in Ireland) stalked me.  When I heard "Kerry" mentioned I said "You know John Kerry and the Heinz people?" and they said "Our company is Kerry" and I said, "Are you an Irish mafia or something?" and the 'boss' and the other guy narrowed their eyes into slits and got furious.  I thought they were going to try to beat me up in public there or attempt to throw me into the back of their truck so I took off.

Then a year and a half ago, before Katie and William decided to get pregnant, he put out an ad for the same kind of dog I was looking for again, and it was a false ad meant to lure me in again, and did.  I didn't remember him at first though something seemed familiar.  Then  I blogged about it and then AGAIN, over a year later, this man put out the same ad and lied and said it was a new ad and it wasn't and used it for purposes of stalking me a third time.

It is very possible the same man who stalked me, sent by U.S. Army and FBI, in New Mexico, "Mark" who drove the semi-truck, was part of that company then because I remember someone who looked like him and he had cargo pants and was connected to the U.S. Army.  Also, he'd made a point to have "All the Queen's Men", some porn movie, in his truck, and the beverage company "Kerry" was located with an address on "Princes Way" in Ireland.

I'm positive they are all the same people.  So this means this was U.S. Army, Ireland, the UK, and FBI as a group, stalking me with the Kerry group in 1986 prior to the organized assault of me in Coquille, Or, with a cop named "Sean" there.  They did not quit stalking me because then one from that group then stalked me in New Mexico after I contacted the FBI. 

Who did Mark know?  Chris Dabney in Washington D.C. who was the same guy in Coquille, Oregon who lured me onto a road where I was jumped and assaulted on a bridge, and who knew James Cartright.

That same U.S. Army, UK royals and militia, Irish mafia, and FBI group that was also dealing with the Mexican mafia, were ALL STALKING me from 1986 and involved in hits against me, all the way up to trying to do whatever they could to keep me in the same control groups up through 2011.  They were delivering beer and drinks to an Irish pub in Portland and then when I was in Seattle, at an Irish pub, in 2009, I was being tortured and lost my singing voice because of poisoning.  They made a point to play a John Lennon song Robin Bechtold knew I hated while I was there and then watched for my reaction, which was "Imagine".

These men then, kept stalking me down, to the point of taking an FBI lead against me and degrading me sexually as a kind of mafia conquest over me.  Mark was also connected to "Scotty" one of the cops from Mt. Angel Abbey.

George Bechtold was not there, or I didn't see him, in downtown Portland when they stalked me first.  What I did see was that George and the instructor I have for "Remote Sensing" for OSU were present with some others when they pushed me out of pilot training.  I took the same class as a pre-teen in the 80s and recognized the instructor and he didn't want me in his class and then I realized, he's the same guy that showed up in the airport with some other men to tell me I wasn't going on the flight to my training.  He was U.S. military and kept glasses on and had the same name and same face and a black man who looked like Barak Obama was there, with Joy Sterling and Forrest Tanzer, and it appeared possibly Lisa Thebault and one of the Thebaults.  They were blocking me from leaving the airport to go to work ,also, I was targeted with remote sensing technology when I was in that airport, and it was after they'd done a surgery to my head.  Robert Jr.  was telling me, as they blocked me way, if I wanted to go I'd have to find my own way on a bus or something and I didn't have a way to do that.  So they forced me out of training by blocking and obstructing my freedom of travel.

This was not the first time the FBI and U.S. government illegally obstructed my freedom of movement and travel to torture me.

Right after this they set me up to go to OSU to be tortured and targeted while taking online courses and to ruin my history and credibility in academics, by torturing me with remote sensing while I was trying to study.   I was told I couldn't do flight training anymore so there was "something else" for me to do and it was taking classes at OSU, where the same U.S. military people and CIA were that were abusing me.  They chose an area with a higher concentration of instructors who would have motives to make me look bad and who will facilitate document keeping of my records and observations of my reactions to torture by remote sensing.  I was told by Robert Garrett, "When God closes one door, he opens another one."  The comment fell like a ton of cocaine bricks without any convincing emotion to it at all.

I didn't choose the major of "Horticulture".  It was chosen for me. I would have chosen many other things first.  The reason it was chosen for me is because the U.S. had CIA and military in many of the classes, which were science-based, so they felt they could use those instructors to control me more easily than those from other majors or departments.  The same man who hated me and was at the airport blocking my way, who was observing me with other military there to see how I reacted to being tortured by remote sensing torture there, was one of the instructors.  Another man Alan Shay, was a cop who knew Bill and Melinda Gates.  Another was Katherine Donegan whose family (mother) was part of illegal diamond smuggling and traveling with Janet Bechtold's mother, which was connected to Marla Maples, Middleton (Gary Goldsmith), and Barak Obama.  Another was a relative of a cop again.  Another was Shell, whose parents worked for the CIA and who worked for the CIA as a pre-teen when they had also tried to recruit me to be in the CIA as a pre-teen (she stated herself, for the class, that they were connected to the CIA, to oil rigs in Saudi Arabia, and to the U.S. Navy).  I started chatting in a Java chat room about this instructor and how she was in the CIA and I was having problems with instructors in my classes and being assaulted at home and tortured, and that is when my computer was taken away from me.  No one was supposed to know the CIA had anything to do with me.  Or "Princess Diana". Or Camilla.

It wasn't that I couldn't do the work either, but I was tortured, and the same thing has been done this time around to block me from studying online.  They picked Horticulture because of the number of instructors involved who were CIA, military, and connected to illegal diamond smuggling which involved all the above and the FBI and England.

 Then after that, is when they had their assault by gang-sodomy planned and I met Sean Larkin online first, and then they tried to murder me while "rock-climbing".  They had ended my flight training, used OSU to make me look not very smart and like I was getting psychotic and couldn't see things correctly, and then they didn't like how I was going online telling people about it, and they'd just sodomized me repeatedly in the U.S., a massive group felony.  They didn't want me around anymore.  They wanted me dead.  When they didn't kill me that way, they had me raped by Barak Obama and electrocuted by the FBI, and then to keep me from reporting it when I wanted to report it immediately, they forced me into animal shelters and held me hostage in cages and electrocuted me in "quarantine". They drugged me with Haldol again, sedated me, used tranquilizer guns on me that are used for animals, put injections with syringes into my back and they also then got Sean Heaney to sexually assault me while he was working on his "translation" of Beowulf, at my house in Moses Lake by commiting pedophilia of oral sex on me when I tried to get away from then.  Robert Garrett jr. ushered him right into my bedroom, just as he took my arm and grabbed me when I tried to get away from Barak Obama's grip when he was not letting go of my arm and forcing me down into the basement with him.

There is no way I am related to Robert Garrett Jr. or Dicksie.

They have been torturing my son Oliver even worse since he was adopted away from me.  The Irish mafia that Laura Laughlin (FBI)  is part of has been controlling most of what happens to my son.

From the time I said I wanted to do economic analysis, I was tortured whenever I was studying math or science.  I had people mocking me telling me to "edit papers" instead and trying to push me to do other things.  They didn't want me to have any kind of career I wanted.

In Wenatchee, along with Robert and Dicksie saying to someone they were taking his kid and going to make sure I never amounted to anything, Granny and Grandpa had a huge group of Wenatchee doctors over to the basement one day who were almost all doctors and then Paul Cassell was there, and why he was there around the doctors I don't know, but they were assaulting me and torturing me saying and vowing to each other, and then to my face,  "We will make sure you are NEVER a DOCTOR!"  this was after several had indicated I could be a doctor or I was gifted at science and math as a kid.  Those Wenatchee doctors who said this to me, and who promised to try to control my future, were cutting up some cadaver while they said this to me.  They had obtained a dead cadaver from somewhere and used butcher knives to threaten me and intimidate me while they yelled at me and made these repeated promises and declarations about how I'd never amount to anything and THEY would 'take care' of the doctor side of things.  "You will NEVER be a doctor!" they kept saying to me and then "We will make sure she is NEVER a doctor!"

I had Wenatchee doctors making vows I'd never be a doctor and they'd see to it; I had lawyers and Judges assaulting me in a line making promises; I had an Italian man and Robert promising they'd make sure I never amounted to anything; I woke up from a nap once in Moses Lake to find a Dicksie saying the things Carol Middleton used to repeat over me when I was a baby and toddler, about never being anything; I had military cutting off my training in England and the CIA as well;  I had doctors at a University Prince Charles took me to, assault me with the electrocution box, make me repeat the structure of an atom, and promise me I'd never be anything, after I'd reported Charles for pedophilia; and I had my family and Mexicans taking turns assaulting me.  That's not including repeated rapes by Jews and blacks who made sure most of them were Jews and blacks.  All of the toys I wanted as a kid were science ones and I was refused anything that had anything to do with science or which would put me ahead in any way.

So being thrown into "Horticulture" as a soft science, while being tortured, was yet one more attempt by these people, to have me fail at something.  The more things they could fail me out of, the better it made them feel.

I was about 4-7 years old when the FBI went with a bunch of doctors down into the basement taking a cadaver with them and setting up an interrogation.  They'd got it from University of Washington in Seattle.

U.S. Military Marking My Face With "J" Scar For "Jew" and Other

The U.S. military is still torturing me to ruin my face. 

I also saw one of the Dicksies and her jaw lines or "wrinkles" were never that bad before 2 years ago when I noticed redness and rashes there like someone had been stretching her face out.

Basically, my nose has been targeted, above my lips and below my lips and my chin and the most obvious and lasting thing I've noticed is that the United States is trying to scar me with a "J" initial on my face.  And it's not like Jews themselves aren't involved either.

I can feel it when they're using the technology they've been using and they've been doing this since before my birthday in October.

The U.S. military has used the exact same torture to prevent me from going online to study for my Chemistry class as well, which is what they did in the late 80s.  My entire textbook is online, and to read or study at all I have to access that, and this term, as when I last tried to take this same Chemistry course, every single time I logged into my account, I had my face being targeted with technology so I couldn't concentrate and preventing me from even going online to study at all.  Which is basically the only reason I haven't gone online to study for that class.

It's because the United States needs to have another country come over and start taking full and complete control because they can't function as the democracy they claim to be anymore.  They did this to me in the 80s, and nothing has changed or improved.  It's only gotten worse.  They didn't persist in ruining my face, because they stole my computer from me and when I wasn't online, they didn't target my face.  They were targeting me while I was trying to take online classes to force me out of college.

I have more information about trafficking of my son and sexual abuse of him as well, which I will add to the last post that has photos of him.

The U.S. military also forced me to be kidnapped and trafficked around the entire world almost, after I reported pedophilia for the first time, to London police.

They decided to try to control me and keep themselves from going to prison, they'd force me all over the U.S. to be beat up, ridiculed and tortured, and then around to other countries they thought I might go to for assistance.  As they did this, they were producing cash rewards for those who went along with it, and who agreed to be blackmailed into the system themselves. 

I have a whole list of states I was trafficked to and tortured at, or where I was beat up and where people were getting paid off to be lifelong participants.  I was forced to be beat up and/or degraded in a number of U.S. states as well as being flown while drugged to several countries around the world, from Europe to Russia to Asia to the Middle East to Latin America to even Antarctica.  They made sure to go everywhere they thought I might someday try to get assistance from or flee to.  They did almost all of the traveling and paying off of people with cash and other rewards, before I was 14 years old.

From the time I can actually remember where I was being taken and being beat up or tortured, I was around 8 years old.  So most of the heavy traveling to punish me and make sure others were blackmailed into faulting me, was from age 8 to age 14.  Mostly, the travel for getting sponsors to turn their backs on me, began in 1981.  There was a lot of travel before then, but not all over the world, and to more specific places on a repeated basis.

I just left to catch a bus from this shithole of Coquille, Oregon that is 100% military and CIA.  The entire town is a fucking black site.  This is the 3rd time, 2nd time in a row their "bus service" showed up earlier than scheduled and took off, when they knew I was planning to take the bus.    It's 8:08 according to my computer and the place they stop is next to a gym that has a clock right there on the wall and I was there before the scheduled time.

Once they took off 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, from the courthouse, when it was known I was taking the bus that day and I was running through town for 1 1/2 miles to catch it.  As soon as their driver saw me, they took off, even though it was 10 minutes earlier than the time they were supposed to leave.

Then today they took off 5 minutes early and not yesterday but the day before when I was there, they took off just before I got there, a minute or so before the time scheduled, which is 7:55 a.m.

And right now while I'm on the computer my face is being targeted.

This neighbor who is a CIA asshole and lives up the street with Big Boobs, came out to take his dog to pee when he saw me coming up the driveway.  His wife, the blond with Big Boobs that I've mentioned before, had me and a Dicksie over to her house when I lived in the same fucking trailer at the same house for awhile and supposedly no one ever owned this house before?  My "parents" just "decided" to buy it in 2004 or so?  It's a military compound.  Everyone who lives around this house is U.S. military or CIA.  There is no exception.

So in the 80s, when I was being told to stay in a trailer, which was on this same property, and which was prior to my being assaulted by a year-long premeditated plot for a gang of men to sodomize me, which was being planned about 1 full year prior to carrying it out (it was not a spur-of-the moment thing the U.S. planned and organized against me)  this man's wife invited me and a Dicksie to their house where she lit all of these candles and tried to do a séance, in imitation of Diana Spencer.  There were a group of women there (Cindy, who went back to California; Kathy; and some others.  Once she had Carol Middleton there, on a different occasion, so I know for a fact the Middletons have been housed nearby, and some of those women are the same ones who told my Mom to give me an ovulation test stick to take prior to trying to murder me in a rockclimbing "incident".  She turned out all the lights, had tons of candles burning, and then they were burning me with wax and I screamed and ran to their bathroom when they jumped me and locked myself in.  They also had me drink red wine with them and asked me questions.  Her husband tried to scare me by looking like one of the Belgian men (and chasing me and tying me up in their bathroom, or one of the women tied me up there, next to a sweeping broom, or not NEXT to a broom actually, they tied me TO a broom and started going off about 'witches' again) when they held me at a place in Belgium which is where I ended up when people who said they had a "farm" I could stay at, dropped me off at a prison there, which was, again, going from England to Belgium or from Netherlands to Belgium, after I'd made a report of pedophilia.

For one thing, people wanted me to report pedophilia because Prince Charles had married me and they knew it.  They wanted to stir things up.  That was obviously a way to do it.  The other thing, is most of them were pedophiles and violent offenders who were not just nice men with problems being attracted to kids, they were violent abusers.  The CIA and military knew all about Charles or they wouldn't have participated in trafficking me back and forth.

The U.S. was highly active with Camilla, Katie Middleton, and Diana.  As long as those other women were all cooperative and nice to U.S. military and CIA, they did anything for them.  Anything.  The U.S. was setting up Katie to marry William from the time they plotted their conceptions dually.  As for Harry?  I have no idea.  They kept Harry completely away from me.  I don't know what other child or children they had lined up for marriage partners, I don't know which guards he had (and I met almost all of Williams), I don't know anything about his activities.  I knew the horserider some claimed was his father, but that was the most I ever knew about Harry.  I remember I saw his red hair and wondered if they had taken one of my eggs and created him with my eggs.  I thought about it at some point, because I had already heard about egg extraction procedures and I thought, "Why does he have red hair after I had an examination with a gynecologist with Diana and they were talking about my eggs?"  I thought, "Did they take eggs from me and make Harry?"  That was, of course, a kid or pre-teen just wondering after all.  I thought, "Maybe they don't want me to see him because I'll notice he looks like me or something."  I didn't know what was up their sleeves. 

I was in Italy at one point, getting set up to be in prison with no lawyer and accusations against me by people who wanted to get rid of me and Charles showed up and they let me go.  I had said yes I did marry him and then he arrived and after he confirmed that, is when the royals at the house (some of them) started looking scared, but maybe it was because they thought I was going to be murdered or maybe they just knew it was confirmed I was still married to Charles when he married Diana.  I thought at first, maybe they're scared because some of them thought for sure I was a goner, and going to be locked up in an Italian jail for good.  But then again, I thought, it's not like everything was great for me or they all liked me.  They wanted to use the situation as they could to their advantage as well, I'm sure.  The Italians there saw him.  It's not like some of the Italians don't know.  I overheard some  of them once talking about Camilla too.  I even told Diana about some of what they said about Camilla.  They accused me of slander, saying "She says you married her" and Charles did not deny it and said, "It's true."  They wanted him to sign a document before they'd release me from Italian jail.

This house that I'm staying at now, was supposedly being rented by my parents in the late 80s.  It was actually a way to get me into the town of Coquille, Oregon where they could pull off an attempted hit against me and feel assured no one in town would talk about it.  Chris Dabney was living here (in Coquille) and they used him along with others.

Doing something to me near the Canadian Border, in Bonners Ferry, was remote and secure at that location.  No one drove past except for semi-trucks and out of sight from the cabin and property and woods around it.  Planning gang-sodomy against me, was in the works for a year and they needed a "location" they thought they could secure with only government employees and beneficiaries.  The other torture done to me on a bridge was with the Spencers in England, even though it was nothing compared to be tortured in a castle torture chamber and having a fire-hot rod jammed into my rear end at Middleton's basement.  What the Spencers did is tie me to a ladder and then put it over a stream of water like a bridge, or over a small wood bridge, the ladder over it, with my body tied to it.  They did that to me in England first.  It was after I tried to say something about what Charles Spencer had done to me.  They had a group of men from England mostly, assault me, along with a Scottish guy.

I knew all of Williams guards and used to say if I thought he liked them or not.  Among them I knew Barry, the man who was killed in a motorcycle accident.  I burst into tears when they said it was an accident and said "No it wasn't.  It was a hit."  or "They bumped him off" (as in, they bumped him off the motorcycle literally).  I was there when it happened.  I told Diana Spencer too.  No one could convince me it was an accident so they started suggesting I was "paranoid".  I was also hit by a car driving deliberately into me around that time and the impact was bad enough I rolled up over the hood and then over the ceiling of the car and onto the ground.  When I opened my eyes and people were standing over me, I shocked the hell out of them because there was blood around and they said, "She's alive?"  I overheard one of them saying something like good riddance and glad I was dead. It was said after someone said they thought I was dead and then the other person said this, thinking it was true.   I opened my eyes and then they freaked out and then I was able to eventually get up but hearing someone say they were glad I was dead scared me into a panic attack and I couldn't breathe.  I got up and didn't go to a hospital and that was even more shocking because I was able to get up and no bones were broken.  There was a Scottish man who really didn't like me too.  He didn't like me and he didn't like Barry.  I thought someone was trying to get to me by killing Barry right in front of me.  He was someone who told me he was trying to get help for me and he was very scared.  I told him, somehow, please help me, please.  I was being electrocuted and tortured and I thought I was going to die.  He nodded his head, and the last conversation I had with him was that one.  He saw marks on my body from torture and I told him, mouthing the words and then writing it on paper because I knew everything was bugged, "I'm being tortured.  electrocution. tied up".  One day he did something that confused me however, though I'm not sure it was him, maybe it was.  He kissed me without permission and then tripped me.  He was the first person to do that if it was not James, the riding instructor.  I know at some point Barry looked scared for me and I'm positive it wasn't acting.  He said he was being followed everywhere.  He said that he and his wife had death threats. I said why? and he said, "I think it's you", as in, "about you".  I did wonder at one time if one of them was trying to embarrass Charles and told someone I didn't like it.  I'm sure I begged someone else to help me too, pleading with them, probably Mike Middleton, but I know the one who I thought had died because of me was Barry. 

I never had any reason to go around gossiping about anyone or "spying".  I had no political motive and no emotional motive to do it.  If I did something, it was "as told" from an "elder" and I was taught to always "obey your elders".  So I did this even when some of the "elders" conflicted with each other.  But being tortured so badly, and trapped as a kid, was inexcusable.  Every time I went to someone for help and they were really going to assist in some way, I witnessed their being murdered, or a staged pretense of wanting to help me (when it wasn't that), or suicide missions even--maybe because it was highly valuable.

At the time Barry was trying to help me I had stated I was "Catholic".  It was recent.  Maybe I was technically Anglican then but I said I was Catholic at some point and then the car was driven into me.  I started trying to convert Diana and asked her why she wasn't very interested in religion.  She couldn't believe I actually was.  She used to take me with her to the hospitals secretly  and it was one place where people talked about religion so it came up.  I had someone from the U.S. challenge me to get Diana to work for the FBI too.  It was put to me as an "elder" saying, "See if you can get Diana to work for the FBI."  I never thought of it as anything other than another "joint exercise" so I did.  What is horrific is why would I try to convince ANYONE to work for them when they were torturing me and allowing me to be trafficked and tortured?  There's not one U.S. agency I should have ever had any sincere loyalty to.  I think it's why the U.S. kept me down, because they knew THEY were responsible for making themselves my enemy.

The U.S. attacked me in the country of Georgia.  Not the state, Georgia as in U.S., but in Georgia the country.  It was another hit planned against me with some UK-Commonwealth. 

Later, as I've said, I was in Oregon and Coquille was selected as a black site for criminal operations by the U.S.

There were other times I think people tried to set up those who were trying to assist or help me, against me.  They wanted them to think I was against them or doing something or have me think they were my enemy and hope they were gone.  I don't think it was very often that I mistook a friend for being my enemy however.  More often, I thought everyone was my friend and that I had no enemies.

Another group that tortured Edward Lee Howard was Katie Middleton.  I was present when a group of people were in a room torturing him for having asked to have money sent to me and had some black men there, I think Barak Obama and possibly "Ben", one of his black friends, and Middleton was there somewhere and they gave her a paintbrush and the scars on each side of his face, under each eye, are because of her.  I was given a paintbrush with water colors that were normal paints and then I didn't know Katie was given paint solution that was toxic and a group of people held him hostage in a room and got kids to paint his face and then they made fun of him and encouraged us to quip.  They told us he was bad and they accused him of working with the PLO, some Irish, and others.  Robert Garrett jr. was there and his face was painted but they had the toxic chemicals for Edward.  Edward wanted to be sure that the name of the other girl involved was heard out loud and said "It's Katie". 

This group also wanted him to give all money and interest and lend all support to Katie Middleton in the CIA and military so she "can be Queen" and they were calling her "Queen Catherine".  I thought he was mad at me, Edward Howard, but he knew who was setting things up.  They told me to paint on his face using the color "brown" from a paint-tray.  That didn't hurt him.  They also had me paint on Robert's face and he got mad at me.  So then they all got Katie to paint his face and she painted marks under his eyes on his cheeks and it was some kind of permanent acid and discolored his face.  She called him her dog. Possibly Robert as well. She was painting on him to be a 'puppy dog'.  Robert had me painting Edward's face and encouraging me to make comments and then was practically spitting with anger saying, "See?  You want HER to be Queen?" (about me).  He kept trying to say "How do you like it now?" and kept bad-mouthing me until Edward would agree to turn over all money to them and to Katie.  Then the blacks and Jews came out and were making fun of him and dragged him to a back room where I heard a man screaming and they wouldn't let him go until he repeated, and kept repeating, "Katie Middleton is the Queen".  She painted an umbrella under one of his eyes and then an arrow shape under the other one.  Another man there was a guy named Jason who worked as a "children's pastor" and was connected to the Christian school I was going to at the time.  He was someone you'd never guess, in a million years, was involved with government-militias.  He was large, over 6'0 at maybe 6'3 and put on weight and had brown hair and he was a huge fan of Katie Middleton.  He was always a slow talker, calm, kind-acting, not reactive at all and he was totally different in private--violent.  He was a secret English-U.S. mafia for Katie.  I believe he was employed as an elementary school teacher for the Christian school.

Then they tortured me until I said "Katie Middleton is the Queen".  They wouldn't let me go until I repeated this from them and I refused and they kept torturing me.

It looked to me like Robert Garrett jr. had some kind of personal interest in Katie Middleton, like he was her godfather or something.  He acted like he hated me there.  The black guys who were part of the diamond smuggling also had an Italian guy there.  There were two.  They punched and beat up one of the Italian guys and the other one was being protected by the blacks and Jews.  Of the Italians I met around that time there was Joe, Dan, and Frank.  There were others as well, but I am pretty sure the one who was present was Dan Gatti.

The other thing they did was in Coquille there was an Italian man who paid me money as dividends from work I did, at Figaros, and then it was bought by some Jews and when I thought he was the same group I asked and he beat me up, saying I was never getting money ever again.  He still lives around town.  When I say he beat me up, he kicked me, grabbed me and threw me around, punched me and yelled at me.  I called the local police and they showed up and instead of taking a report, the Coquille police took me into a back banquet room and they beat me up and threatened me.  The Jewish man said if I wanted money to "work" so he had me cleaning for him.  Scrubbing his floors, washing tables, and they forced me to do this after I'd reported him to cops and was afraid of him.  He spent a week just reading me and trying to add his own programming techniques and then fired me.

Jews repeatedly hired me and then fired me with bad references to taint my resume.  It was also another situation in Coquille, Oregon where the police were involved in crimes against me. 

This one couple, after the women tied me to a broom, I was left in the bathtub that way (no water) for almost an entire day.  In the meantime they were supposedly interrogating one of the Dicksies but who knows.  I had this really strange feeling...I wasn't sure if Dicksies were getting swapped (triplets being moved around) or if one was being tortured or if they just did this to me to be horrific and to keep me away while they visited with Katie Middleton.  I had a bizarre sense that "she" was around.  It's not like she always was or I automatically thought that but I had a feeling about it, and in addition, I had seen Carol Middleton at that house before.  I was left in the bathroom until her husband came home and beat me and then I was trying to tell him not to beat me, to help me.  I couldn't figure out what their problem was.  I was going to report them to police and I was sodomized on a bridge before I could, and then it turned out, police were there and involved.

Police did several things against me when I was a kid in Coquille, Oregon in the late 80s but they all claim to have no records, which is why the U.S. chooses this as a "black site" along with Wenatchee.  Some claim Wenatchee used to be "different" but it wasn't.  It was exactly the same.  People sort of make this weak excuse as if to say times have changed and Wenatchee isn't what it used to be.  It's exactly the same because the CIA and military have always used it as a black operation site.  Its proximity is 30 miles to Hanford, one out of 3 of the largest nuclear facilities in the entire U.S.  Obviously, no one wants to live in the town of Hanford.  Not many.  All of the government employees and special interests then, moved to about 45 minutes to 1 hour away to towns nearby.  Between Hanford "secrecy" and illegal immigration and use of cheap labor as blackmail potential, Wenatchee was always, always, what it is now and that is corrupt, criminal, and abusive of children with a reputation of torture.  The only thing that has really changed possibly to make is worse is Canada.  Canada changed and became more corrupt, especially at their borders, partly because that's where they all did all of their illegal business.  When Canada got more corrupt, they trickled over to Wenatchee more often, just 45-60 minutes away, and joined government militias to torture kids and get rich.  Some of the residents make claims it's "Seattle" and people coming from Seattle but no, it's not just Seattle, though that did become a big city (unexpectedly to all, as a former logging town), it's also Canada.  Seattle is just the city that has bilked from Hanford.  Those who didn't want to live as close as 1 hour away from a nuke zone, lived in Seattle.  They still keep their tentacles moving back and forth.  The U.S. in the NW started treating their own citizens like war criminals when they are the criminals.  They got used to the idea that the CIA and military interrogated people over "espionage" near the Hanford zone, and became accustomed to "experiments" from the University of Washington which is only where it is today because of taking corrupt money, and suddenly even the FBI thought they had a right to be not just a public front and façade, but to sponsor their government militias.  All of them, down to cops, torture kids there.  They did the same thing in Coquille, Oregon and it's only claim to fame is being near a stockpile of missiles.  It's a hidden stockpile.  It's the main reason the U.S. Army and military make trips to an area no one would expect them to be in.  They hide missiles and weapons on the coast.  I knew all about that even as a pre-teen, in the late 80s.  It was another excuse made to sodomize me with sticks, that I was talking about secret missiles.  However, that was just an excuse to torture me over my claims and reports of being tortured and of pedophilia.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

photos of Child Abuse of Oliver Garrett Avila from Wenatchee, WA

Please read the last post about U.S. military for more information
 One of the photos where my son looks scared and distressed and does not even have a fake smile is missing from my computer and my account it was sent to is being blocked by Microsoft.  Here, it is obvious to me, as Oliver's mother, his smile is fake.  There were two photos sent, one with Oliver on Levi's left knee where he isn't smiling at all and looks scared and distressed  and the other is this one, of him sitting on Levi's right knee with a forced smile.  I told my brother I didn't want him around my son and he said "Too bad."
This is a photo that was sent which shows my son with his tongue curled back and a pill in his hand as if to check and see if he's "cheeking his meds".  This was from over 1 year ago and with the message one photo was from christmas, one from winter and one of him walking the dog soldier and says 'hope you enjoy."  It is actually his tooth it looks like, but the 'hope you enjoy' and the tongue curled back is a reference to meds.

this was sent with the pill one

this is of him walking soldier.  

some of these photos are from his being "adopted" in a fraudulent adoption for U.S. human trafficking and showing him putting his foot over the other one as I was forced to do all the time while being ejaculated on and sexually abused.  you can tell from his expression he's scared you can also see he has circles under his eyes in this photo where you can't see this from the other ones.  this is after someone gave him the blown up wiener dog and the people are in front.  also there is a black kid there next to him that isn't in other photos, and some other kids that are not in photos.  he is also not flushed on the other side of his face, only a mark on his one side of his face that makes it look like he's flushed when he's not
here he is with Holly holding his balloon weiner dog and a bunch of hot air balloons in colors of Colombia and in star shapes.  His t-shirt is a "Toy Story" shirt with "Woody" on it.
here are some other photos, with a poster of handprints in tempura paint, which is the kind of paintings from my son that were in my house and which I put in my car when we left for Canada for political asylum
here is my son sucking his thumb (he's left handed) because he's feeling insecure about the Judge and people in front of him, which he also put his feet together for.  isn't that a god damned ugly flag?
what an ugly, ugly flag
i hate the united states of america
here is my son after being adopted, with a round bruise over where his adam's apple is.  he is a kid and it's not a shadow and his adam's apple isn't that big.  he is being tortured.  the other thing i can tell is he's had his neck stretched out which was done to me when i was a kid.  there is also a bandage or 'tag' on left ear which is the one someone started pulling on repeatedly after the u.s. and corrupt canadian officials colluded to kidnap him from me.  they started bringing him to cps visits with marks on his ear where someone had been pulling his ear out from his head constantly.  he got that coat a year and a half ago.  first someone gave him an orange coat and then they gave him a blue coat to match the colors displayed from the DEAs offices in Middleton, TN.  There is also a black and white blanket to the side that says "Dream" and is upside down.  That kind of tag on my son's ear matches a photo I had posted on my blog of cows tagged on the ear in Scotland so someone has been doing this to my son.  His ears never stuck out either, it's something someone began doing for Barak Obama, who hates me and my son and has organized hits against us with others.  The way my son is holding his head is also natural for his neck and his neck isn't that long.  You can see there is evidence of torture to his neck because of the large circle in the center where it looks like someone either punched him or put a suction on him with a machine for a long time.  When I broke my neck, they made me wear a 'hard collar' that fastened around and prevented you from moving your neck and it had a hole in the center that was circle shaped, which was the only part that exposed the neck.  Someone decided to do that to his neck, where there is a hole on the left side of his jacket, and they forced him to have a square tag on his right ear where there is a white square tag on the left side of his jacket.

All of this proves extreme hatred to the point of wanting to mock my claims of seeing 'detail' or 'patterns' or of 'symmetry'.  This is government torture of a child with intent to degrade and prove a point over the ability to humiliate and torture a child and get away with it, while mocking his mother who has ratted out their fucking government mafia.

Someone even assaulted my son to his right cheek to create a rectangular oval shape on his cheek and then gave him a box or something that was the same color and shape to hold up to his other side  (see photo 6)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

(photos) U.S. Coos-Coquille Military Middleton Criminals and Linda Grogan and CIA Assassination Plots

551 EPH
424 DVD (this is possibly 426 or or dark gray station wagon, subaru type)
512 GEK
924 FZA

This entire area is full of U.S. military and CIA.  Most of them today were Protestant assholes.  There were a bunch of people out, some of the exact same ones, to do their Tanzer-Sterling John Kerry people lip service.

John Kerry is a #1 fan of Katie Middleton.  He has been for a very very long time and I've seen them together in the U.S. (when she was a kid).  He is basically career military and now Department of State.

This entire state is heavily into her family because they've been getting their crack from her family.  This state sponsored a number of extremely serious hate crimes against me because of her family, and the drug industry she was in that the U.S. was fostering.

Last year the same time, I went for a walk, and was assaulted to my head while walking and the same group of vehicles passed me coming from Coos Bay.  Before they all got close enough, Sarah, a woman I used to work with at CTR Business Systems, (who worked with Mary Jo) drove past.  It was all the same people.

They basically put on some bizarre show of whatever they think must be attempted homage to their drug dealers and U.S. government employees.  They assaulted me in the head, to the side on top, the same way that was done by remote sensing last year while walking and the same gang drove past, and then they had a whole row of men who resembled William of Wales.

First a bunch of cops drove past, in non-cop cars, and military, and the same Germans (one who is almost balding with small spectacles), and then it's this "acting troupe" after they assault me, to look and act like William with a remote control or hung over as with seizure.

The same station wagon with the DVD plates was in the same group.  I mean, they really have to organize themselves to be so stupid.

The same woman with the FZA plates also made a point to drive past me, at the exact same juncture after I was on another road to my house and turning down a road.  She pulled up with her vehicle at the exact same spot after this really annoying couple showed up, knowing I was walking back to my house, to stand there with their German shepherd dog and play stupid.  He wore the same shirt and so did she, with him in some kind of gray long-sleeved henley shirt and her looking obviously like Kate Middleton and wearing a blue shirt.  They pull this "William and Kate in old age with their German Shepherd dog" act at the exact same time, the same 2 years in a row.  It's obvious because first this group assembles themselves on the road to harass me and get several who look just like William, after sending forward a bunch of obviously German men ahead, and then they have this guy who doesn't really look like William but maybe sort of body type and slightly balding there with a woman that has the same haircut she did when the press and media started taking photos of her and giving her any notice--in college.  She had the same hair basically, for years.

That couple is going to get hit on the road the next time they try crossing over, because they walk so slow, and they do it as a way to make sure I'm noticing them.  If I make a comment about their dog they repeat exactly what they said a year earlier.  Not only that, this couple was doing the same act in the 1980s.  I mean, they're old-timer actors who have been trying to harass me since I was assaulted and sodomized by a gang in Coquille on the bridges.  I got raped and they came out and mocked me.  Which was especially noticed by me because they had a German shepherd, the same dog, and cops that were out to cover up the sodomy of me with a huge group also brought the same kind of dog.  So it's really not just this time and year and last year the exact same thing from them, they were harassing me knowing I was a raped girl, in the late 1980s.  Only at that time they didn't try to pull off an "innocent" look in front of the Mexican restaurant whose attention they always want when they did this to me. The last two years they've acted non-chalant and not gone out of their way to harass me first, but when I was a pre-teen, they went out of their way and sneered at me and made comments and deliberately wanted to provoke me.

Of course, at the exact same part of town, with the same dog (which is now so old it's on its last leg, unless they got another one and probably they did, because that was a long time ago and this is the same couple), and also, always looking over at someone (owners?) of the Mexican restaurant that's always been there.

Because,...well of course.  How else does Coquille get their drugs from Middleton?  It's not like her family doesn't end up involved with Lynda Carter and the Mexicans up from Phoenix, Arizona or anything.  They have been dealers and distributors for her family's government gang for decades.

This dog that I was going to pick up at the Medford Airport, in Oregon was being sold by a "Linda Grogan".  That was in the late 80s and when I showed up, I was held hostage by a bunch of crazy government people, with Linda and what appeared to be Diana Spencer (?) hiding in the parcel pick-ups, watching.  I thought what in the world--they're in the background part of some kind of set-up when all I was doing was getting a frickin' dog???

Not long after this, and my attempts to get a poodle from Linda Grogan,  I had the CIA trying to murder me and a Dicksie throwing a note into my shirt before cutting my line that said "Be Happy".  I was going through an agency called petfinders at the time which had an icon of a cartoon puppy face smiling on it  with one eye spotted, kind of like a black eye, but just a spotted eye.  It was after that that I met the Hispanic man the FBI wanted to kill, who has a skin pigment problem and what appeared to be a "black eye".   When I was held hostage at the airport I said later I wanted to get a dog and why couldn't I and don't you want me to be happy?  "Don't you want me to BE HAPPY??!"  I said.  I may have also said this if I was asking to leave the country too because I didn't want to stay in the U.S.  After they blocked me from even getting a DOG, which I was coordinating on my own, I said, "I want to leave this country.  I am not happy and I don't want to live here and be tortured and pushed out of everything."  I was told no and I would cry and say, "Don't you want me to be happy?"  They basically thought, "Yeah, be happy in your grave."
So the CIA tried to murder me with a "Be Happy" note.  I have to think to myself, Dicksie couldn't have really wanted to murder me with a Bob and others, but they were.

Katie Middleton and her Lynda Carter connection are sort of the "Be-Lynda" side of it.

Alvaro Pardo was working for them and the same people who wanted to ruin my life.

After I tried to get a poodle from Linda Grogan, who set me up to have police and military accost me at the airport, and Diana Spencer hiding back there in parcels, an FBI agent with the same last name got shot and killed:  Benjamin Grogan.  Right after.  It was 1986.

The FBI decided I must have had something to do with that because they knew I was trying to get the dog from a Linda Grogan and then someone was sending the fucking FBI a "message" by shooting down a "Grogan" as a public reminder of the name Grogan and who I'd been talking to.  That FBI agent was not shot and killed, and it did not make the public news, until I was held hostage at the Medford, Oregon airport in 1986 trying to pick up a dog.

Despite the CIA and U.S. Army and Pentagon and FBI's "best efforts" to try to conceal the actual timing of when these things were done to me, there are some notable things that happened in history which MADE the news, and those facts have not been susceptible to CIA and FBI corruption.
I remembered when I heard about the Grogan FBI agent because it made news and I thought, "Grogan?" because that was the last name of a woman who had been part of a set up against me.  The U.S. was "afraid" I was going to the airport to leave on a plane to follow after Edward Howard who had gone to the U.S. for a visit.  The other person who told me she might be there was Diana Spencer.  She deliberately said if I went there she might be there, and when I got there, she was hiding out in the back watching cops assault me.  They wouldn't even let me under the doorway of the airport.  I was out in the open on their pavement outside when I was walking to the front where there was a pick up or reception area with an overhang on the building roof, and out of nowhere some cops and military came out from the parcels area and ran up to me and held my arms saying, "Where do you think you're going?"

I saw the woman who was supposedly the dog breeder there too.  So I thought, "Why did Diana and that dog woman set me up?"  but I also knew I had done some emailing on a computer and probably government had access to it and so did OSU.

The CIA has done really FANTASTIC things with falsifying dates and making up covers.  They did a large part of it in collaboration with some OSU members and other parts of it with authors, publishing houses, media, and other cops and intelligence.

When the FBI tortured me in their offices, no one said, "This is for our FBI agent Benjamin Grogan", I wasn't given a reason for why they electrocuted me.  If anything happened they thought was a "message" or connected to me in any way, they used it as an excuse to go after me.

I have seen articles online with dates changed, sites claiming to have only existed for so long--a shorter time than they've actually been in existence; I've seen records altered and fabricated, and other records destroyed in front of my eyes, and I've seen authors who are government employees willing to buy back all previous copies of a book already issued with one date, for purposes of re-issuing with another date just to corrupt potential evidence and timelines of government corruption.  Some of the publishing houses have no problem working with the government to print out falsified materials, dates, and covers either.  All of it can come across looking very professional and "real" so that if someone is giving testimony about facts for one date and the CIA or FBI or Pentagon want to lie and say it wasn't at that time (when you were just a minor), they can get away with it.

The crimes they committed against me are that big.  It's big enough for them to be running around like scared little rats.

They like nothing more than to create an illusion that "it's all in your mind" and "that movie was never playing that day" or "that book hadn't been written yet" or "we never had an email department at that time"'s like taking a house which is a scene of crime and then remodeling it and saying, "We never had an island in this room or a medical table and NO changes were made to this place".

They'll do anything.  It goes way behind falsifying a little counterfeit money and putting a seal on a passport as a fake.  They do WAY worse than that.

There are VERY FEW things that cannot be altered and falsified, or changed at a later date. 
Something like a death of someone who is going to get media attention, i.e., a cop...that might be something that makes the news and then it's really hard to go back and try to change the news if it's widespread or alter the date of a death once publicized.  There are people who know exactly how corrupt and "sophisticated" with fraud the FBI and CIA and Pentagon can be, and sometimes the only way to create a "marker" that cannot be moved from it's place, is this way.   I don't even think it's really some kind of mafia symbolism or anything.  It's more like,

"THE CIA and FBI and Pentagon are crooked, corrupt LIARS who are changing facts and dates and events and trying to call US crazy."  So what do you do when you know those agencies are going to lie and try to cover up the whole event and say nothing ever happened or that it happened "later" or at a different time?  Someone might try to place a marker.  That way, when all the other evidence gets cut out and shifted around and dates are changed, companies close and get new covers, and people pretend they were never in a certain location one month, there is at least one or two firm markers of exactly what time and day it was when shit went down.  Having a few real markers then makes it easier to remember the timeline of what happened before and after too.  It's a way of preserving authenticity of testimony when the government is military-totalitarian.

Is it really necessary?  It should never be necessary.  There is an incredibly large number of individuals who will collude together and lie however, especially if they hate someone that much.  Nothing would make them happier than to see a victim's frustration at trying to prove their case.  Imagine being one person in an auditorium full of "professionals", "nice hard homemakers", pastors, intelligence and cops and people with authority of some kind and all of them are saying, "We never had any online classes before 2002 so YOU are Crazy."  Or, "There is no flight schedule for the date you CLAIM so-and-so arrived in the U.S. so you are crazy."  You could be facing all of these people, who were all present, all around, and all of them know, and they are all lying like the Canadians in the movie "The Thin Blue Line".

Supposedly, no one "saw anything".  No gang rapes.  Right.

It was like this big joke.  After I tried to get a dog from Linda Grogan, and an FBI agent was shot named Benjamin Grogan after I was held hostage, this guy later turns up selling music with a similar name of Josh Groban.  Not Grogan, Groban.  The problem is, it is possible "Josh Gatov" is connected to a "Grogan" not just "Gatov" because I remember that name mentioned as well.

Sometimes, the larger group probably hopes someone just looks nuts or even questions their own sanity.  When they switch things around that many times, if you're not expecting it, one could think, "Am I losing it?  How come I remember it differently?  how come I was just there and that table was there and now it's not?  Why did I not notice or am I losing it?"  Combine that kind of thing with getting drugged as a kid and then having someone do "shape-shifting" at an island house where people are looking like people and then an animal and another kind and then another kind?  When I saw Lee Howard one minute and the next, in his place was a goat and I was told, "He's a goat now" I seriously thought maybe it was possible he had really turned from a human into a goat.  Obviously, that's going to be something the Pentagon and CIA want to use against kids too.  While I was drugged (I believe) I remember someone told me to turn someone into a frog.  Then instead of really turning into a frog,the person went on all fours and sounded and acted like a frog and I was told, "She has the spirit of a frog now."  "The frog spirit has entered her soul and now her body obeys the commands of the frog spirit."

I remember some of this was done after I had shown proven ability at telekinesis and some of them wanted to torture me and get rid of me to promote others instead and they tried to use stuff like this to make me sound and look like someone who talked "hocus-pocus".  That's what they called it:  "Hocus-Pocus".

When I was being sodomized by a bunch of mostly U.S. officials, they made comments, some of them, to this effect.  Here's some hocus-pocus for you, anyone got a broom handle?  hockey stick?  I need something to poke this bitch." 

This is one reason why "The Hunt For Red October" has that name.  They made it into a witch hunt against the redhead with the October birthday.  And Clancy knew who I was because he was there in Russia with the CIA.  Some made it personal another way, about faggots and how they were avenging all the faggots by raping me with sticks.

At one time, one of the Robert Garrett jr.s was present with Katie Middleton and they were saying it was Katie unless it was Michelle Erickson and someone just claimed it was Katie.  He put his hand over her hand on the knife or razor and had her cut one my legs on the shin in two lines with a space in between them.  Then after it had barely healed I was taken to a dog park where the U.S. Army was training a bunch of dogs and it was after I was around a Rottweiler owned by a Heintz from the Heinz family.  The Heinzes knew Kerry and I am not sure who set it up but I played with the Rottweiler on the grass but the tail knocked me over and yet generally I said I thought I could handle a Rottweiler.  So then this group, including a Robert jr. were mad at me for saying I thought I was a good handler of dogs and that dogs liked me.  They were just obsessed with me.  I mean, they went into jealous fits if I said I thought I could do anything.  So after I was saying I thought I only got knocked over because of the tail and size of the Rottweiler, they still wanted to "prove me wrong".

This is also, by the way, after I was forced by the FBI to run around jogging with Donnie Brasco, their undercover agent, in Chicago.  He had a Rottweiler or his friend did, that he jogged with, and the FBI decided to separate me from my parents completely so their agent Donnie Brasco could control me.  So he had me getting up early in the morning with him and running on sides of walls that were as wide as balance beams, jumping roofs, and with a dog running there.  I remember then they threw a Robert Garrett jr. in after they had me isolated to be only with Donnie for an entire several weeks.  They wouldn't let me see other people and I had zero kids to play with.  Their 'grand finale' with Donnie was to have him act like he was training me to be physically and mentally fit and then he turned on me and beat me up, punching me and kicking me and saying he wanted Katie because I was nothing but a bitch.  Then a Robert was running with me instead and looking like he was trying not to cry and green at the gills.  He looked sick and I wondered what "Donnie" had been making him drink, because he forced me to drink red wine until I threw up once.  He sat around drinking beer and got a bottle of wine he wanted me to drink so he and his pal could sexually assault me and maybe I wouldn't remember as much.  All in the name of the FBI.  When he assaulted me he had some Jewish gangster guys there too, who wanted a chance to humiliate me because they were supposedly mad at me for some reason.  One of them was younger and went by the name "Josh" and it wasn't Josh Rose.

After that I was on another lawn and it was someone else's Rottweiler and I was told I couldn't handle it and I said it was just because of the size and I was a kid.  So they got me to a remote dog park with only U.S. Army and K9 cops around.  This was all for the U.S. to try to "prove me wrong" because their egos were in the crapper.  The U.S. Army had this idea of sparing no cost to humiliate and degrade me.  Anything was worth it to the FBI and CIA.  So they hired up a bunch of cops and military to show up from a huge U.S. Army transport helicopter and had the fattest woman you ever saw get off.  They were making comments to each other about how Stanley Anne Dunham was doing too, and this was before I was set up to be sodomized on a bridge by military and cops and officials and then later raped by Barak Obama with british and his mother Stanley there.

After my leg had just barely healed from being slashed up by Katie Middleton and one of the Robert Garrett jr.s, deep slashes,  they had me at the park with the huge fat woman that Oprah based her entire idea of "Precious" over.  It wasn't just like Oprah thought it was a nice story about a really fat black girl, she was saying that actress, "THAT'S the PRINCESS" and going off on her typical political black angry woman supported by the CIA rant.  The U.S. Army was calling this white fat woman, who they were also comparing to Stanley Ann (black Barak Obama's mother), "Katie" like Katie Middleton.  It was Kate Middleton and a U.S. Robert Garrett jr. who did this to my leg and I have evidence.

So she got out with a bunch of K9s, Army, and cops training them and it was mostly shepherd-mallinois mixes.  I think mallinois is sort of pronounced like mahlia.  It's a german and Belgian mix supposedly.  They were doing a bunch of dog handler exercises out there and they said "Do you see how big that woman is?" and I said yes and they said "You see it doesn't matter what SIZE you are if you know what you're doing."  "Can you handle one of these smaller dogs, since you said you could?"  and then they had their attack who they'd been training, working around me and snarling at me because of their instructions.  They went on and on about how Katie could handle them so why couldn't I and kept saying things about her weight later, maybe to provoke me to say something and I may have said something about how she could go on a diet and do even better.  At that, the U.S. Army, along with a blond kid they were calling "Chris" who looked like Chris Dabney, grabbed me, tied me up and then had one of them slash my leg in the same place but not as deep.  I knew instantly, this is their attempt to cover for what Katie Middleton and Robert Garrett jr. did to that leg already.  What are they doing, trying to slash me again and hoping I'll just remember them with their big Army helicopter?  This guy Chris, was watching the whole time with a smug smirk too and he looked like he hated me so I wondered what their motive had been him there.

The number on their helicopter was 13.  It was a U.S. Army helicopter, number 13. 
Chris Dabney has a tattoo on his arm that says "13" on it.  After he had sexually assaulted me, I was forced by Virginia to go to the U.S. Army for "prenatal care".  Then they murdered my unborn.
He had been acting, at the time, as if he was mad I had said maybe the fat trainer could go on a diet, and I had a feeling it had something to do with more harassment about Diana Spencer (trying to make me look like I'd caused her anorexia when I didn't) or Stanley Ann Dunham.  There were a couple of black people who showed up, on the sides and one of them was Oprah herself. I'm pretty sure she was there with a white man she was dating at the time.

They had set the whole thing up so that I could be assaulted and cut in front of Chris Dabney, and Army and k9 cops, after a Robert and Katie Middleton had cut into my leg.  The cuts are on my left leg, one on one side of my shin bone and the other on the other side.  I was also tied up so tightly I wasn't sure if some other scars were from cords.  It was a taller cop wearing a baseball hat who did it, a white man.  He had a knife in his hand, bent over quickly and slashed my leg and I had no cords there at the time so it's not like he was trying to cut the cords and missed.   Then when they used a helicopter in the assassination attempt of me, it was the same kind of transport green helicopter but without all of the markings on it and it was slightly larger maybe.

It's pretty obvious then, who knows who.
The Army and cops they had me around were not just training dogs.  Before they held me, tied me and restrained me to be cut, they were practicing mental "handling" of humans.  They were experienced in "programming" for mind control and torture tactics and were bragging that they could get their dogs to do whatever they wanted them to do because of their skills.  So then they started treating me like one of their dogs and began forcing me to do things for them and to imitate what their dogs did.  I wasn't given a choice.  They were deliberately forcing me and humiliating me.  They forced me to go onto the top of a picnic table like one of their dogs, told me to jump up higher than their dogs did, and started using ultrasound and sonar to my ears.  They said "dogs are sensitive to high pitches" so then they were torturing me with some technology that made my ears hurt and a ringing in one or both of them.  The entire time, watching me and writing up their own sick observation notes.

They also assured "Stanley Anne Dunhams" "people" "justice" and said don't worry, they'd take care of me.  I hadn't even done anything to her and they were standing around plotting revenge against me with FBI there, which turned out to be repeated sodomy and rape.  One of the individuals there was working for the FBI and they talked to him about it and got a clearance to harm me.

The other individual who was featured in connection to Katie Middleton and the Thebault family, who I had met before this in Alaska, was "Alan" or possibly some guy who was Chris Dabney's actual father.  He assaulted me in Alaska in a house and had a string of men come into the room to try to sexually assault me.

They were all so pissed I had ever reported any of their crimes to anyone, for human trafficking or pedophilia, they tried to degrade me from a  pre-teen "bride" who was victim of pedophilia and who was carefully groomed only within the British royal family, and with Spencers and a few others in the U.S., to throwing me out to be molested by anyone and everyone and started saying "If you could kiss a KING, you should be able to KISS THEM" as if there was nothing new or unusual about being forced to be around a whole mob of strangers who wanted to rape me.  They made a lot of claims to blame the kid, by making accusations that I just liked the money or power of royals or something, and I thought I was "too good" for others as if to degrade me from being set up to be Prince Charles' WIFE at a young age to supposedly being a child prostitute for anyone.  They didn't even bring up the fact that all of the grooming and my personal familiarity with Charles was over a long period of time.  Instead, they wanted to humiliate me for reporting him and make it look like I was just a trafficked kid and of no importance and then supposedly I wasn't trafficked at all--I was supposedly a slut (you know, under the age of 11 and everything).

The entire town of Coquille and Coos Bay, Oregon supports pedophilia.  If they didn't, police wouldn't have been involved in my being sodomized.  Another town that supports pedophilia is Wenatchee and Cashmere in Washington.  All of their CPS and state workers are corrupt and experienced in trafficking of kids and making of child porn and torture of children.  I maybe should not say all of the people in these places, but all of their police and government structures and many others do.  They are pedophile havens and havens for rapists.

This guy Chris then walked off with Katie or some kid, from the dog park after watching me be slashed and looking glad about it.

Then the cops and military were talking about how "How come Katie can handle the dogs and YOU CAN'T?"  "Huh?  Huh?" they kept asking.

I mean, these are low-level, ground-zero egoes of pervs.  What kind of a country sends out their whole swat team to harass a girl just over something like handling dogs?  That is only one of many things this country spent a lot of money on.

There is ZERO way Katie Middleton is not U.S. Army-funded.  I've seen illegal activities by the government and celebrities going from them and CIA and Pentagon hands, through the FBI for money laundering and then given as welfare to her just so the U.S. could put their own person in England where they know she'll do favors for them.

Not to mention, she's sort of proven on her own that she has no problem brain-washing children.  I never tried to get "prenatal hypnotism" for my son before he was born for example, and maybe what the U.S. Army and royals like is having another dog handler around to treat humans like dogs.  I was intuitive with them and liked being around them and someone didn't like the idea that "animals like me".  They didn't want animals to like me, or have anyone thinking kids or animals liked me.  They wanted to be controllers who tried to say I couldn't do anything, had no abilities, and was not a good person but a bad person they (the 'good' ones) could cut and rape repeatedly, not a few times, but for decades, so that their own kids looked nice and virginal or normal and 'clean'.  What else is the point of repeatedly sodomizing me or encouraging their next generations to rape me, by hunting me down, finding out where I'd be, making sure I was incapacitated with some false friend they set me up with who ditched suddenly, and then they're raping me with cops on stand-by to watch and make fun of me?

God damn all of them. 

Obviously, when the U.S. had Chris Dabney stalking me out earlier, and then again in D.C., they were using him again, along with his friend Barak Obama and the FBI there to try to harm me and pass me around and set me up again. 

One of the places where the U.S. arranged for me to be murdered and made plans ahead of time, was at this dog park, which was Post Falls, Idaho.  One of the several photos looks like one from the incident and the rest all look like copies and recreations.  The one with the helicopter is the same helicopter and woman in the sweatshirt but she's a different woman from the other one they photographed who is the same height and weight.  It's like the Army decided to ask some tall woman to get fat just for their mission of making up new photos with a younger woman to have it appear the photos were all recent and none of them are from the past.  This is the kind of corruption of evidence the Army works hard at.
The number on this helicopter is 13 which was the same number on the one from when they assaulted me and cut me on the leg a second time.  The woman and military around were the same types and this is how she looked getting off the helicopter.  This woman has reddish hair and the other photos of a similar woman show brown hair.  This is either the same woman I saw in the late 80s with the other photos imitating her, or it's a recreation of the same thing.  She was just as fat as this, taller for a woman, and had her hair pulled back.  The woman I already knew of, who was that fat, and who I think it may have been, was a woman my Aunt Locklyn knew from dog shows, possibly real name of "Susan".  She wasn't the Susan from CASA in Wenatchee or the visitation monitor Sue who went with her to look at me locked up in a dog cage at Locklyn's house, it was this taller very fat woman who went to all the dog shows and who everyone knew.  When I saw her get off the helicopter I thought it was Locklyn's friend and looked around for Locklyn because of it.

I also was taken straight from a U.S. Navy site where John Kerry was and he wasn't pretending to be anyone else, everyone knew it was Kerry, and he was there with the Heinz's and observing me, to this U.S. Army set up, so the military was using more than one department from the Pentagon against me.
There were more people than this around when I was there or than you can see from photos.  There were maybe 8 or more dogs with trainers.  Some of the people were already there and then the fat trainer was the one I was taken over to watch get off of the number 13 Army helicopter and was told she'd just arrived.  It looked my Aunt Locklyn's friend that was super fat.  It was this same park.  Post Falls, Idaho.

Not only was I taken from a U.S. Navy official to a U.S. Army group, the group around Kerry and the Navy had been all Democrats and the ones with the U.S. Army group were all Republicans (or most of them). So the U.S. was passing me around to different groups, apparently to get collusion with all of them for purposes of blackmailing anyone who tried to testify for me or speak up for me.  The U.S. wanted to blackmail as many people as they could to prevent me from getting a lawyer who could make a settlement.

The one lawyer I had who was drafting a settlement from the U.S. from me was getting it from both the British royal family (the Crown) and the CIA.  He's the one who was murdered or who didn't mind being murdered I guess, if he wanted to avoid actually helping me and thought drowning some of my evidence was going to make his family richer with a pay-out.  If he had documents that were evidence and took them into the water, do you really think I had a chance against the royals or the CIA or any other group (Pentagon or FBI)?  So it's possible he was willing to die and drown evidence, maybe for a pay-out to his own family or someone, as a way of getting his hands on proof and then burying it, rather than expose anyone.

I mean, yeah, he did give me his knife, knowing my seat belt would be jammed.  And maybe he didn't know the car was going to go in the water.  However, if he did know, and some knew because there was CIA, cops, and FBI standing around the scene, maybe he was fine with dying as long as he knew he was the one who had some evidence with him and he was going to destroy it.  He kept saying, before it went into the water, "These are the only copies".

Which probably means they are NOT the only copies.  Or, maybe it really did mean they were the original documents or copies and he was just letting a Robert and Dicksie know before the car went into the water so they could get out and tell the CIA, "Don't worry guys.  Your secrets are SAFE."  He was also saying "It's Edward" first, which may have either been an attempt to tell me something or an attempt to reveal security information or a claim about someone before he died.

He had a copy of some evidence from the CIA, and a priest about my marriage to Charles, and a deed in my name for a place in Russia and possibly photos.  My marriage was documented.  It wasn't just a rumor.  The other thing was that one of the documents possibly was a birth certificate showing who I was related to but I'd have to think about that.  I know he had a CIA contract which was evidence, a marriage proof of evidence, and a deed in my name. It is possible he had blackmail photos because I remember he was given some and I did see a few of them (men caught in acts of sodomy with one another and other things) and he possibly had a birth certificate for me that was not the same as what the U.S. claimed.  I remember he did have a different birth certificate for me that was also supposed to be evidence against the CIA.

His comment about "It's Edward" was possibly to try to imply or give out the name of the person who had given him the privileged information.  If so, he violated legal privilege prior to dying to let a Robert and Dicksie know.  If it was some other information for me, intended in another way, I wouldn't know how or why.

When he got photos in his office and it was all "privileged" I didn't tell anyone, not even any Robert or Dicksie.  I wanted to sign the confidentiality agreement, be compensated for the massive damages I had suffered, and move on with my life and maybe be a lawyer, a mother, a wife, and live a nice life or average life in a country that was not torturing me.

The U.S. retaliated against me by sodomizing me repeatedly, possibly not just over exaggerated claims it was over a "witch hunt" or "faggots" but over the fact I had possessed evidence of sodomy between men that was known to be effective for blackmail, through someone who had turned it over to my lawyer.  The CIA is very fond, as is the FBI, we all know, of using photography evidence for blackmail.

After this point, the FBI worked very hard at creating a bunch of photos which they adjusted, altered, and made changes to in destruction and tampering of evidence projects.  I think they wanted to show me they thought they were above the law and could destroy any evidence, whenever they wanted.

The sodomy photos I'm not sure if they were accidental consensual captures or acts of crime and evidence thereof but it looked more like consensual photos.  I am maybe not positive though.  There were also photos of other men and women involved in affairs and caught naked.

Another document I know he had was audio of people plotting or making admissions.  He played those tapes for me.  The other thing he had was a statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury that confirmed I had been married to Charles and that this was known.  I am not sure the marriage certificate was from him or another country with witness signatures (as you have to have and they were there) but I do know that in some way the Archbishop confirmed I was not lying.

It had meant a lot to me, to have that.  I wasn't sure if the Archbishop himself had sent it or someone obtained it from him, but I had met the man and I just was very thankful for that because "it proves I'm not lying".  That was a big deal to me, to have someone be able to vouch for me and prove I wasn't lying or that I wasn't nuts.

I knew, even then, that I needed financial independence and security because of the lack of protection the U.S. provided through flimsy non-existant laws.  The U.S. claimed to protect kids and no, they didn't protect kids--they assaulted, tortured, and molested them.  So I knew to break free from that, and to compensate me for very serious pain and suffering, between the Crown and the CIA, I knew my only chance at ever being free of torture was to have enough money to compensate me and be able to start over.  Be emancipated.  Live in my own house.  Go to school and college.  Work.  The CIA is criminal and they had not just their director there, "Stanley", they had cops and FBI.  I didn't have any interest in embarrassing royals or employees for the government--I wanted to be free to be like anyone else is and have the most basic rights to not be tortured or abused.  I did have affection for others and didn't want them harmed but I wanted to be free of torture.  The U.S. government was completely obsessed with me.

One of the individuals waiting on the side when the car went into the water was the acting CIA Director.  All of the gang sodomy and coordinated rapes of me were after this attempt to get a settlement.  That is not to say no one ever did anything improper before then, or never assaulted me, but not in huge gangs of officials and government people.  One of the officials there were photos of in acts of anal sex was George Bush.  Another looked like a Robert Garrett jr and that was one thing I mentioned to him there were photos of and it made my parents extremely upset.  I said, "It looks like you to me.  Why would you have sex with a man?  Gross."  I couldn't figure out how Robert Garrett would want to do that and I wasn't maybe positive it was him, but it looked like him.  So then to have this lawyer give me those photos, I never told my parents about any of it except for maybe later when negotiations were underway and I may have brought up a couple of small things.  Some of the women caught in affairs was shocking too, but moreso were the men who were photographed having sex with each other.  In one of them I think I thought it looked possibly not consensual because they were using a pole of some kind.

Which is what the U.S. later did to me in large coordinated groups.  Also in England with the basement torture.

Another person in a photo may have been Bill Clinton and there were possibly some cops and FBI and CIA because in one of them it looked like a group of men putting a pole into another man's anus.  Possibly one man who was assaulted (?) was an Edward Howard.   I think the photos were extremely damaging politically.  I do know I recognized some cops, and George Bush, and possibly a George Bechtold if it was not a Rick Baken.   The Sterling-Tanzers were also implicated in the photos somehow but I don't remember in what way.  I don't remember if I knew they were somehow involved or sent photos or if they were onlookers taking them.  I think my impression was they had watched or participated in something.  In one of them either Joy or Carol was undressed with someone.  I was also given, I think, a photo to look at of maybe Charles with a woman I didn't expect.  It wasn't Diana.  I had briefly wondered if Diana was the one to give me the photos and audio because she was the one I made tapes with mostly and this lawyer had some tapes, and then there was a photo of Charles and it wasn't with Diana so I wondered if maybe Diana had discovered something.  But then I thought, "That doesn't make any sense.  Why would she send me this?" but I wasn't sure. It was an undisclosed source.  My lawyer never told me who gave him the information or how he had obtained it.  He just said, "I had something in my mailbox today and it's for you."  That kind of thing.  When he gave me the tapes, he gave me headphones and said I could listen to them in his office and then he left the room to leave me alone there.  I heard some kind of tape with Charles' voice and it was sentimental and I cried.  I cried because I thought how could they do this to me? and then he sounded nice so it was sort of a play on my emotions.  I firmed up after thinking of it that way, "Maybe this is a deliberate play on my juvenile emotions."  Another tape sounded like someone was planning to murder me. I got sort of scared listening to that one and then I wondered, while in the office, "Does this room have hidden cameras?" because I wondered if I was being "watched" to see how I reacted to the tapes. I had this weird feeling I was maybe being spied on but then I thought, "Well, maybe not.  Maybe this lawyer just left the room to give me privacy and that's it."  I am positive about hearing Charles' voice but I'd have to think more about the other content.  It is possible one clip had something to do with failed polygraphs too and insulting of me by a U.S. intelligence group.

The conversation with Charles was between Charles and apparently, the Queen, Elizabeth.  He was saying how he missed me and loved me and was crying and saying he couldn't bear it without me and what should he do.  So all of this made me teary-eyed thinking about things.  But what concerned me was that people already knew I had a lawyer and so why sent this to me?  I had certainly loved him, but maybe he cared and maybe it was just an attempt to play on emotions at that time and have me back down.  Then another clip was of the CIA telling me I had failed their polygraph.  Well, I did remember, before I went to the polygraph test, I was wired by someone.  I don't think my parents did it but someone wired me because they suspected a bad plot with the CIA.  I was telling them the truth about things and now that I remember this, I know I was contracted to work with the CIA, whether I understood what that meant or not.  I was an employee of the CIA.  They did polygraphs of me like any other employee.  Well something bad was going down with their system and it was a plot to have me removed just to put someone in my place instead.  So instead of letting them call me a liar, and dismissing me as having done something wrong, someone wired me so the evidence of everything I said or did or what they did to me was recorded and transmitted.  I think the reason for this was that someone had already been tipped off about a plot.  I think it was actually another U.S. agency that wired me for the polygraph.  I wasn't told it was spying and I wasn't spying on them, I was told it was just a routine precaution.  So I went in and took the test and they were lying and said I had answered in a way I didn't.  They were trying to deliberately fail me by making up wrong answers and claiming I had given those answers.  In a sense, they were framing me to sound dishonest or deceptive when I wasn't.  Then they were using other malicious tactics like deliberately trying to scare me so my hands would sweat, like pulling a gun out at me during the test.  You know, that is really NOT "conducive" to polygraph testing you fuckers.  So knowing I was wired or someone was listening in and could record what was occuring, when they pulled a gun on me in the middle of the test, I said out loud, "Why did you just pull your gun out?"  I wanted to be sure I described what occured if someone listening couldn't see because I figured, if my hands sweat unnaturally and someone lies and says it's that I answered with a lie, it will be obvious I did NOT answer with a lie and that the reason my hands got sweaty and I was more nervous is because the CIA just pulled a gun out against me in the middle of my polygraph.

And really, they did.  That is not just an example.  The CIA took a gun out in the middle of the polygraph and pointed it at me.  Someone later told me the reason I was wired was because someone had been tipped off someone might try to kill me!  but what I thought was that I was wearing it as a check against dishonesty regarding my results because they had already been caught lying about me and changing my answers.  I was feeling like a failure for no reason because I was going there and being truthful and they were lying and saying I said something I never said.  I knew it was ruining my career and credibility.  I told someone about it, and then what happened was someone else showed up from an agency saying you have to wear this wire because we got a tip someone might try to kill you.  They said, "Also, it will make sure they record your answers accurately" as a sideline.  Well, the truth was that I really did have a gun pulled on me.  For routine CIA polygraphs, as employees have, it's like a psych eval.  You can expect pretty much the same thing.  Usually when they did one of me they did them at the same time.  I had the polygraph and saw the psychologist for the psych eval the same day.  The psych eval was usually an hour or so long.  Anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours more precisely.  It's possible I have the CIA mixed up with the FBI, in the sense that maybe I was doing the polygraphs for the FBI and it was the CIA that knew the FBI had a hit on me, but one of the agencies wired me.  I think it was probably CIA because that's who I was getting compensation from.

After the gun was pulled out on me, and I said something out loud, they got nervous and dropped the gun and I thought it was because they knew it would be heard out loud, what I said, even in their own offices.  I don't think I spoke up to say, "I'm wired" to thwart an attack but maybe I did, to alert them that if they killed me, it would be on the record.

They fired me.

Right after that, I was fired from the CIA.  It wasn't because I "failed" their polygraph, though they claimed that was why.  They accused me of all kinds of things but they'd been plotting for some time to ruin my career.  I was going in with accuracy, politeful, and truthful and I sensed someone just wanted to wedge in some other kid and wanted to keep me from my job.  So when they fired me they claimed there was "dishonesty on the polygraph" but really, they'd pulled a gun on me and someone had told me ahead of time, "There is a tip that someone in the CIA put a hit on you."    ???!!!

I wasn't fired for "dishonesty" unless they wanted to claim my being wired was dishonest but that wasn't a question on the polygraph either.

They didn't want to talk about it, for obvious reasons.  Their "cause" for dismissal of me.  Regardless, they owed me money for my work, backpay, because I hadn't received my checks from them and I was a full-on employee.  I kept asking for my "backpay" and they refused to send anything and I had Robert Garrett jr., one or both of them, ejaculating on my back at my house and degrading me instead.  The first few times I was even told, "Here's your 'back-pay'."

When I finally got a lawyer who was defending me, I was glad about that for obvious reasons.  He came into the office after I'd listened to the tapes and I thought he was expecting me to get or be mushy over Prince Charles.  However, I'd firmed up my emotions because I thought there was a possible ploy so I let him know and saw his face and expression fall.  That's when I knew he'd expected me to cave in with a romantic juvenile show of emotion.  I had not caved in.  So he looked mad at me.  I thought, if Charles really loves me, he'd tell me himself or speak up for me, or find me later and instead, I was left alone to look like trash and be degraded and slandered by people.  Maybe that wasn't his fault, but I didn't like being pushed around from one thing to the next and then told I was assaulted and then accused of being a "prostitute".  When this lawyer looked mad at me I thought, "Oh no, he's working for the other side" but he remained collected and said he'd do what I wanted and ask for the settlement.  So he worked on this and had the documentation and evidence, and then next thing I knew, he was doing a suicide mission over it.  He was letting someone know, before going into the water, "these are the only copies" and then taking the copies down to the watery grave with him.  He did give me his knife at the last moment, with a look of regret and in silence and I said nothing, so maybe he wanted me to surprise "them" on the other side or maybe he knew I was going to look like a nut coming out of the water with a knife, but at least he didn't let me die.  I did try to save him too but by the time I figured out the belts were all jammed, I was out of air.  I don't remember his name but I think it had something to do with Nichols or Nicholson. I might be wrong but that sounds familiar.  I mean, aside from the other Nichols or Nicholson's I've known.

The person who wired me, who maybe the CIA already knew actually, was a "Mike".  He was going by Mike and it was either Mike Middleton or a Mike from the East Coast who was an FBI cop.  It is possible, since he was with a U.S. agency, he was really keeping a check on the CIA and it's also possible the CIA was already working with him and others to find excuses to fire me.  He may have said to the CIA, "She agreed to let me wire her for the polygraph" and then the CIA went through their routine of lying about me or pulled a gun, and they accuse me of deception one way or the other.  They said, "THIS is a relationship built on TRUST."  Hahaha.  I thought (as a kid) Oh my ....did you just SAY THAT?  TRUST?  Hhahahhaaaa.  Right.  Where's my backpay.

I kept saying I was owed backpay from the CIA (and I was) and that they had never paid me so they had Robert Garrett jr. ejaculating on my back almost everyday and rammed rods into my backside, all before I was 13 years old.

One day, before all of this happened, one of the Robert Garrett jr.s made a trip to New York and some Italian man had us on the top story or close to top of a skyscraper and took all of his measurements and sized him for a new suit.  He was supposedly going to be Katie Middleton's "godfather".   There was another trading of briefcases and information and what sounded like instructions for a hit against me.  The only other person whose name I may have heard or remembered there was "Gary" and the only Gary I knew was Gary Goldsmith.  It was not long after some guys had killed a man who liked me.  This man took the money or bag and looked at photos and got mad and gave money to Robert there, and it sounded like some of it was to go to Katie Middleton or Gary or someone and the other part was that it sounded like this man was going to go "in" on helping to arrange assaults of me.  He also told me, "THIS is the boss" about my Dad and looked mad that anyone had ever called ME "the boss".  He also glared at me when he said this like he was mad I'd ever had anyone ever call me the "boss".  He said "This is a vendetta."   I am positive they talked about Gary (Goldsmith).  I later asked "What is a vendetta?"  I was told, "revenge".  The guys name, the Italian man's name, was something like Robert Cavallo.  It was something like that.  He also brought up "Tom" because he knew one guy named "Tom" and asked about him and talked about him.

This Italian man saw the photos around the time I was supposed to receive compensation from the CIA and royals.  The government was mentioned because he asked if the FBI was in on it (cooperating) or not.  He was also saying he knew some guys in their offices but mostly it sounded like he was finding out if the FBI was going to cover for them if they helped organize crimes (against me as it turned out).  It really wasn't at all like he was asking if the FBI was going to be around or how to hide from them, it was more like "How 'in' on it are they?" 

When they were taking measurements of a Robert Garrett jr for a tailored suit, I watched and stood there and my toes were squished into my shoes because I was forced to wear shoes that were about a size too small.  I couldn't put any of my shoes on without a shoe horn because they were so tight.  Not just hard to put on, but too small and tight.  This man looked at me after having a discussion and making arrangements and then held up a shoe horn and gave it to me, saying, "This is for you."  He had this evil smirk on his face and my feelings were sort of hurt because I thought, "He just took measurements of my Dad for new clothes but not me and now he's giving me a shoe horn knowing my shoes are too small?" He made some joke about how "You think you're a unicorn huh?"  I said no but I liked unicorns, and he said, "I'll give you a REAL horn".

When they weren't having horns blown into my ear until my eardrums hurt, they were giving me shoe horns.  The way he smirked at my "Dad", Robert, when giving me a shoehorn, after mentioning a unicorn, had sexual overtones to me.  To me it sounded like he was implying they could use it for making sure they could fit poles and objects into me for rapes and sodomy.  So jenny and the gang could "pack em" in.  I got scared when I saw the way he looked at Robert when he made his comment because I knew it was about forced sex and harm.  Part of the reason I knew was because someone had already called me, and referred to me as "a unicorn" saying they are virgins or had something to do with symbolizing virginity. 

What he was told was the FBI was 100% backing harm against me and the cops had been secured down to 100%.  They had a complete cover set up.  All of that was being told to New York.  I think a Dicksie and the Bairds were mentioned as involved, and then this man also brought up the name of "Donnie" as well as "Gary".  He knew a "Donnie" and a "Gary" (also calling him by his last name:  "Goldsmith".)  One other name was either John or Joe and there was another name besides that but mostly he mentioned Donnie and Gary.  He brought up Bruce.

The last thing this man brought up, or the last part of the conversation, was when he handed me the shoe horn or gave it to a Robert saying, "You might need this."  He was saying it was for me and then handing it to Robert and both looked mean and mad at me like they were smirking and hated me and had a plot against me.   Then when Rabbi Emmanuel Rose and others were checking me out before sodomizing me in Coquille, they were saying "Do you think we can fit it in?" and they were all talking about if it looked like objects could be fit into my vagina and rectum and then they had a kid come into the room blowing a toy horn, right at the door.

The comments from the Italian man about "unicorns" and what I thought of them, was made after I was hospitalized in Africa and had cut my arm rather than insert a diamond into my anus or vagina.  Charles of Wales had shown up there and when he asked why I said he'd said I was supposed to save my virginity until later for him, when I could have kids, because we were married.  There was a Scottish man there with him or Jewish lawyer who said "No, you cannot be in public with her.  Did you see these?" and he showed Charles some photos and wouldn't show me them.  The man hated me and he showed up to say this and was telling Charles "Forget about her" and pulling him away just as Gary Goldsmith and Daniel (his friend from Israel) were walking around the corner.  They had overheard me saying I had done it to save my virginity and they looked upset, like jealous or alarmed and mad that I was being called "pure".  Someone there was talking about unicorns at that point, saying I was like a virginal unicorn.  I don't remember who said it but it made some of the men mad because they didn't want me coming across as virginal or pure or good in any way.  It was threatening to them.  I didn't know why it was threatening to them, but I was able to perceive it was true by the darkening looks on Goldsmith and Daniel and his friends' face when they saw Charles there.  Maybe Charles was faking, but if so, he faked tears too because he cried there.  After I saw Goldsmith and Daniel, I believed they had handed something off to the other guy, a possibly Jewish lawyer with a Scottish accent.  There were two of them but one was very insistent.  He sounded like some member of Parliament or something.  He hated my guts and looked at me with seething rage to the point I thought he was going to spit and handed Charles some photos and then Charles left.  I had already reported Charles to London before this but I still had remembered about things I was told to do and orders to obey from others so I did this.  Regardless of any report, I had still been partly raised by people who had organized my being married to Charles even if pre-teen and I still had their directions in mind about my virginity.  I didn't think I had lost that through Charles even if he did other things or came close.  Then the other guys lurking around watched.  One of the men who said I was a "real unicorn" or something was Irish.  He was from Ireland and I'm not sure why he was there but possibly he had something to do with James (Whitey) Bulger (who I knew from NY, Ohio, and had seen in Ireland).  The lawyer who was there, knew I was sick.  I was getting sicker staying there after first feeling better.  He told me I had to sign something and I said I wanted to read it first and I wasn't allowed to read it.  He said, "You can't leave here until you sign this, so how long do you want to be in that bed?"  It was one time I was forced to sign something under coercion and threats and I never was even allowed to see what it was.

The comments about virginity and unicorns were linked together there, so when this Italian man was making a comment about if I was a unicorn, and then handing my "Dad", a "Robert" a "shoehorn", with a sexual overtone to it, I knew that it was some reference or joke about raping or forcing me.  That Italian man had heard all about what had happened in Africa and why I cut myself.  These people decided they felt I was less of a "threat" somehow, and that they could degrade me, by plotting sodomy against me and they had the entire FBI and police backing it ahead of time, and it was confirmed in New York.

They all knew, as well, that if it was important enough to me that I would cut my own arm rather than put a diamond (given to me as a gift but to hide somewhere safely) elsewhere, to protect my virginity, they knew I valued this quality so the U.S. coordinated hate crimes to deliberately target what they assessed I valued.  It wasn't just that someone thought I was threatening for being "good" in some way or admirable, it was that they also targeted what they hoped it was I placed high value on.  They've hated me.

It wasn't just that the Italian man from New York hated me, who made jokes with Robert Garrett about assaulting me, it was that they'd confirmed they had the entire Pacific NW field offices of the FBI and police headquarters locked down and ready to stand behind them for any premeditated assaults of me.

Aside from domestic pay-offs, there were other unusual pay offs and deals.  At one point I was living in a refugee camp in a war zone between two countries and believe me, it was a designated refugee camp.  One could think maybe I was just there to help out, or someone was volunteering or trying to figure out what to do, but there was also a backpack involved and some guns being sold.  It's possible even refugee organizations were bribed and paid off by the CIA and U.S. Army to deter any assistance to me if I later tried to secure help from them. 

As to forced signatures, where people forced me to sign things and wouldn't let me read what I was signing first, when I asked, or where I read what was there and disagreed and said I didn't want to sign, there WERE a few times I signed documents that I remember was not under a sense of threat or coercion.  Those few times are ones I remember.  I don't mix up when I was forced to sign something and when I did voluntarily.
Another thing the Italian man mentioned there was the name "Rose".  He brought up "Rose" but I didn't connect it to the possibility of, for example, Rabbi Rose or the Roses from England connected to the Wilson family.  I heard "Rose" and thought of the flower.  At one point he was smirking and saying, "It's like the War of the Roses" and he made some joke out of it.  I think this is another indication that Goldsmith-Middletons and the Rose family knew each other, which makes it more likely they knew ahead of time what was being premeditated against me, because they were also involved.  After all, the next group of people to discuss how to "fit" something into my anus or vagina, from that man's offices in New York, were Rabbi Rose and his family, an Asian person, John Kaempf, and the female politician from Kentucky who knew the Clintons and had worked with Bill as his assistant for a short time.

I have a photo of my son, by the way, showing how unhappy and scared he looks around my "brother" Levi and whoever took the photo (maybe Bob Garrett) after being "fitted" for a tuxedo to go to a wedding for Ivory Avila and Jerod.  It was at the Mexican church they go to, which is also possibly contributing to why he looks scared but he's obviously not himself.  I can tell he's scared of Levi and doesn't want to be sitting on his lap.

Think about it.  Michelle Erickson, his CPS 'caseworker' has her entire family in the kiddie porn industry.  I know this because I know for a fact her Uncle Gary helped take photos of me before I was even 5 years old, with Judges and military.  They kidnapped my son from me to put him in the position of being humiliated, tortured, and set up for kid porn.  I think Chris Rozollo was also there at the wedding. 

My son Oliver was kidnapped from me to be a victim of hate crime in the U.S. exactly as they've done with me.   This is one where he's slightly smiling but I can tell it's fake.  The other photo of him sitting on Levi's knee, specifically, where he is not smiling and looks scared, has been somehow removed from my computer and I believe it's being blocked from my access by Bill Gates from Microsoft because it was sent to that email address and afterwards, Microsoft blocked me from accessing my Microsoft account.  I have not had them unblock that account for a year or notify me to the other email address I gave them, about what they are doing with their so-called 'investigation'.  In this photo you can sort of see the smile is faked but the other photo was much worse, showing Oliver to be extremely scared and distressed, and while sitting on Levi's other knee and apparently a Robert Garrett jr. was taking the photos.  They sent me two photos, one with my son on Levi's right knee and the other with my son sitting on Levi's left knee.

This is a photo taken of my son with a tooth, held like a pill, in his hand and his tongue rolled back as if someone is checking to see if he "cheeked his meds".  He looks really happy doesn't he?  This is from over one year ago.  It was marked from Holly to a Dicksie as "Thought I'd add some more photos, one is from Christmas, the other from this winter, and one is of him walking Soldier.  Thought you might like these.  Hope you Enjoy."  

The person who pulled out a gun on me in the CIA polygraph meeting was a Dicksie.  My own Mom.  I hadn't talked to anyone in my family when someone said they were going to wire me because they got a tip from another agency (U.S.) that someone was planning a "hit" on me at the next meeting.  Mostly, what I had started complaining about, was "They're saying I'm saying things that I'm not saying and making me look bad."  It bothered me because even if I didn't fully know what a contract working for the CIA was, I knew it was a job and that I was supposed to do my best at it.  So having some of them start to undermine me, was very troubling.  It wasn't even like, "Well, maybe you think you did A work but we think it was B quality."  It wasn't like that.  They had started to lie about me and results.  I brought this up briefly because it was discouraging.  I had no idea someone was maybe planning a hit next.  So I went to the next polygraph meeting, wired secretly, and then in the middle of the polygraph, one of the Dicksies stepped out from around a corner, from behind a wall and she had a gun pointed at me.  I got scared since someone had said a hit was planned and I didn't know why it was a Dicksie there so I said, hoping it would keep me from dying, "Why do you have a gun?  I'm wired and if you do anything, everyone will know."  It was two people, officials, at the polygraph desk with me, or table or whatever, and then they had Dicksie and possibly one other blond woman around the corner, behind the wall.  I  saw the other woman there and wondered what she was doing.  I didn't know if she was forcing my Mom to do that or if she was my Mom's back-up or what.  Maybe brown hair, or blond for the other woman.

When I said I was wired was when they said I was fired.  They left and came back to me saying, "This is a relationship built on trust.  You didn't tell us you were wired.  You're fired."  I said, "You didn't ask me if I was wired on the polygraph."  I added, "So no, I didn't lie."  They said, "It's still 'deception'" and then they went on about how if I didn't trust them, I couldn't work with them.  I said, "Okay, I still want my check for the work I've already done for you because I've been with you several months and I haven't seen any paychecks yet." I said "Do you have pen and paper?" and they handed it to me and I wrote out my name and address and said "This is the address you can send my checks to."  And I turned up my nose and walked out.  They did NOT like having me say in such a calm and orderly manner, where they were instructed to send my checks.  It wasn't a "trial basis" job.  When I signed, they agreed they were paying me a certain amount per month.  They did not honor the contract.  They basically picked up a kid they'd already been using and abusing for free, said they'd make something official by at least paying me a salary to learn things, and then when they wanted to shoe-in someone else, they lied about me to get rid of me, and they stole from me by refusing to pay me my wages that I had already earned and worked for.  

That is partly what the lawyer who was murdered was hired to get for me, my wages from the CIA and compensation for their crooked dealings.

I've said Valerie Plame asked me to work for the CIA and I never worked for them and told her no.  What I meant by that, and not remembering yeah, I did work for them but not through her recruitment at all, is that when she asked me to work for the CIA when I saw her in London, I wasn't impressed.  If I was going to have a mentor, it wasn't even so much that I thought her intelligence was average, it was that I knew she looked down on me and underestimated me.  I was a kid, or a pre-teen, yes, but you know, and any pre-teen who might ever come across this will attest to, pre-teens are "in-tune" with sensing or picking up on things.  As giggly and giddy as I was at times, like any pre-teen, I had a hardcore sense of business.  So when I sensed she was sort of treating me like my work in Russia was no big deal and I was just a kid, when I rattled off a professional line about what I did, I saw her toughen up and realized, "She doesn't like me because she wants to underestimate me and sees my defense of experience as a youth as a threat."  I thought then, "How can she be my mentor?  She doesn't even like to hear me sound like I'm professional at all and I'm going to entrust my professional development to her?"

Lesson #1 from me to the CIA:  Do not underestimate kids.

In a sense what they did, is while not wanting to acknowledge me as a professional, they did feel threatened, which is sort of not underestimating me in a roundabout way.  They sodomized me in gangs and treated me like I was some 40 year old hardened criminal who had been killing babies in serial killing sprees and plotting strategical methods for bringing down the White House.  However, I never spied or sold secrets or had any form of espionage in use for anyone.  Even when I did work for the CIA, I was not actively spying on people or "selling secrets".  Well, they asked me for information which I gave but I can describe what it was, and then the rest of the time was supposedly training while I was being paid.  I was not "paid by the hour".  I was contracted-in and signed with a salary per month.  It wasn't a lot, but for a kid, it was okay.  I negotiated my own salary with them first before I would sign anything.  They wanted to offer less, I asked for more and explained why, and there was a negotiation.  I refused to sign anything until the salary amount was agreed upon and in writing.  So even with "training periods" or whatever, I was still to be paid per month an amount and then later of course, I hoped for a review and a raise.  I didn't parcel out "secrets" like an informant or ever offer to sell any.

So when Valerie Plame asked me to work for her I said no because I thought she didn't really value me or what I could do, and so therefore, maybe she wasn't that intelligent.  I mean, she was asking me to work for them, but at the same time, looking down on me.  I also didn't like the sounds of "mass weapons" or munitions and nuclear weapons profileration.  The way it came across to me was not analyst work but more like being a hitman or hitwoman for the CIA and I wasn't interested in that.  Something kept telling me "Hitman" and "Hitwoman".  I said no because of it and then later I was approached a different way by someone else and I don't remember who, and they made it sound more like a business job and some information gathering and that was about it.  I was told I'd be trained and I could save my money or buy a new apartment or do whatever I wanted with the money, and it wasn't just about money because I knew money was involved with Valerie's offer.  It was just "proposed" to me in a different way.  To my knowledge, it was also not in stockpiling or proliferation of munitions and weapons but training to be an undercover agent or spy.  THAT sounded exciting to me.  I didn't do any real spying actually, on anyone, but the idea of being trained in fun secretive techniques and sneaking around sounded a lot more interesting to me than weapons profileration and munitions and maybe...well, was it code for "hitman" or what?

They basically just decided to screw me over.  I was signed up with them, to be trained to be a spy.  Like I said, I never got to the point of an actual assignment and spying full-time, but that was the idea.  Instead, they were basically spying on me and wanting to murder me.  I think it possibly went from an offer to be an analyst to an offer to be a spy but the analyst offer I interpreted differently.  So it was non-covert or semi-covert information collecting or code for "hitman" or a covert job.  I went to the covert cafeteria at the CIA lunchroom because I was hired as a covert.

However, they sort of appealed to my sense of adventure, tried to extract some information from me, and then lied about me to "fire" me and ruin my resume and career opportunities.  When I said in a businesslike way send my checks to this address, they started torturing me with electrocution and increased sexual abuse.  The fact that CPS with Washington state owes me money and refused to pay is sort of like what many groups decided to do against me, knowing if the CIA refused to pay me money I was owed, and would kill off the lawyers,  and destroy evidence, they were safe in screwing me and my son Oliver over too.

I got some training at the CIA but then what they started doing, which I had thought was maybe what they did with everyone, was they used my employee contract and employment as a means to extract information from me like one would an informant.  I wouldn't sell out like an informant so they possibly thought they could gently elicit information as "part of the training" so I didn't sense it was just giving away information.  So, for example, they started putting up slides of photos of people and would say, "Do you recognize that man?" and I was supposed to say yes or no.  They started doing this every day and they said "It's just facial recognition and testing to see who you remember or not.  We're just testing your memory."  Because I objected at one point saying, "Are you just trying to get information from me to get these guys in trouble?" and they said, "Oh no,'s just a memory game."  I also said, "How come the FBI is here?" and the CIA said, "Oh, well the CIA and the FBI do a lot of work together so they're here to help with some of the training."  I said, "Oh."  It didn't make sense.  I was hired to be an employee of the CIA, contracted with full salary and benefits discussed and in writing ahead of time.  I was going to the CIA "covert operatives" lunchroom section for lunch.  I was an employee of the CIA is the FBI asking me about what faces I remember?

I'll tell you one thing!  YOU WANT SOME FACES from the COVERT CAFETERIA???!!!!

When I went to the covert cafeteria a bunch of Jews went gang-busters against me.  I saw their hatred of me.  They wanted me out.  They sidled up next to me at lunch while steaming and fuming hate from their nostrils.  Not to mention a few others.  If someone in the "covert cafeteria" didn't "like" another covert, they could see to it their entire career was destroyed for good.

Basically, yes.  Absolutely, my contract for employment and some of the offices were CIA.  But then also, yes.  The FBI did some cross-training there and I'm sure they do with everyone but I got a bad feeling about it.  Something STANK TO HIGH HEAVEN.

If the CIA was the "good guy" why didn't they pay me what they owed me?  They are not the good guy. The CIA proved themselves to be bad by their actions in how they recruited me, and then tried to lie about me and then set me up to be fired, and then breaking all employment law rules about salary payments to employees.  How many agents and operatives are you really going to retain on that kind of a basis?  I mean, let this be a word of caution to those thinking they'll just work for the CIA and it will all be great.  They are SNAKES.

They had every opportunity to be "better business", and "honorable", and "heroic", and something a pre-teen could really be proud of.  Instead, they stank themselves out like the little black snakes you get for 4th of July that come in discs and grow to the size of worms.  It wasn't just them, they had the FBI on my case too.  But when it came down to it, they tried to murder me after assaulting me.  Not only THAT, I believe the entire dual or triple citizenship was their idea for purposes of getting around a law that states the United States cannot murder a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil.  They knew very well that if my citizenship was Russian and British, that made me "fair game" right Ms. Plame?

Is it PLANE? or Plame?

I now have someone hacking on my computer while I'm on, and preventing me from sending out emails and ruining the verification requests for sending some mail to sites.  This has been for the last half hour.

UPDATED:  1/27/14

The CIA agents I saw in the "covert" room, some of them, had already been persons who had assaulted me.  So basically, I was told there were two separate lunch rooms, and I was going to sit with Edward Howard and Mary or some people.  I sat with them in a private cafeteria before they let me go to the covert cafeteria as an operative myself.  I also had lunch with a Robert Garrett jr. several times in a CIA building.  However, the time I was in the specifically "guarded" covert cafeteria, it was apparently a surprise to others there and when I walked in, I not only saw several people there who had prior experience in harming me and physically assaulting me, I saw a royal or someone who "looked" like a royal I knew, there in the covert cafeteria, which was supposed to be their big shock for me I think, and then several U.S. CIA ops who were ethnically different from me stood up with knee-jerk reactions, looked furious, and stormed out.

It looked to me like some kind of CIA "test" with the other coverts, as if the other coverts (so stupid to be there in the first place and seen, I mean if you're especially covert, it's NOT a "trust relationship".  Give me a fucking break) had a right to "throw someone out" after they were already hired, just by standing up and leaving the tables.  It was long tables in the middle and then some smaller tables and a few round ones even, I think.  Mostly square or rectangular.  It was sort of like going to a lobby cafeteria at a hospital. I was so surprised by this reaction, all of this hatred beaming at me, I thought, "THAT many of these agents already know who I AM?"  That was odd enough in itself.  One man was a Chinese man.  I almost want to say Japanese and yes, sometimes you can't totally tell, but his features were sort in the middle.  He could have swapped for either.  And yes, I know not all Asians look alike, but all of the sorting of people as a kid, takes time to figure out and it's not always perfect either.  He was someone I had already met and my shock was that he saw me, stood up fast and looked furious, and the chair went back and then he stormed out.  He looked like one of the sensais who had taught me some sword stuff once but who assaulted me.  Not the same as I've mentioned before but like one who tied me up.  At first I thought I was going to give him a friendly greeting and then instead, to see me in a different location there, he flipped out and my feelings were hurt. Then I remembered oh yeah, he did do some weird things to me.  I was almost going to start crying because of how mean some of the adults were.  Another looked like Prince Edward and I thought maybe the CIA just had him show up to see me there and think I was gossiping about royals.  Another was Alan, this man who was connected to either Dabney or the Thebaults somehow and he didn't like me--he liked Kate Middleton.  He was furious I was there and made the loudest protest of noise with his chair and left the room.  One of them said, "You hire HER, and I QUIT."    Well, I was already hired.  So to get rid of me they had to fire me  if that were that desperate.  And then I saw this woman and sat next to her and she said her name was "Anna".  Maybe she wasn't a nice person but she was the only one who was nice to me then and sort of close to my age so I sat by her.  I thought she looked sorry for me and then she gave me some of her food to eat, asked if I wanted part of her orange,  and I think I was trying not to cry and maybe I cried even though I tried not to.   Then I saw her and an older woman exchange looks, smirks, which made me think, "Maybe even Anna doesn't like me and she's just acting nice and then laughing about me to the other woman and making fun of me."  At one point, she read me by my eyes.  I noticed some older CIA there watching her and I thought, "Did they want me to sit by her just so they could ask Anna to get a 'read' on me?"  Basically, to psychicly profile me?  That is what I sensed by a few of the people who approached me (not many)--that the CIA was just letting me sit there like some kind of sitting duck to be 'read' by the ones they were NOT torturing and electrocuting or planning lobotomies for.

The CIA people are mean vicious mother fuckers.  They're all sun and shine out in the public and then they gang up on you like that, ganging up on a kid, and try to ruin your life if they want to. I was so shocked at their bully-gang-like behavior that I commented on it frequently until I was then assaulted in a gang of officials who used poles to sodomize me.

So the CIA older operatives were waiting for the cues from some of the younger ones there.  I thought she was nice at first, and she was sympathetic and had me sit by her and looked sweet and kind and maybe, I thought, a friend, and then she looked in my eyes and scanned me that way (getting a read, which is how some do it, I don't know why but sometimes for some people it works that way) and then the ones waiting on the side watched her as she flitted a quick glance to them and shook her head "no" like she didn't want them to keep me.  Then she looked at some Eastern European looking woman who was older and they smirked at each other and the older woman (who looked Russian pretty much) looked at me in sort of a glad sarcastic way, sort of nodding her approval of Anna.  When Anna did that, sent a signal of "No" about me to the sideline operatives waiting to see what she thought, I knew she was trying to rub me out.  Then they had a guy who said his name was Chris and he looked like Chris Dabney.  He also tried to get a read from me and had gone over to the table deliberately and sat down and then asked me a couple of questions and stared at me and then he too, rubbed me out.  He looked at me then at the others and gave a similar code signal like "No way" and left.  So the few same-age or "near-age"people they had there, were basically used to experiment with their abilities on me, "read me" and then rub me out.  He and Anna were already friends.  He approached the table greeting her by name first and knew the older woman.  maybe there was more than one older woman but I remember one and she looked distinctly Russian to me and was middle-aged.  Not even in her 30s or anything, as in older, but older than that.  Like Anna's grandmother's age.

So between some of the adults standing up and saying "I'll quit if she's staying" and then others following by standing up and leaving the room, and a couple of people close to my age "reading me" and then giving their estimations of me as someone to throw out, I did not have any sense that I had a chance there.  I did notice there were a few others who maybe hoped I'd be part of the group or they were friendly or just disinterested, but the ones who really didn't want me there, made a huge effort to get rid of me.  There were also some Jewish around who didn't seeing me there, but they didn't make a big stand-up departure except for maybe one of them.  I think his name or one of them who did this, was named "Ben" because I remember someone saying his name and where are you going? kind of thing.  And there was also a man who was very tall, blond, and german and he was in the back and stood up and left too, and I thought, "Why does the German guy hate me?"

When I was taken to the cafeteria I was introduced as "Hello everyone, this is our new agent >>>>insert name<<< and she will be working in the Russian division."

The next thing the CIA did was they didn't tell me they were going to have a "joint exercise" or drills with the FBI but they started bringing out photos and asking me who was who and did I remember so and so and from what country did I see them or remember seeing them.  It was obvious they already knew I had flown to a variety of countries or they wouldn't have been introducing photos of people from other countries to start with.  It was "Who is this?"  "Do you remember his name".  "How about this one?  anyone there you recognize?"  "Do you remember where you were when you saw him there?"  "Do you see them a lot?"  "How often would you say you saw them?"  "Did they give you anything?"  "Do you still have it?"  "Where is it?"

They spent days on this.  At first it seem just like a memory game and matching and then it was turning into something else and I thought, "How does this have anything to do with training me to be a CIA operative in the Russia division?"  Not only that, it sounded more like interrogation, not like polygraph or like psych eval, but like someone didn't even care about my job or training and all they cared about was some individuals who had nothing to do with my work or job at all.  It sounded like "Do you know this guy?" "You played some cards?  that must have been fun.  Tell us a story."

They started even making fun of me.  It went from asking basic questions to "Oh yeah?" and then sniggering between them and then, "Tell us a STORY!"  and "Wow.  That must have been fun.  Tell us another story!"  On and on about "tell us a story" and laughing at me thinking they could get information from me if they put it that way, like I was just telling them a funny story.  They made fun of me and they're mother fuckers.  When I said I had toys stolen from me they started badgering me worse, probably because they had something to do with that and were saying, "Tell us a story."  "Which toy did they steal from you that time?"  on and on, mocking me.  They said maybe next time we talked, they could hear another toy story, and sniggered over which toy story they liked best.

I didn't volunteer any information except for basic public info from public photos, taken out in the public, but then they were making fun of me and I realized it.  They were also trying to undermine and my maturity by saying all I talked about was "toys" and telling stories so these fuckers started lying and saying, "She's just a kid.  You're going to put someone like THAT into a mission?"  First they wanted to get information from me for free and experiment on me and then when I called them on it, saying, "I think you're just asking questions to get someone in trouble and what does this have to do with the CIA or my job?" they got mad at me.

They got mad I wouldn't keep talking about who and when and where  so they decided to trash me instead and make it into talking about toys to diminish my standing and pretend their interrogations and attempts to get information from me on non-CIA matters were just part of a psychological evaluation process.  It wasn't.  It was more like they hired me, and then someone didn't want me there so then knowing I wouldn't be an "informant" they tried to get info as if I was an employee just going through routine questions.  I went through all their screening and routine questions BEFORE I negotiated my wages and salary and signed their contract.  These other questions were posed to me as part of a memory or face recognition exercise but then I noticed one or two didn't want it on the record anywhere that I had everything stolen from me. 

I also wouldn't keep talking about who I knew or not because I saw one of them was deliberately trying to traumatize me over being sexually assaulted.  It was like he was a sick sadist who just wanted to see me upset or cry or think about how I had been degraded and when I saw how it was really, literally feeeeeding him and his sick appetite, I quit answering his questions the way he wanted.  So he got mad.  I started saying, "I don't know"  and when I started saying "I don't know" to most things and a few times throwing in, "Yeah maybe" or some short non-exposing line, he looked like he wanted to lunge over the tables and strangle me.  Bringing up toys wasn't because I was a kid who only cared about playing and toys, it came up because I was asked if anything was ever given to me and where was it.  I mentioned The Middletons.  They did NOT like that answer.  A few other times I said I didn't know where it went, it was stolen and I wasn't sure who it went to.  So they mocked me about "tell me another STOOOoooRY" and "hey buster, which 'Toy Story' do you like better? the one about the stuffed animal or the one about the doll?" until one item came up and they said who gave it to you and I said, "Charles" and they said Charles who and I said "Prince Charles"  then they said that must have been a very nice and special thing to meet him or something like that and I said, "I didn't just meet him.  I married him."  So they made fun of me, laughing to each other, mocking me, poking each other in the ribs, and they said "You MARRIED him" and said where and I told them where and they well how do you know it was a marriage.  Maybe it was something else and I said, "No, we signed the marriage contract". 

At that everyone got quiet.  I hadn't been going off talking about royals.  It only came up then.  Before that, they wanted names to people they said were maybe in the mafia or mob around the world (like they're not).  One of the photos of men I wouldn't confirm things for to them was Larry Bryce and Barak Obama.  I DID say their names though, and they already knew who Obama was.  They just wanted to know more information and the one began trying to get at me deliberately by saying "You say you're a virgin huh!  really nice that you are so pure.  Wow.  You are a real pure person.  So you're saying no man ever sexually touched you, right?"

The CIA and FBI mocked me over my virginity and then wanted to degrade me.  They harassed me to no end.  So I wouldn't tell them what Larry Bryce did to me because I saw all they were doing was trying to say I was a slut and they didn't want me to mention him or others, because that was the entire reason they said how proud they were of virgins and how they respected me and then they wanted me to go on and say how I was a low-life and "dirty" and touched sexually by men so I was therefore not the "virgin of respect".  I was a virgin, but they still wanted to start hashing out how I was impure and not pure and I was not valuable and they said this much to me.  They wanted to shut me up from talking about their agents who were pedophiles and rapists. 

They are mother fuckers who I hope die. 
The only reason they switched from "face recognition" photo stuff to harassing me about toys and just a kid and immature and about not being good or clean or pure (saying this to a pre-teen girl) was because they hoped to so badly insult me and degrade me, that they could see to it I didn't talk about the crimes they'd already been committing against me.
Most likely their "photo-face recognition" stuff was to probably identify and murder anyone who defended my honor, or who tried to.
I got a bad feeling from their "game" so I refused to keep playing it.
I was SOOOO "immature"
You got nothing
They had one of the Robert Garrett jr.s interrogating me with one of the guys at one point, and a Dicksie sitting there.  He was getting more and more upset.  It was like they weren't really my parents.  Especially they got upset when I said maybe some of the toys went to Katie Middleton.
I was getting set up to be assaulted after that.  After this the CIA was lying about my responses on the polygraph.  Robert seemed fine about it and more annoyed just to have me say I thought they were "up to something" and trying to get me out.  He didn't look mad on my behalf, but got mad when I accused them of setting me up.  So then I was getting set up to look bad that way and then it was the wearing the wire and the excuse to fire me over that when they pulled a gun on me.  I thought, "They want to kill me because I married Charles?"  One time, after a face-recognition day, I left and Diana Spencer was in the hall looking at me.  I thought, "She probably thinks I'm talking all about her" but I wasn't.

As to whether I spied on any Russians, I didn't.  I had thought it was going to be that I meet someone I'd never met before in the U.S. and do some sneaking around.  You know, spy.  However they never gave me a "target" so to speak, not a person to spy on.  I was assigned to the Russian division after being possibly in German for awhile (I got recruited there first).    They told me, exactly as Edward Howard describes in his book, "If you want to take the Russian assignment, after that you can have any job you want."  After I was signed into a contract, it was training and some work there (desk work).  It was an office job where I got sealed envelopes and put them into a drop-safe.  I did other administrative work there in that office and at least once or twice a day I got a security item to drop in the vault there.  I never opened any of them or saw anything.  I never cared to look because I wasn't spying on anyone there, and then additionally, I figured, "They probably have hidden cameras in here".  That wasn't why I didn't open any of them or look, because I had a lot of experience with dropping valued items into safes, but what I'm saying is I had this sense of being watched.  If some paper that was important came through and I peeked (I don't think I did) I maybe did for curiosity if it wasn't sealed, but I never memorized codes and names for reasons of spying inside basically.  I saw lots of documents with information and I didn't read everything, I filed, typed up, noticed things that might stand out if asked and I was the security person for the covert drop box.  Supposedly, all of the names and positions of the operatives in the entire CIA were at my fingertips, but I didn't have access to them myself because of how it was structured and the nature of the drop box.  I had the key to it as well, if I'm correct there was also something that could be accessed by key.  One or two times an agent would come in and saw I was so young and one said, "Where's the duty officer" (or whatever the title was) and I said, "It's me."  He said, "It's YOU?" and I said "Yeah, it's me."  And he reluctantly gave me his card that was sealed and mumbled and looked shocked.  Others were happy, and then one, when he saw me, he flipped out.  He saw me there and I said, "I'm the duty officer" and he said, "You're too young" and I said, "Well, it's me, so if you have something to give me, I will put it in the box."  He started trying to test me and I was business-like and didn't have all day so I said, "Look, if you're dropping it off, I'm the one assigned to this desk, and you are required to give it to me and I'll take care of it."  He then got very angry that a little girl was telling him what to do and he said "NO" and withdrew his card and left the room.  I thought, "Whatever."  One of them was flirting with me now and then and I thought it was to try to distract me from my work so I got a fake ring and wore it on my wedding finger.  When he saw that he flipped and said "What's that?" and I said, "What?" and he said, "That, on your finger" and I said, "It's my wedding ring--I'm married."  He didn't really like that and got this phased-out, distant look.  They said this German guy there, who went to the drop often, liked me and maybe wanted to marry me one day and then he brought it up once.

From there I was asked if I wanted the Russian assignment.  The German one had been nice enough, and I was going to stay there and then I think it's possible someone wanted an excuse to kick me out and knew people who would do it in the Russian division.

I met George Bechtold at the German division CIA drop box.  Basically, in my office while I was sitting at my desk.  He came in.  He wasn't there all the time, but he did go to that office.  He was someone who I think was trying to ruin my career.

Having George Bechtold try to hit on me and snooping around my desk, and trying to get information from me, and then sending out his own son to rape me and then say "That was awkward" when what I'd told George was, was "It's Edward" (a blond man) when he kept insisting to know who it was that was flirting with me there, is really incredibly disgusting and human crimes level activity against me by the CIA.  That's not all either because there are layers to who was claiming to be "Edward".

So basically, George Bechtold works for the CIA, tried to ruin my career, used people he knew that worked in the Russian division including "Anna" and "Chris" to malign me and then got FBI to interrogate me while he hoped to gain favor from Diana Spencer and power for Katie Middleton.  Not to mention the fact he was friends with Barak Obama and George Bush Sr. and Jr. who, of course, were CIA because GB1 was Director of the CIA.  Which basically goes to prove Alvaro knew Chris and it's part of the Middleton mafia family.

I was not just having to meet him at CIA offices, the CIA and Pentagon had my entire family move to Sherwood, Oregon just so I could be in their clutches there.  Which is where they tried to murder me by causing a car accident ramming into my car and attempting to use trained "brake failure" responses from panic.

I see the exact same things they did to me being done to my son Oliver, because they have even been instructing and forcing him to cross his feet over.

So basically, the CIA is planning to murder my son.  They are using the same individuals who are corrupt pedophiles, agents, and killer mafia to do it.  Why plot to murder my son Oliver?  Not to mention they've been torturing him and stunting his growth and getting other little kids to pull "hits" on him where they jump him or steal from him and then walk away with an attitude the "big military cops" feel macho over.

And by the way, the offices I was at, were CIA.  It wasn't FBI or another agency just because George Bechtold from Oregon showed up there.  He wasn't there all the time and he had flown in.  He was traveling.  Not every CIA person lives in Virginia or the surrounding area.  They have other operatives that show up for meetings or other reasons and they also go to the drop or the office to put meeting requests or reports into the safe.

George Bechtold showed up when I wouldn't say anything much about Larry Bryce or Barak Obama.  He knows them.  They all know them.   So basically, when the CIA knew I valued my virginity, getting groups organized to sodomize and rape me with the FBI, military, or whoever else they wanted, was a real thrill for them.

George wanted his son Robin to think the entire world moved because of them--the Big Crusaders.  Robin was walking around with newspaper headlines about The Berlin Wall falling and the Iron Curtain going down like "We did it.  Ha!"  They really loved taking credit for major world events that occurred, and trying to justify rape and torture of little kids over it.  After I was kidnapped and assaulted at Medford Airport over trying to pick up a poodle named "Miss Hollie" what did that family do?  They bought a golden retriever for Robin and named her "Holly".  Why?  Maybe because they thought it was really funny to be part of Gary Goldsmith's crew.

Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is friends with them.  After I was fired from the CIA, she approached me and started asking me to join the FBI.  I said I didn't want to join the FBI and she didn't like it.  She was nice on the surface and acted like no, she wouldn't undermine someone's intelligence, but she's conniving.  She never offered to pay me anything or give me a contract, she just kept wanting to bring it up and get a response from me. That was when I was in Coquille after working for the CIA on the East Coast for a short time.

So after George Bechtold tried to ruin my career in CIA offices, I was in his territory and he was coordinating my attack of being sodomized with CIA director George Bush Sr.  George was always encouraging his son to rape me which is exactly why it's true when I've said there was once a bizarre call where Robin was attempting to get me to say I had lost my virginity over the phone when I had not.

It was a big deal to them.  They really wanted to be Professional.  Then they wanted to push their hate crime envelope more by making pathetic claims about how I was driving their son Robin to drink wine because he was depressed and in love with me.  They are liars.  They were stalking me and finding ways to rape me again and murder me.

They also coordinated damage to my reputation and scholastics through OSU because their "pilot program" was party military led and partly CIA.

So when I'm working at The Post Pub and people started lying about me, guess where that was coming from? 

Another thing is that one CIA operative there at the CIA grabbed my arm one day and accused me of wrongdoing saying, "IT'S YOU" and yanked me around and I said let go of me.  Guess who the operative was?  It wasn't a blond man.  There was one man in Canada that did something like this to me but this was in the CIA offices.  I had been given an envelope or folded paper, whatever, to put in the safe and for once I was curious so I looked at it before dropping it.  I didn't do it for memorizing or to give to anyone and I hadn't done it before.  However, I'm pretty sure there was someone planning this set-up in some way because then this man burst through the door and grabbed me.  It was as if I was being accused of passing on secrets to a government or doing something horrible when I had looked at a card out of natural curiosity once.  They used this set-up as a big excuse for framing me.  I wasn't fired right away.  This was set up after some of them got mad over the photo-recognition exercises.  They had wanted me to degrade myself or wanted to prevent me from reporting sex abuse or other abuse because I was saying my property was being stolen from me.

So George Bechtold started coming into my office to try to befriend me and  hatch a plot.

It was after something very similar was done to me in England at an official office where it was Mike Middleton accusing me of something.  Basically, what was bizarre was that the CIA was working that closely with the Middletons in the UK.

This is also after both groups literally set me up to drive a vehicle incorrectly so I would crash and kill myself if a trigger was used to cause me to panic.  They did that to me long before they made accusations that I was "spying" on them (which I didn't do) or doing anything wrong at their intelligence agencies.  They were preparing me to die.  They had several ideas already cooked up by the time I was 9 or so.  Possibly earlier than that.

In addition to causing panic reactions in cars and having me mix the brakes and gas up, they were sexually assaulting me and attacking me and putting my feet together while I was still panicking, for one to cross over the other.  I was sexually assaulted this way by several persons in the U.S. and England but I don't remember as much of the feet being forced to cross over in England as I do the U.S. 

What I can see is that they doing this with my son Oliver who is only 7 right now.  This is a clear indication that the CIA and military kidnapped him from me to torture him, ruin his abilities and opportunities, and to find ways to have him kill himself "by accident".  They've already trained him to have brake failure and to do the wrong thing while driving a car in a panicked state.  The U.S. wants to murder my son but they want to abuse him and experiment on him first, which is what they did to me.  There is no other reason they would kidnap him from someone they already knew was a good nanny and they used for that reason, to protect him as his mother, and they made sure he was adopted to people the U.S. mafia and government could get access to.

I was being electrocuted in Granny and Grandpa's basement with Wenatchee cops, some of their doctors, and FBI and persons who became main leaders/directors of FBI present.  They were right there, in the unfinished basement, watching and participating in everything.  It looks like an office right now with a tool desk and shelving but before that there was a giant waterbed there and before the waterbed, there was a torture set-up and then other things were done in the main parts of the basement.

Wenatchee and Chelan-County cops are 100% corrupt.  I called 911 one day, desperate and for emergency, and said you have to come over and see what they use to torture me with.  This is when I already knew FBI and cops were taking part in it.  I still thought "911 is emergency--maybe they're different".  So a couple of cops came out and by the time they got there the Bairds had moved everything around and had someone telling them to put some things away and by the time they showed up, I took them through the house to the basement and they looked and said, "So what.  It's a basement."  They said, "Everything looks normal" and then asked if I need medications.  Then I looked at them again and realized, "Oh no.  I recognize those guys and they are involved in this."  They kept saying to put me on medications and then they forced me to take some that made me unable to talk.  The cops had brought over "medicine".  Believe me, they had their uniforms on and drove cop cars.  Then they had one of the Robert Garrrett jrs do the same thing, having "medicine" on-hand which was a dopey kind of drug and caused sudden and extreme seizures and I couldn't talk.

I don't know if tazers were around at that time.  I know I was forced to drink something and then whether that caused the reaction or something else did I'm not sure but I suddenly fell to the ground and my body was jerking uncontrollably all over.  Not like small benign muscle fasiculations.  It was like the worst seizure you've ever seen but all of the parts of my body were jerking back and forth and I was drooling and had drool all over and I'd hit my head on the way down when I fell from losing body control.

The cops stood there and made fun of me.  They said, "Whoa.  What just HAPPENED there?"  and "Looks like your grand-daughter needs some medications for that!"  and "That's more slobber than my dog makes" and then the other one said something like, "Oh, all rottweilers slobber like that."

That's what the Wenatchee-Chelan cops (who, by the way, put me in jail on false arrest more than once later because they are the criminals, not me) did to me when I called for emergency assistance because of serious torture occurring in a basement at Granny and Grandpa's house (the Bairds).

It was the second time I heard someone refer to me as a "Rottweiler".  Once it was in a basement around several individuals and then the other time it was upstairs from the basement where I was assaulted by 2 cops and made fun of as an ugly, slobbering Rottweiler.  There were maybe other times but it's what I remember and otherwise the only similar thing I heard was "you're rotten" like "rotten kid" or "rotten brat", sometimes seemingly in an affectionate way and other times in anger.  I asked Diana Spencer, after she wanted to know what kinds of dogs I would think of other people as, and then after she asked me "what kind of dog (breed) do you think I'd be?" I then returned the question after answering and said, "What kind of dog do you think I'D be?" and she wouldn't say. 

I was either being tazered or poisoned enough times, it was later used as an excuse for "brain surgery".  I never had those "seizures" on my own, by myself.  It was always as a form of punishment and hate crime.  I think it's possible they did use a tazer, but in addition, they forced me to drink "medication".  One time I am positive a Robert forced me to and it was when I was about to call police and he said "You think you're going to call someone?" and went after me.  He did, after the cops did.  It was like they did everything together so they could all play their own blackmail game and work with each other and never for me and always to harm me. 

Bill Clinton sodomized me in that basement one time, with John Kerry present, along with some cops and FBI.  They also forced me to lie on my back on the table and laid on top of me pushing down with all of their weight.  There were also a few "community members" present.  It is possible Heinz was there but I am not sure--I think so.  I know Kerry was.  Forrest Tanzer was there as well for that occasion and George Bechtold.

After some event where I was sodomized or assaulted took place, one of the cops would put a coke on the counter or table and say, 'Here.  That's for you."  One of the women got mad because she thought I was "flirting" with her husband by drinking a soda in a paper cup with a straw.

Larry and Obama did the coke can pass around me and so did the white cops. 

Let me tell you something.  The FBI tortured me in the basement by sexual assault and they also went into the other room to have me electrocuted as well.  They were doing that to me before they ever had me go to their official FBI offices and did it there and at a police headquarters.

From what I remember, the "medicine" the cops forced me to drink was Haldol.  It was liquid Haldol.  There was no prescription--they brought it with them.  Then the next time I tried calling cops or when a Robert Garrett jr. got home, he made a beeline for me with a canister of it and forced me to drink more liquid Haldol saying, "You want a doll?   Here's some Haldol."  It did the same thing to my tongue and speech.  Then I wondered why Robert was approaching me again and realized it was his twin and one of them didn't look as excited about it as the other and they had the cops at the door watching as it turned out because then I looked and saw some.  When I tried to run out of the house, to the door to go outside, a Robert stuck his foot out and tripped me so I fell and then drugged me by forcing the medicine.  All of it was cops in uniform, military, and Robert Garrett.  There were also some Mexican involved.

Mexicans showed up talking about a "Tom" in a big SUV prior to my being sodomized by a group on the bridge in Coquille, Oregon.  They weren't poor Mexicans--they looked like big Mexican mafia leaders.  The other SUV that went through first was one with Lisa Thebault in it and Melinda Gates.  There was also who appeared to be Camilla Parker Bowles there which was actually one other time I saw her in the U.S. aside from being in a helicopter later when the U.S. tried to murder me while 'rock-climbing'.  It "looked" at least, and sounded like, Camilla and Diana Spencer and they were not always together either so I wondered about that.  I think I saw 2 Dicksies--one got out looking mad at me and triumphant like she hated my guts and then I saw another one who looked scared and about to scream and shaking her head at me but all of them were actors sometimes.  They had all screened me ahead of time asking if I had a phone and could they call me and wanted to know if I had got my cell phone working yet or not.  At the time I got it I was told, "It's this new thing".  It was like new gadget technology then.  When I answered their question with no, I didn't have it operating yet, one Dicksie looked upset.  They were making comments to me saying, "You got the cricket didn't you?" and smirking.  Melinda Gates was smirking along with another woman, a Dicksie, and others.  I thought, "These women think it's funny or I'm stupid or something for having the cricket phone" and I thought the reason why was because I'd watched cricket games played by Pakistanis with Diana and knew she liked one of them, and once they asked me to play with them.  I don't recall if Charles also played cricket, but I know I thought are they mocking me because I got a cricket phone?  

The other thing that happened to me when I was younger, before this even, from what I recall, is that there was a serious torture session of me in a remote place one time.  I thought it was Russia, and the flight there took a long time but I'm not sure.   I know that my natural body rhythms for times and sleep-wake cycles change in the Fall, to more of a London time where when people here are asleep I'm still awake.  I think this has to do with how many times I was transported out of the country and had to adjust to the other time-zones.

What happened at this one place was extremely frightening and violent.  I was living with a family and then I'm not sure how it happened.  All of a sudden when I think about Haldol and a doll and being tripped, I think about what happened there.  It seems like everything was white around me.  Like a solid white room.  There was an interrogation and I was tortured with ultrasound and other forms of torture but I was being used as a pawn to try to get someone to testify to something.  There was a black woman and man who did show up later, but at first it was mostly white people.  I was being called "Anna".  There were or was a royal present as well.  It may be that first I was in the Russian location and then the second time around royals but there was an MRI machine there with the royals.  Or, they looked like the royals I knew.  It was all white and from my view, like a table with a tunnel arching over it. I am assuming it was an MRI machine because I can't think of anything else that would be solid white with a tunnel and a table like that.  People who looked like Anne, Edward, Diana, and the Queen were there, whether or not that's who they were, at least the second time, and Charles.  Someone was on the edge of the table at one point like having a gynecological exam.  It looked to me like I was facing because someone was holding me farther back and then I saw someone possibly do a procedure to take out eggs.  It didn't look like someone was being "raped"? but maybe I don't recall everything but it did look like a medical procedure and the legs were out at the end of the table and there was talk about eggs.  As a kid, I probably wondered why in the world those grown ups were talking about eggs and I know I looked all over for eggs in the room and I didn't see any eggs.  Because, I mean think about it.  If you're really little and it's all grown ups and a room with nothing in it but a medical table? and a tunnel thing (MRI? or CT machine?), to hear someone talk about eggs, when you know of eggs as round objects from birds you can see, or whatever, it was confusing.  What eggs?  where were the eggs?  why were we all there to talk about eggs that weren't even there?  If there was assault, that is very possible.  I mostly thought it was about eggs.  It pretty much looked like my Mom, or the person I was told was my Mom, one of the Dicksies.  It is possible one of the women was maybe Carol Middleton too.  Like a Dicksie had the egg procedure and so did a Carol Middleton.  Then they had some black people appear who looked at me very meanly.  With absolute hatred.  If I participated in the procedure it's not what comes to mind because I felt a few feet back and could see.  I was told to lie on the table and then a man who looked like Charles laid on me and I was assaulted in some way but I don't know how and one who maybe looked like Edward did or watched.   Then I was being rolled back from the table into the chamber that was the tunnel and something about the "resurrection" was mentioned.  That was the time that I remember royals or people who looked like them around and a procedure.  Much later, after this, Diana Spencer was with me in a hospital room when I had an examination and eggs were mentioned but I didn't think about the previous time.  However, it was Diana who observed while the exam was done. 

The other white room was before the "egg occasion".  In that situation, there was Haldol going around, people getting tortured, interrogated, and I was referred to as "Anna".  I thought of other people as my parents for some reason.  Like there was another man and woman I thought were my Mom and Dad.  I am not sure why but I was living with them awhile to think that.  It is possible I was abused by them in some way or programmed or tortured but was forced to bond with them anyway.  However, when I saw Robert and Dicksie, when they tried to take me away or hurt them, I attacked Robert and Dicksie, to protect my "parents" who I thought were the other ones.  I think I kicked Robert in the shin with my foot.  He went into a rage, furious I'd kicked him, or the one who looked like Robert did, and then he and Dicksie began cutting me.  They were cutting and then stopped and then cut me and stopped and kept cutting me.  I was terrorized and some other person there was and they had given me a doll.  I remembered the doll because I slept with it.  The doll was like my teddy bear.  Robert took it from me (or the one looking like him) and I attacked over that too.  Then Dicksie had it and I was trying to get it back.  This is way before they later bought a cabbage patch baby doll I wanted and put it on the top shelf in a closet in Moses Lake.  Over a period of many days, I was taunted and cut up.  Every time I was around Robert and Dicksie, they were cutting me.  They told a man there he was too blackmailed to do anything about it and they said they were going to take me too.
When I stayed with this one family (I think the ones from wherever) or lived with them, I slept with my doll every night and it was a hard doll, not a soft cloth one. I fell asleep with my arm around it.  One day someone put a live baby there instead of my doll and I still wanted my doll. 
This was something I was telling the CIA about when they asked if anyone gave me anything and where was it.  So they were going on and on about "tell us another story" and when I got to the part about someone putting a live baby there instead of my doll, they said, "It's ALIVE!  the toy came to life?"  and I said, "That's not what I said.  I said I had my doll and then they stole it from me and put a baby there instead and then swapped it for something else."
This cutting of me happened so much and was gruesome and then this one woman was crying and I don't know that she spoke English, and the man was upset and sitting in a hard-backed chair and they kept telling him to confess to something.  It's remotely possible it was something about the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Army).  If that's not correct, I heard something about it once and the other thing was if someone was spying or someone got killed because of him.  Robert and Dicksie said "You can confess and she stays here" or you can deny it and we have blackmail against you."  They said since you deny it we're taking your daughter and they went over to me after they'd been cutting me with razors and knives and dragged me with them,  or picked me up and walked out. 
The man said, "What you're saying is if I confessed, and I'm not, but you're saying if I confess she'll stay here but you know I'd be in jail."  Some translator talked to the other woman who didn't speak English and she said, through the translator she'd watch me and then they said no, how was she going to support me? 

However, like I said, I do remember someone around there that was doing some torture and programming of me too. Not sure it was them but possibly, but someone who had access to me was.  Like ultrasound pain, maybe infrared stuff, and programming.  One man also did something sexual to me and I thought it was to degrade me because he was mad at me but he was a man who came to the house as a guest or visitor.  He was allowed into the room and when he assaulted me he also said he'd make sure I never went anywhere in life.  I know a man who looked like Robert also did this to me and said a similar thing.  I was maybe 3-5 I think but possibly up to age 6 however I think younger.
It was some Italian man in Russia or wherever that was, while I stayed at the other house and had to go to a white room where there was interrogation.  He was Italian, moreso looking than Robert for example, and larger (overweight).  He said this to me and a larger Russian (overweight) looking man did, but not as much as the Italian one and then when I was taken away from the couple, back at my house in Moses Lake, a Robert said this to me while lording himself over me saying, what they had, "I'll make sure you never amount to anything."
 They went to my bed and got in to tell me these this.  There was one other Russian (possibly) overweight man who was not as bad or did not say this to me and maybe didn't harm me but got in and I was scared because of what the row of others had done.  They all took a turn.  In one of the rooms, maybe not that one but the next one where this kind of row came in, the wallpaper was pin-striped.  There was the place in Russia (or wherever) where I don't recall the walls, and a couple of men came in this way, and then there was a room with pin-striped wallpaper set at least 1-2 inches apart in stripes and the men coming in were Judges and lawyers.

This is the kind of thing the CIA has been doing to me my entire life.  Their motives are sheer hate and pedophilia.  They don't have any "plan" other than to ruin lives.

1/28/14  possibly James Comey in Granny's basement assault as well.  He was already in the picture by then.  I don't know how he knew John Kerry already but they already knew each other.  It looked like him and he was definitely going by the name "James" and I "think" his wife was there but I'm not sure. he was also loud and a braggart and said he was "like wild Bill" or "I want to be just like our wild Bill" and then after I was assaulted I was in the kitchen at the top of the stairs and he was talking about how he was the "honeycomb" and therefore a real 'sugar daddy' or something like that.  but there was a Robert Garrett jr next to him saying that too.
  I'm sure bill Clinton was there because there was no other reason to reference one who looked like him as wild bill.  They were saying, "Ride the beast!" about me and talking about "riding me" like a bucking bronco.  Locklyn was also there and she was getting mad that I was pulling the straw out and back from my coke before I was assaulted, or it was a totally different time, when some people came over to play pool.  She thought Valentine (her husband) was flirting with me.  Then later at this one house where a row of judges and lawyers came in to assault me, at the same time they had locklyn open the door and have Valentine go in and force me to kiss him, and then holly avila my other aunt opened the door and had Pablo go in to force me to kiss him and I didn't want to kiss any of them.  They were forcing me to kiss the judges and lawyers when they were assaulting or degrading me.
  Anne Crane was there for one of the times.  Then when they left they had another woman if it wasn't the aunt, opening the door to let them out and someone who looked like them. Joy Sterling was there for all of that.

I was tied to the bed so I couldn't try to leave and had to stay there while this was done to me.
Also, it was both a Robert Garrett jr and a Mike Middleton at an MI5 place where they grabbed my arm and accused me of doing something.  Someone tried to say, after I was hired by the CIA, that I was "MI5" and I said, "No I'm not".  One man kept trying to insist I was.  I was tortured by MI5, inside their offices.  They hooked me up to an electrocution machine and targeted my head asking if I was passing information to people or sharing secrets about the royal family.

I think it made the U.S. FBI and UK MI5 feel they had a real cozy relationship.

For a timeline on when I met the "Anna" from the CIA, it was when I was an older kid.  The Russians I met through her were different from the ones I met when I was very young and I heard my own name being said as "Anna".  One time in my life (I don't know that it was then but I was young, around age 3 or so) I was put next to another girl with red hair and they were comparing us and saying how we were different and alike and if anyone could tell the difference.  They made sure our hair was curled the same way even.  They said no, they couldn't tell the difference and which was which?  They said "this one has a mole on her middle finger".  Later it was said in Canada at some point and I also heard mention when I was in a visiting place and I realized some girl I used to play with that looked like me was gone because I kept running into mirrors when I tried to hug her.  Well, I am "the one" who has the mole on her middle finger.
  I don't know who the other one is or where she is or if she's still alive.  She could be anywhere, and she may very well be dead. 

That's the kind of thing intelligence agencies like to do with triplets and twins--kill one or both or all of them. 

(I will describe the timeline I mentioned a little later)

As to the mole on my finger, how long has it been there?  Is it possible it showed up later and then I was the non-mole girl who got confused with the other one with a mole on her finger?  Something is possible one way or the other because I got into a big argument about it when I was a kid with one of the Dicksies.  I said I remembered the other girl and how it was about the mole or not and I accused someone of trying to tamper with that mark to pull a switcheroo.  I either accused her of having something to do with a sudden new mole that appeared on my finger, or trying to remove it.  Because I didn't see her using a solution to try to get rid of it, I think it's possible one showed up and I accused her of "doing something" to make a mole show up there when I didn't have one and it was how to tell me apart from the other girl.  Possibly once the Queen Elizabeth showed me a mole she had but I don't know why she was showing me her moles.  I know Sandhurst Military (in England) worked with both me and the other redhead.
I got mad at my Mom one day after I was trying to figure things out.  I was saying, "Yes, I DO know there was another girl because they told us apart because one had a mole on her middle finger and the other one didn't."  My Mom denied it and then the very next time I was sent to England, they took me to Sandhurt Military and doctors there tried to use technology to change what was there/not there. 
They took my hand and were using some kind of laser or something.  Some sort of SOME kind of technology and I was saying "No!"  Maybe I had scars they wanted to remove too.  However, what is possible is that it's possible I had a small mole near my mouth they removed.  Not on the same side Marilyn Monroe has one but the other side.  Possibly.  The other thing is that I don't think I had a mole on my middle finger and I think they did something to trigger one to grow or appear that wasn't there before.  Possibly they switched sides on my fingers.  If I had one on my right middle finger, they may have removed it and then added one to grow on my left middle finger instead to say I was just "confused" about where it was.   I also know they tortured me while I was there, with ultrasound and electrocution and wanted me to forget about the other girl and our distinguishing marks.  Then after they were torturing me, they put me through the CT or MRI machine and collected data on me.

They also stole my jacket from me and refused to give it back and made me leave without one, and they stole all of my pins, awards, letters, and medals I had received for my work as a pilot and in bravery.  I had a ton of badges and things for earning my way through rank.  So later, it was either Edward Lee Howard or another man who started asking, "Where are her letters?" and he meant my letters someone had been sending me and also my letters, like for a letterman jacket because I had a bomber jacket.  What I remember is they forced me to leave wearing a flannel nightgown.  And mocked me.

I didn't have all of the badges sewn onto the jacket.  I had them and kept asking one of the Dicksies to sew them on and I wanted to wear my jacket with the other pins too but I was told they could get ruined or someone might see and want to steal them.  I said okay then, maybe later? and kept them all in a box in a drawer or Dicksie did and I was allowed to look at them.  They were not "Bluebirds" and "Campfire" badges (though I had those too).  They were my pilot training rank and other honorary awards.  I got one (I think) or it was noted in some way, for "saving the king's life" but I'm not sure what I did now. 
Daniel, one of Goldman's friends, was there and mad at me but glad to be taking my coat and letters.  They also made me give them every letter I had been given on royal letterhead or stationary or other papers, documents that were personal, and they stole all of my letters from everyone who had ever written to me.  They wanted the letters from Prince Edward most of all but there were some from others, and possibly they stole Edward Howard letters but I wouldn't completely recall.  I'm not sure I ever saw all of what someone tried to send me.  All of this was done after I said to my Mom I remember the other girl.
They even took my shoes and forced me to walk out barefoot.

There had already been a prior threat made when I was very little, to make sure I never amounted to anything, because of wanting to punish someone, so it wasn't like I had a chance when certain groups or grown-ups kept setting me up for failure.  I wasn't failing flying at all.  That was something I did well.  I was good at my work.  They forced me out because of jealousy and politics and accusations, and really, I can say it's true some had bad motives or they wouldn't have said what they did and then kidnapped me.  No one stole my jacket and letters until I asked where the other girl was however.  That was threatening to them.  Also, no one attacked my career there until I had reported "pedophilia" by Prince Charles to London police.

At one point when the Mormon FBI or CIA psychologist Alan Springer kept electrocuting me with a Dicksie, a Robert Garrett jr. (I don't know which one) pleaded with James (Whitey) Bulger to take me with him and let me stay with them for some time.  He said I was "good" but he couldn't do it, saying I had hit his dog and struck out at anyone (yeah, only under torture).  There were a couple of people pleaded with to let me live with them and they turned me down.  It made me feel like they really didn't care if I was tortured, targeted to be killed, or sexually assaulted, and then I find out, Bulger was working for the FBI and they knew all along.  Obviously, many or 100%, when it came down it, in the Pacific NW were "locked down" and cooperating with torture of me and their directors were all head-hitmen who had prior experience in committing and witnessing (and not reporting) violent acts of pedophilia.  But there were others who had some distance to one pack of people and I felt really let down.  One of the Roberts acted desperate and panicked but I don't know if it was acting or not but he seemed panicked and didn't usually get that way.  The other person he asked to watch me out of fear of something was his Dad Robert Garrett sr. who said the same thing, and I was sent back to be tortured and electrocuted.  So then I did stay with him a short time, later, and some men barged in and electrocuted me there.  I was hitting dogs or people if they got too close to me or attacked because I was being taught to fight back. Then they did the reverse and forced me to do nothing and to accept all abuse and torture and pretend like none of it hurt.  My Grandpa Baird said the same thing once but I was tortured there too when I was younger. 

We were having to stop at the Cansler place (a house) all the time for a while too.  It was in between Ritzville and Moses Lake and a lot of switching was done there.  There were people taking me out in the back of trunks of cars from there and switching around.  It was off the freeway but isolated and had a lot of property.  I was told once that I was the owner of it.  Somehow, I was told I actually owned that house and that property because it was given to me either in a will or by a deed.  I had a place in Russia that had a deed in my name, and then this other house was supposedly mine, when I was a kid.  I was forced to sign so many documents without reading them first it's possibly it was stolen from me that way.  I remember when they were selling it I already knew I was the owner and I said, "They can't do that.  I'm the one who owns it."

There was some kind of a murder there once.  It is where, I think, I got pushed out of a window that broke.

One day, the FBI and Secret Service showed up and surrounded the place with a bunch of military..  They accused me of trying to escape the U.S. and my parents of wrongdoing of some kind.  They held all of us hostage and had us tied to chairs and other things for over a week.  I was kicked by cops.  Josh Gatov showed up there, with some parent or official he knew.  There were a bunch of Russian Jews in the house one day, and holding me hostage. They were there, along with cops.

I definitely owned that house and property.  However, my parents started to get mad about it.  Both a Bob and Dicksie began to resent my attitude in saying it was MY house and MY key to the house, and they couldn't go there without me unless I said so.  They were at first asking permission to go to my house and to use it for an "office" or getaway now and then.  So I usually said yes, but they always asked.  Then they got mad and somehow got the upper hand on something because I sensed they had somehow helped organize having "others" go over and take it from me.

While holding me hostage a cop stood by while a Jew there told me to sign it over to them and/or took the paper.  Someone also had a typewriter there and they typed out some kind of new document over the old one somehow.  I am not sure if they were the same two documents, but one forgery was made in their own favor while they were there and then they forced me to sign something else at the same time.

They also forced me to give them my house key.  It was like a full pack of Jews and a cop and Secret Service guy (maybe acting independently).  One of them kept a wide-brimmed ranger hat on, like the one the "Sheriff" wears in "Toy Story", which is a movie made partly off of MY experiences at the CIA and telling them a story about how things (my property) was constantly being stolen from me.
 They also had some kid there they said was William of Wales.  They said he was there, and they called him "Will", to witness my being beat up and tied up (which he helped with) and to witness the Jews and Sheriff tell me "You're DIVORCED".  They said, "Charles is divorcing you".  What was ironic was they admitted, by saying that, that I was married to him.  This was after I was working in the CIA offices and possibly after my lawyer had been murdered by the drowning.  The CIA knew about it so then the next thing was this hostage situation of me in my own house.  Then they had a girl there who was supposedly Katie Middleton, and I am not positive it was her, but right look and age and with parents, and they used her to be in front of me when they started forging papers and asked her to assist in destroying evidence and she did.  However, it wasn't Mike there I don't believe, from England, but Bruce from Canada.

They had a helicopter on the lawn too.  There were cars there and a helicopter.  So Will was watching me partly stripped and then tied and they were taking turns scaring me by using a hachet or something, to cut off one rung at a time. 

Some of them possibly believed I would never remember anything because they were told I was drugged.  They gave me something to drink and then said quietly not to drink it and poured it out or put it somewhere and put a finger to their lips so I could watch and see how people were acting around me when they thought I was drugged.  The cop or someone said, "She's drugged.  Go ahead.  She won't remember a thing."  Will nodded his head and some of the others and they had no idea I was paying attention.

Once I overheard other things that way too, by someone telling adults who knew me to be usually drugged, that I was drugged when I wasn't.  Once I thought maybe someone was in on it and just pretending not to know but other times I thought they really didn't know.  This was used quite a few times actually.  I literally was drugged often so most people didn't expect me not to be drugged if someone said I was.

I should add, when Queen Elizabeth showed me some moles, because I had them too, she also showed me some bruises.  She was being assaulted or maybe abused by someone and I asked who it was and I sort of think I remember what she said but she didn't say it was Philip from what I remember.  It was more unexpected. 

One of the first individuals to allow me to overhear some things while others thought I was medicated, was Robert Garrett Sr., who is now dead.

One thing I heard about myself at Charles' house, in his room with Diana and a few people there (Bill and Melinda Gates), thinking I was drugged (or pretending to me they thought so), regarding me was who my parents were and they were told "They died in a car accident. She's the only one left."
  Specifically I heard this and then when it sounded like something was asking another question, the answer... It  was at least something about "Mossad" and "Mafia".  Specifically I did hear one say it was Mossad but I don't know why.  I wanted to know who was there so I peeked and that may have given me away as not being "knocked out" from the sedatives or whatever.  I didn't open my eyes until they'd talked though.  I was lying on the bed and they were near the door.

Once I thought I knew Diana knew I was awake and was playing along, a game with Charles and there I was in the room but it was like no big deal.  Another time I overheard her and it was a shock to me because I never heard her that way--sort of mean and calculating and I couldn't imagine and she sounded like she didn't have any problem with Charles' having a relationship with me at all, it was more of an attempt to use me.  She didn't sound jealous of me in the least, just like a co-conspirator or something, like I was just a dead weight around.  That hurt my feelings, but I am positive I was also caught saying things I regretted probably, when I thought someone wasn't listening, and maybe hurt their feelings too.  If that was rreally her and I wasn't getting tricked at some CIA shop (I don't think so), I thought she sounded like she viewed me as a pawn or worker-bee, not that she was at all upset or jealous I had literally been married to Charles or he had sexual or romantic relationships.  I do think Diana knew though because once she acted like she didn't know and then made it obvious she did and was talking about me or treating me as if I was her sister and I saw her smirking at me with her arms folded.  She called me "Sarah".  When she called me "Sarah" I thought, "She thinks I'm Sarah???  I'm not even big enough to be Sarah!" so I slightly raised my lids to peer through mostly closed lashes and wondered if Sarah was also in the room and then Diana flashed a look at me, smirked and didn't seem that mad, and left.  It had sounded like they were working together on that one, Diana and Charles by the way they talked to each other.  However, after that is when I got in trouble and Charles did get mad at me and did some abusive things.  I also noticed they were suddenly treating me, together, like I was a child they were both responsibly "managing".  I was degraded from being sort of an equal partner to being "the kid" the "grown-ups talked about."  This was later repeated in other situations, including with "so-called fiancé Alvaro Pardo who cheated on me with Mykal Holt and then acted like they were the grown ups managing me and I was just the kid, who Mykal was telling, as she flirted with Alvaro across the table, "Go back to your room and finish your nap."  ?!

Obviously someone never "got over it".

It wasn't even her who he made his mistress comment about though.  I found out, after we were married, he was possibly having an affair with some other woman and I told him I wanted it to stop.  I said I didn't like it and he was married to me.  He said so you think I should only be with you and I said yes, I think that's what marriage is.  I said, "I don't like it that you're with someone else if you say you love me."  He was first flattered saying no one else cared or was even jealous.  Then he blew up saying, "Do you REALLY expect me to be the FIRST ENGLISH KING in HISTORY that doesn't have a MISTRESS?"  (or do you "seriously") He looked at me, furious and frustrated and red in the face.  I stood there calmly and looked back at him and said plainly:  "Yes".  He stood there, waiting for me to say more and I said nothing else.  He stormed out of the room.  That was before I was advised to go to London police about pedophilia.

It is possible, with the Cansler house, I thought at the time as a kid, that because someone had truly stolen a deed to a house in Russia that was in my name, maybe my parents owned the Cansler place and just wanted me to think someone had given it to me.  That way I could be given the key and think it was mine and then talk about it that way and when people found out it wasn't ever in my name, or if that was the case, they would also discredit me for having a deed to a house in Russia that I was forced to sign over.  I saw the deed with my own eyes and I know it was mine.  I was told the Cansler house was mine and from a will or Yulia or Edward Howard gave it to me. 

There was also a house in England that Charles supposedly gave me.  Then the Snowden's decided to inhabit it.  It was possibly Snowdens or Valerie.  I went there and they pushed me out saying it was their house and get out and that's when it had been my house.  There was a baby and some kids and everything.  I had the key and used it to go in and when I was inside, the family attacked me, stole the key from me and said it's ours.

I am pretty sure that's what may have happened in Russia too but I'm absolutely positive with that place that it was mine.  I also know a lot of money was sent to me that was truly supposed to go to me, and instead it was taken and sent elsewhere.  It is true many things were stolen from me, even if it is also true I was used as a mid-way station for items occasionally.  So yes, I'm sure some things were given to me with the purpose of having it then taken from me and given to the person it was being sent to.  That probably happened.  However, I also had my own property and a lot of money stolen from me and the U.S. government was even forcing me into slave labor for them and then writing my checks out to someone other than me when I was the one who did the work.  I went from having my own house in London near Buckingham, a small house, to being forced out and told to sleep in the Sandhurst military barracks.  Then some developer wanted to tear those military barracks down and made the suggestion while I was living there.  I knew it was because someone didn't even want me to be THAT close, in any way, to the royals anymore.  They were so desperate, they were getting rid of an entire military barracks just to force me into homelessness.  I was sleeping in bunks with men who wore the big red feathered hats that stood to guard the palace.  I was "told" I was sent there because someone heard of a "hit" on my life so they thought it was safer if I stayed with the guards.  So I did, and then a Robert was there too off and on and I had to wait around stuck there until someone came to my door and forced me to sign yet another document.  I wasn't allowed to read it and then we were told to go and when Robert walked out with me I saw Charles in the distance and Robert and Charles smirking together after Charles had just been there to say how horribly upset he was that the military barracks were being torn down.

I had seen many parts of Buckingham and the other palaces.  In addition to some of the regular rooms, I stayed in a servants quarter once and then at military barracks with soldiers and guards. 
When I was forced out the military barracks, because literally someone was so hateful they wanted to close down a huge housing complex just to get rid of ME, I was forced back to the U.S. and tortured and electrocuted and sexually assaulted and sodomized.

Mike Middleton had said to me, when I was out of Buckingham, "Here, you can stay at the barracks" so I was staying there.  Supposedly it was a death threat against me and a very large group (maybe someone else later told me) was trying to kill me.  When one person found out I was not able to stay in the barracks they were extremely upset.  At least they acted very distressed and worried and I'm not sure why but that time it was one of the Dicksies.  I did find out which group it was supposedly, that wanted to murder me but I'm not sure if it's true. 
I did notice when I got there I was very cold and uncomfortable because I was so cold and then one of the guards said something for me and the heat was turned on throughout the entire place for everyone and one of the guards came in and said to me, "Wow, so who are you anyway?  You say you're cold and the heat gets turned on just for you?"  I just nodded politely, said "thank you" and said nothing more.
I was not tortured there at first.  Everyone was pleasant, and then after I was there awhile someone or some group started up an ultrasound kind of technology and my back began to hurt so bad I couldn't sleep.  I kept suspecting the guards.  I didn't know if it was infrared and sonar and ultrasound just from the outside somehow or if it was one of the guards they made me stay with, bringing it in, but they used several forms of torture on me after a day passed.  I was tortured so badly when London police contacted me there they said casually, "Do you still feel like talking about the report?" and I said "No" because I was throwing up and being tortured so badly I felt like throwing up and was in extreme pain.  This was after I'd already made the initial report and then was assaulted at one of the palaces but later I was told to go to this one military place close to the "house".  I felt they were punishing me with torture for saying anything and they were using guards and the military to do it.  I got so sick, and I'm not sure why this happened, but my face turned green.  I got scared because I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my face had this distinctly greenish tint.  I could barely even make my way to the bathroom I was so sick.  They were also doing things to me that affected my heart.  One of the guards said, "Here, drink this and you'll feel better" and I did and then my tongue twisted up and I couldn't talk and I knew it was the "Haldol" stuff.  I hadn't even been talking to anyone at that place about anything personal.  I didn't expect to drink medication there that affected me like that.  I also had a seizure on the ground and one of the guards made fun of me, saying I was a real "royal", a real "Rottweiler".  They said, "Hey, she's just like Willie".
 Not all of the military or guys there, I know, were "bad" but some of them were.  I think the Rottweiler comment came up because Diana had asked me what kind of dog I thought different people would be (for fun) and I said what I thought.  It is possible many people or surveillance heard me.  She asked me about Charles and I said, "I think a Doberman pinscher" and she liked that.  It made her smile and laugh and she said why and I said well he's sort of lean like they are and, I don't know, I just think so.  I should add, I don't know at what point it was in time, but there was one time some were making Diana bow to me.  It was a couple of other royals and in private, not in public, it was being done but she didn't look humiliated as much as scared and I never knew why she would feel scared at all.  Then she asked about Camilla and possibly I was the one who said maybe Camilla would be like a Rottweiler, possibly for the way her cheeks were sometimes, and possibly because there was that kind in front of me then and Diana motioned to the dogs.  I am not positive I said this because I could have said something else, but somehow, I ended up hearing myself called a Rottweiler by cops and soldiers.  I also said, "And they sort of look like dogs that go together too" or she said they were dogs that looked good together, one of us said this about the dog breeds.

I was green enough in the face to have others notice.  I believe it was from torture, and no other cause.  I was not green until after being tortured for several days to the point of sickness. 

When one of the guards said something to me about Rottweiler I thought "Why is he bringing up what Diana and I talked about?  Are they punishing me over Camilla too? someone in the military was insulted by that?"  I didn't know how it was possible anyone overheard because I didn't say anything.  I heard Tom Parker Bowles there.  I don't know if he was in the room with me but one was called Tom.  A couple of them seemed nice and one of them I was really scared of because he seemed to hate me.

I'm not sure who wanted me to be tortured there.  I don't know if Mike Middleton knew I would be and that's why he put me there, or if a Robert or Charles or someone else knew or what.  I told Diana "I think they're corrupt" because I blamed the military and guards in part for torturing me on their premises.  I also told her, "Also, one of them called me a Rottweiler and you're the only one I talked to about the dogs and people so I don't know where they got the idea to bring it up.  I didn't talk to anyone about it.  Maybe they were bugging me?"  She sort of just listened to that and didn't say anything except maybe "I don't know".

I was also forced into seizures and then refused medication until someone 'did something' to make them release the medication to me.  So I was being tortured to force someone else to do something.

I was told by Mike Middleton (I think, unless it was one of his friends) that "Muslims want to kill you" as being a threat and part of the monarchy.  I said, "But I'm not a royal" and he said, "Well...."
 and then said something like I was or 'close enough' or they thought I was.  So then I said, "But I thought the group that wanted to kill me was Mossad.?"

If I'm correct, even though I didn't recognize him at first in Washington D.C., Chris Dabney is the same person who was living as a kid in Coquille, Oregon at the time I was, which means he would have met James Cartright then, not later because James showed up later, (after I was sodomized off of that road) and he was at the CIA offices, and he was one of the "youths" who raped me in a group where their group called it "Youth-in-Asia" because I was telling people I was "Caucasian" not "white".  So when I got back from Russia, I was made fun of about being "Caucasian" (or cock-Asian) and this CIA-military group of kids and teens raped me.  I'm not making up or imagining what symbolism they put into it because these are some of the comments they made to me, prior to and during their rape of me.  They also made fun of me over what I told FBI and CIA, in one of the "toy stories" I told them about things or property stolen from me.  I told them I had wanted the hard doll instead of the live one and a comment was made about this when some of these kids got a hard plastic vibrator and held it on me.

Of the things the cops in Coquille and Coos Bay did to me then (in the late 80s), at this "black site", they 1.  refused to make a report of my being assaulted at Figaros, 2. participated in gang-violence against me on a bridge, 3.  participated in torture of me using car electricity after I was sodomized, 4.  attempted to provoke me by having Kate Middleton in an office with me after making comments intended to provoke me, 5.  kidnapped me in a cop car more than once to drive me to other locations, 6.  threatened me at the library, 7.  banned me from going to the post office to pick up or drop off mail and when the only way I got my mail was through my own personal P.O. Box, 8. lied about me to claim I was mentally ill and sent me to be medicated and tortured, 9. arrested me with a claim of shoplifting which I didn't do at Safeway as an excuse to isolate me in a juvie cell and videotape me, 10. drove me to an animal shelter in Coos to be locked up and tortured without any charges made for anything, 11.  arranged for me to be sent to California on an animal packing transport to be forced to work for an animal shelter that made fun of me (one of several jobs I was given that I was never paid for, to mock the fact that I was competent of adult work and had been successful previously).  The CIA and military forced me onto 3 different animal transportations, not including being driven to Coos Bay animal shelter.  One was to California, where Cher and her kids were met again and I was assaulted; one was to and from Lee County, Georgia police animal shelter with Secret Service participating in my abuse; one was from Georgia to another state in a "dog transportation car".  I was forced to wear animal restrainers and then they were throwing dog toys back at me.  All of this was after I was asked to compare people to dogs and what kind of dogs they'd be.  However, this was not the first time I was locked up like this because I was a pre-teen by then, and I had been held in dog cages with Wenatchee people involved, when I was younger.

The CIA and military did other things to me when I was very young.  I don't think I was trafficked all over the world then either, but at least to a few places.  I know when a Dicksie was pregnant with my brother (if he actually is my brother), I was asked to be present for "happy hypnosis" for the baby.  There was more than one but one I remember specifically.  That was actually not my brother because I was older, but a few times I was around when they not only wanted me to say what I thought the unborn baby would be like, but make a comment to it, and they also used equipment to ultrasound the stomach.  I can't say I know what that equipment would be exactly but I heard them say "Are we going to ultrasound now?"

They were "programming" babies before they were even born.  You know.  Lucky! kids.  They weren't trying to kill them or damage them, but they didn't care if it was painful to the baby.  It is more important to the CIA and military that they control their citizens.  I was around Carol Middleton's "womb", Joy Sterling's "womb", a woman who was Russian in some way or who reminded me of them (maybe Val, Princess Michael or someone who looked like her) and Diana (of Wales).  I mostly remember Joy Sterling.  They would lie down on their backs on the floor and then have things stuck to their heads and stomach, and something turned on and the only word I recall is "ultrasound" which was possibly code for something else but I'm not sure.  I know my lower back started hurting when they were over with their own babies for that.  My back started hurting so bad, as a kid, when Joy Sterling was over there for the 'ultrasound' that I was sick and could barely move and was hunched over when I tried to walk.  I had to lie down myself and felt like I was going to throw up.  It was so bad I said I wasn't going to ever give my opinions about babies in the womb again.  I felt I had tried to do nice things for other women's babies or what these women wanted, and in return they tortured me and it was so bad the time with Joy that I said never again and then a Dicksie smirked and no more babies were brought to me for an "unborn child" "reading".

I was asked if I thought it was a boy or a girl and I guessed wrong or right, not sure, and then one of the things I said when I put my hand on her stomach was, "He doesn't like the fighting.  You're fighting too much and he doesn't like it.  I think he's sad."  That one was actually for Diana Spencer I believe and it was like a big faux pas but I was saying what I thought.  I was so discouraged about what I'd said to Diana that I was being pressured to say nicer things about the babies.  I didn't have very positive things to say about any of them but I said what I thought.  So then Joy, knowing I was being truthful, decided she couldn't stand to hear it from me, and tried to control everything I said.  When it wasn't good enough for her, she forced me to repeat after her, happy positive things to her baby, like a parrot.  Diana nodded, like she agreed, with sort of open fearful eyes, even if she didn't like what I said.  I wasn't even around her during her pregnancy so I wouldn't have known, but that's what came to my mind.  Then after a few times and women saying, "No, I want to know what she thinks", I was being told, "Say nicer things, give them happy ideas". I said "But I told the truth.   You think I should just lie?" and they said, "It's their babies" and so the one time I tried to be a 'people-pleaser' it wasn't good enough for Joy and then I was tortured by ultrasound.  So I thought, "They complain when I tell them what I really think, and then they torture me if I say what they want."  So I "quit" doing their 'baby assessments'.  I felt I was forced out of it, like some thought I was good so they tortured me to quit because of "competition".  The Carol Middleton one, which was Kate, I said "I think there is something different about this one, maybe a problem for me."  Then I noticed one of the Dicksies brighten a little with a slight smirk, sort of like she thought it was a positive comment or insight.  I was asked what I thought she'd look like and I said I thought she'd be successful and pretty with dark brown hair but "some kind of problem for me".  They said how tall, short or tall and I said medium tall, like maybe Granny's height.  I said taller than any of us women in the room.  I was asked about personality type too. 

They recorded everything I said and took tapes with them, so they were documenting what I said before the babies were ever born.  I said why are you recording and they said "It's keepsakes" and I said, "Oh, okay."  I didn't mind being recorded, that was fine with me for that.

However, I did notice they tried to get me to "mess up" and say incorrect things so they could have "flubs" "documented" on tape as well and I felt that was an effort to discredit me.  Why do that?  Either it was competition or the CIA didn't want to explain why they were really going to try to kill me.  At one point, staged or not, because a Dicksie was doing the same thing, this one woman pushed past the Dicksie, in a huff and sort of rudely and said, 'No.  I want HER to do it."   Then Dicksie looked hurt and I was shocked and this woman's big basketball belly produced in front of me to "interpret".  I felt bad, noticing how this Dicksie felt because it looked like her feelings were hurt.  Then when Joy got together with Dicksie and I was being coached by a Robert to also say it differently, I thought they were conspiring against me to belittle my abilities and get THAT on tape, to preserve whatever they had 'going' as the Profiteers with themselves.  That's not to say Dicksies are not tortured because they have been and are, but that is what I wondered then.  I cared about all of their feelings but I also noticed when they attempted to sideline me and get that part documented.  I wasn't really psychic, I wasn't really smart, and therefore, there was no reason why anyone in the government should want to murder me.  You know, I had an 'accident' for no reason and no one had any motive to try to harm me.  That's not to toot my own horn because I very well might not have been very "gifted" and I do know Robert and Dicksie are.  I didn't have a way to estimate myself.  I know documentation was made to deliberately undermine me though.  Prior to an assassination attempt by the military and CIA "rockclimbing", I had an effort being made to have me sound like I was having a problem seeing things, like I had a vision problem or a mental psychotic problem that had me see things that weren't there.  How that would have explained why I was at the bottom of a cliff with a cut rope, I don't know.  I can definitely say I am not psychicly gifted anymore, the way I was.  No one should read into what I think more than they should, wondering if I still am because I'm not.  I have very faint traces now and then, at random,  but it's not like normal, enough to say "gifted".  I have wondered if when William was hit in the head, since he had seizures like I did, if they also used the brain surgery to target any possible psychic gifted center he had, but I tend to think they didn't.  I'm not sure why but having any excuse to brain surgery opens a lot of doors to the Devil.  They can ruin you through torture too, without surgery, and by repeatedly medicating someone with drugs like Haldol.  Even some of the people who at first seem to go to you for your insights, can later dislike you or fear you over it and then they try to either control you or shut you down.  This country doesn't respect "free agents".  I wish people had not murdered my mentors.  I had some very loving and exceptional people who maybe a lot of people hated and disagreed with, but they really loved me and wanted the very best for me.