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Programming To Incite Hate Crimes

There were other times and examples I can think of, where Dicksie or Robert were used to specifically brainwash me and forced me to repeat the same reaction over and over, which was being used to incite hate crimes and excuses for hate crime against me.

I am able to think of two specific things that were done, even when I was an older child, which were specifically to incite hate crimes.  One was a conditioning that was done prior to a car drive where I was in the back seat and Larry and Obama were in the front seat, and a Robert Jr. forced me to rehearse over and over a reaction and comments, and then instead of nothing happening to me, to hurt me because of it, it was designed to infuriate Larry and Obama and increase their hatred of me.

I know it was programming and premeditated attempt to set me up to be hurt by thugs and criminals because of how many times I was forced to rehearse the same words and comments about their driving.  As a result, I was attacked physically in the car.  They saved it up for the next time I was in the car and then went to the back seat and beat me until I couldn't move.

Diana also participated in another form of programming, which included Robert Jr. and it was to force me to repeat over and over, comments about dieting or what she shouldn't eat.  I thought at first she was being open to having someone try to help her be accountable about her weight, and then I realized, she and a Robert Garrett Jr. were deliberately setting me up to say things that would sound like I was picking on her and she was a victim, (by soundbites only) and which they then used to have me repeat to Stanley Ann Dunham when Obama was around, who then used it as his motivation for taking me into the basement to vaginally rape me with his penis, beat me by punching and kicking me, torture me by electrocution from a metal headband attached to a box that conducted electricity which I was forced to have on my head, and then masturbated in front of me with Robert Garrett Jr while taking briefcases of money.

I am able to be very specific about exactly what was said and done to force me to repeat the same responses over and over.  They also used torture to control me, by cutting up my arms when I was younger, and electrocution, and beatings and forced me to do things sexually.  Then they would isolate me so I had no one around me and was in solitary and had no one to turn to or talk to and then they'd show up and act like the FBI and Military were "the Heroes".  Then they'd get me out of a chained up situation or isolated place and act nice and caring as if they were never the ones who tortured and raped me.

The hate crimes by Robert and Dicksie are so bad, I know some of my son's physical condition is because of them and my brother and Dicksie's family.  They were the ones putting me in dog cages as a kid for Susan who now works for CASA.  They did anything for the U.S. and for money and they never treated me like I was a biological relative.  Instead, I realized later most of them had been plotting to harm me and kill me off.

It got significantly worse when Katie Middleton was born and she was pre-planned.  Her conception wasn't an accident and they had an idea of what they wanted to do with her which was why they planned the conception to begin with.  Then everything I owned was being stolen from me and given to her and I was forced to work for the U.S. in a number of jobs and they gave all of the money I supposedly "earned" to her.

Most of the people who forced me to repeat programming were Jewish and I believe they are not just U.S. government employees but Mossad.  They also had the same socialist ideas which was why they funded Katie Middleton.  Even the Republicans involved were socialists.  George Bush and his Dad were not "Republican".  They were tied into English socialism and supported the monarchy and socialism and did everything they could to thwart American independence.  I think the reason Carmen Wilson Garrett freaked out when I mentioned Mossad was because she is Mossad.  She worked for the U.S. Army and married my brother and I believe she is not just a Middleton supporter, she has been working with Mossad for a long time.

Much later, one of the last times I remember being specifically forced for an entire summer to repeat the same thing over and over, was at the Mills Casino in Coos Bay.  The U.S. government used a bunch of local people who were U.S. military, and one of the Dicksies was there to help them with the programming.  They forced me to do the same repeated thing over and over and over, inside of that Casino and I could tell they didn't like me.  It was enjoyable to them to humiliate and control me.

There were some Jews there, a couple of employees from SWOCC, one or two from OSU, and military.  They forced me to go through the casino in a maze pattern, taking the same direction every single time, and then through a conference room and through one specific door and then to specific machines in the casino, stopping at the specific machines.  They forced me to repeat this for several hours a day, days at a time, for an entire summer.  It was one specific thing, over and over and over, and then they were mocking me and laughing with each other when I'd touch the screen of one machine with my hand as they'd programmed and forced me to do.  All of them were Katie Middleton supporters.  They also used some individuals who were near the casino, who were not Caucasian (for example, Chinese-American) to assist with the programming and all of them made fun of me.

All of them, worked to ruin my college and life and wanted to promote Katie Middleton.  She was either brought into that Casino at the end, to watch and was talking to the people there  or she was being talked about one of the last days they had me there.  They also had Michelle Erickson's uncle there, participating in programming me and it wasn't like it was "pain-free".  Not only was Gary Erickson there, the CIA man accused of espionage later "Harold J. Nicholson" was there.  I was introduced to him and then I said to him at some point "Are you a rat or something?"  No one asked me that, I looked at him and said something about did he work as a spy and was he a rat.

People around got quiet and his eyes widened.  Even though I wasn't even psychic, someone decided that since I had been in the past, they'd follow him up.  Several years later, the FBI arrested him for espionage and first they'd had me tortured and sodomized at ADMAX in Colorado. The real reason the FBI arrested him was not over "espionage".  They arrested him because they thought he was going to testify about the torture and abuse of me in the U.S. by U.S. officials.  It was hate crime, and not "privileged" information.  He said he was going to try to help me, after first assaulting me there in front of people, and then  later I barely mentioned something about how Nicholson knew what was going on and I thought he was CIA and was going to tell people because he said he wanted to help me.

After this, someone got worried Nicholson would testify about the truth, and they arrested him.  They first secretly took him to ADMAX and had me there and programmed me more, with him and Robert Garrett Jr., forcing me to repeat the same comment over and over, when the U.S. held me as a hostage inside of their prison outside of Corvallis and then ADMAX, "Are you Harold Nicholson?"  "Are you a spy?"  and several interrogation phrases over and over.  They forced me to repeat the same things while they had me hooked up to the electrocution device.  They forced me to stay up all day and all night, repeating the exact same phrases and then expecting to hear my conditioned response when they asked a question.  They said they had "6 sessions" of it, basically, they had used several different times of forcing me to be brainwashed and they forced me to ask if Harold was working for the CIA or a foreign government in series of 6, by forcing me to repeat it 6 times, my answer, and then moving to a different question and forcing me to reply with the same answer 6 times before going to the next question.

They did not give me food and I did not have hardly any water for days.  They forced me to stay awake and they forced me to go without food.  And that was in addition to being electrocuted.

I was also forced to go to the Oklahoma Transfer Center and I was held hostage there and tortured.  They did this to me with the pretense it was over "child prostitution" but I hadn't done anything and no kid goes to an Oklahoma Transfer Center (a maximum security compound) for that kind of thing.  They threatened me about it however, and forced to be around them mostly in a nightgown.  The U.S. uses some of these prisons as sites for black operation and illegal torture.  They torture little kids and adults and no one is supposed to know about it so they make sure it is a group of liars that are involved, with personal motives to keep lying.  I remember I couldn't breathe in there--I was having dozens of panic attacks.  They forced me to watch beatings and torture of others, would only let me wear a long nightgown, like a flannel nightgown, and they tortured me and forced me into severe postures, tied or restrained, for long periods of time.  They also encouraged sexual molestation of me.

This was in a place where I think part of my reaction to seeing it was because of possibly a castle I was tortured at in England.

They had a medical center there and I remember they cut me and did something at that location.  I also remember Dr. Hughes, who works in Wenatchee, Washington at Central Washington Hospital, was a doctor who was present at that prison when I was there and he knew what was going on and was involved.  How he ended up there, or in Wenatchee, I'm not sure.  I know he was there and later in Wenatchee he was directly involved in my medical care and also in trying to have my son kidnapped from me.  He works for Feds.  Why else would he be brought in at a Federal prison if he wasn't contracting with Feds?  The U.S. government used him to keep lying about me to ruin medical records, keep up on intrusive government documentation of me, and to find false reasons to steal my son from me so they could abuse him and program him to be another U.S. guinea pig.  They had another Wenatchee doctor brought in there as well.  Guess which one.

Most of what they did to me there was force me to see people being beat up and tortured until they induced panic attacks or got me to pass out.  They directly traumatized me, and then were trying to abuse me themselves and claiming they could lock me up for "prostitution".

Think about it.  Oklahoma City Bombing?  Twin Towers?  Of course people know about the crimes of the United States and England and Canada.

After they tortured me at the Oklahoma Transfer Center and traumatized me, when they did this to me for such a long time, they put a bomb kit on me.  Basically, like "suicide bombers" do in the Middle East as they're called.  They put a vest on me, with explosives in it, and they tied everything around me so I couldn't get out and then had the bomb ticking. Then when they turned it off, they took me to a different location, pushed me out into the open and forced me to walk and said, "You can end it anytime you want.  If you pull that string, you will just die and you won't have to suffer anymore Cameo."  The U.S. had committed every kind of the worst imaginable forms of constant torture and alienation and isolation. They degraded me, and stripped me of my self-worth and then they strapped me up to an explosives kit and told me my only way out of their torture was to kill myself.

The individuals who did this to me were Mike and Carol Middleton, Gary Goldsmith, Robert Garrett Jr. and Dicksie Baird Garrett, Barak Obama, Daniel (a Jewish friend of Gary and Obama's) and possibly Diana was there.

They pushed me out there and it was all real. I believe it was some part of the Middle East they did this to me, because there were Middle Eastern-looking people all around.  They kept harassing me, telling me no one loved me and if I didn't kill myself they'd keep torturing me.  I refused to pull the string and blow myself up and started sobbing and crying and then I was screaming to strangers for help, and saying this group was trying to murder me and trying to force me to kill myself.  This group didn't like that and some people on the outside looked alarmed and shocked, and I was brought back to the group next to the people and the ones who looked maddest I hadn't killed myself, among them, gritting their teeth, were Daniel and Obama.  Obama pulled me aside and whispered into my ear, "I'll get you next time."

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